Pets are welcome at The Roost Resort

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					                             Pets are welcome at The Roost Resort.

         We ask that you keep your pet(s) on a leash at all times and pick up after them. If you need bags, we
will provide them. There is a 2 pet limit per cabin. We do not allow pets over 90 lbs. If you plan on leaving
your pet(s) in the cabin while you are away, we require they be put in a kennel or carrier.

         We suggest/prefer that you take your pet(s) with you. They enjoy being with you. Pets left alone in an
unfamiliar environment can cause anxiety in your pet. This can lead to excessive barking and possible property
damage. If you do plan to leave your pet in the cabin, please put them in their kennel or carrier. If your pet
likes to get on the bed, please cover the bedspreads with pet sheets/blankets. If you need any pet coverings,
please see us at the office. We will be happy to provide them. And if you need any rags for dirty paws, we
have those too! Please don’t use the bath towels.

In hot weather, leaving your pet in a car can be dangerous to your pet’s well being. Use good judgment.

        At Custer State Park, pets need to be on a leash no longer than 10 feet. Pets are not allowed in any
park buildings or on designated swimming beaches. Pets are allowed at non designated swimming areas.

Mount Rushmore requires pets to be left in your car. There is, however, covered parking at the monument.

Crazy Horse requires you to leave your pet in the car. There is no covered parking at Crazy Horse.

We will gladly recommend boarding in the area if needed.

We want both you and your pets to have an enjoyable experience while visiting us here at the Roost Resort.

        Thank you,
        Your Hosts
        Frank & Susan

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