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									Secondary School Video Transcript
Welcome to Minster College.

We’ve been taking part in the health challenge.

We’re the Marlowe Academy and we’re doing the health challenge.

This is New Line Learning Academy and we’re doing the health challenge.

Chris Swan, Personnel Manager, Minster College:
The programme I think is an encouragement to make them make the small changes and keep
them going.

My benefits to it is that it will help me build up my asthma. Since I’ve been doing it and
running a lot more, I can really run a lot longer, and it’s really helping me.

It was good when we were making up our own dance ‘cos it got us more imaginative.

We’ve been learning how to cook healthy food, so then when we’re older we’ll be able to cook
for ourselves and there will be less chance of obesity and heart disease.

It’s a bit of a contest at home, who’s most healthiest and who can eat the most fruit and it
really helps when you’ve got people at home involved.

Tracy Meaning, R.E. Teacher, Minster College:
We looked at all different types of wellbeing - spiritual, moral, emotional and intellectual, and
we just brainstormed really what were the weaknesses and the strengths of those and how
they could maybe improve their spiritual moral and cultural and we did that through

My challenge was to do a doodle diary which involved me drawing like how I felt, so that
really helped me inside because if I was upset then I could like get rid of my sadness through
the drawing.
Vicky Standing, Head of Citizenship, Minster College:
I think it’s really important to get them involved at a very early stage so that they can be
involved in consultation and planning, and I think the most important thing is that you keep
them involved throughout the process and you check back with them. You get the student
feedback and they feel that what they have to say is actually valuable.

Stuart Wakefield, Citizenship Teacher, The Marlowe Academy:
We try to incorporate other issues rather than just the individual issue of health, also society’s
issues of health and where power lies and where decision making lies in society and who
decides how we are going to be healthy.

I’ve been buddying with my mum so my mum’s been helping me and she’s trying to make it
more healthier at home.

The health challenge can help with little steps towards a better lifestyle.

The canteen’s really helping like when you go up and order a toastie or something they say
would you not rather a couple of fruit boxes to help with your health challenge.

My family’s really impressed with me, even my brother.

It’s changed me quite a lot because my dad used to buy loads of healthy stuff and I wouldn’t
eat it. Since I’ve done this health challenge I’ve eaten like nearly the whole freezer.

Girl & Boy:
So what are you gonna do?

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