washa kingz rules by stariya


									       Haucha Kings Championship Tourney
        38th Annual Super Tejano Car Show
Entry Fee: 50 Dollars Per Team (Two Person Team)

Prizes:        1st-$800.00 per team and jacket per player
               2nd-$400.00 per team and T-shirt per player
               3rd-$200.00 per team and t-shirt per player
               4th-$100.00 per team
               5th-$50.00 per team
               Most Ringers-$50.00
               60’ Hole-200.00
 1. Teams shall consist of two (2) players. Cost is $50.00 per Team.
2. Teams are required to register, sign a liability release, and pay the entry fee prior
to start of play.
3. Games will be played according to bracket set up. Tournament will be double
elimination format.
4. Teams will draw for playing positions prior to start of tournament.
5. No new entries will be allowed once position drawings are announced to begin.
6. Players are allowed to practice on tournament pits prior to start of tournament
using their own huachas.
7. Tournament huachas will be provided. Players may use their own huachas as long
as they are approved at tournament desk.
8. Players are allowed to shoot along side hole, behind the hole or stepping on top of
the hole with front part of shoe.
9. Players are allowed to cross sides 1 (once) during game play
10. All games will be played until one team reaches 21.
11. Scoring will be as follows: 4 (four) points for a huacha in the hole. 1 (one) point for
closest huacha. Huachas, which are the same distance, will cancel each other out
and the next closes huacha will be counted.
12. If a player equals his opponent’s huacha, whether it is in the hole or outside the
hole, the next closest huacha(s) will be counted. If a player has 2 (two) or more
huachas in the hole, their opponent must make the same amount to cancel out what
is in the hole.
13. Only tournament judges will provide measurements during games and their
decisions are final.
14. Winning team must bring huachas and score sheet back to scorers table and
report outcome of game.
15 60’ hole huachas will purchased at tournament site. Closest to the hole wins prize.
Playoff round(s) in the event of a tie(s) will be free of charge.
Huacha Kings and Super Tejano Car Show, and the people affiliated with the show are
not responsible for any and all action, cause of action, damage, loss or injury which the
contestant may suffer as a consequence of participating in the Hucha Kings
Championship Huacha Tournament.

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