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					              Whitfield County, Georgia
              Invites your interest in the position of:

              County Administrator

              About Whitfield County, Georgia
Whitfield County, Georgia is ideal     munity’s willingness to pro-
                                                                        In the early 1950's
for those who seek both metro-         vide whatever the industry
                                                                        bedspread sales began
politan sophistication and small-      needed to prosper and
                                                                        to fall off, but the ma-
town charm. This is a community        grow. It is an excellent area
                                                                        chines used to tuft
             rich in both heritage     for supporting services, dis-
                                                                        bedspreads were easily
             and history. Nestled      tribution, shipping, retail
                                                                        converted to manufac-
             in the foothills of the   and diversification.
                                                                        turing carpet. Carpet
             Blue Ridge Moun-
             tains, this is a region
                                       History                          sales were skyrocketing
                                                                        thanks to the concept
             of Georgia where cul-     Woodland Indians and the
                                                                        of "wall-to-wall carpet"
             ture and nature are       Creek Nation held the area of
                                                                        popularized in new
             found in abundance,       present-day Dalton, Georgia
                                                                        homes in the 1950's.
             family values are still   until the mid-1700's, when
                                                                        By the 1970's manu-
             priorities and the        the Cherokee pushed the
                                                                        facturers had begun to
             economy is deeply         Creek to the west and south.
                                                                        develop techniques to
             rooted in industry.       The Cherokee Indians called
                                                                        move from plain tufted
             Each of these attrib-     the mountains of North
                                                                        carpet to sculpted car-
utes contribute to a fulfilling and    Georgia their "Enchanted
unique lifestyle that is enjoyed by    Land" until their forced re-
those who live here and envied by      moval in 1838.                   Today Whitfield County
those who don't.                                                        and the City of Dalton,
                                       In 1847, the newly renamed       Georgia are known as
                                       town of Dalton was defined       the "Carpet Capital of
Dalton and Whitfield County,
                                       as a mile radius from the city   the World," and for
Georgia, are a regional magnet
                                       center - the Western and At-     good reason. More than
for manufacturing, education and
                                       lantic depot.                    90% of the functional
recreational activities. The com-
                                                                        carpet produced in the
munity's success can be attrib-
                                                                        world today is made
uted to three things: a collective
                                       The Civil War came to Whit-      within a 65-mile radius
vision, a solid infrastructure and
                                       field County in the Spring of    of the city. The story of
the vast entrepreneurial spirit of
                                       1864. The Battle of Rocky        how Dalton became the
the residents.
                                       Face Ridge and Dug Gap be-       Carpet Capital of the
                                       gan on May 7, 1864 and           World dates back a
Whitfield County has become the        ended when General Johns-        hundred years to a cot-
headquarters for the world’s car-      ton completed his withdrawal     tage industry that grew
pet industry because of the com-       from Dalton on May 12.           thanks to the invention
                                                                        of the automobile.
Page 2   Whitfield County, GA

         About the Government
         Whitfield County, Geor-     2008.                       vides a full range of
         gia follows a Commis-                                   services to the commu-
                                     Policy making and leg-
         sion-Administrator form                                 nity that includes public
                                     islative authority are
         of government. The                                      works, fire and recrea-
                                     vested in the Board,
         County Administrator                                    tion services. The
                                     while the county admin-
         serves at the pleasure                                  County employs 540
                                     istrator is responsible
         of a five person com-                                   full-time employees and
                                     for carrying out the
         mission elected in stag-                                covers 290 square
                                     policies and ordinances
         gered 4 year terms.                                     miles. The greatest dis-
                                     of the board and over-
         Two commissioners                                       tance between bounda-
                                     seeing the day-to-day
         were elected in Novem-                                  ries is 26 miles.
                                     operations of the gov-
         ber 2006, while two
         Commissioner and the
         Chairman are to be
         elected in November         Whitfield County pro-

         About the Position
         The County Administra-           government.               Analyzes opera-
         tor serves as the Direc-                                     tions, staffing levels
                                        Recommends goals
         tor of Operations for                                        and organizational
                                          and plans that sup-
         the County. Specific                                         structures, support
                                          port the strategic
         responsibilities include:                                    systems, resource
                                          direction set by the
                                                                      and effectiveness.
            Makes recommen-             County Board of
              dations to the Board        Commissioners.            Works with Depart-
              of Commissioners                                        ment Leaders to
                                        Works with Depart-
              and administers                                         identify needed
                                          ment Leaders to
              projects, programs                                      changes and oppor-
                                          keep them informed
              and services.                                           tunities to improve
                                          regarding the ac-
            Directs the opera-          tions of the Board.
              tions of the County

         Salary and Benefits
         The hiring range for this      Health Insurance
         position is expected to
                                        Life insurance
         be between $85,000
         and $125,000 DOQ.              Dental Insurance
         Whitfield County also          Disability Cover-
         offers an excellent
         benefits package that
         include:                       Retirement Plan
                                                     Page 3

Minimum Qualifications
Position requires a           Ability to manage
Bachelor Degree in              large projects.
Business, Finance or
                              Ability to effec-
related field and
                                tively manage De-
seven years of pro-
                                partment Leaders
gressively responsible
                                in order to follow
experience. A Mas-
                                vision of Commis-
ters degree is pre-
                                sion and Commu-
ferred. The position
also requires:
    Ability to commu-
      nicate effectively
      with commission-
      ers, staff, media
      and community.

     Organizational Structure
                                                       To Apply:

                                                       To apply, please submit a letter of interest, re-
                                                       sume and current salary to:

                                                                    Robert E. Slavin, President
                                                           SLAVIN MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS
3040 Holcomb Bridge Road, Suite B-1                            3040 Holcomb Bridge Road, Suite B-1
Norcross, GA 30071
                                                                     Norcross, Georgia 30071
Phone: (770) 449-4656
Fax: (770) 416-0848                                                  Phone: (770) 449-4656
                                                                       Fax: (770) 416-0848

                                                        The position is considered open until filled. AN
                                                       EQUAL OPPORTUNITY RECRUITER/EMPLOYER.
                                                       Under to Georgia Open Records Law, the applica-
                                                       tions of the final three candidates are subject to
                                                       public disclosure 14 days prior to appointment.

                                                       Visit the County online at:

Issues and Opportunities
   Develop Strategic                explore ways to                                        Ability to balance
     Plan for County—                 keep governmental            ple at all levels of
                                                                                               growing community
     Priorities need to               costs down.                  organization.
                                                                                               with a large rural
     drive departments.                                                                        population.
                                    Possible Jail Expan-
   Continue to be                   sion in future.
     seen as capital of
                                    Last SPLOST failed.
     Northwest Georgia.
                                      Need to reconsider
   Oversee the devel-               ballot issue.
     opment of the
                                    Ability to get along
     2008 Comprehen-
                                      with staff at all lev-
     sive Plan.
   Update all policies            Good Communica-
     and procedures.                  tions skills. Able to
   Examine waste and                get along with peo-

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