November 2009 Newsletter

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					                                                                     MO R A N IR O N WO RK S , I N C.

                                         November 2009 Newsletter
            “The Hope” Has Landed Safely
    Moran Iron Works, Inc. is very           Moran Iron Works was able to lift
   excited to have been awarded              the boat out of the water and set it
   the unique contract to extend a           onto our trailer, where we fabri-
   Ferry Boat. Shepler’s Mackinac            cated the cribbing around the boat
   Island Ferry “The Hope”, will             in order to secure it for the haul
   be extended 17 feet, with new             from Rogers City to Onaway.
   engines, shafts, and props, be-             The coordination and control of
   fore it returns to service.               this “blind” lift was performed by             The dual crane lift successful. Loading onto the trailer
     Currently the boat is 65 feet in        our crane operators Dan Shephard               in preparation for the fabrication of the cribbing to
   length, 20 feet wide, 23 feet tall,       and Al Libby, and directed by                  secure the boat for transportation.
   and weighs over 60,000 lbs                Shepler’s Crew Chief. Our road
   without the engines. Getting the          crew of escorts John Sherburne
   boat to our facility took both            and Tim Prow, along with our
   parties several days of planning          Semi driver Randy Kramer,
   and communicating to lift the             hauled the load safely to our facil-
   boat safely onto land.                    ity.
    Using our two largest cranes,             It is expected to return to the
   our barging facility at the Car-          Great Lakes, sometime around
   meuse Rogers City, Calcite fa-            April 2010.
   cility and the high wire corridor,           See Page 2 for more photo’s.

                               MARK YOUR CALENDAR:

                December 5th, 2009—Moran Iron Works Annual Holiday
               Fireworks Celebration, Onaway, MI . Join us for a family fun
               afternoon with Santa, Gifts, Hay Rides, Bonfire, and Fireworks.
                                                                                            Moran Iron Works, moving the oversize Ferry Boat
      December 7th—11th, 2009— Power Gen Show in Las Vegas, NV.                             from Rogers City, MI to Onaway, MI, via the high
      Representatives from Moran Iron Works will be spending                                wire corridor.
      several days at the show. For more information please con-
      tact Jim or Geri at See you there!!
                                                                                            Please Note: Our offices will be closed Thurs-
                                                                                            day November 26th and Friday November
                                                                                            27th for the Thanksgiving Holiday.
                                                                                                      Have a Happy Turkey Day!!
                   Welcome our latest editions!
              Moran Iron Works,     Angie recently moved to                   a Bachelors Degree from
              Inc. has recently     Northern Michigan with her                the Universtiy of Michigan                Moran Iron Works, Inc.
              hired new employ-     husband Scott of 20 years.                in Mechanical engineering.                  11739 M-68 Hwy.
              ees in the Admini-    She enjoys, building doll                 He is very dedicated to his                Onaway, MI 49765
              stration depart-      houses, crocheting, and                   family and their bicycling                    Ph: 989.733.2011
              ment. Assistant       playing with her cats and                 traditions. On bicycles they                  Fx: 989.733.2371
Project Manager—Angie               dogs in her spare time.             have crossed the United States
Grabiec, she comes to us with a                                         from North to South and East to         
background in account admini-         In our Purchasing department
                                                                        West.                                           Editor: Kristi Bristley ~
stration, purchasing, and distri-   is Jonathan Elenz, who comes
                                                                         Both Jon and Angie are quality                 Quality & Safety, e-mail:
bution with major accounts like     to us with a background in
                                                                        additions to our team and are          
DTE, Kmart, and MichCon.            corporate purchasing. Jon has
                                                                        looking forward to a busy year.

                                                                                                                                       P AGE 1 O F 2
                                                                                                         N OVE MBE R 200 9

                         “PROJECTS UNDERWAY”

  Starting Assembly of
 Large Duct Work Elbow

                                                         Recycling Center
                                                          Hopper System

                             “The Hope” safely trans-
                               ported to our facility

                                                        A.R. Plate Hopper for Lime-
                                                          stone Screening System

                                                                                                          Dual Crane Lift of
                                                                                                             Ferry Boat

                          Completed Ductwork

                                                            A.R. Plate Hoppers for Limestone Screening
                                                                     System, ready for delivery.

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