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									product mix
The product mix of a company, which is generally defined as the total sum of all
the product items and their variants offered by an organization, consists of the product
line, product width and product depth. Product mix is a combination of products
manufactured or traded by the same business house to reinforce their presence in the
market, increase market share and increase the turnover for more profitability. Normally
the product mix is within the synergy of other products for a medium size organization.
However large groups of Industries may have diversified products within core

Product Line
A product line is a group of products within the product mix that are closely related, either
because they function in a similar manner, are sold to the some customer groups, are
marketed through the same types of outlets, or fall within given price ranges. A product is
a distinct unit within the product line that is distinguishable by size, price, appearance, or
some other attribute.

Product Width
Product width refers to the number of product lines sold by one company.

Product Length
Product length refers to the number of items the company carries.

Product Depth
The number of variants of a particular product is called product depth

How closely related the various product lines are in end use, production requirements,
distribution channels or same ways.

Kohinoor Chemical Company (Bangladesh) Limited (KCCL) is popularly known by its
legendary beauty product under the brand “Tibet”. For more than half a century Tibet has
made its mark in the hearts of millions. KCCL are the pioneer amongst the soap, cosmetics
and toiletries manufacturing industries of Bangladesh, producing highly value-added
products with quality in the center of focus. KCCL care for the customers and are
determined to count extra mileage to meet their daily needs. KCCL believe that it is the
quality that has kept Tibet going and growing for 55 years. It produces every product that
you need to feel noticed for your standout freshness.

Kohinoor Chemical Company (Bangladesh) Limited (KCCL) product lists:

PRODUCT MIX of Kohinoor Chemical Company (Bangladesh) Limited:

 Product Width        Product Length             Product Depth          Consistency
                    Bath Soap:
                    Tibet Beauty Soap        White, Pink, Green
                                             & Jasmine
                    Sandalina Sandal
                    Bactrol Family
                    Health Soap
                    Snow and Cream:
                    Tibet Snow
                    Tibet Pomade
                    Tibet Petroleum
                    Fair & Care Fairness
                    Tibet Lip Gel
                    Heel Guard
                                                                    Company produce
                    Tibet Baby Lotion                               cosmetic & toiletries
Beauty & Personal
                    Powder:                                         consumer goods and
  Care Product
                    Tibet Talcum                 Photo & Jasmine,   all     goods     are
                    Powder                           Luxury         delivered by same
                    Tibet Prickly Heat                              distribution channel.
                    Tibet Baby Powder
                    Sandalina Sandal
                    Shaving Cream:
                    Tibet Lather
                    Shaving Cream
                    Ice Cool Shaving
                    Genstar Lather
                    Shaving Cream
                    Hair Oil:
                    Tibet Oil                Coconut Oil,
                                             Pumpkin Hair Oil
                    Tibet Glycerin

  Product Width          Product Length     Product Depth                  Consistency
                       Tibet Attar
Beauty & Personal      Dental Care (Tooth
  Care Product         Paste):
                       AM PM Tooth Paste
                       Tibet Tooth Powder
                                                                       Company produce
                       Washing Soap:                                   cosmetic & toiletries
                       Tibet Laundry Soap 570 Laundry Soap,            consumer goods and
                                          Ball Soap                    all     goods     are
                       Tibet Detergent                                 delivered by same
 Household Care        Powder                                          distribution channel.
    Product            Toilet Cleaner:
                       Clean Master Liquid
                       Toilet Cleaner
                       Xpert Dishwash

The well known “Tibet” brand of Soap, Cosmetics, Toiletries and Household Products of
the Kohinoor Chemical Company (KCCL) have been very popular among the middle
income and rural people of the country for ages. It is one of the largest toiletries brand in
Bangladesh and competes neck in neck with the multinational brands. KCCL try to
dominate the market share by launching same type of product using different brand name.
For example- KCCL have 4 brands’ soap, 3 brands’ snow & cream, 2 brands’ powder, 3
brands’ shaving cream, 2 brands’ tooth paste etc. But KCCL take less concentrate about
product depth. KCCL have a number of products but products’ variation is very limited.
KCCL commercialize Tiber beauty soap in 4 different flavours, Tibet talcum powder in 3
different flavours, Tibet hair oil in 2 flavours and Tibet laundry soap in 2 different items.
KCCL emphasizes on introducing more brands in same products type rather than
introducing more variation of same type product. KCCL set up an exclusive distribution
channel for all products and price ranges set targeted by middle income and rural people of
the country.


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