What did you do this vacation by liaoqinmei


									                                Chapter 10
                          “At the Doctor’s”
Key words and phrases for this Chapter:
I’d like an appointment.      What time did it happen?          You have an allergy.
                              What were you doing?              You have an infection.
How can I help you?           When did it start?                You have broken your wrist.
What’s the problem?           When did you first notice this?   You have bruised your ribs.
How did it happen?            Where does it hurt?               You have food poisoning.
How do you feel?              Can you feel my hand?             You have indigestion.
                              Can you hear me?                  You have influenza.
I can’t eat anything.         Can you move your back?           You have pneumonia.
I can’t sleep at night.       Can you move your legs?           You have twisted your ankle.
I feel very tense.            Can you see my finger?            You need an operation.
I have a bad cough.           Cross your legs.                  You must cut down on drink.
I have a sore throat.         Fold your arms.                   You must give up smoking.
I have a terrible headache.   Lift your arm.                    You must go on a diet.
I have an upset stomach.      Open you mouth.                   You must stay in bed.
I have earache.               Sit down, please.                 You must take a rest.
My eyesight is not good.      Stand up, please.                 Take this after meals.

     Can you come back
        in two days?

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