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					                     Read-Aloud Lesson Plan
Title: Boy, You’re Amazing!
Author: Virginia Kroll
Illustrator: Sachiko Yoshikkawa
Suggested Grade Level: Kindergarten
Strategy: Summarizing
Submitted by: Lynn O. Borders
School: Wrens Elementary

Planning              This book is chock full of wonderful ways to build self-
                      confidence in young children. We are good at finding ways to
                      correct children’s incorrect behaviors, but need help with
                      finding ways to uplift them by acknowledging their terrific
                      qualities. This book isn’t set up with a beginning, middle, and
                      an end. It just gives example after example of acknowledging
                      different attributes.

Before Reading:       What are you really great at? Did anyone ever tell you how
                      good you are at it? How did it make you feel when someone
                      bragged on you for doing something so right? Look at the
Prepare               pictures on the cover, and try to tell me some of the things
                      that these children are good at. What else do you think the
                      book is going to say about other children? Let’s begin now
                      and find out.

During Reading:       Look at the expressions on these children’s faces. How do
                      they feel when they’re doing the things that they’re good at?
                      How are the boys on bicycles keeping safe? Why did it take
Guide                 courage for the boy to tell the name of the bully? What kind of
                      amazing things do you think you will do as an adult?

After Reading:        Even if you are not gifted or talented at doing any certain
                      thing, what are some other ways that you can be an amazing
                      boy or girl? (Being a friend, showing forgiveness, being a
Extend                good sport, being a good helper, having a good imagination,
Vocabulary Lesson   You’ve heard the word amazing all through this book. What do
                    think amazing means? Discuss meaning. Other vocabulary
                    words: sax, mobiles, create, fireflies, and bully.

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