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Read Me.xls


									using quicktime to make .mov         2.30 GB          30.3 KB

avi_movie.avi                2.67 GB

using ImageMagick (It is not good for mpeg format files)
gif_animation.gif             25.2 MB

                           36.3 MB

low_quality.mpeg             19.7 MB

normal_quality.mpeg          25.9 MB

high_quality.mpeg            35.0 MB



using IDL to make mpeg

using converter program
(ImTOO MOV Converter)

1280_highest.mpg             23.5*2 = 47 MB

1280_normal.mpg              17.7*2 = 35.4 MB

1280_lowest.mpg              17.2*2 = 34.4 MB

704_lowest.mpg               11.4*2 = 22.8 MB

649_lowest.mpg               11.4*2 = 22.8 MB
             add png files to movie using quicktime pro
             15 frames per second for 4 mins

             saved with small size

             export to avi format movie using quicktime pro

peg format files)
             add gif files from Jul 01 to Jul 14 using ImageMagick

             convert gif_animation.gif to mpeg(=mpg) format file using ImageMagick
             image quality changed

             set quality to low from mpeg_from_gif_animation.mpeg using Total Video Converter program (free for 15 days)
             could not do use -quality command-line in ImageMagick (It does not support bigger size of mpeg files)

             set quality to normal from mpeg_from_gif_animation.mpeg using Total Video Converter program

             set quality to high from mpeg_from_gif_animation.mpeg using Total Video Converter program

             make short mpeg movie from png files using ImageMagick (too fast)

             use -delay command in ImageMagick
             delay command does not work with mpeg format file (ImageMagick problem)

             IDL cannot read mpeg but can write mpeg using mpeg_put
             made program to make mpeg movie using png files but output images of mpeg movie is broken
             I am still working on this

             changing gif to mpeg using ImageMagick is working but image quality is too low
             tried to find mpeg converter program
             tried many different kinds of converter programs like mov->mpeg, avi->mpeg, and found one (free one converts only 50%)

             1280x1024 size, highest quality

             1280x1024 size, noraml quality

             1280x1024 size, lowest quality

             704x576 size, lowest quality

             649x480 size, lowest quality
ne converts only 50%)

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