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Proposal to provide the
Plunkett Research Online
Business and Industry Reference Service

To: Orbis Cascade Alliance Libraries

January 3, 2011

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Submitted by:
Kelly Burke
Online Accounts Representative
Voice: 713.932.0000 USA

I would be happy to answer questions or give you a personal demo.

Plunkett Research, Ltd. 713.932.0000
Plunkett Research Online: Business and Industry Research

Special features and our unique data give you an unparalleled online reference

      Industry analysis
      Market research
      Profiles of thousands of leading companies
      Industry statistics
      Industry contacts (you can export contact lists)
      Industry glossaries
      Special tools and data for job seekers
      Search, Print and Export capabilities
      Build-A-Report tool (export custom reports in PDF)
      Concise Industry Videos
      Historical Archives available as an option

Value-packed subscriptions may include organization-wide access by business
schools, libraries, corporations and universities.

Plunkett Research, Ltd. 713.932.0000
These videos will help you appreciate the tremendous value offered by Plunkett
Research Online:

“How top business librarians use Plunkett Research”
“How to use Plunkett Research Online”

Your Proposed Subscription Details:
Access Type:
    We have the ability to tailor your access method to fit your needs.
      Depending on your subscription level, options include IP address
      recognition, remote access via proxy server or other methods, or
      username/password login.
    End-User Agreement includes generous terms for use of Plunkett data in
      reports, white papers and marketing lists.

Special Tools Included:
   Build-A-Report (custom build your own industry reports on the fly in PDF)
   Mailing list and contact list export (to text or MS Excel files)
   MyResearchAccount (build your own private profile and save your
   Our site uses its own Google search server so that search results are
      presented in a familiar, highly relevant format
   Videos—view our concise video introductions to each industry
   Save data as PDFs

Special Tools and Data for Job Seekers
   Research employers, link to current job openings, study our research tips!

Administrator/Librarian Features:
   MARC Records provided for each section and tool on the site
   Usage Statistics Tool—select date ranges, run reports, export to Excel

We cover all of the world’s vital industry sectors:
          Hundreds of NAIC codes
          Analysis of public companies
          Unparalleled profiles of privately held companies
          U.S. and International industry and company data
          Continuously updated

Plunkett Research, Ltd. 713.932.0000
We provide market research, analysis, statistics, research tools
and corporate profiles, organized into these broad industry
      Advertising & Branding                         International Companies
      Airline, Hotel & Travel                        Investment & Securities
      Apparel & Textiles                             Manufacturing
      Automotive                                     Middle-Market Companies
      Banking, Mortgages & Credit                    Nanotechnology & MEMS
      Biotechnology                                  Outsourcing & Offshoring
      Canadian Industries                            Private Companies
      Chemicals, Coatings & Plastics                 Real Estate & Construction
      Consulting                                     Renewable, Alternative &
      E-Commerce                                      Hydrogen Energy
      Energy & Utilities                             Retailing
      Engineering & Research                         Sports
      Entertainment & Media                          Telecommunications
      Food, Beverage & Tobacco                       Transportation & Logistics
      Health Care                                    Wireless, Cellular, Wi-Fi & RFID
      InfoTech, Computers & Software
      Insurance

Plunkett Research, Ltd. 713.932.0000
Why you should turn to Plunkett Research first. Our products
    Organized in unique Industry Research Centers, each covering a vital
     industry sector such as Biotech, Retailing or Banking, so that researchers
     can immediately find exactly the information they want

    Written in a manner that nearly anyone can understand and use, and
     backed up with complete, industry-specific glossaries

    The only source for our proprietary, point-by-point analysis of industry
     trends and statistics

    Easy-to-use export tools, including our exclusive Build-A-ReportSM that
     quickly creates industry summaries in PDF

    Ability to email results, download results, create PDFs, or print results

    The best source for up-to-date data on emerging industries and emerging
     growth companies

    Often the only source for profiles and data on important privately-held

    While other databases were originally designed to serve professionals in
     investment or finance, Plunkett Research was designed from the ground
     up to serve the needs of general researchers, from students to
     government agencies to job seekers to business and industry

Ask about our exclusive Build-A-Report SM feature and our
concise Industry Videos!
Plunkett Research, Ltd., 713.932.0000,

Plunkett Research, Ltd. 713.932.0000
FAQs—Plunkett Research Online:

How does Plunkett Research differ from competitors and other data providers?

Plunkett Research was developed from the ground up with the following core

The focus at Plunkett Research is to make it easy for the general reader to
readily access and understand the most vital trends creating change within
given industries—even if the reader has no current expertise in that

Most other business database publishers fall into one of the following categories,
making them vastly different from Plunkett Research:

   1) They are “directory” publishers, publishing corporate contact information
      gleaned from yellow pages or similar sources, without any supporting
      industry analysis or statistics.
   2) They focus primarily on providing corporate contact information for use in
      supporting sales people, often without providing readers with background
      knowledge of the industries they are trying to sell to.
   3) They aggregate and coalesce data that was originally published by other
      firms—often in the form of newspaper or magazine articles, rather than
      conducting research and analysis in house. This can make their
      subscriptions more expensive, while making search results much less
      targeted and search screens much less user-friendly.
   4) They originated as departments within bond-rating companies focused on
      providing extremely deep financial numbers and financial ratios for
      corporations or industry segments.
   5) They generally do not provide forecasts of future industry growth or
      analysis of industry trends.

How would you best describe the position of Plunkett Research in the

No other firm does what Plunkett Research Ltd. does. We help you understand
how industries work today and where they will be tomorrow.

Our philosophy is that several core sets of data should be presented in one
comprehensive tool to give the reader the best total picture of an industry. That
data must be user-friendly: easy-to-access, easy-to-understand, easy-to-use.
That data must be affordable and represent extremely high value for the

Plunkett Research, Ltd. 713.932.0000
The foundation of these data sets is our analysis of industry trends (including
finances, markets, technologies, deregulation, research/development and
globalization). We empower the reader to better utilize knowledge of these
trends by adding our industry statistics, profiles of leading companies, glossaries
and a database of industry associations.

We never assume that the reader is an expert. Instead, we are careful to use
language and explanations that are easy to understand. At the same time, we
provide comprehensive information to give a broad, accurate and innovative
picture of an industry and its players.

We understand that there is intense competition in the business
reference/business information marketplace. Our goal at Plunkett Research at
all times is to provide:

Accurate, Timely, Innovative Business and Industry Information, with:

Better Industry Data
Better User Interface
Better Tools
Better Prices

Background of Plunkett Research, Ltd.

What methods does Plunkett Research use for data gathering and validation?

Plunkett Research Ltd. has been a highly respected source of business and
industry data since 1985. Our data development evolved from research methods
originally established by founder Jack Plunkett for his first book, The Almanac of
American Employers, published by Contemporary Books, Inc., later a division of
Tribune Companies, the publisher of The Chicago Tribune.

Through the years, Plunkett Research has evolved a research methodology
based on strict guidelines used to build and maintain the content of five
proprietary business and industry databases:

   1.   An industry trends database
   2.   An industry statistics database
   3.   A companies database
   4.   A business and industry glossary database
   5.   A industry associations and professional societies database

Plunkett analysts are trained to follow research formulas and methodology. They
use company-approved sources in their work, and post their findings daily to
Plunkett’s proprietary databases. All research results go through multi-step
editing processes. And, all results are date-stamped.

Plunkett Research, Ltd. 713.932.0000
Who/what are sources of Plunkett’s data?
Primary sources include
    Over 3,400 industry associations, professional societies and government
agencies worldwide with which Plunkett maintains relationships and/or from
which Plunkett obtains industry-specific/country-specific data.
    Financial analysts, industry executives and industry experts with whom
Plunkett maintains communications
    Corporate disclosure documents and financial statements
    Industry conference proceedings
    Analysis of white papers, reports, periodicals and publications

Where does Plunkett Research get its information on privately held companies?
With the exception of corporate disclosure documents, we use the same
methods and sources for private firms as we do for public firms. Information on
privately-held firms can be difficult to obtain on an accurate and objective basis.
At Plunkett Research, we take pride in the depth of information we are able to
provide on private companies.

How much and how often is research updated in the database?
Our update and rewrite procedure is as follows:
  1) All of our data is date-stamped. We do not allow data to pass more than
      12 months without rewriting and/or updating.
  2) Important changes to industries and companies are added to the database
      as they occur.
  3) All of the work that our analysts and researchers conduct daily is posted to
      internal databases on an ongoing basis. Each Friday evening, the latest
      changes from those databases are posted to our online subscription
      service so that subscribers have prompt access to them.
  4) The median rewrite/update for our data is approximately 10 months.
  5) Some types of data, such as year-end industry statistics, are available
      several months past year end due to delays in reporting and/or gathering
      of full-year data.

What percentage of these companies are private companies? International
About 20% of these companies are privately-held. About 30% are
headquartered outside of the U.S. Recently, we have been focusing on adding
companies in Canada, Brazil, Turkey, India, China, Singapore, Japan and Korea.

Plunkett Research, Ltd. 713.932.0000

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