Advantages And Disadvantages Of Automobiles

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					We can reach a place faster using automobile.

With automobiles we can cover large distances in a
 short time.

We can carry heavy goods to far away places using
automobiles within a short period of time.

We won’t have to walk long distances while using
 an automobile.
The social benefits may include: economy benefits,
 such as job and wealth creation, of automobile
 production and maintenance, transportation

The ability for humans to move flexibly from place to
 place has far reaching implications for the nature of

On average, today's automobiles are about 75 percent
 recyclable, and using recycled steel helps reduce energy
  use and pollution.
Automobile has brought noise pollution to the

Due to the harmful gases released by cars it has
 caused global warming in the world.

Automobile accidents rank among the leading
 causes of death and injury throughout the world.

More than 70% of the fuel produced every year is
 used by automobiles.
 Resourcesare used for making different parts of
 auto mobiles. E.g. tyres ,body of the automobile etc.

 *Transportation is a major contributor to air
 pollution in most industrialised nations.

 *A study has shown that showed air quality in
 dozens of metropolitan areas has worsened over the
 last decade.

 *Over  the lifetime of the average automobile the
 "loss of habitat potential" may be over 50,000 square
 meters (538,195 square feet) based on Primary
 production correlations.
  Established alternatives for some aspects
  of automobile use include:-
 public transit (buses, trolleybuses, trains,
  subways, monorails, tramways).
 Cycling, walking, rollerblading,
  skateboarding and horseback riding.

   Additional individual modes of transport,
    such as personal rapid transit could serve
    as an alternative to automobiles if they
    prove to be socially accepted.               7

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