Scarlet Letter Study Questions Chapter 7 and 8 by linzhengnd


									           Scarlet Letter Study Questions Chapter 7 and 8
Why is Hester going to speak with Governor Bellingham?

For this visit, how has Hester dressed Pearl?

In what way is Pearl like the scarlet letter?

What seems unusual about Governor Bellingham’s house?

What does the bond-servant think that the scarlet letter means?

What impression do the portraits of Bellingham’s ancestors produce?

What does Pearl want Hester to see?

What does Pearl want from the governor’s house? How does she react when she cannot
have it?

At the beginning of Chapter 8, what surprising fact do you learn about some Puritans in
this society?

What has happened to Dimmesdale recently? To what might this occurrence be

What does Hester say she can do for Pearl?

What might the “pearl” be that Pearl may wear on her chest someday?

What does Wilson ask of Pearl? Who previously asked Pearl this question?

In what way does Pearl answer Wilson?

What do you think the Puritans would think of such a response?

In what way has Chillingworth changed since Hester last saw him?

According to Hester, why should she be allowed to keep Pearl?

Why did Hester dress Pearl the way she did for this interview?

When she is desperate, to whom does Hester turn for help?

What gesture does the minister make? In what way has he changed since the day was
publicly humiliated?
What does Dimmesdale say Pearl is meant to do for Hester?

What does Dimmesdale say Pearl will “teach” Hester?

Why is the sinful mother “happier” than the sinful father?

What does Roger Chillingworth notes about Dimmesdale’s plea?

What does Pearl do to Dimmesdale?

What does Chillingworth suggest?

What later happens to Gov. Bellingham’s sister, Mistress Hibbins?

What does Hester say she would have done if Pearl had been taken from her?

From what has Pearl saved Hester?

Characterization is the use of literary techniques to create a character. A reader can
learn about characters by paying close attention to what they say and do and to how they
interact with others. In Chapters 7 and 8, the reader learns more about many characters.
Choose one character and remember to incorporate details provided.

Image is a word or phrase that names something that can be seen, heard, touched, tasted,
or smelled. Describe the image of Pearl in her dress made by Hester and the image
of Hester’s reflection in the armor breastplate. In what way are these images simply
variations on the novel’s most striking feature: the Scarlet A

Selectmen: officials elected to manage town affairs
Seven Years’ Slave: Freeborn Englishman who indentured himself for seven years to a wealthy person in
return for passage to the New World
Pequod War: Conflict between the native Pequod people of southeast Connecticut and English colonists
that lasted from 1633 to 1637.
Bacon . . . Finch: Sir rancis Bacon (1561-1626), Sir Edward Coke (1552-1634), Sir William Noye (1577-
1634), and Sir John Finch (1584-1660) were all prominent lawyers in England.
Lord of Misrule: figure said to rule through the Christmas holidays and to be guilty of encourageing
scandalous behavior.
Bedizen: dress or decorate in a cheap, showy way
. . . her of Babylon: a character from Revelation 17:4-5, associated with misdeeds
New England Primer: Early schoolbook used to teach both moral lessons and the alphabet
Westminster Catechism: statement of Calvinist (Protestant) doctrine
Tithing Men: Elected officials charged with enforcing regulation of the colony
Parable: short, simple story designed to teach a moral or religious lesson

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