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									                              Willow Valley German Shepherds

                                    4652 Brown Hill Rd NE

                                   Mineral City, OH 44656


        This Agreement must be completed, signed and returned for valid guarentee.

This agreement is made out of love for our puppies. We invest much time, energy, love
and money into our pups and consider each puppy's health and welfare of utmost
priority. This agreement is in no way intended to offend; it's set forth to protect each
puppy’s wellness and to ensure the absolute best quality of life for our babies.

On This Date: ___________________________Willow Valley German Shepherds /
(Seller) has agreed to sell one (1) AKC Registered German Shepherd Puppy with Full
Registration/ Breeding Rights, for the purchase price of $__________.00 (
__________________________________dollars), unless prior arrangements have been
made with Willow Valley GSD, a $500 (five hundred )non-refundable (non-
transferable) deposit is required when reserving a puppy. Under the terms of this
Agreement and are described as follows:




Puppies are identified by collar color for simplicity in puppy selection. The puppy you have
reserved is:

Puppy Reg.#______________________
Whelping Date:__________________________
Dam:___________________________________________________Reg. #___________________

                  My Interests with this puppy is to: (circle all that apply)
    BREED         SHOW                WORK         THERAPY              PET     OTHER

If breeding rights are granted on the above mentioned puppy: SAID PUPPY MUST BE
AGREEMENT VOID. Upon receipt of official result from either OFA, or PennHIP
Evaluation, Buyer agrees to forward copy of same to Seller. Additionally, we will
legally enforce this breeding contract requirement to the fullest extent of the law.

Seller reserves the right to deny breeding rights.

Seller certifies that this puppy is a purebred German Shepherd Dog of sound body,
good health, and free of communicable diseases as far as appears to the eye. Said Puppy
has been checked by a certified veterinarian at 7 (seven) weeks of age and was deemed
healthy. De-wormings and first immunizations will have been completed and a copy of
the same will be provided for health records. It is recognized that intestinal parasites
(worms, coccidia, giardia, etc.) are common in puppies, and are part of a puppy's early
development, but we make every effort to prevent parasites. (Attached find information
regarding coccidia and giardia.)

Puppies will be wormed 3-4 times before leaving for their new home and receive, at
least, their first puppy vaccination. Often, however, the stress of change and travel can
cause intestinal parasites to emerge. Buyer agrees to continue parasite testing and
treatment (if necessary) with their veterinarian. Buyer is encouraged to have the puppy
examined by their own veterinarian within 72 (seventy-two) hours after purchase of the
puppy. If the examination discloses SERIOUS health problems, of which may
permanently disable the animal or cause death, or an untreatable infectious illness,
which are not caused by conditions after receipt, the puppy must be returned to THE
BREEDER, immediately, for an exchange of a healthy puppy, at Buyers expense.

WILLOW VALLEY GSD MUST be notified of the results immediately following the
exam, by phone at 330-602-6800, or by email at janievlmt@juno.com, by your vet.
Willow Valley GSD, Janie Vanasdal, is not responsible for any medical and veterinary
expenses incurred for the said pup once it leaves our property; unless authorized in
writing by us.
The Buyer assumes full responsibility for all costs and care and shipping fees during
this time.

Hip & Health Guarantee:
Seller warrants the puppy for 12 months to be free of genetic disease that would cause
severe disability or death. Seller warrants the hips of Puppy to OFA standard. Hips are

This warranty expires when the puppy turns 24 (twenty-four) months old. The pups
hips must be x-rayed between the age of two, by a certified veterinarian skilled at
producing hip x-rays for OFA evaluation. These x-rays must be submitted to OFA for
The pup is guaranteed by the breeder to certify in preliminary OFA x-ray WITHOUT

If the pup is not rated Excellent, Good, or Fair, and therefore moderately to severely
dysplastic the Buyer hasthe option of a replacement puppy. If Buyer opts to keep their
puppy, they MUST be SPAYED/NEUTERED by their veterinarian and proof must be
provided Seller PRIOR to receiving a new puppy.AKC Paperwork must be returned in
order to receive replacement. If Buyer chooses not to keep the puppy, Buyer agrees to
return the puppy to Seller at expense of the Buyer. Any and all shipping to and from
Seller shall be sole responsibility of the Buyer.

The PennHIP method is another method of hip evaluation and can be performed at a
younger age. This is a suitable indicator of hip evaluation and can be used in conjunction
with the OFA evaluation if Buyer elects to do so.

Replacement Requirements:
Before any replacement will be made, a copy of the original diagnosis from a certified
veterinarian must be submitted to the Seller. Hip Dysplasia will show up in a puppy
before 18 months of age if Genetically related. Later development of hip dysplasia is not
guaranteed, as this is often environmentally produced and/or nutritionally related. Hip
guarantee will become void if problems arise due to owner's neglect or due to any
injury sustained while in buyers possession.

Hip and joint problems can be caused by or influenced by overfeeding, improper
nutrition and diet, failure to maintain proper weight, failure to provide sufficient
exercise. Seller encourages Buyer to supplement with Vitamin C and Cod Liver Oil.
This is beneficial for the dogs digestion, skin and coat health and well as development
during puppy-hood.

The Seller shall not be held responsible for the development of disqualifying faults,
diseases, or disorders, which are due to buyers negligence. Any litigation brought
forward in regard to this puppy will be handled in the county of Seller’s residence.

Buyer understands that all monies paid for purchase of said puppy are NON-
REFUNDABLE and Seller warranties puppy by replacement only. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Right of Recovery or Placement:
Should the Buyer find themselves unexpectedly in a circumstance that prevents them
from being able to properly care for the puppy, or unable to keep the puppy for any
reason, the Buyer agrees to contact the Seller FIRST, and the Seller is given the first
rights to the Puppy. If the dog is to be sold, Seller will be given first right of refusal.
Buyer agrees that the Puppy will NOT under any circumstances be placed in a dog
pound, shelter or rescue center. This provision is to ensure that the Puppy will not end
up homeless or destroyed. Buyer agrees to supply and transfer all corresponding
registration papers and to supply a current health certificate at the time of delivery.

Should the dog be sold elsewhere or ownership transferred from the original buyer, this
contract would become void. (contract is non-transferable). NO EXCEPTIONS!

Buyer agrees to provide this puppy with adequate nutrition, by feeding a quality dog
food. Many health problems are caused by poor nutrition and diet, therefore, it is
understood that Canidae, Eagle Pack Dog Foods, California Naturals, Lifes Abundance,
Newmans Own Organics, Innova, Evo, Diamond Naturals, dog foods are to be fed with
dated receipts to validate your guarantee. Bar Codes should be saved for the length of
guarantee so as to eliminate nutrition as a cause of health issues and/or related
dysplasia. Unfortunately, this is necessary. If you find another quality food you prefer
to feed, please advise and it may be added to the contract. We do not feed ordinary
puppy food of any brand. Buyer agrees to keep Puppy healthy, maintain and stay
current with all vaccinations and regular veterinary care. Buyer agrees not to mistreat
this dog in any shape or form, mental or physical abuse, or lack of proper care by the
owners will VOID any guarantee by Willow Valley GSD.


Willow Valley GSD is released of all liability legal or otherwise for any damages that
the said dog may cause to any person or their property from this day forward. The
Buyer accepts full and all responsibility legal and otherwise for the above named dog
here-in-after. Any and all guarantees for Health expire at 12 (twelve) months of age or
otherwise expire at the end of the 24 months for hip guarantee.

The Buyer consents to release all pictures forwarded to Seller and permission to use
emails “testimonials” on the Willow Valley GSD Website. Purchase price includes AKC
registration of the dog. Registration papers will be forwarded to you upon their return
to us from AKC. This can sometimes be extensive.

I have read the above written contact and by signing this contract acknowledge that I
agree and understandits entirety set forth by the Seller.



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