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         Dust mites

Why have
dust mites
become a
real scourge?
Because for more than 20 years,
our modern living conditions have allowed dust
mites (Dermatophagoids Pteronyssinus) to multi-
ply in our bedrooms. This tendency increases year
after year.

What kind of danger
do they present?
They are microscopic (thus invisible) and produce
a great number of excrements that are highly aller-
genic dust.

Who is threatened?
Mainly children, teenagers and the elderly.
However, any person may become allergic to

How does the allergy
The allergy may appear chronically at any moment
in your life and cause asthma among other things.
The symptoms are mainly respiratory disorders:
chronic rhinitis ans asthma but also conjunctivitis
or eczema. Every year, a lot of people die from an
asthma attack.
It is absolutely necessary to take the dangers that
represent dust-mites for your health for granted
and apply the appropriate treatments.
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              Dust mites

          Say NO
to dust mites!
To get rid of dust mites, you have to take care of
your bedding regularly, hoover your carpets once a
year, air your bedroom everyday if possible and
avoid to overheat the room (18°C maximum).

But this is not enough…
To avoid the infection of your bedding articles and
upholsteries, ask your 5àSec shop to apply a
MICROSTOP® dust mite repellent treatment to your
duvets, blankets, bedspreads, curtains… at least
twice a year. This will prevent all reinfection until
the new treatment.
                                                                             5àSec drycleaner’s are run by independent companies.

MICROSTOP® anti-dust mites is a treatment certified for more than 5
years by independent laboratories. In addition to the long-term protection
it offers (systematic dustmites removal) , the treatment is safe for your
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