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Directions: Take the personality test online at
win/jtypes1.htm. Use the vocabulary definitions below to help you answer the questions.

Engaged (question #2): take part in; involved with
Acquaintances (question #3): friends and people who you know
Unbiased (question #7): Not one to make judgments beforehand
Observance (question #8): Following of
Established (question #8): Set up; already created
Assume (question #10): Take upon oneself
Objective (question #13): Not having any personal preference
Speculate (question #14): Wonder about and think of
Inclined (question #16): Likely to
Improvisation (question #16) Taking things as they come
Leisure (question #17): Available;, unplanned
Reserved (question #19): Not outgoing
Contemplate (question #23): think about; ponder
Prolonged (question #24): Extended; lengthy
Theoretical (question #29): Philosophical; concerning others’ created ideas
Empathize (question #36): Deeply understand others’ situations; ability to walk in others’ shoes
Bound (question #40): Held down by
Obligations (question #40): duties/responsibilities
Relative (question #42): Based on the circumstance
Isolate (question #43): Remove from
Principles (question #54): Beliefs
Tranquil (question #62): Peaceful
Conventional (question #63): Already in use
Solitary (question #68): By yourself; alone
Perceive (question #72): Imagine

                                Personality Type and Values Analysis
1. What is your 4-letter personality type?____________________________________________
2. What are the four words that describe you and what does each word mean (look them up on an
online dictionary/thesaurus):
       a) ________________ means _______________________________________________
       b) ________________ means _______________________________________________
       c) ________________ means _______________________________________________
       d) ________________ means _______________________________________________
3. Click on your type description. There should be a title at the top in yellow, red, green or blue.
Write down this title here: ________________________________________________________
    (Note: the first word is the larger personality type and the last word is your specific type.)
4. Read the first paragraph. If you think this is 100% true of you, continue on to question #5. If
you think it is not perfectly true of you, look at the right hand column on this screen. Find the
color and name of your larger personality type and read the first paragraph in the other specific
personality types under this larger personality type. If you still don’t see who you think you are,
click on the descriptions of other personality types until you find your true description. After
reading other types, write that type that most correctly describes you here: _________________
5. Write some basic characteristic that define your personality type:
6. Write at least 3 sentence summarizing what YOU VALUE most according to your description:
7. Summarize your strengths/what you are good at in at least two sentences: ________________
8. After reading these four paragraphs, find the link at the bottom that discusses the best jobs
suited for you. Write down three ideal job matches that you are most interested in here:
       a.                              b.                             c.
9.Go back to the previous webpage and click on the strategies for dealing with stress at work
(Under the ideal job types). Write down two or three strategies that it listed for your personality
type: _________________________________________________________________________
10. Also (on your personality description page) click on the romance tab. In at least one
sentence, summarize what you value in relationships here: ______________________________
11. OPTIONAL: What other interesting things did you learn about your romantic type: _______

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