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Welcome to Singapore and the
FDI 2009 Annual World Dental Congress
I have the pleasure, on behalf of the Local Organising Committee to
welcome members of the Dental Community from around the globe to
meet in Singapore – the global city at the crossroads of the Asia-Pacific           Associate Professor
                                                                                      Teo Choo Soo
region. Singapore is indeed privileged to host this prestigious and premier            LOC Chairman
dental congress, focusing on the theme “Advancing Dentistry at the              Singapore Dental Association
Crossroads of the World”
Singapore today is a modern metropolis situated right at the heart of the
equatorial region and in the midst of the fast growing economies of this
pulsating region. Singapore is a hub for global education and also provides
generous funding and ample facilities to many leading institutes
specialising in cutting-edge clinical and life sciences research. Singapore’s
universities continue to be ranked as among the best in the world.
The Scientific programme of the 2009 Congress boasts world-renowned
speakers and luminaries covering areas of significant practice and clinical
impact. An attractive and engaging social programme will help make
delegates to this Congress a most memorable one.
The host city of the inaugural 2010 Youth Olympic Games, Singapore
offers a myriad of distinctive and unforgettable experiences waiting to be
discovered. Also known as a City of 4 Million Smiles, Singapore’s warm
and friendly people coming from different countries and religions across
the globe is what makes this city one of the most exciting in the world.
Uniquely Singapore is the phrase used to describe the country – a vibrant
nation rich in contrast and colour where one could find a melodious blend
of culture, cuisine, arts and architecture. In a single day, you can
experience heritage and modernity – well-preserved monuments, glossy
skyscrapers, colourful public housing estates, efficient convention centres –
all these and more await you in a city truly like no other.
Do come to the 2009 FDI Annual World Congress and enjoy the
innumerable mesmerising experiences that you will surely discover,
and take away cherished memories that are uniquely Singapore.
Welcome to FDI 2009 in Singapore!

Associate Professor Teo Choo Soo
LOC Chairman
Singapore Dental Association
                              Welcome to the 2009 FDI Annual
                              World Dental Congress
                              After 19 years, the FDI World Dental Federation is delighted to return to
                              Singapore to host the 2009 FDI Annual World Dental Congress in
     Burton Conrod            collaboration with the Singapore Dental Association.
FDI World Dental Federation   The FDI Annual World Dental Congress is one of the biggest events on the
                              international dental calendar, giving all of its members the opportunity to
                              discover state of the art technology and overall progress of the dental industry.
                              The theme of the 2009 Scientific Programme is “Advancing Dentistry at the
                              Crossroads of the World”. Speakers from all parts of the globe will present
                              courses on the most recent clinical and scientific advancements affecting the
                              world of the dental profession. The FDI Standing committees will also offer
                              workshops and forums on a wide range of topics, which are open to all who
                              are interested.
                              In addition to benefiting from our world class scientific programme, hundreds
                              of representatives from FDI member associations will meet at the World Dental
                              Parliament to discuss global matters concerning the FDI and oral health
                              professionals in order to establish the organisation’s strategic direction and
                              policies for the years to come.
                              As every year, the World Dental Exhibition will showcase new and advanced
                              products, equipment and technology of the dental trade and industry. Visitors
                              will be able to experience and discuss what the hundreds of exhibitors have
                              to offer.
                              The FDI is pleased and honoured to work with the Singapore Dental Association,
                              which is always dedicated to serving both the public and the profession of
                              dentistry, through providing services and initiatives in continuing education,
                              research and the development of standards. The professional support from the
                              Singapore Tourism Board and the business sector has also been of utmost
                              importance throughout the preliminary preparations of the event.
                              Continuing the advancement and promotion of the ethics, art, science and
                              practice of dentistry is one of the main goals of the FDI World Dental
                              Federation. What better place to accomplish this than in Singapore, a thriving
                              centre of commerce and industry, with excellent facilities, fascinating cultural
                              contrasts and well-developed convention infrastructure, all located at one of
                              the more important crossroads of the world.
                              The preparation for the 2009 FDI Annual World Dental Congress is right on track
                              with a wonderful scientific programme. We hope you will join us and your
                              colleagues in Singapore, where colourful culture meets business and technology.
                              I know from personal experience that the dentists of Singapore are wonderful
                              hosts and a warm and enthusiastic welcome awaits you.
                              We look forward to seeing you all at this unforgettable event.

                              Burton Conrod
                              FDI World Dental Federation
                Quick Guide!                                                               Committees

                                                    Updated info @

                                                    Contact details:                        FDI EDUCATION COMMITTEE
                                                    FDI World Dental Events                 Chairman                David Crum (New Zealand)
                                                    13, Chemin du Levant, L’Avant Centre    Vice-Chairman           Peter Reichart (Germany)
                                                    F-01210 Ferney–Voltaire, France         Members                 Michel Goldberg (France)
                                                                                                                    Takashi Inoue (Japan)
                                                                                                                    Anil Kholi (India)
                                                    phone: + 33 4 50 40 50 50
                                                                                                                    Nermin Yamalik (Turkey)
                                                    fax:    + 33 4 50 40 55 55
                                                                                            Programme Manager      Ana Haydée Pereira
                                                                                            Latin America          (Argentina)
                                                    Scientific programme                    Programme Manager      Sarkis Sözkes
                                                    See pages 4–18                          Europe                 (Turkey)
                                                                                            Programme Manager      Martin H Hobdell
                                                    Forums                                  Africa                 (Ireland)
                                                    See page 19                             Co-Programme Manager Denis Bourgeois
                                                                                            Africa                 (France)
                                                    Hotel information                       Programme Manager      Mohammad Jafar Abedini
                                                    See page 35 or book online at           Middle East            (United Arab Emirates)
                                               Programme Manager      William Cheung
                                                                                            Asia Pacific           (Hong Kong SAR, China)
                                                                                            FDI Executive Director David Alexander (FDI)
                                                                                            Congress Manager       Heather Sheppard (FDI)
                                                                                            FDI Education & Scientific Julian Fisher (FDI)
                                                                                            Affairs Manager

                                                                                            SINGAPORE LOCAL
                                                                                            ORGANISING COMMITTEE
                                                                                            Chairman                   Teo Choo Soo
                                                                                            Co-Chairman                Lewis Lee
                                                                                            Hon Gen Sec                Bertrand Chew
                                                                                            Business Manager           Lim Lii
                                                                                            Scientific Chair           Keson Tan
    Image courtesy of the Singapore Tourism Board

                                                                                            Welcome Ceremony Chair     Loh Hong Sai
                                                                                            Social Chair               Raymond Ang
                                                                                            Promotions Chair           Wong Yew Cheong
                                                                                            CDO Liaison                Patrick Tseng
                                                                                            Military Liaison           Edwin Heng
                                                                                            Advisors                   Choo Teck Chuan
                                                                                                                       Yip Wing Kong
                                                                                                                       Patrick Tseng

The FDI World Dental Exhibition

 The FDI’s World Dental exhibition provides a unique   EXHIBITION OPENING HOURS:
 opportunity to meet with leading manufacturers,
 supplier and dealers from the international and       2nd September   09.00   -   18.00
 regional dental trade and industry.                   3rd September   09.00   -   18.00
 You will have the opportunity to learn about          4th September   09.00   -   18.00
 the latest developments in dental technology,         5th September   09.00   -   14.00
 equipment and products.

    Scientific Programme - Advancing Dentistry at the
    Crossroads of the World

    LIMITED ATTENDANCE COURSES                                     Price: €75
    The following Limited Attendance Courses are offered           Third Molar Surgery- Are You
    as an optional addition to the main scientific                 Wise Enough?
    programme. The courses will be available to a limited          A Study Half-Day on Wisdom Teeth Surgery
    number of participants due to the nature of the topic or                         Peter Reichart, Germany
    the necessary teaching method. Tickets are available on
    a first-come-first-served basis and additional payment is                       Indications and management of
    due when registering for the congress.                                          wisdom tooth surgery will be revisited.
                                                                                    Pitfalls to avoid surgery, management
    Tuesday 1st September                                                           of postoperative complications and
                                                                                    medico-legal aspects will be discussed.
    MORNING                                                        After this presentation participants will be able to:
                                                                   – Decide in which cases to remove wisdom teeth
    Price: €185                                                    – Learn how to remove wisdom teeth and avoid
    Endodontics                                                      complications
    Innovative Technology Impacting
    on Endodontic Success                                          Price: €75
                      James Gutmann,                               Sinus Lift Implant Surgery
                      United States Of America                                       James Ruskin, United
                                                                                     States of America
                       This presentation will highlight and
                       discuss new materials and techniques
                       designed to achieve predictable
                       outcomes both clinically and                                               Dean Morton,
    histologically in the treatment of pulpal and peri-                                United States of America
    radicular diseases, their etiologies and sequelae. After
    the presentation participants will be able to:                 This course is designed to provide the clinician with a
    – Identify, discuss and apply new technologies in the          comprehensive overview of bone and soft tissue
      management of pulpal and periradicular diseases.             augmentation procedures and surgical techniques as
    – Evaluate, critically, the value of new technologies for      they relate to implant dentistry in the deficient maxillary
      root canal treatment and apply these technologies for        posterior region. After the presentation participants will
      predictable treatment outcomes.                              be able to:
                                                                   – Diagnose and treatment plan advanced surgical cases
    This speaker’s attendance has been made possible by Dentsply     involving deficient maxillary posterior implant sites
                                                                   – Demonstrate working knowledge of sinus anatomy,
    Price: €75                                                       flap design, surgical instrumentation, procedures and
    Practice Management                                              grafting for the sinus region.
    Rejuvenate Your Practice –
    It’s Easier Than You Think!                                    These speaker’s attendance have been made possible by Institut
                      Debbie Castagna,                             Staumann
                      United States of America
                                                                   Price: €75
                                                                   Pedodontic Emergencies
                                                                                     Göran Koch, Sweden
                                 Virginia Moore,
                        United States of America                                     Lectures will describe treatment options
                                                                                     for Pedodontic Emergencies such as:
    This dynamic and interactive session will show you how                           Rampant caries, pulpal complications,
    to begin rejuvenating your practice immediately. After                           traumatic injuries, oral infections and
    the presentation participants will be able to:                                   pathological conditions in oral mucosa
    – Identify five things everyone wants from their job           and jaw bone.
    – Recognise how to make meetings work - working on             After the presentation participants will be able to:
      your practice, not just in it                                – Diagnose the emergencies
    – Plan foolproof appointment scheduling                        – Understand treatment options
                                                                   – Perform the clinical treatment


                                                               Price: €75
AFTERNOON                                                      Third Molar Surgery-
Price: €185
                                                               Are You Wise Enough?
                                                               (Repeat from Morning Session)
                                                               A Study Half-Day on Wisdom Teeth Surgery
(Repeat from Morning Session)
                                                                               Peter Reichart, Germany
Innovative Technology Impacting on
Endodontic Success                                                              Indications and management of
                  James Gutmann,                                                wisdom tooth surgery will be
                  United States of America                                      revisited. Pitfalls to avoid surgery,
                                                                                management of postoperative
                   This presentation will highlight and                         complications and medico-legal aspects
                   discuss new materials and techniques        will be discussed. After the presentation participants
                   designed to achieve predictable             will be able to:
                   outcomes both clinically and                – Decide in which cases to remove wisdom teeth
histologically in the treatment of pulpal and                  – Learn how to remove wisdom teeth and avoid
periradicular diseases, their etiologies and sequelae.           complications
After the presentation participants will be able to:
– Identify, discuss and apply new technologies in the          Price: €75
   management of pulpal and periradicular diseases.            Immediate OverDenture
– Evaluate, critically, the value of new technologies for
                                                                               Alex Mersel, Israel
  root canal treatment and apply these technologies for
  predictable treatment outcomes.
                                                                                 Examine the challenges presented by
                                                                                 the transition from dentate to
This speaker’s attendance has been made possible by Dentsply
                                                                                 edentulous state. Present a transitional
Price: €75                                                                       procedure that will assist and guide the
                                                                                 dentist in treatment and management.
Practice management                                            After the presentation participants will be able to:
(Repeat from Morning Session)
                                                               – Discuss challenges from both dentist’s and patient’s
Rejuvenate Your Practice – It’s Easier Than                      perspective
You Think!                                                     – Recognise the psychological and physiological
                  Debbie Castagna, United                        elements to the change in an individual’s dental status
                  States of America                            – Apply a step by step transitional procedure to guide
                                                                 this transition

                                                               Price: €75
                      Virginia Moore, United
                            States of America                  Pedodontic Behavioural Management
                                                               Managing Children in the Dental Office:
This dynamic and interactive session will show you how         An Action Plan for Successful Treatment
to begin rejuvenating your practice immediately. After                          Rashid Tahir, Singapore
the presentation participants will be able to:
– Identify five things everyone wants from their job                            The dental team is expected to provide
– Recognise how to make meetings work - working on                              quality dental treatment for children in
  your practice, not just in it                                                 the dental office by employing
– Plan foolproof appointment scheduling                                         behavioral techniques, which may
                                                                                include the use of inhalation sedation.
                                                               After the presentation participants will be able to:
                                                               – Recognize the dental team’s role to positively shape
                                                                 children’s behaviour in the dental office.
                                                               – Employ effective behavioral techniques to manage
                                                                 children in the dental office.

    Scientific Programme - Advancing Dentistry at the
    Crossroads of the World

    Tuesday 1st September – Afternoon                           Friday 4th September – Morning
    to Wednesday 2nd September All Day                          Price: €75
    Price: €155                                                 Pedodontic Behavioural Management
    Session Jointly Organised by FDI and ADA
                                                                Managing Children in the Dental Office:
    International Oral Health Development -                     An Action Plan for Successful Treatment
    Are You Fit to Volunteer?                                                     Rashid Tahir, Singapore

    After the presentation participants will be able to:                         The dental team is expected to provide
    – Have a better understanding about international                            quality dental treatment for children in
      volunteering,                                                              the dental office by employing
    – Be familiar with international guidelines and                              behavioral techniques which may
      recommendations regarding volunteers,                                      include the use of inhalation sedation.
    – Know about contemporary approaches to community           After the presentation participants will be able to:
      oral health in developing countries,                      – Recognize the dental team’s role to positively shape
    – Have learnt how to apply the elements of a basic            children’s behaviour in the dental office.
      package of oral care in this context                      – Employ effective behavioral techniques to manage
    – Be familiar with advocacy, facilitation and supporting      children in the dental office.
      functions of non-governmental organisations (NGOs)
      sending volunteers                                        Saturday 5th September – All Day
    This program, co-produced by the FDI World Dental           Price: €25
    Federation and the American Dental Association, is          GC Symposium
    presented though a generous grant from the
    Academy of Dentistry International.                         Teeth for Life: Minimum Intervention
                                                                in Practice
    Thursday 3rd September - ALL DAY
                                                                The symposium will demonstrate the implementation of
    Price: €90                                                  the core principles of Minimal Intervention Dentistry, a
                                                                modern medical approach to caries management at
    The Auxiliaries' Role in the New Patient                    different stages in life enabling the participants to apply
    Experience                                                  the knowledge gained in their own practices.
                    Debbie Castagna,
                    United States of America
                                                                Wednesday 2nd September
                               Virginia Moore,
                      United States of America                  MORNING
    After the presentation participants will be able to:
                                                                Implantology – The State of the Art
                                                                                  James Ruskin,
    – Elevate the patient service aspect of the auxiliaries’
                                                                                  United States of America
    – Create a protocol of excellence for the auxiliary (from
      greeting the new patient through the conclusion of
      the clinical aspect of the examination) which supports                                   Dean Morton,
      the dentist with improved case acceptance.                                    United States of America
    – Enhance verbal skills.
                                                                After the presentation participants will be able to:
                                                                – Evaluate proposed implant treatment difficulty and
                                                                – Understand available surgical and restorative
                                                                  treatment alternatives that increase potential for
                                                                  optimal functional and esthetic outcomes.
                                                                – Be familiar with treatment techniques and clinical
                                                                  methods that optimize patient care outcomes.
                                                                These speakers’ attendance has been made possible by Institut


Advancing Dentistry With                                         Dry Mouth - The Sjogren's International
Advancing Technology                                             Registry [SICCA]
                                                                                  John Greenspan,
Lasers in Dentistry-Where Are We Now?
                                                                                  United States of America
                  Laurence Walsh, Australia
                                                                                   A discussion of the etiology,
                  This lecture will give an overview of the
                                                                                   pathogenesis, symptoms, signs and
                  current status of hard and soft tissue laser
                                                                                   management of dry mouth. A
                  applications, with a particular focus on
                                                                                   description of the International
                  minimally invasive surgery, laser-induced
                                                                 Sjogren’s Syndrome Registry. After the presentation
                  analgesia, and biophotonic laser
                                                                 participants will be able to:
applications including photodynamic therapies for
                                                                 – Understand the causes of dry mouth
endodontic disinfection and dental bleaching.
                                                                 – Understand the principles of management of dry
After the presentation participants will be able to:
– Understand the mechanisms by which specific cells in
                                                                 – Know the origins and purpose of the International
  soft tissues and molecules in hard tissues can be
                                                                   Sjogren's Syndrome registry
  influenced by laser energy.

Optical Technologies For State-of-the-Art and                    Unilever Symposium
Future Applications                                              Delivering Oral Health Through Fluoride
                  Raimund Hibst, Germany                         and Behaviour Change
                 The presentation will demonstrate the           After the presentation participants will be able to:
                 actual status and future perspectives for       – Appreciate that brushing with fluoride toothpaste
                 the dental use of pulsed lasers in                remains key to providing oral health and requires
                 combination with smart fibers, optical            behaviour change 'to get it to work'
                 feedback, and special materials.                – Gain insight to various successful technologies that
After the presentation participants will be able to:               can be used to cause oral care behaviour change,
– Understand the basics of pulsed laser ablation and               with positive impact on oral health
  heating, influence of fiber tips on ablation quality,
  fluorescence detection of caries and calculus, and
  laser mediated chemical reactions.
                                                                 Oral Health Care for the Ambulatory and
                                                                 Institutionalised Elderly Patient
AIDS, Hepatitis and Emerging Diseases –
                                                                                  Abdel Rahim Mohammad,
An Update                                                                         United States of America
AIDS and The Mouth. Three Decades of
Oral Science                                                                        After the presentation participants will
                  Deborah Greenspan,                                                be able to:
                  United States of America                                          – Understand demographic changes
                                                                                      affecting the elderly population and
                  Recent, current and historical aspects         its impact on practice of Dentistry.
                  of the AIDS epidemic as applied to             – Provide diagnosis, differential diagnosis, and
                  Dentistry. After the presentation                 appropriate treatment plan that address the patient’s
                  participants will be able to:                     needs.
– Understand the nature, causes and management of                – Provide a comprehensive management of common
  the oral lesions of HIV infection                                 oral conditions affecting both ambulatory and
– Understand the changing nature of the epidemic and                institutionalised elderly patients.
  of HIV care and how these affect oral care.
– Understand where the pandemic is going and how
  our profession must prepare for those changes.

    Scientific Programme - Advancing Dentistry at the
    Crossroads of the World

    AFTERNOON                                                       Dental Care of the Medically
                                                                    Compromised Patient / Special Needs
    Implantology – The State of the Art                             Patient
                      James Ruskin,                                 Clinical Care For the Medically Compromised
                      United States of America                      Patient With a Focus on Those With
                                                                    Autoimmune Diseases, HIV/AIDS, Haematological
                                                                    Disorders and Severe Cardiac Disease
                                                                                     Elizabeth Coates, Australia
                                   Dean Morton,
                        United States of America                                    After the presentation participants will
                                                                                    be able to:
    After the presentation participants will be able to:                            – Identify a range of patients with
    – Evaluate proposed implant treatment difficulty and                              medical conditions where a specific
      risk.                                                                           dental protocol is indicated.
    – Understand available surgical and restorative                 – Appreciate the complexity of these patients and
      treatment alternatives that increase potential for              comprehend the dental protocols outlined.
      optimal functional and esthetic outcomes.                     – Implement these dental protocols in their practice.
    – Be familiar with treatment techniques and clinical
      methods that optimize patient care outcomes.                  Minimal Intervention Dentistry for Geriatric and
                                                                    Special Needs Patients - Clinical Dental Care for
    These speakers’ attendance has been made possible by Institut   Older Adults and Adults with Disabilities.
                                                                                     Graeme Ting, New Zealand

    Advancing Dentistry With                                                         After the presentation participants will
    Advancing Technology                                                             be able to:
    Applications of Advanced Diagnostic Imaging                                      – Evaluate several clinical techniques for
    in Dentistry                                                                        preventive, therapeutic and
                      Paul Monsour, Australia                                           restorative management of oral
                                                                                        diseases in older adults and adults
                     An understanding of the theory and                                 with disabilities.
                     applications of the advanced diagnostic        – Comprehend minimal intervention techniques such as
                     imaging modalities currently available           root sealants, vital pulp therapy, geriatric ART, and
                     for the diagnosis of pathology in the            remineralization.
                     dentomaxillofacial region. After the           – Comprehend the different preventive and therapeutic
    presentation participants will be able to:                        products used for the management of dental caries.
    – Determine what advanced imaging modality is
      appropriate for the investigation of the more common          Oral Care and Support for Head and Neck
      forms of pathology found in the dento-maxillofacial           Cancer Patients
      region.                                                                        Vinod Joshi, United Kingdom
    – Evaluate the results obtained from investigations using
      the most common forms of advanced diagnostic                                    After the presentation participants will
      imaging.                                                                        be able to:
                                                                                      – Provide oral care and support for
    Virtual Reality As an Aid in Implant and                                            head and neck cancer patients.
    Periodontal Therapy                                                               – Comprehend the need for a pre
                      Björn Klinge, Sweden                          treatment dental assessment and how preventive and
                                                                    rehabilitative treatments can mitigate side-effects.
                    After the presentation participants will        – Evaluate preventive and rehabilitative care options
                    be able to:                                       available for their patient.
                    – Recognise the treatment outcome of
                      immediately loaded implants
                      following computer assisted virtual
    treatment planning and flapless fixture installation


Colgate Symposium                                            Postgraduate Dental Education
                                                             in Asia: Demands, Opportunities
A Closer Look at the Science to Prevent
                                                             for Collaboration, Experience
and Manage Caries Globally                                   Sharing and Perspectives
                                                                               L.J. Jin, Hong Kong SAR, China
– Provide an update on the status of oral health globally
  sharing evidenced-based strategies to help prevent,                        After the presentation
  promote and treat caries, recognizing the opportunity                      participants will be able to:
  to address early enamel caries in the process.                             – Understand the increasing
– Share new methodologies to detect, measure and                               demands, opportunities and
  monitor early caries lesions                                                 challenges in postgraduate dental
– Provide a review of current effective technologies that    education in Asia through collaboration
  the dental practitioner can utilize for caries             – Appreciate valuable experience and perspectives
  prevention, caries risk assessment and subsequently          through launching novel postgraduate dental
  treatment in the dental practice.                            programs in a fast-growing professional community
                                                               in China
Optimised Facial Esthetics Through
Integrated Orthodontic - Orthognathic                        Strategic Partnerships for a Better Tomorrow
                                                                               Toh Chooi Gait, Malaysia
                 Wee Ser Go, Singapore
                                                                                After the presentation participants will
                                                                                be able to:
                  After the presentation participants will
                                                                                – Identify the challenges faced by
                  be able to:
                                                                                  dental schools, dental profession and
                  – Diagnose dento-facial deformities
                                                                                  dental industry
                  – Explain and discuss current concepts
                                                             –   List the Types and Advantages of Strategic
                    in the management especially with
regards to facial esthetics
                                                             –   Appreciate issues in Identifying Partners and
– Recognise the importance of orthodontic preparation
                                                                 Structuring the Partnerships
– Recognise the importance of accuracy in planning of
                                                             –   Discuss key issues in Drafting Agreement
  orthognathic surgery with the use of computer
                                                             –   Investigate methods in Monitoring and Measuring
  technology and software
                                                                 Impact of the partnership program
– Identify the considerations to avoid poor outcome and
  prevent complications

Dental Education Session
Collaboration in Dental Education
Embrace Collaboration To Succeed Tomorrow!
                 Johan de Vries, Australia

                 After the presentation participants will
                 be able to:
                 – Apply practical solutions for
                   facilitating better understanding and
                   building trust during collaboration.
– Identify and apply collaborative options to “train the
– Contribute to the debate of licensing, registration,
  reciprocity and accreditation in a collaborative,
  constructive way.
– Increase the knowledge base concerning service
  learning and service quality in a collaborative way.

     Scientific Programme - Advancing Dentistry at the
     Crossroads of the World

     Thursday 3rd September                                        Oral Cancer in Asia
                                                                   Oral Cancer in Dentistry - the Singapore
     MORNING                                                                        Victor T.W. Fan, Singapore

                                                                                   The dentist plays an important role as a
     Esthetic Consideration in Implant                                             member of the multidisciplinary team in
     Therapy                                                                       the management of oral cancer
     Mastering Procedures for Optimal Esthetics in                                 patients. References will be made to
     Single Tooth Implant Restorations                                             the development of an oral cancer
                      Iñaki Gamborena, Spain                       service from the maxillofacial unit in the Dental Faculty
                                                                   of the National University Hospital in Singapore.
                       At the end of the presentation              After the presentation participants will be able to:
                       participants will be able to:               – Understand oral cancer and its epidemiology in Asia
                       – Identify the factors in the planning      – Appreciate the dynamics of multidisciplinary
                         for aesthetic predictability and            management
                         success in implant treatment as this      – Overall view of advances in management of oral
       represents a great challenge for the dental team              cancer
     – Recognise that the aesthetic outcome and natural
       appearance of the implant depends ultimately on the         Oral Cancer in China
       execution and understanding of the dental team                               Chenping Zhang, China
       participating in the different treatment phases as well
       as the laboratory technician                                                After the presentation participants will
     – Define the different clinical criteria and current                          be able to:
       surgical and prosthetic techniques for maximizing                           – Describe the epidemiology of oral
       optimal aesthetics in conjunction with the role of the                        cancer in China.
       provisional restoration - a critical element for                            – Detail the current treatment and
       achieving gingival integration and aesthetic success        management modalities for oral cancer in China and
     – Describe new concepts and trends for achieving              outline the techniques of surgical reconstruction
       predictable natural oral aesthetics around implants         – Recognise that Chinese medicine is often used during
                                                                     treatment and understand its importance from both
     Changing Concepts in Restoring Teeth                            functional and cosmetic perspective.
     The Transition From Extension For Prevention To
     Minimal Intervention                                          Current Status of Oral Cancer Chemoprevention
                      Mark Wolff, United States Of America         and Screening
                                                                                    Abraham Kurikose, India
                       After the presentation participants will
                       be able to:                                                  After the presentation participants will
                       – Have an appreciation of the multiple                       be able to:
                         techniques available to conserve                           – Provide details on the current status
                         tooth structure and identify, utilizing                       of oral cancer chemoprevention
     the best evidence available why this is imperative to                             clinical trials
     successful clinical care.                                     – Describe strategies for identification of novel
     – Judge which restorative techniques will produce the           chemoprevention targets of
       best long term clinical results for their patients          the future.
       utilizing the best evidence available.                      – Summarize the early detection strategies of oral
                                                                   – Detail the specific roles dentists can play in the early
                                                                     detection and prevention of oral cancer.


Colgate Symposium                                            Changing Concepts in
Management of Dentine Hypersensitivity                       Restoring Teeth
                                                             Minimal Intervention Dentistry: from
This symposium will review the technological and             Prevention to Restoration
clinical approaches for the management of dentine                             Hien Ngo, Singapore
hypersensitivity focusing on the etiology, clinical
management, prevention and treatment of                                        After the presentation
hypersensitivity.                                                              participants will be able to:
This symposium will:                                                           – Describe how to preserve
– Share an update on the geographical distribution and                           maximum tooth tissue through the
   etiology, and traditional approaches to clinically                            use of therapeutic agents
   manage patients with hypersensitivity.                    – Outline how to create an oral environment most
– Review current technologies that have shown notable          compatible to health to add longevity to restorations
   results in controlling sensitivity; Understand the        – Bring the following techniques into their clinical
   impact of hypersensitivity on patients’ qualify of life     practice - interproximal sealing, internal
– Share how to effectively practice-manage patients            remineralisation and external remineralisation.
   with hypersensitivity through utilizing a system of in-
   office, and at-home treatment approaches.                 Carie Removal: Future of Tooth Restorations?
                                                                              Prathip Phantumvanit, Thailand

                                                                               After the presentation participants will
                                                                               be able to:
AFTERNOON                                                                      – State the rationale for minimally
                                                                                 invasive caries removal in tooth
Esthetic Consideration in                                                        restoration and describe its
Implant Therapy                                              application in untreated primary teeth caries, with
Implants in the Aesthetic Zone - Contemporary
                                                             – Describe how minimal invasive cavity preparation
Concepts for Achieving Success & Predictability
                                                               simplifies future tooth restoration with appropriate
                 Tidu Mankoo, United Kingdom
                                                               restorative materials
                                                             – Recognise the principles of this approach in inhibiting
                 After the presentation participants will
                                                               lesion progression and preservation of the remaining
                 be able to:
                                                               tooth structure.
                 – List and detail the contemporary
                   surgical and prosthetic implant
                   concepts in the aesthetic zone for        Basic Science - Emerging Technologies
optimum long-term aesthetics and stability.                  and Their Impact on Future Practice
– Summarise the clinical management, understanding           of Dentistry
  and application of the biological factors that influence   Stem-Cell Based Dental Implants for Tooth
  treatment outcomes.                                        Replacement
– Describe the management of bone, soft tissues,                              Paul Sharpe, United Kingdom
  implant components and prosthetics in an inter-
  disciplinary approach in cases ranging from single                          Understand the scientific basis for the
  tooth to complex full mouth restoration.                                    use of stem cell populations to recreate
                                                                              embryonic tooth primordial in vitro that
                                                                              can be surgically transplanted into the
                                                                              mouth to develop into functional teeth
                                                             will be described. The potential for using stem cells
                                                             derived from teeth in this process will be discussed.
                                                             After the presentation participants will be able to:
                                                             – Identify what dental stem cells are and their role in
                                                               dental medicine
                                                             – Discuss and judge how can stem cells be used to
                                                               generate replacement teeth

     Scientific Programme - Advancing Dentistry at the
     Crossroads of the World
     Recent Advances of Tissue Engineering                         Oral Health through Fluoride in
     in Dentistry                                                  South-East Asia
                      Minoru Ueda, Japan                           Jointly organised by: World Dental Development and Health
                                                                   Promotion Committee - Public Health Section – Science
                      Presentation of the mucosal fibroblast       Committee
                      and osteogenic cell injection system
                      which can improve the face wrinkles          This joint presentation features world-renowned experts
                      and alveolar bone formation.                 in the area of prevention and fluoride outlining the
                      After the presentation participants will     evidence for the prevention of dental caries using
     be able to:                                                   different fluoride vehicles. Experts from South-East
     – Understand and summarise the new method for the             Asian countries will detail examples of national
       cosmetic treatment and dental implant for skin and          programs, focusing on methods to increase access to
       bone using living cell                                      appropriate fluoride.
     – Describe the basis of the mucosal fibroblast and            After the presentation participants will be able to:
       osteogenic cell injection system from 3-years of            – Summarise the evidence of using fluoride for
       clinical data.                                                prevention of dental decay
                                                                   – Describe and discuss the activities in South-East Asian
     The Systemic - Oral Health Link -                               Counties
                                                                   – Understand the relevance of caries prevention in the
     The State of the Evidence?
                                                                     context of national policies.
                      Michael Glick,
                      United States Of America

                                                                   Friday 4th September
                           Maurizio Tonetti, Italy
     Over the last 20 years a growing body of evidence                             Endodontics - Avoiding
     points to a relationship between oral health – and                            Pitfalls
     periodontitis in particular – and systemic diseases such                      James Gutmann,
     as atherosclerosis and its sequelae, metabolic control of                     United States Of America
     diabetes, pregnancy complications and pulmonary
     infections. Inflammation seems to be at the center of                            The presentation will enable the
     this relationship.                                                               participant to identify challenges in
     After the presentation participants will be able to:          endodontic diagnosis; master techniques of canal
     – Recognise the biological mechanism that render the          obturation, and; achieve thorough canal disinfection
       association plausible                                       through the application of modern and effective
     – Identify the evidence of the relationship                   technology.
     – State the results of intervention trials that explore the   After the presentation participants will be able to:
       casualty of the association                                 – Identify, clarify, and apply key diagnostic parameters
     – Describe the limits of the current knowledge                  in pulpal and periapical disease states
     – Outline the public health implications, should the          – State and apply principles of thorough canal
       association be confirmed                                      disinfection prior to enhanced root canal obturation

                                                                                   Nonsurgical Endodontic
                                                                                   Simplified for Success
                                                                                   Patrick Tseng, Singapore

                                                                                    This presentation will highlight the
                                                                                    various causes of endodontic failures
                                                                   and discuss various conventional and unconventional
                                                                   techniques to achieve a successful outcome. After the
                                                                   presentation participants will be able to:
                                                                   – Identify and recognise the common causes of
                                                                     endodontic failure in clinical practice.
                                                                   – Understand and evaluate the various techniques (both
                                                                     new and conventional) to manage and overcome
                                                                     endodontic failures.


Changing Paradigms in Periodontal                            Salivary Biomarkers
Diagnosis and Therapy - A Symposium                                           David Wong,
Risk Assessment in the Management of                                          United States Of
Periodontal Diseases
                Roy Page, United States Of America
                                                                               After the presentation
                                                                               participants will be able to:
                 After the presentation participants will
                                                                               – Give a definition of saliva and
                 be able to:
                                                             explain its importance as a diagnostic fluid
                 – Understand the role of risk in
                                                             – Identify and describe salivary diagnostic toolboxes
                   diagnosis and treatment planning for
                                                             – List the scientific values of saliva
                                                             – Outline the translational and clinical utilities of saliva
– Accurately quantify risk and disease status and
  changes that occur over time.
– Use risk and disease scores in the management of           IAP* Symposium
  periodontitis.                                             Inflammation: Impact on Periodontal
                                                             Disease Progression
Understanding and Managing Periodontal
                                                             *International Academy of Periodontology
Disease: Preparing Practitioners for the Future
                Ray Williams, United States Of America       Anti-inflammatory Medications: Impact on
                                                             Periodontal and Implant Therapy
                  After the presentation participants will                    Sebastian Ciancio,
                  be able to:                                                 United States of America
                  – Understand the nature of the etiology
                     and the pathogenesis of periodontal                      The objective of this program is to
                     disease                                                  provide dental practitioners with an
– Describe the latest advances in anti-infective, host                        understanding of the various anti-
  modulatory and regeneration management of                                   inflammatory medications, including
  periodontal disease.                                       herbal agents, which can affect periodontal and
– Appraise the evidence indicating that periodontal          diagnosis and treatment planning. These medications
  disease is a risk for systemic disease.                    may be prescribed by physicians, dental practitioners or
                                                             self medicated.
                                                             After the presentation participants will be able to:
Pediatric Dentistry                                          – Create and awareness of the various anti-
Lifestyle and Obesity - The Link to                            inflammatory medications which may affect oral
General Disease and Oral Health                                tissues
Obesity and Oral Health in Children and                      – Understand the role of these medications on the
Adolescents. How Changes in Lifestyle Affect                   diagnosis and management of periodontal and peri-
Both General and Oral Health                                   implant tissues
                Göran Dahllöf, Sweden
                                                             The Effect of Periodontal Inflammation on
                 After the lecture the attendee will         Systemic Health
                 understand how changes in lifestyle                          Mark Bartold, Australia
                 and dietary habits affect general health
                 in children and adolescents and                              After the presentation participants will
                 understand the underlying mechanisms                         be able to:
that cause cardiovascular disease as well as periodontal                      – Understand that periodontal
disease.                                                                        inflammation impacts significantly on
After the presentation participants will be able to:                            systemic health
– Give dietary advice to obese children and adolescents      – Summarise the effects of periodontal inflammation on
– Diagnose and treat periodontal disease in obese              general health
  children and adolescents.                                  – Recognize that reduction of periodontal inflammation
                                                               can impact on many systemic diseases

     Scientific Programme - Advancing Dentistry at the
     Crossroads of the World
     Targeting Inflammation in Periodontal Disease:              E4D, The New Show in Town
     A New Therapeutic Paradigm                                                    Bob Mongrain, United States of America
                     Thomas Van Dyke, United States of
                     America                                                      After the presentation participants will be
                                                                                  able to:
                      After the presentation participants will                    – Learn about a new chair side Cad Cam
                      be able to:                                                   system
                      – Understand the relationship between                       – Understand its clinical indications and uses
                        the bacterial biofilm and the host       – Learn about the exciting new technology basis for this
     response in periodontitis to answer the question: what        system
     bacteria are actually pathogens?                            – See examples of clinical restorations and clinical workflow
     – Understand the biology of resolution of inflammation;       to accomplish them
       the molecular basis for the shift from chronic            – See some comparisons to other CAD/CAM and imaging
       destructive disease to a well-orchestrated return of        systems
       tissue homeostasis.
     – Understand the potential for new
       pharmacotherapeutics that target resolution of
       inflammation for the prevention and treatment of
       periodontal diseases.
                                                                 Surgical Management of
     ISCD* Symposium – All Day                                   Endodontic Failures
     Digital Imaging Procedures in Clinical                      Surgical Management of Post-Treatment
     Dentistry                                                   Endodontic Disease - Possibilities vs. Probabilities
                                                                                   Rob Roda, United States Of America
     *International Society of Computerized Dentistry
     Updating of Impression Free Dentistry –                                       This evidence-based presentation will
     an Overview                                                                   address what is possible and what is
                     Klaus J. Wiedhahn, Germany                                    predictable in managing endodontic
                      After the presentation participants will                     After the presentation participants will
                      be able to:                                be able to:
                      – Learn the vision, the benefits and       – Review and interpret outcomes assessments
                        limitations of impression-free           – List and discuss diagnostic criteria with indications for
                        procedures                                 extraction / replacement.
     – Determine the impact on the up-to-date dental clinic      – Summarise current endodontic techniques and
       and on its co-operation with the dental laboratory          indications for treatment / retreatment (surgical and
     – Introduced to a synopsis on latest intra-oral scan and      non-surgical).
       fabrication technologies
                                                                 Changing Paradigms in Periodontal
     Present State and Future of the CEREC Method
                     Bernd Reiss, Germany                        Diagnosis and Therapy - A Symposium
                                                                                   Maurizio Tonetti, Italy
                     After the presentation participants will
                     be able to:                                                   There is a need for long-term stabilization
                     – Understand the present and future                           once periodontal disease is stabilised. The
                       perspectives of the most used CAD                           role of periodontal surgery in modern
                       CAM system                                                  periodontal therapy will be discussed with
     – Work with different dimensions in your clinical every                       emphasis on regeneration of lost
       day work                                                  periodontal tissues. After the presentation participants will
     – Integrate computers and CAD CAM to widen your             be able to:
       therapy improve the predictability of your dental         – Assess the risk for periodontitis progression and to
       treatment                                                   establish the need for surgical periodontal intervention
                                                                 – Understand the biology at the basis of modern
                                                                   periodontal surgery
                                                                 – Select the most appropriate surgical and regenerative
                                                                 – Plan for the long-term success of these interventions
                                                                   and recognize risk factors for post treatment relapse


Implant –Supported Overdentures                                  Forensic Odontology and Disaster
Benefits and Risks for Resolving the Edentulous                  Victim Identification (DVI) -
Predicament, With This Evidence-Based                            The Role of the Practitioner
Treatment Choice                                                 Effective Integration and Use of the
                  Alan Payne, New Zealand
                                                                 Wealth of Dental Office Data in DVI
                                                                 Field Operations
                After the presentation participants will be
                                                                                    David Sweet, Canada
                able to:
                – Understand the current standard of
                                                                                     After the presentation participants
                  care with implant overdentures
                                                                                     will be able to:
                – Summarise the evidence for different
                                                                                     – Appreciate the significant role of teeth
approaches to implant overdentures.
                                                                                       and patients' dental records in the
– Evaluate the educational conviction and controversial
                                                                                       resolution of critical questions that arise
  debate with regard to the current standard of
                                                                 during forensic investigations
  complete denture service for prosthodontically
                                                                 – Describe the use of dental data to reconcile issues that
  maladaptive patients being an implant overdenture
                                                                   arise in victim identification cases following disasters
A Transitional or Immediate Approach:
                                                                 Contribution of Dentistry to Disaster Victim
A Dilemma
                                                                 Identification: What Is Different After
                  Alex Mersel, Israel
                                                                 112 Years Experience?
                                                                                    John Clement, Australia
                  With the increasing number of elderly, the
                  status of their oral health and the
                                                                                    After the presentation participants will be
                  provision of care becomes of critical
                                                                                    able to:
                  importance. Implant based treatment, in
                                                                                    – Recognise the invaluable contribution
                  particular implant overdentures, is of great
                                                                                      that accurate, comprehensive dental
benefit in the edentulous cases.
                                                                                      records make to the process of human
After the presentation participants will be able to:
                                                                 identification in mass-disaster situations resulting in major
– Understand and apply a simplified approach to patient
                                                                 loss of life.
  evaluation, treatment planning decision, attachment
                                                                 – Explain and give examples how a commitment to good
  selection and technique.
                                                                   record keeping by practitioners assists in human
GlaxoSmithKline Symposium                                        – Describe how a quality based approach to record keeping
Modern Management of Toothwear in                                  as described in the presentation enhances the reputation
Dental Practice                                                    of the dental profession.

Toothwear is an increasing problem faced by dentists in          ISCD* Symposium – All Day
practice. Restorative treatment is complex and clinically        Digital Imaging Procedures in Clinical
demanding. Early diagnosis and prevention are crucial.
This symposium discusses practical tips on identification,
monitoring and management including preventative                 *International Society of Computerized Dentistry
and minimally invasive techniques.                               Advances in 3D Imaging Technology Supporting
After the presentation participants will be able to:             Clinical Applications for Dentistry and the
- Be familiar with clinical signs, symptoms and sequelae         Dental Specialties
  of toothwear                                                                      Allan G. Farman,
- Understand approaches that can be used in practice to                             United States Of America
  measure and manage toothwear                                                      After the presentation participants will
                                                                                    be able to:
                                                                                    – Be acquainted with different
                                                                                      technologies currently available for
                                                                                      multi-dimensional imaging in
                                                                 – Select imaging parameters to assist in different
                                                                   diagnostic and treatment tasks
                                                                 – Be familiar with data communication central to
                                                                   modern dental practice.

     Scientific Programme - Advancing Dentistry at the
     Crossroads of the World
     Translating radiographic data into practical work
     – Implant planning, navigation and more
                                                                  Saturday 5th September
                      Stefan Hassfeld, Germany

                     After the presentation participants will
                     be able to:
                     – Update on 3D dentomaxillofacial            Esthetics - a Critique on Recent All
                        imaging                                   Ceramic Prosthodontic Systems
                     – Learn transfer of image data into          Possibilities and Limits
     planning and simulation of dental implantology                                Mauro Fradeani, Italy
     – Assess advantages and draw-backs of image guided
       dental implant insertion                                                     Several clinical follow-up of glass
                                                                                    ceramic and alumina and zirconia
     Translating Radiographic Data Into Practical                                   systems indicate the adequacy of these
     Work Integrating Multi-Dimensional Data into                                   materials for anterior and posterior
     Everyday Dental Practice                                                       restorations. Suggestions for obtaining
                      Olaf Schenk, Germany                        esthetic and durable results will be supplied for limited
                                                                  cases and for full-mouth rehabilitations.
                      After the presentation participants will    After the presentation participants will be able to:
                      be able to:                                 – Decide when using crowns or veneers for single all-
                      – Understand how 3D data of various           ceramic restorations
                        sources can be combined                   – Decide when using glass ceramics or alumina or
                      – Identify devices for Data Aquisition        zirconia for full-mouth rehabilitations
     that could be used in the Dental Office
     – Explain the principles DICOM - The Standard in             Oral Mucosal Lesions - What the
       Medical Imaging                                            General Practitioner Needs to Know
     – Stand-alone - Concept of the past!?                        Which Lesions to Ignore, Treat or Refer
     – Discriminate between the vision and limitations of                          Stephen Challacombe, United Kingdom
       data from different sources
     – Recognise the benefits and realistic applications of                         After the presentation participants will
       joint 3D systems                                                             be able to:
     – Appraise the requirements of computer and data                               – Differentiate between the different
       storage                                                                        types of oral ulceration
                                                                                    – Understand the role of the oral cavity
     IADH* Symposium                                              in the presentation of systemic diseases
     Oral Health Promotion and                                    – Differentiate between local oral lesions and those
                                                                    reflecting systemic disease
     Special Needs Patients
                                                                  – Decide which lesions can or cannot be treated in
     *International Association for Disability and Oral Health      general practice

                                                                  Rational Approach to Occlusal
                                                                  Clinical Considerations and Rationale for The
                                                                  Use of Simplified Instrumentation in Occlusal
     Leda Mugayar,        Shun-Te Hang,        Susumu             Rehabilitation
     Australia            Chinese Taipei       Uherara,                            Stefano Gracis, Italy
     At the end of the presentation participants will be                            After the presentation participants will
     able to:                                                                       be able to:
     – Recognise and understand the role and                                        – Recognize when it is necessary to
       responsibilities of dentists and other health providers,                       mount the models on an articulator
       including governmental organisations in the provision                        – Explain why, in most cases, it is
       of oral health service to people with disabilities         sufficient to use a semi-adjustable articulator
     – Summarise the challenges and issues, people with           – Mount the models on a patient on an articulator and
       disabilities have with regards to provision of treatment     set up the instrument with the proper values
       and the management both at policy and clinical level
     – Identify the problems people with disabilities
       encounter in accessing and obtaining care


Restoration of Endodontically Treated                            Bone Morphogenic Proteins:
Teeth in the Adhesive Era                                        Do They Help in Accelerating Bone
Fiber Post and Endodontically treated teeth:                     Healing Around Implants?
Scientific and Clinical Perspectives                             Growth Factor Adjuvant Therapy for
                  Marco Ferrari, Italy                           Dental Implantology
                                                                                 Gil Triplett,
                  After the presentation participants will                       United States
                  be able to:                                                    Of America
                  – Understand and describe the
                    development of fiber posts and their                            Mark Wong,
                    mechanical and clinical properties                              United States
– Recognise the different bonding-luting procedures                                  Of America
– Select proper combination of post/adhesive/luting
  materials                                                      After the presentation participants will appreciate:
– Assess clinical evidence based data available in the           – The basic mechanisms by which growth factors
  literature                                                       function to promote both hard and soft tissue healing
                                                                 – Potential roles for growth factor therapy in dental
These speakers’ attendance have been made possible by Dentsply     implantology
                                                                   a. to accelerate osteogenesis around implant surfaces
                                                                   b. as a replacement for bone grafts
AFTERNOON                                                          c. to promote osteogenesis in compromised sites
                                                                   d. to accelerate and promote soft tissue healing
Perfection in Esthetic Restorations -                              – Growth factor preparations currently available
Is it Achievable                                                     a. Platelet-Rich Plasma
                                                                     b. PDGF (Gem-21)
Predictable Diagnosis and Treatment of Clinical
                                                                     c. rHBMP-2 (Infuse)
              Crown and Gingival Architecture
                                                                     d. rHBMP-7
              Discrepancies                                      – The surgical techniques employed for the application
                  Stephen Chu, United States Of America
                                                                   of growth factors
                                                                 – Clinical experience with growth factor therapy
                  Comprehensive treatment planning of
                                                                 – Complications and failures with growth factor therapy
                  the aesthetic restorative case can be
                                                                 – Future applications of growth factor therapy
                  challenging. The key to success is to
understand and develop predictable strategies in patient
care.                                                            Application of Micro Implants
After the presentation participants will be able to:             in Orthodontics
– Discuss how to analyze and treat tooth size                    Use of Micro Implants for
  discrepancies and how this relates to spacing and              Interdisciplinary Treatment
  gingival architecture problems                                                Hee Moon Kyung,
– Describe solutions to gingival architecture problems                          Republic of Korea
  involving interdisciplinary treatment approaches,
  utilizing innovative measurement devices.                                     After the presentation
                                                                                participants will be able to:
This speaker’s attendance has been made possible by 3i                          – Understand the various ways
                                                                                  of micro implants for minor tooth
                                                                 – Become familiar with the surgical procedures
                                                                 – Understand the simplified biomechanics following
                                                                   micro implant placement

     Scientific Programme - Advancing Dentistry at the
     Crossroads of the World

     Genetic Probe and Immunotherapy
     Applications for Diagnosis and
     Treatment of Oral Infectious Diseases
                     Yoshimitsu Abiko, Japan

                      Evidences for a link between oral
                      infectious diseases and systemic
                      diseases are recognized. Future
                      prospects of developing a successful
                      immunotherapy and replacement
     therapy against caries and periodontal diseases using
     biotechnology with advanced molecular diagnostic
     techniques are summarized.
     After the presentation participants will be able to:
     – Understand a link between oral infectious diseases
       and systemic diseases
     – Recognize immunotherapy and replacement therapy

                                                             Image courtesy of the Singapore Tourism Board


A forum is a gathering of people whose aims are to                          Women Dentists
promote the interchange of ideas usually on a defined
                                                                            Worldwide Forum
theme. Invited speakers are requested beforehand to
                                                                            “She Says Hurt, He Says
prepare papers for presentation on the theme. Forums
take place in a relaxed atmosphere that is conducive to                     Pain – It’s Not The Same”
free discussion. Everyone with an interest in any of the     The clinical session of the Women Dentists
topics is welcome to attend and participate. The             Worldwide forum will explore the gender
following forums will take place between 2 September         differences in pain perception and how this
and the 5 September                                          affects patient’s presentation with pain and the
                                                             ability of the clinician to elicit a pain history.
                   Dental Practice
                   Committee Forum                           The business and women dentist activities session of the
                                                             WDW forum will review recent work and research in women
                   Clinical and Ethical
                                                             dentist‘s working patterns around the world, and will feature
                   Management of Oral and
                                                             a report of the situation of female dentists in Singapore.
                   Dento-Facial Disabilities
                                                             Clinical session
After the presentation participants will be able to:
                                                             After the presentation participants will be able to:
– Understand the role of the dentist and the dental
                                                              – Improve dentists understanding of gender
  team, both clinically and ethically, in improving the
                                                                 differences in pain and pain perception thereby
  oral health and quality of life for persons with special
                                                                 improve their clinical care.
                                                             WDW Business and activities session
– Recognise that patients' treatment must involve close
                                                              – Share information and experiences of women
  collaboration with other health professionals
                                                                 dentists around the world.
– Identify care providers, including those social or
  service organizations responsible for community living
                                                             International Speakers Development
Science Committee Forum                                      Programme (ISDP) / International
Update on Therapeutics: Antibiotic Prophylaxis               Associations of Dental Students
and Bisphosphonates’                                         (IADS) Forum
                                                             Oral Health and Knowledge Transfer: Skills for
After the presentation participants will be able to:
1. Antibiotic Prophylaxis
                                                             Next Generation of Oral Health Professionals
   – Understand the issues concerning antibiotic             After the presentation participants will be able to:
     prophylaxis for at-risk patients                         – Recognise the role and importance of dental under-
   – Be familiar with current guidelines for antibiotic         graduates and new graduates in determining the
     prophylaxis                                                future of the oral health profession
                                                              – Discuss the different definitions of oral health and
2. Bisphosphonates
                                                                describe the what is understood by the social
   – Understand the use of bisphosphonates in medical
                                                                determinants of health
                                                              – Understand the
   – Understand the implications for dental treatment
                                                                educational concepts
     of patients taking bisphosphonates
                                                                and research behind
   – Be familiar with the dental management of
                                                                knowledge transfer
     patients taking bisphosphonates
                                                                and how these can
                                                                be applied in making
          Young Dentists Forum                                  presentations, leading
          The Second Year in Own Practice -                     workshops and in
          Guided Way to Long Time Success                       clinical practice
           After the presentation participants will be       Guidelines for Young Researchers
           able to:
           Understand the principles of managing your        After the presentation participants will be able to:
business after you have made the first experiences.           – Recognise the challenges facing young dental
– Recognise how to learn from your own mistakes.                professionals looking to pursue a career in research
– Determine whether you should go deeper into any             – Summarise the possibilities and opportunities
  specialized field?                                            currently available and gain an insight into future
– Judge whether you should try to keep updated by               direction of dental/oral health research
  follow fashion trends in dentistry?                         – Apply this knowledge to plan a career in research
                                                              – Prepare a plan for writing a research thesis or
                                                                scientific article


     An important function of the Annual World                   FDI/UNILEVER POSTER
     Dental Congress is to offer colleagues the                  AWARD COMPETITION
     opportunity to make their own presentations.                All accepted poster presenters at the FDI Congress 2009
     You can present one Free Communication and/or               will have the opportunity to compete for six awards in
     a Poster.                                                   the FDI/Unilever Poster Award Competition.

                                                                 The competition will be conducted in 2 phases:
                                                                 Phase 1: The 12 best posters from all the poster
                                                                          abstract submissions for the competition will
                                                                          be selected to move to phase 2.
                                                                 Phase 2: During the Congress, each of the selected 12
                                                                          finalists will be asked to present their poster
                                                                          to three judges. The poster presentations will
                                                                          take approximately five minutes followed by
                                                                          questions and answers.

                                                                 The judges will ultimately choose six winners from the
                                                                 12 finalists. The winners will each receive free
                                                                 registration to a future FDI Congress and € 1,500.

     FREE COMMUNICATION: A ten minute verbal
     presentation on a topic of your choice followed by a
     three minute discussion.

     POSTER: Presentation on a topic of your choice in the
     form of a poster. The presenter of the selected poster
     will be required to present verbally at a given time.

     DEADLINE FOR ENTRY IS THE 1st of March 2009:


                           FDI Photographic Award 200

     Are you interested in photography and think you can         For more information
     capture the magic moment on camera?                         on how to submit
                                                                 your favourite image,
     After receiving hundreds of wonderful images from all       please visit:
     over the world in last year’s competition FDI looks
     forward to seeing more of what makes oral health care
     professionals around the world smile!                       The site opens
                                                                 for entries early                                   2008
     We would like to offer you the chance to share your                                                            Overall
                                                                 2009, so get your
     favourite snapshots and the chance to win some great                                                           Winner
                                                                 camera ready!
     prizes. Enter your own digital photographs of things that
     make you smile in the FDI Photographic Award 2009!


OS1 Welcome Ceremony                                                                                              OS3 Gala Dinner
Be prepared to be captivated by the array of exciting                                                                                                  Celebrate the

                                                                  Image courtesy of the Singapore Tourism Board
performances showcasing the colourful multi-ethnicity                                                                                                  beginning of
and the vast transformation of Singapore from past to                                                                                                  new friendships
present. An extravagant experience with multi-media                                                                                                    at a Uniquely
projection and the best singers and dancers of Singapore                                                                                               Singapore
Please note that the venue seating is limited and therefore                                                                                            location!
tickets will be distributed on a first come first served basis.                                                                                        After spending
                                                                                                                                                       a week in the
Date & Time: 2nd September 2009, 19.00-20.30                                                                                                           bustling city, here
Venue: SUNTEC, Hall 601 – 602                                                                                                                          is an excellent
Cost: Free to registered participant (subject to availability)                                                                                         opportunity to
                                                                                                                                                       rejuvenate your
OS2 Singapore Night                                                                                                                                    spirits and be
                                     What better way to                                                                                                surrounded by
                                     spend Singapore                                                                                                   Singapore’s national
                                     Night at the latest                                                          flower at the local largest orchid farm.
                                     Singapore Icon –                                                             Be prepared for an innovative experience and a
                                     The Singapore                                                                night of revelry in a rainforest-themed surrounding
                                     Flyer!                                                                       that is decorated to capture the essence of dining in
                                     The perfect                                                                  a unique ecological environment
                                     opportunity to get
                                     to know Singapore                                                            Date & Time: 4th September 2009, 19.30-23.00
                                     through the various                                                          Venue: Orchidville
                                     traditional                                                                  Cost: € 190
                                     entertainment and
                                     savour local
                                     specialties and
                                     delights such as
                                     chicken rice, satay
                                     and roti prata.Once
                                     aboard the world's
                                     largest Giant
Observation Wheel at a height of 178 metres,
passengers will be enthrall by sweeping, epic views –
from the historic Singapore River and modern skyline,
and right out to Malaysia and Indonesia on a clear day.

Located in Marina Bay, it is a short walk to the
Singapore International Convention and Exhibition
Centre (Suntec)

Date & Time: 3rd September 2009, 19.30-22.30
Venue: Singapore Flyer
Cost: € 125


     This is the perfect tour to                                  Established in 1859, Singapore Botanic Gardens was
     experience the traditional                                   where the first rubber trees were cultivated from
     cultures of Singapore.                                       seedlings sent from Kew Gardens in London.
     Experience the four distinct
     cultures of Singapore, its                                   Spread over 52 hectares and close to the centre of the
     ancient crafts and rare sights                               city, the garden is a combination of untouched primary
     of the old ‘villages’ where                                  forest and specialty gardens displaying frangipanis,
     early immigrants lived.                                      roses, ferns and desert plants, to name a few. The
     Begin the journey through                                    thousands of plant species here, including many rare
     time with a drive through                                    specimens reflect the garden’s richness and diversity of
     Little India with its pulsating                              plant life. You will also see some masterpieces by
     mood. See narrow streets;                                    sculptor Sydney Harpley.
     pass shop houses and stalls                                  The present
     selling saris, aromatic spices                               orchid enclosure
     and intricate old ornaments.                                 has 20,000
     See the Sultan Mosque and the colorful bazaar where          orchid plants on
     batik cloth, carvings and basket work stalls crowd the       display. The
     narrow sidewalk known as the ‘five foot way”.                National
     Next, visit one of the oldest Chinese Temples in             Orchid Garden
     Singapore. Thian Hock Keng Temple or the Temple of           promises
     Heavenly Happiness, built in 1821 by seamen from             sprawling orchid
     China grateful for a safe passage.                           displays, water
                                          Visit the               features and
                                          Chinatown               exotic bromeliad collection from Central and South
                                          Heritage Centre.        America.
                                          Located in three        Expect a morning of pleasantries, strolling through the
                                          newly restored          gardens with a School of Horticulture guide or an
                                          shop houses, it         Orchidologist who will be on hand to explain the
                                          houses a wealth of      diversity and history of the garden and the many facts
                                          memories and            of orchid-growing and point out the special orchid
                                          untold stories of       hybrids named after VIPs.
                                          the past. Each level
     of the Centre takes you to a different time in the           Singapore River - Take a ride down the Singapore River
     history of Chinatown and allows you to trace the lives       on a bumboat as you revel in its history.
     of our early settlers.                                       The Singapore River was the lifeline of Singapore where
     The Sri Mariamman Temple is Singapore's oldest Hindu         our first immigrants eked out a meagre living and saw
     temple, dating back to 1827. The brick bones of the          Singapore transform from an obscure little fishing
     present building were built around 1843.                     village to a great seaport. Highlights of this trip will
                                                                  feature Boat Quay and Clarke Quay, landmarks of
     The final stop is at the European Settlement along the       Singapore such as Merlion Park and Parliament House
     Singapore River. Visit Raffles’ Landing site, see The Arts   and the skyline of Singapore’s business district.
     House at the Old Parliament, Victoria Theatre and
     Empress Place, all 19th Century structures which have        AP2      1   Sep   2009   0900   -   1230   hrs
     been lovingly restored.                                               2   Sep   2009   0900   -   1230   hrs
                                                                           3   Sep   2009   0900   -   1230   hrs
     AP1A      3   Sep   2009   0900   -   1230   hrs                      4   Sep   2009   0900   -   1230   hrs
     AP1B      1   Sep   2009   1400   -   1730   hrs
               2   Sep   2009   1400   -   1730   hrs
                                                                  Price: € 52
               3   Sep   2009   1400   -   1730   hrs
               4   Sep   2009   1400   -   1730   hrs             This price includes the following:
                                                                  Deluxe Coach, Singapore Tourism Board Registered English
     Price: € 25                                                  Speaking Guides, admission fees, service of Horticulture
                                                                  guides and Charter of Bumboats.
     This price includes the following:
     Deluxe Coach, Singapore Tourism Board Registered English
     Speaking Guides and admission fees.


MORNING AT THE ZOO                                              seasoned chef followed by food tasting, there-
                                                                after hands-on cooking by the participants
The Singapore Zoological Gardens is described as one of
                                                                supervised by the chef.
the most beautiful and scenic “open” zoos in the world.
The animals are kept in spacious, landscaped enclosures,        After taking this course, you will not only impress
separated from the visitors by dry or wet moats. The            your friends and family with your heightened
moats are concealed with vegetation or dropped below            culinary prowess, you will also have wonderful
the line of vision.                                             anecdotes and special spice secrets to bestow.
In the case of dangerous animals such as leopards and           Using fresh herbs and spices, you will learn tips
jaguars, which can climb very well, moat barriers are not       and tricks from a seasoned master and pick up
used. Instead, these animals are housed in beautifully          new skills, new recipes and new friends from this
landscaped glass-fronted enclosures. Oppressive cages,          enjoyable session. Conclude it with a wonderful meal
which typify old zoos, are absent.                              that you have helped prepare. Mmmmm!
One of it’s highlights is the world’s largest social colony
                                                                AP4       3 Sep 2009       0815 - 1245 hrs
of orangutans from Borneo and Sumatra. Also, discover
how the Zoo breeds and maintains butterflies, scorpions,
                                                                          4 Sep 2009       0815 - 1245 hrs
stick insects and other invertebrates for display at the                  5 Sep 2009       0815 - 1245 hrs
breeding complex of the Fragile Forest.
                                                                Price: € 120
Next, you will be given some time to walk around the
antics of the various performing animals at the                 This price includes the following:
Amphitheatre or stroll around visiting the white tiger,         Deluxe Coach, Singapore Tourism Board Registered English
polar bears, the baboons or the grey Kangaroos in the           Speaking Guides, hands on cooking session with lunch.
newly created Australian Outback.

AP3       3 Sep 2009         0900 - 1230 hrs                    TEA WORKSHOP
          5 Sep 2009         0900 - 1230 hrs                    At a specially arranged session in a tea art centre, we
                                                                will introduce you to tea appreciation.
Price: € 42                                                     Chinese tea to most people is that common, slightly
This price includes the following:                              bitter tea that is served at Chinese restaurants. Few
Deluxe Coach, Singapore Tourism Board Registered English        have experienced the ambience and highly therapeutic
Speaking Guides, admissions and tram rides at the zoo,          effects of the traditional art of Chinese tea making – a
guided tour of Fragile Forest.                                  practice that can be dated back to as early as the
                                                                period of Three Kingdoms (220-265 A.D).
                                                                At the tea art centre, you will discover that the tea
WHAT’S COOKING (Includes Lunch)                                 ceremony is far more complicated than just boiling
                                       Singapore is a city      water and pouring the tea. Each performance involves a
                                       where food is a          bewildering combination of difference size pots, cups,
                                       passion 365 days         strainers, jugs and heating apparatus. Bask in the sweet
                                       a year. Eating is a      aroma of the different teas and enjoy a delightful
                                       national pastime.        demonstration of the true art of making a cup of tea.
                                       Indeed, food
                                       aficionados know         Guests will be given the chance to make their own tea
                                       that Singapore is        and enjoy it with some sweet pastries.
                                       one of the world’s
                                       best countries to        AP5A      2 Sep 2009       1000 - 1200 hrs
                                       experience the full      AP5B      4 Sep 2009       1400 - 1600 hrs
spectrum of pan-Asian cuisine. From hawker fare to                        5 Sep 2009       1400 - 1600 hrs
intricate Chinese fine dining, Singapore has it all. More
than 15 different cuisines converge in Singapore and            Price: € 45
their styles have been influenced by the country’s ethnic
mix of Chinese, Malays, Indians, Peranakans, Eurasians,         This price includes the following:
                                                                Deluxe Coach, Singapore Tourism Board Registered English
and Westerners.
                                                                Speaking Guides, tea-brewing demonstration, hands on
In the morning, guests kick off with an invigorating Spice      tea making session and pastries.
Foot Spa to release everyone’s creative energy.
After your foot spa, enter the stainless steel, state-of-the-
art kitchen where your adventure begins. There are 2
formats: a step-by-step cooking demonstration by the


     BATIK WORKSHOP                                               AP7       2 Sep 2009       1000 - 1500 hrs
     The term “Batik” is an Indonesian-Malay word (Bahasa                   5 Sep 2009       1000 - 1500 hrs
     Indonesia and Bahasa Malay are the official languages
     of Indonesia and Malaysia and are linguistically similar).   Price: € 90
     Batik has come to be used as a generic term which
                                                                  This price includes the following:
     refers to the process of dyeing fabric by making use of
                                                                  Deluxe Coach, Singapore Tourism Board Registered English
     a resist technique; covering areas of cloth with a dye-      Speaking Guides, Fees for the House’s Owner, Set Lunch at
     resistant substance to prevent them absorbing colors.        True Blue Restaurant, Admission to Peranakan Museum.
     The group will be brought to the Malay Heritage Centre       Beverages not included.
     where they will enter into this complex and intriguing
     world of batik. The artist will share the different types
     of Batik and the symbolic meanings behind the batik          SENTOSA ESCAPADE (Includes Lunch)
     Motifs. It will be followed by a demonstration by the        Sentosa is one of the most enchanting of Singapore’s
     artist on the following:                                     southern islands. Originally a fishing village, the island
                                                                  was a British military fortress until 1967 when it was
     - Canting or waxing technique to form a Batik piece.
                                                                  handed back to the Singapore Government.
     - Painting of Batik using Dye.
                                                                  Sentosa is today
     Guests will be given an opportunity to participate in        a holiday resort-
     painting their own batik! A wonderful souvenir of your       island where
     trip to Singapore!                                           beach amenities
                                                                  and sightseeing
     AP6A      1 Sep 2009       1000 - 1200 hrs                   opportunities
               5 Sep 2009       1000 - 1200 hrs                   are excellent.
     AP6B      2 Sep 2009       1400 - 1600 hrs                   The cable car
                                                                  ride to Sentosa
     Price: € 32                                                  will allow you to
     This price includes the following:                           view the spectacular Singapore skyline and the world’s
     Deluxe Coach, Singapore Tourism Board Registered English     busiest port from 200 feet above ground. On Sentosa,
     Speaking Guides, Batik Painting Demonstration and            proceed to the newly renovated Images of Singapore
     Painting your own Batik.                                     Museum, showcasing the colourful heritage of
                                                                  Next, you will proceed to the Sentosa Underwater
     PERANAKAN INSIGHTS (Includes Lunch)                          World, Asia’s largest oceanarium. Explore the mysteries
     Since the 1500’s, a unique and distinct culture formed       of ocean life as you enter the depths of this aquatic
     in the Straits Settlements of Malacca and Penang, on         wonderland and come face-to-face with over 2300
     the West coast of Malaysia, moving to Singapore in the       marine specimens.
     1800’s. Its people were called Peranakans - meaning
     ‘local born’.                                                The Underwater World oceanarium on Sentosa is home
                                                                  to more than 2,500 fishes from 250 different species.
     The group will be brought to the eastern side of
     Singapore for a visit to a 2-storey private house and        After the tour, guests will be escorted to an outdoor
     antique shop where you will be shown an unsurpassed          Italian Restaurant for lunch (“Trapizza”). Located on the
     collection of Peranakan private collectables.                beach, this new stylish restaurant features a brand new
                                                                  dining experience. Sit under the span of the clear blue
     The owner will guide us through the typical 1930’s           sky and enjoy refreshing salads, pastas and pizzas that
     house with its reception and inner hall giving us an         will definitely tantalize the palates of the guests. After
     insight into the fascinating lives of this disappearing      lunch, guests will have some time to explore the island
     culture.                                                     on their own.
     Lunch will be served at True Blue Peranakan Restaurant       AP8       3 Sep 2009       0900 – 1500
     Peranakan food is of course, a fusion of Chinese and                   4 Sep 2009       0900 – 1500
     Malay cuisines, which came into its own in the 19th
     century. Up next, The Peranakan Museum. Closed for           Price: € 95
     renovation at end of 2005, the Museum was officially
                                                                  This price includes the following:
     reopened in April 2008. The Peranakan Museum houses          Deluxe Coach, Singapore Tourism Board Registered English
     the world’s finest and most comprehensive collection of      Speaking Guides, one way cable car ride, Admission fees,
     Peranakan artifacts. It presents a Southeast Asian-wide      Set Lunch at Trapizza.
     view of Peranakan culture.                                   Beverages not included.


DISCOVERING UBIN (Includes Lunch)                             Disclaimer
Our last remaining villages or "kampongs" can still be
found on Pulau Ubin, a small island off the north-            These tours, designed by Pacific World Singapore
eastern corner of mainland Singapore.                         Pte Ltd, are for participants, delegates and
                                                              accompanying persons of the FDI Annual World
                                     A trip to Ubin is like   Dental Congress 2009.
                                     going back in time to
                                     Singapore in the         Comfortable shoes and clothing are
                                     1960’s. Its natural      recommended for all tours. For any outdoor
                                     and rustic charms are    tours, we recommend that participants bring sun
                                     a huge contrast to       protection cream, sunhat and sunglasses. Please dress
                                     the concrete jungle      modestly if the tours include visit to the temples.
                                     of mainland
                                     Singapore and this       All tours are based on a minimum number of
                                     little haven provides    participants. If minimum numbers are not reached,
                                     an "off the beaten       alternative arrangements or a complete refund will be
                                     track" experience        made. Places on all tours are limited and will be
                                     that is not to be        allocated strictly in order of payment receipt. Please see
missed! A trip to Ubin begins with a bumboat ride from        page 32 for Tours cancellation fees.
Changi jetty at Changi Village. Discover the pristine and
laidback Pulau Ubin with its small villages, hidden           The services specified in these tour descriptions are
temples, mangroves, spectacular disused quarries and          available at the time of writing. However, in the event
ocean vistas on the bicycles. A Seafood lunch will be         that any tours become unavailable for any reason, the
served on the island. Located barely five minutes from        organizer will make every effort to supply an
the jetty, the restaurant is the “heart” of Pulau Ubin        alternative option.
and you wouldn’t want to miss it.
What you will need: Sturdy Shoes, Spare T shirt, Cap
and sunglasses, Insect Repellent and sunscreen
AP9       3 Sep 2009       0800 - 1330 hrs
          4 Sep 2009       0800 - 1330 hrs
          5 Sep 2009       0800 - 1330 hrs

Price: € 86
This price includes the following:
Deluxe Coach, Singapore Tourism Board Registered English
Speaking Guides, Boat ride to and from Ubin, Hire of bikes
on Ubin, Nature Guides, 2 bottles of water, set Seafood
Lunch and soft drinks during lunch.


     PT1: EXOTIC BALI TOUR                                     the towering mountains of the north, encompassing a
     6th September to 8th September (3 days/2 nights)          cross-selection of the entire island of Bali. Your first stop
                                                               will be at Batubulan where you will witness the magical
     Price:                                                    Barong Dance, depicting the battle between good and
                                                               evil. This sacred dance is performed to chase away
     PT1A/B Ayodya Resort Double Occupancy:
                                                               demonic forces. Continue on to Bayung Gede, one of
     € 325 per person
                                                               the oldest villages in Bali with its unique community life
     PT1A/B Ayodya Resort Single Occupancy:
                                                               before reaching Penelokan, Kintamani. Here you can
     € 465 per person
                                                               enjoy spectacular views of Mount Batur with ribbons of
                                                               black lava running down from the peak into the valley
     PT1A/B Nusua Beach Hotel – Superior room –
                                                               below where Lake Batur lies serene and shimmering
     Double Occupancy: € 275 per person
                                                               against the mountain backdrop. After lunch, discover
     PT1A/B Nusua Beach Hotel – Superior room –
                                                               the 11-tier thatched roof of Pura Kehen Temple located
     Single Occupancy: € 365 per person
                                                               on the hillside, providing good views of the town of
     PT1A/B Nusua Beach Hotel – Deluxe room –
     Double Occupancy: € 290 per person                        DAY OPTION 2
     PT1A/B Nusua Beach Hotel – Deluxe room –
                                                               (PT1B) Full Day Tour: “THE LIFE & TIMES OF BALI”
     Single Occupancy: € 395 per person
                                                               – includes lunch
                                                               Your first stop is at Baha where you will see how the
                                                               Balinese live in their traditional village compound.
                                                               Encounter the island’s variety of landscapes from the
                                                               tiered rice fields to diverse patches of flowers and
                                                               vegetables as you continue on to Pura Ulun Danu
                                                               Temple. Set on a small promontory on the shores of
                                                               Lake Bratan, this temple is home to goddess, Danu,
                                                               who is believed to control the island irrigation system.
                                                               Next, make a stop at Candi Kuning market where you
                                                               will find colourful flowers as well as tropical vegetables
                                                               and fruits. After lunch, well worth a visit is the 17th
                                                               Century Taman Ayun Temple with its three ascending
                                                               levels of spacious courtyards and surrounding moat.

                                                               Evening : Dinner at New Melasti Café at
     DAY 1: ARRIVAL                                            Jimbaran Bay
                                                               Cuisine: Indonesian grilled Seafood.
     • Arrive at the Ngurah Rai International Airport
     • Exclusive transfer to your preferred hotel              Jimbaran’s & kedonganan’s beautiful sandy beaches are
     • Evening: Dinner at Bumbu Bali Restaurant in             popular with families for its gentle tides, dramatic
       Nusa Dua                                                sunsets and charming seafood restaurants. You can
                                                               gather to enjoy the day’s catch barbecued over coconut
     Cuisine: Balinese food.                                   husks while taking in the breathtaking sunsets. Jimbaran
     Dress Code: Casual                                        & Kedonganan are no longer just sleepy fishing villages
                                                               but a vital part of Bali’s growing tourism industry.
     The extravagant beauty of the Indonesian Island of Bali
     is reflected in its unique cuisine. Discover the          DAY 3: DEPARTURE
     destination through its food, and treat yourself to a
     cuisine which features such delights as Roast Duck in     • Breakfast at the hotel
     Banana Leaf, Roast Suckling Pig, Tuna Salad with          • Transfer from the hotel to the Ngurah Rai
     Shallot Dressing, Rice-Flour cake and many more             International Airport
     unusual creations which are certain to please every                      *****************
     palate.                                                   ACCOMMODATION (Choose your accommodation)
                                                               AYODYA RESORT
     DAY 2 (Choose your day excursion)::                       Bali is located in the southeastern part of Indonesia. The
     DAY OPTION 1                                              Ayodya Resort in Bali is well known for its hospitality
                                                               and value. The staff members at the Ayodya Resort in
     (PT1A) Full Day Tour: “THE ISLAND MEDLEY” –               Bali in Indonesia are cordial and helpful and will leave
     Includes lunch                                            lasting impression in your heart. The Resort is located
     Travel from the palm-fringed shores of the lowlands to    near the Jalan Pantai Mengiat Nusa Dua region. The


position of this 5 star hotel is only thirty kilometers from               Step into various aspects of Thai culture.
central commercial center and near the beach.                              A cultural trip that lets you learn Thai cuisine,
                                                                           explore an island in the Chao Phraya River, stay
NUSA DUA BEACH HOTEL & SPA                                                 in a traditional Thai house and enjoy an authentic
Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa is one of the best 5 Star                       Thai massage. Inclusive of:
Hotels in Bali that promises you an unparallel getaway                     - Round trip transfers; Suvarnnabhumi Airport –
consisting of relaxed accommodation, fine dining and lots                    hotel and v.v.
of services tinged with Balinese hospitality. Hotels in Nusa               - 2 nights accommodation at the hotel of your
Dua draw tourists chiefly because of their exotic location.                  choice (night 1&2)
Positioned on the southern peninsula of Bali, Nusa Dua                     - Daily Breakfast at hotel
Beach Hotel & Spa is nestled within 9 hectares of lush                     - 1 night accommodation at The Thai House,
tropical landscape gardens. You will find the elegance of                    Nonthaburi (night 3)
classical Balinese interiors, traditional artifacts, rich textiles         - Meals as stated in the program at the restaurants or
and delicately carved wooden furnishings. Relax and enjoy                    hotel
these well furnished apartments while watching the                         - Services of private transportation with local English
waves of the Indian Ocean.                                                   speaking guide
                                                                           - Admission fee(s) where applicable

Package prices are inclusive of:
– Private Arrival and Departure Road Transfer between
  the Ngurah Rai International airport to the chosen
  hotel in Bali
– 2 Nights accommodation at your chosen hotel
  inclusive of daily Breakfast (based on twin share room)
– One Full Day Tour: Either the Island Medley or the Life
  & Time of Bali
– 2 Dinners including round trip transfers as listed in the
– English speaking guide

Package prices do not include:
– International Airfares, Visas & Airport Tax                              DAY 1: ARRIVAL IN BANGKOK
– Drinks during Dinner
                                                                           Upon your arrival at Suvarnnabhumi Airport, met by our
– Personal expenditure, food or beverage, and other
                                                                           representative who will give you a welcome pack and
  services not mentioned in the itinerary
                                                                           provide a brief orientation of Bangkok and lead you to
– Current departure airport tax @ Rp. 150.000 (approx.                     private transportation for a transfer to your hotel.
  US$ 18.50) per person                                                    Check in at your hotel and the rest of the day free at
– Visa Fees                                                                own leisure.
                                                                           Overnight in Bangkok at chosen hotel.
6th September to 9th September
(4 days/3 nights)

(*rates inclusive of applicable government tax (as of 30 June 2008) and
the company reserves the right to revise the price should the government
tax be revised in the future.)

Bangkok Marriott – Riverside –
Double Occupancy: € 448 per person
Bangkok Marriott – Riverside –
Single Occupancy: € 565 per person

Park Plaza – Heart of Bangkok City –
Double Occupancy: € 395 per person
Park Plaza – Heart of Bangkok City –
Single Occupancy: € 460 per person


     DAY 2: THE CHARMS OF OLD BANGKOK                                      located in Nonthaburi Province. On this island lives a
                                                                           community of craftsmen famous for their distinctive
     Meals: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
                                                                           style of pottery, which dates back many centuries. The
     After breakfast, depart from your hotel in Bangkok and                potteries are known for their fine, red-black glazed
     proceed to the City Pillar or Lak Muang Shrine, then                  surface and intricate design. They are all hand-made
     proceeding to Grand Palace and the Temple of the                      piece-by-piece and you can see the process.
     Emerald Buddha. Admire buildings and halls which are
                                                                           Check in at the Thai House in Nonthaburi. Dinner and
     currently used for royal and religious ceremonies such
                                                                           Overnight at the Thai House.
     as the Funeral Palace, the Reception Palace, the Throne
     Hall, the Coronation Hall, the Royal Guest house and                  Includes
                                                                           - Visit to Jim Thompson House Museum (Day 3)
     the beautiful Emerald Buddha Temple.                                  - Visit to Flower Market at Pak Klong Talaad (Day 3)
     Afterwards, visit
     Wat Pho,                                                              DAY 4: NONTHABURI THAI HOUSE – BANGKOK
     Bangkok's                                                             Meals: Breakfast / Lunch
     oldest and
     largest temple.                                                       Take a short tour around the farm and afterwards head
     The temple                                                            towards the ‘Open Air Kitchen’. The cooking lesson
     compound                                                              begins with your hands on participation in preparing
     features a large                                                      various Thai recipes. Discussions on Thai cooking as well
     reclining                                                             as food tasting will be part of the lesson. The course
     Buddha, demon                                                         includes; Introduction of Herbs and Spices, Spicy Thai
     figures and                                                           Pork Salad (appetizer), Hot and Sour Prawn Soup
     numerous ancient stupas. Wat Pho is also known as                     (soup), Thai Fried Noodles (luncheon dish), Yellow
     Thailand's most recognized traditional Thai massage                   Chicken Curry (main dish), and Coconut Beef Curry
     school where you will enjoy a tradition Thai massage.                 (main dish).

     Afternoon Lunch at a local restaurant. Continue to                    Lunch at Thai House Then transfer back to hotel in
     Vimanmek Mansion. A magnificent structure, said to                    Bangkok or Bangkok International Airport.
     be the world's largest golden teakwood mansion. Build                 Includes
     in 1900 on the command of King Rama V, this was his                   - Excursion to Nonthaburi (day 4)
                                                                           - Cooking Class at the Thai House in Nonthaburi (day 4)
     summer palace. Renovated in 1982 on the occasion of
     the bi-centennial anniversary of Bangkok, Vimanmek                    Price includes:
     now houses a collection of photographs, arts and
                                                                           – Tours and transfers as mentioned in the program with
     handicrafts commemorating King Rama V. It's treasured
                                                                             private transportation and admission fees where
     as a showcase of Thai heritage for now and future
     generations. Afterwards, transfer to the hote for check-
     in and free time.                                                     – Service of local English speaking guide for tours and
     Evening: Meet at hotel lobby and transfer to Supatra                  – Drinking water and cold towel available during the
     River House for Thai set dinner with a view                             tours
     overlooking the Grand Palace. After dinner, return to                 – 2 nights accommodation in Bangkok at chosen hotel
     the hotel. Overnight in Bangkok at chosen hotel.                        with daily breakfast
     Includes:                                                             - 1 night accommodation at Thai House in Nonthaburi
     - A visit City Pillar, Grand Palace & Emerald Buddha Temple (day 2)
     - 1 hour Thai massage at Wat Pho (Day 2)                              - Cooking class at The Thai House
     - A Visit to Vimanmek Teakwood Mansion (Day 2)                        - One hour Thai massage at Wat Po

     DAY 3: BANGKOK – NONTHABURI                                           Price does not include:
     Meals: Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner                                     – Any international flight to/from Bangkok
     Morning Check out and depart by road to Jim                           – Tours and transfers that not mentioned in the
     Thomson House Museum, a magnificent Thai-style                          program
     house that contains and extensive collection of Thai silk             – Meals other than mentioned in the program
     ware, art objects and antiques. After visit, travel on                – Drinks & beverages during your stay
     road to Flower Market, well known as "Pak Klong                       – Any personal expenses during the journey, i.e. mini
     Talard" center of wholesale for flowers, fruits and                     bar, laundry, internet connection, etc
     vegetables. Then transfer to Nonthaburi for Lunch at                  – Health & Travel Insurance
     Suan Thip Restaurant.                                                 – Visa fees
     Proceed to the pier for public ferry across the river to
     Koh Kret, a tiny island in the Chao Phraya River,


PT3: LANGKAWI ISLAND OF LEGENDS                                cape of Langkawi. Designed as a village style
6th September to 8th September (3 days/2 nights)               property, with 95 units arranged in two-storey
                                                               units along the back and single storey luxury
                                                               villas along the beachfront. The resort has a
(*The GST [Government taxes] has to be implemented –
                                                               specialty restaurant, main restaurant, a pool bar
Government has not decided on the rate yet. Once the rate is   and grill, a sunset bar/lounge, a tearoom, a
implemented, this will incur an increase in the tour price)    library, a cultural centre, tennis courts, three
                                                               meeting rooms and Kids for All Seasons program.
Four Seasons Resort – Double Occupancy:
                                                               Option 2 (PT3B)
€ 646 per person
Four Seasons Resort – Single Occupancy:
                                                               OVERNIGHT AT THE WESTIN LANGKAWI
€ 1016 per person
                                                               BEACH RESORT AND SPA – DELUXE OCEAN
PT3B:                                                          VIEW ROOM
The Westin Langkawi – Double Occupancy:
€ 415 per person
The Westin Langkawi – Single Occupancy:
€ 625 per person

Meritus Pelangi – Double Occupancy:
€ 373 per person
Meritus Pelangi – Single Occupancy:
€ 540 per person

- Meet and Greet by PWDE Staff at Langkawi                     During 2006, Sheraton Perdana Resort Langkawi was
  International Airport                                        fully refurbished. The resort was re-branded as The
- Private Car Transfer from Langkawi International             Westin Langakwi Resort & Spa, part of Starwood
  Airport to hotel, dinner at leisure                          Properties, setting new benchmarks for modern luxury
- First Night at Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort – Deluxe         resorts in Southeast Asia. Refurbished guests rooms
  Sea-view room                                                feature the signature Heavenly bed and Heavenly
                                                               shower for a totally modern luxury guest experience.
DAY 02: LANGKAWI TOURS                                         All rooms feature a 42“Plasma TV, DVD player and
- Breakfast at resort (included)                               spacious, modern bathrooms. Broadband Internet is
- Langkawi Leisure Tour in air-conditioned private car at      available in all rooms. Garden View rooms overlook the
  disposal with English-speaking driver guide, with visit      landscaped gardens, while Ocean View Rooms boast
  to Eagle Square, Lagenda Park and Oriental Village for       magnificent views of the Andaman Sea. Most rooms
  Cable Car Ride up to Mount Mat Cincang.                      feature a balcony with Asian-style day bed sofas.
- Lunch at Mare Blu Ristorante for Italian Set cuisine.
  (Beverages not included)                                     Option 3 (PT3C)
- Afternoon at leisure.
- Dinner at The Lighthouse for Mediterranean set
                                                               OVERNIGHT AT
  cuisine. (Beverages not included)
(Choose your hotel for the 2nd Night)
                                                               RESORT –
Option 1 (PT3A)
                                                               DELUXE SEA
                                                               VIEW ROOM
                                                               "Pelangi" means
                                                               Rainbow in the
                                                               Malay language.
                                                               Pelangi Beach
                                                               Resort is a
The resort is located
on Tanjung Rhu, a
                                                               paradise full of
scenic and
                                                               friendly charm and gentle hospitality. Here, the lush
untouched enclave
                                                               tropical gardens bathe in the warm sunshine by day
on the northern


     and the balmy breeze of romantic nights. Ecologically        PACIFIC WORLD GENERAL TERMS & CONDITIONS:
     friendly, Pelangi is synonymous with Langkawi's own          – Venues quoted are subject to availability when
     laid back personality, making this a wholesome and             program dates are finalized
     splendid holiday location for families, honeymooners,        – All rates are valid for this group and for the above
     golden citizens as well as seasoned business travellers.       stated period only
     Guests will have a choice of blissful moments on the         – Guides on Optional Tours are English-speaking. There
     sun loungers by the beachfront or they can be                  will be an additional surcharge for other foreign
     adventurous while trying the recreational excursions           language-speaking guides
     be it on land or sea or they can just surrender              – Beverages during lunch or dinner will be charged on
     themselves to the sheer indulgence of our luxury spa           consumption plus 10% handling fee if Pacific World is
     treatments at the serene Teratai Spa.                          requested to manage the payment.
                                                                  – Gratuities for services rendered are not included in the
     DAY 03: DEPARTURE TO LANGKAWI                                  above costing. Although not compulsory in Bali, they
     INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT                                          are appreciated if you are happy with the services
     - Breakfast at resort (included)                               provided.
     - Check out from hotel                                       – All descriptions and places mentioned in this proposal
     - Private Car transfer from resort to Langkawi                 are correct at the time they are printed and
       International Airport.                                       transmitted.

     Price does not include:-
     – Meals, beverages and drinks unless stated otherwise.
     – Flight ticket, International and Domestic airport tax or
       any other personal expenses.
     – Visa fees

                                                                                                                               Image courtesy of the Singapore Tourism Board

General Information

VENUE                                                        ACCOMPANYING PERSONS
Suntec Singapore International Convention                    Accompanying persons are defined as spouses,
& Exhibition Centre                                          children, or partners of full registrants.
1 raffles Boulevard, Suntec City                             Registration includes:
SINGAPORE 039593                                             Welcome Ceremony (subject to availability)
                                                             World Dental Exhibition
CONTACT DETAILS                                              Welcome Gift
FDI World Dental Events                                      In addition, accompanying persons may attend
13, Chemin du Levant, L’Avant Centre                         all social events and tours at their own expense.
F-01210 Ferney–Voltaire, FRANCE
                                                             ENTRANCE TO CONGRESS
                                                             Each registered participant will receive a name badge.
phone: + 33 4 50 40 50 50                                    The badge will be your official pass and must be worn
fax:    + 33 4 50 40 55 55                                   to obtain entry to all scientific sessions and exhibition.
                                                             REGISTRATION PAYMENT
                                                             Registrations will not be processed or confirmed until
                                                             payment in is received in full; payment by Visa and
Before emailing your query please check for the
                                                             MasterCard only.
information in this brochure or on our website.
                                                             When paying by credit card, the registration form
PRE-REGISTRATION                                             should be completed with card number, expiry date,
Those who wish to attend the Congress should                 security code (when available) signature and the
complete the Registration Forms and return them to the       cardholders address.
FDI Head Office/Housing Bureau respectively by 20th
July 2009. After this date, participants are required to     Payment by bankers’ draft or cheque shall be payable to
register onsite at the Congress venue.                       FDI World Dental Congress Ltd and made in Euros (€).

The enrolment fees are reduced for any registration          Please contact the FDI Head office if you would like to
received with the required payment before 15th May           pay by an alternative method.

Each registrant must complete a separate form.
Registrations can be made via the Congress website If you fax or mail a hard copy
registration form please ensure it is clear and easy to
read. Contact FDI for your registration form or register

Registration fees are detailed in the registration form in
the center of this programme and on FDI website.

The registration fee entitles delegates to the following:
Access to all lectures in the Scientific Programme
World Dental Exhibition
Welcome Ceremony (subject to availability)
Congress Documentation
Congress Bag

Please note that the registration fee is for the full four
inclusive days. This does not guarantee you a seat at
any particular scientific session. We recommend
arriving early to avoid any possible disappointment.

     General Information

     ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS                                                 INSURANCE
     Your registration and payment will be acknowledged with          Registration fees do not include insurance of any kind. It is
     confirmation of your requirements according to your              strongly recommended that at the time you register for the
     registration form. Your registration will not be processed or    Congress and book your travel you take out an insurance
     confirmed if payment does not accompany your form.               policy of your choice. The policy should include loss of
                                                                      fees/deposit through cancellation of your participation in
     Your letter of acknowledgment will include the advice            the Congress, or through cancellation of the Congress,
     necessary, prior to your arrival at the Congress.                loss of international/domestic air fares through cancellation
                                                                      for any reason, loss of tour monies through cancellation
     CHANGES AND CANCELLATIONS FOR                                    for any reason including airline or related services strikes,
     REGISTRATION, SOCIAL PROGRAMME                                   failure to utilise tours or pre booked arrangements due to
                                                                      airline delay, Force Majeure or any unforeseen or unrelated
                                                                      event, medical expenses, loss or damage to personal
     Any changes or cancellations must be received in writing.
                                                                      property, additional expenses and repatriation should travel
     No changes requested by telephone will be accepted.
                                                                      arrangements have to be altered. The Congress organisers
     Refunds will be issued according to the reimbursement
                                                                      cannot take any responsibility for any participant failing to
     rules. Please allow a minimum of 8 weeks for processing
                                                                      arrange their own insurance. This insurance is to be
     any refund. Refunds are based on the total transactions
                                                                      purchased in your country of origin.
     for all registration fees, courses, tours, and social events.
     Participants are advised to keep a copy of the registration      AIRPORT TRANSFER
                                                                      Airport Shuttle Service
                                                                      Travelers looking for a speedy and affordable transport
     Registration and Social Programme cancellation dates:
                                                                      option that brings you to the door step of your hotel are
     Before 11 May 2009: 90% reimbursed                               recommended to take the Airport Shuttle Service which
     Before 15 July 2009: 80% reimbursed                              charges based on headcount.
     After 15 July 2009: no reimbursement                             The Airport Shuttle Service uses a 9-seater executive coach
                                                                      and it currently serves almost all hotels in Singapore with
     Day tours and Post tours cancellation dates:                     the exception of Changi Village hotel and hotels on the
     Before 11 May: flat administrative fee of 7 Euros                Sentosa Island. This service is available 24hrs daily, and
     will be charged                                                  passengers are required to make booking at the counters
     Before 15 July 2009: 80% reimbursed                              in the Arrival Halls of Terminals 1, 2 & 3, and Budget
     After 15 July: no reimbursement                                  Terminal.
                                                                      Travel Fare: 9 SGD per adult; 6 SGD per child (at time of
     LETTER OF INVITATION                                             printing).
     An official Letter of Invitation to the Congress will be sent
     upon request. This invitation is intended only to facilitate     BANKING / CURRENCY
     participants’ travel and visa arrangements and does not imply    The official currency is the Singapore Dollar and cents.
     provisions of any financial or other support. If an invitation   Notes come in denominations of SGD 2, SGD 5, SGD 10,
     letter is required, please contact the FDI.                      SGD 20, SGD 50, SGD 100, SGD 500 and SGD 10,000.
                                                                      Coins come in denominations of 5, 10, 20 and 50 cents
     CERTIFICATE OF ATTENDANCE                                        and SGD 1.
     A Certificate of Attendance will be issued to all who            The US and Australian Dollars, Yen and British Pound are
     participate in the Scientific Programme. Certificates of         also accepted in most major shopping centres and big
     Attendance will also be issued for ticketed courses.             departmental stores.
                                                                      Banking hours are:
     The FDI World Dental Federation
                                                                      Monday to Friday: 10.00 to 15.00
     is an ADA CERP recognised provider. Delegates who have
     registered for the Congress are eligible to receive continuing   Saturday: 09.30 to 13.00 (some banks are open until
     education points by attending scientific sessions throughout     15.00)
     the meeting.                                                     Sunday: 09.30 to 15.00 (some banks in Orchard Road)

     LANGUAGES                                                        BUSINESS HOURS
     All scientific and educational programmes will be held in        Office Business hours: 9 am to 6 pm (Weekdays), closed
     English. Simultaneous interpretation may be provided in          during weekends.
     French, German, Spanish and Japanese for selected sessions.      Certain government offices are opened to serve the general
                                                                      public on Saturday mornings.

General Information

CLIMATE AND CLOTHING                                              Foreigners holding travel documents issued by the
Singapore has an equatorial climate which is warm and             following countries will require a visa to enter
humid all year long. The temperature averages around 28           Singapore:
degrees Celsius daily, with abundant rainfall during the          Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh*, Egypt, India*,
                                                                  Iran, Iraq, Jordan*, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco,
monsoon seasons from December to March and June to
                                                                  Myanmar*, People’s Republic of China^, Pakistan,
                                                                  Saudi Arabia*, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia*,
                                                                  Yemen and Commonwealth of Independent States:
                                                                  Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan,
Major cards are widely accepted by establishments in              Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan,
Singapore                                                         Ukraine, Uzbekistan
DRINKING WATER                                                    In addition, visitors holding Hong Kong Document of
It is perfectly safe to drink water straight from the tap in      Identity, Macao Special Administrative Region (MSAR)
Singapore. However, for those who prefer bottled mineral          Travel Permit, Palestinian Authority Passport, Refugee
water, local supermarkets and grocers usually carry a             Travel Document issued by the Middle-East countries and
sizeable selection.                                               Temporary Passport issued by United Arab Emirates will
                                                                  also require a visa to enter Singapore.
EATING OUT                                                        * Except Diplomatic / Official passport holders
Singaporeans are passionate about food and eating. Look           + Except Diplomatic / Official / Service passport holders for
around and the proof is everywhere! Almost in every corner        a stay of up to 30 days
of the island, you will find an endless variety of food, served   ^ Except Diplomatic / Service / Public Affairs passport
hot or cold, at any hour of the day (or night)! In this             holders for a stay of up to 30 days
cosmopolitan and multicultural city, you can expect nothing
less than a melange of flavours from around the globe.            For further information, please visit:
Singapore voltage is 220-240 volts AC, 50 cycles per              OFFICIAL CARRIER
second. On request, most hotels will provide transformers         SAVE UP TO 20% ON
to visitors with electrical appliances of a different voltage,    TRAVEL WITH THE STAR ALLIANCE NETWORK
such as 110-120 volts, 60 cycles per second. When
shopping for electrical appliances, do remember to check          The Star Alliance™ Members Airlines are pleased to be
the voltage of the item against the acceptable voltage in         appointed as the Official Airline Network for FDI
your home country. The power plugs used in Singapore are          Singapore 2009 AWDC.
of the three-pin, square-shaped type.
                                                                  To obtain the Star Alliance™ Conventions Plus discounts,
HEALTH AND MEDICARE                                               please call the reservation office of a participating Star
                                                                  Alliance Member Airline and quote the following
Singapore's medical facilities are among the finest in the
                                                                  Convention Code SQ01S09.
world, with well-qualified doctors and dental surgeons.
Pharmacies are ready available at supermarkets,                   Registered participants plus one accompanying person
department stores, hotels and shopping centres.                   travelling to the event are automatically granted a discount
Registered pharmacists generally work from 0900 hrs to            of up to 20%, depending on fare and class of travel
1800 hrs.                                                         booked.
Most hotels have their own doctor on-call around the
clock. Other doctors are listed under Medical Practitioners       The participating airlines for this event are: ANA, Air
in the Yellow Pages of the Singapore Phone Book. For an           Canada, Air China, Asiana Airlines, Austrian Airlines, LOT
ambulance, dial 995.                                              Polish Airlines, Lufthansa, SWISS International Air Lines,
                                                                  Scandinavian Airlines, Shanghai Airlines, Singapore
LANGUAGE                                                          Airlines, South African Airways, Spanair, TAP Portugal,
The four official languages in Singapore are English, Malay,      THAI, Turkish Airlines, United.
Mandarin and Tamil. English is the working language and
is widely spoken throughout Singapore                             For booking office information please visit:
                                                                  Discounts are offered on published business and economy
Nationals of a large majority of countries do not require
                                                                  class fares, excluding website/internet fares, senior and
visas for social visits of a 30-day duration provided they are
                                                                  youth fares, group fares and Round the World fares.
in possession of recognised valid travel documents,
adequate funds and return or onwards tickets.
     General Information

     Please note: For travel from Japan and New Zealand                  TAXI
     special fares or discounts are offered by the participating         Over 15,000 air-conditioned cabs ply local roads and
     airlines on their own network.                                      provide comfortable, hassle-free travel at a very reasonable
                                                                         cost. They can be flagged down 24 hours a day on most
     When making your travel plans please present                        roads, with well-marked taxi-stands available outside most
     confirmation of your registration or proof of attendance.           major shopping centres and hotels. At Singapore Changi
                                                                         Airport, the taxi stand is located just outside the Arrival
     PUBLIC TRANSPORT                                                    Hall on Level 1 in Terminal 1 and at the end of the Arrival
     Travelling around Singapore is easy. An efficient public            Hall on Level 1 in Terminal 2 (South Wing).
     transportation network of taxis, buses and the modern Mass          All taxis are metered.
     Rapid Transit (MRT) rail system ensures that getting from
     point A to point B is hassle-free and extremely affordable.         TIME
     - Singapore Tourist Pass: designed to give tourists the best        The Singapore standard time zone is GMT plus
     value and ease of travel, the STP is available as 1 - Day, 2 -      8 hours.
     Day or 3- Day passes at only S$8 per day. It comes with a
     rental deposit of S$10 which is fully refundable if the card is     TIPPING
     returned within 5 days of issuance.                                 Tipping is not practised as most hotels and
     - The Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) in Singapore is a modern,            restaurants in Singapore already levy a 10% service
     air-conditioned passenger train service with stations all over      charge on customers' bills. Tipping is not a way
     the island. There are three main lines – the North-South line       of life in Singapore and is prohibited at the airport.
     from Marina Bay to Jurong East, the East-West line from
     Changi Airport/Pasir Ris to Boon Lay, and the North-East line       TOURIST REFUND SCHEME/GOODS
     from Harbour Front to Punggol.
                                                                         & SERVICES TAX (GST)
                                                                         All goods imported into or manufactured in Singapore are
     SAFETY                                                              subjected to duties and/or Goods and Services Tax (GST). If
     Singapore is one of the safest cities in the world, where both      you are a visitor to Singapore, you shall be entitled to a GST
     locals and tourists can comfortably walk along the streets          refund on goods that you purchase from retailers
     late at night.                                                      participating in the Tourist Refund Scheme ("the Scheme")
                                                                         provided that you satisfy all the eligibility criteria and
     SHOPPING                                                            conditions required.
     Orchard Road shops:                                                 Please visit the Singapore Customs website to get all the
     Opening hours: 10.30 am to 10.30 pm every day                       information:
     Shops located along other parts of the Island:
     Opening hours: 11.00 am to 8.00 pm (except for Mustafa
                                                                         LEARN MORE
     Shopping Centre which is open 24 hours)
     Smoking is not permitted in public service vehicles, museums,
     libraries, lifts, theatres, cinemas, air-conditioned restaurants,
     non-air conditioned eating houses, hawker centers, hair
     salons, supermarkets, department stores and government
     offices. In line with efforts to improve the nightlife experience
     for all, there are smoking restrictions on entertainment
     outlets. Smoking is no longer allowed in all pubs, discos,
     karaoke bars and nightspots, unless within approved
     smoking rooms or smoking corners. Offenders can be fined
     up to SGD 1,000.

Hotel Accommodation

Official hotels for 2009 FDI Annual World Dental Congress – your best option!
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Together with our local partner, Pacific World, we
                                                                                                                                                                                                  have chosen the most convenient hotels as our
                                   u   15 min drive
                                                                                                                                                                                                  official hotels.
      Meritus Mandarin Singapore       to Suntec

                                                                                                                                                                                                  Staying at one of our official hotels also makes it
                                                                                                                                                                                                  easier for you to meet up with your colleagues.
                                                                  u   10 min walk
                                                                      to Suntec                                                     Suntec City
                                                                                                                                   Shopping Mall
                                                                       Raffles Hotel
                                                                                                                                                                                                  A number of rooms have been pre-booked at
                                             Fairmont Singapore

    Novotel Clarke Quay
                                         u   12 min walk
                                             to Suntec
                                                                                                                                                                                                  our official hotels at special rates. The number of
                                                                              asa                                                    Fountain
u   15 min drive
    to Suntec
                                                                                         ad                   Suntec
                                                                                                                                     of Wealth
                                                                                                                                                                         Changi Airport           pre-booked rooms is limited, so “first come –
                                                                                                              Convention                                             u   25 min drive to Suntec
                                                                                                                                         Conrad Centennial Hotel
                                                                                                                                                                                                  first served” applies.
                                                   The Stamford                   Memorial
                                               u   10 min walk
                                                   to Suntec
                                                                                                                                  Pan Pacific Singapore
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Pacific World also offers rooms at the latest rates
                                                                                             Marina Mandarin Square
                                                                                                                                                                                                  at many hotels in Singapore, as well as the
                                                                                                    Mandarin Oriental
                                                                                                    u   8 min walk
                                                                                                        to Suntec
                                                                                                                           Ritz Carlton, Millenia   u   8min walk
                                                                                                                                                        to Suntec
                                                                                                                                                                                                  rooms at official hotels. You can search for all
                                                                                                                                                                                                  hotel rooms and book them on-line at Pacific
                                                                                                                                                                                                  World’s hotel reservations site for our congress.

                                                                                                                                                                     Approximate    Approximate
                                                                                                                                                                      distance to      distance
                                                                                                                                                                    Congress venue to/from Changi                   Single            Double
      Hotel Name                                                                                                        Star Rating                                    SUNTEC          Airport                    occupancy          occupancy           Breakfast
      Ritz Carlton - headquarter hotel
                                                                                                                             5 Star                                  8 mins walk                     25 mins          410                 440                 42
      Deluxe Kallang
      Mandarin Oriental
                                                                                                                             5 Star                                  8 mins walk                     25 mins          395                 395                 42
      Deluxe Room
      Marina Mandarin
                                                                                                                             5 Star                                  5 mins walk                     25 mins          360                 360                 30
      Premier Room
      Pan Pacific
                                                                                                                             5 Star                                  5 mins walk                     25 mins          360                 360                 35
      Deluxe Room
      Conrad Centennial
                                                                                                                             5 Star                                  5 mins walk                     25 mins          370                 370                 39
      Classic Room
      Swissotel the Stamford
                                                                                                                             5 Star                                  10 mins walk                    25 mins          360                 380             inclusive
      Classic Room
      Fairmont Singapore
      Fairmont Room                                                                                                                                                                                                   380                 400             inclusive
                                                                                                                             5 Star                                  12 mins walk                    25 mins
      Deluxe Room                                                                                                                                                                                                     420                 440             inclusive
      Carlton Hotel
                                                                                                                             4 Star                                  12 mins walk                    25 mins          300                 300             inclusive
      Deluxe Room
      Novotel Hotel Clarke Quay
                                                                                                                             4 Star                                 15 mins drive                    25 mins          335                 365             inclusive
      Deluxe Room
      Albert Court Hotel
                                                                                                                             4 Star                                 15 mins drive                    25 mins          300                 300                 20
      Deluxe Room
      Golden Landmark Hotel
                                                                                                                             4 Star                                 15 mins drive                    25 mins          300                 300                 20
      Deluxe Room
Online hotel reservations is available at or contact for any queries
Note:                                                                                                                                   until 12 noon on the following day of the confirmed                       confirmed and guaranteed in the rooming list provided.
Room rates above are subject to 10% service charge and                                                                                  arrival date.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Cancellation policy:
7% Goods & Services tax (GST)                                                                                                           No Show                                                                   Should there be a cancellation for confirmed reservations,
All rates are quoted in S$ (Singapore Dollar); the current                                                                              Should there be a no-show for confirmed reservations,                     the following charges will apply:
exchange rates can be found at                                                                                          room charge for the entire duration of the booking will                   Before 2 June 2009: 1 night room charge
Reservation Guarantee:                                                                                                                  be applicable.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Between June 2 - July 2: 2 nights room charge
All room reservations must be guaranteed by one night                                                                                   Early Departure/Short Stay:                                               Between July 2 - August 3: 3 nights room charge
deposit non-refundable. The Hotel requires the name of                                                                                  Any amendment to each confirmed room reservation
the cardholder as it appears on the card; the card number                                                                               resulting in a reduced length of stay, will be subject to a
and card expiry date. Guaranteed reservations will be held                                                                              room charge equivalent to the full length of stay as

     FDI World Dental Federation is one of the oldest international professional
     organisations in the world. It was originally founded as Fédération Dentaire
     Internationale by Dr Charles Godon from the Ecole Dentaire de Paris and five other
     dentists in 1900 in Paris, France.

     The FDI is governed by a Council elected by a General Assembly that is made up of
     delegates from its member associations. The FDI currently has a membership of more than
     190 member associations from more than 130 countries, representing more than one million
     dentists globally. Five standing committees are responsible for addressing the issues of
     communications and member support, dental practice, education, science, world dental
     development and health promotion.

     Through its registered charity, FDI World Dental Education, the FDI advances education in
     the science and practice of dentistry and in the provision of the best possible care, in order
     to achieve and maintain oral health amongst the public throughout the world.

     The FDI is a non-governmental organisation in official relations with the United Nations (UN)
     and the World Health Organization (WHO). It is based in Ferney-Voltaire, France.

     Leading the world to optimal oral health


     The Voice of Dentistry
     To be the worldwide, authoritative and independent voice of the dental profession

     Optimal Oral Health
     To promote optimal oral and general health for all peoples

     Members’ Support
     To promote the interests of the Member Associations and their members

     Information Transfer
     To advance and promote the ethics, art, science and practice of dentistry

     The International Dental Journal

      Subscribe Today, to the FDI’s Premier Publication

a news and views section, informing members of
news from the FDI and around the world of
dentistry in a similar format to FDI World.

an innovative section on practical, informative
articles aimed at clinicians and illustrated in full colour.

details of forthcoming FDI Annual World Dental

to publish peer-viewed, scientific articles relevant
to international dentistry in the recently re-launched
and popular style.

Published six times a year
£50 for members of National Dental Association.

Offer excellent subscriptions
to existing IDJ subscribers and to ‘former FDI                 The IDJ is evolving...
Individual Members’ and to individual members                  The IDJ is the main scientific publication of the FDI.
                                                               It features peer-reviewed, scientific articles relevant to
of national member associations.                               international oral health issues and has a rapidly increasing
                                                               impact factor (Currently 0.908 against 0.53 in 2004 - Journal
                                                               CitationReports. Thomson ISI, PA, USA).

  How to subscribe to                                          The journal
                                                               also includes                                                     e.
                                                                                                                    int and onlin
                                                                                                     available in pr
                                                               practical,            The IDJ will be
       the IDJ                                                 informative           Visit
                                                                                                    e online sample                 d abstracts -
                                                               articles aimed at     • Access a fre                  nts archive an
                                                                                                    tables of conte
                                                               clinicians. It is     • Browse the
                                                                                        a free research              nts Alerts
     You can subscribe to the IDJ simply by                    illustrated in full    • Sign up for
                                                                                                     Table of Conte
                                                                                                                 ption and acce
                                                                                                                                  ss the
                                                                                      • Place an  annual subscri                January 2004
                                                               colour.                                         e archive from
           visiting the FDI website at:                                                  comp  rehensive onlin
                                                                                                       individual article
                                                                                                                         s online
                                                                                       • Buy relevant
   If you prefer to enquire by phone, email or                    An annual subscription will give you:
               post, please contact:                                                    • 6 issues in print
                                                                                • Fully searchable online access
              FDI World Dental Press                                   • Access to the online archive from January 2004
            5 Battery Green Road, Lowestoft,
          Suffolk NR32 1DE United Kingdom
               Tel: +44 (0) 1502 511522          17
  Fax: +44 (0) 1502 583152 Email:
It’s easy to save money on your flights if you fly the Star Alliance™
network. Simply quote the event code SQ01S09 when you make your
booking with any Star Alliance member airline and you’ll automatically
get a discount of up to 20%.

The Star Alliance network has 24 member airlines with over 18,100
flights a day so we can offer you a lot more choice when planning your
travel. For more information about our member airlines and contact details,
please visit our website at

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