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									              Cloud Computing Services - Quickly Gaining Importance

The techno savvy business environment looks out for world-class end-user computing services for their
customers, and it is all about service delivery. It is essential to provide technology-enabled services
whenever and wherever it is necessary in a manner that is cost-effective, secure, and quick. This has
become one of the major driving forces behind the rise in cloud computing. Cloud computing can offer
new levels of collaboration, agility, speed, and cost savings for an enterprise of any size or type. It is fast
evolving from a futuristic technology into an alternative that is commercially feasible for companies on
the look-out for a cost-effective storage and server solution. In fact, Gartner Inc. forecasts that by 2012, 80
percent of Fortune 1000 enterprises will pay for some cloud-computing service, while 30 percent of them
will pay for cloud-computing infrastructure.

Cloud computing providers deliver applications by means of the Internet, accessible from web browsers
and desktop and mobile apps. However, the business software and data are stored on servers at a remote
location. The cloud computing services facilitates data and applications to be available from a pool of
shared hardware infrastructure and resources. Cloud computing services provides the flexibility,
scalability with an on-demand computing services for business groups.

Getting the most out of the cloud is not a simple exercise as all services are not created the same. Each has
its own requirements in terms of performance, security, control, and availability. It is important to have a
clear understanding of where and how cloud computing can most successfully be applied to the
organization. That        means you need to evaluate cloud alongside the traditional delivery models and
decide on the best service delivery technique to get what you need done at the right cost and in the right
amount of time.

Cloud computing services gaining footage and most of the best service providers in India and across the
world deliver the real power of cloud by offering an entire lifecycle of services. These include services such
as service desk, client application, IT asset management, and infrastructure application are offered
through industrialized service delivery platform as a service model.

The number of technological solutions for private and public clouds is growing fast, as is the number of
creative ways to deliver IT applications as a service. Enterprises will at partnering with highly
experienced cloud-solution providers who have the expertise to guide them through choices in cloud
infrastructure, applications, and services.

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