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               May 2009
ATC SR&T WG: Visibility of Strategically Important Transportation Data

1.     EXECUTIVE SUMMARY ..................................................................................................................... 3
2.     PURPOSE ............................................................................................................................................. 4
3.     BACKGROUND ................................................................................................................................... 4
     3.1   ATC RECOMMENDATIONS ....................................................................................................................... 4
     3.2   TRANSPORTATION DATA ACTION PLAN ................................................................................................... 5
     3.3   PROCESS.................................................................................................................................................. 6
4.     NATIONALLY IMPORTANT DATA COLLECTIONS AND DATA NEEDS .................................... 6
     4.1   CLUSTERS OF DATA NEEDS..................................................................................................................... 6
     4.2   DATA NEEDS, DATA COLLECTIONS AND DATA GAPS.............................................................................. 6
5.     DATA VISIBILITY PRIORITIES .......................................................................................................... 7
     5.1   NEED FOR DATA VISIBILITY ...................................................................................................................... 7
     5.2   METADATA CONTENT ............................................................................................................................... 8
     5.3   CRITERIA FOR DATA VISIBILITY PRIORITIES ............................................................................................ 8
     5.4   PRIORITY DATASETS FOR VISIBILITY ....................................................................................................... 8
     5.5   FURTHER W ORK..................................................................................................................................... 10

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ATC SR&T WG: Visibility of Strategically Important Transportation Data

     Visibility of Strategically Important Transportation Data
1.       Executive Summary
The November 2008 ATC meeting endorsed the Data Action Plan proposed by the Strategic Research
and Technology Working Group (SR&T WG). The Action Plan includes identifying strategically
nationally important transportation data, identifying data gaps and developing minimum metadata
standards for such data.
Consultation in every State and Territory culminated in a national workshop in Sydney (February
2009) that confirmed data needs, the existing data used and data gaps and these are listed in this
paper. The workshop highlighted data visibility as the highest priority for the Data Action Plan.
Previous attempts at establishing national transportation data websites for access and visibility have
floundered due to issues around data custodianship. Having a well targeted website is international
best practice and continues to be the obvious way forward but needs to address issues that
previously prevented similar initiatives from being implemented.
The first step for the improving data visibility is to pilot a website that tests the visibility of meta data
        Acting as a data directory only, not a data warehouse;
        Systematically describing the data and its quality attributes using minimal metadata;
        Linking directly to custodian’s data, where appropriate; and
        Establishing protocols for running the website and ensuring cooperation and commitment of
         data owners, for example, ensuring data ownership and control are not infringed.
The lessons learnt from the pilot will inform recommendations to the November 2009 ATC meeting
for a functional and enduring website and the steps that need to be taken to achieve it. This will
include further development and ongoing maintenance costs and a proposed business process to
support it.
The long-term vision is for a few clicks of a mouse to give access to agreed data vital for evidence-
based policy development by the Commonwealth, States and Territories. It will also facilitate other
important outcomes of the Data Action Plan

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ATC SR&T WG: Visibility of Strategically Important Transportation Data

2.       Purpose

This paper supports the transportation data recommendations of the Strategic Research and
Technology Working Group to the ATC meeting of 7 May 2009. It identifies:
        Existing nationally important transportation data collections, their purpose and currency;
        Gaps in existing nationally important transportation data;
        A draft set of minimum metadata items;
        Data gaps; and
        A list of priority datasets for which metadata will be collected and made visible via a web-
         based system.
The nationally important transportation data collections, listed in Attachment 1, were developed
following extensive consultation with key transport data owners and users, and finalised following a
workshop of key stakeholders, held in Sydney in February 2009. The list of nationally important
transportation data will help inform identification of strategically important national transportation
data sets and data gaps.
Visibility of metadata is an important first step in improving the accessibility of transportation data.
In this context, visibility means identifying available transportation datasets that are nationally
important and providing metadata statements to assist users in deciding fitness for purpose.
Development of the Strategic Research Agenda will be completed after the May 2009 ATC meeting.
The Agenda will identify strategically important national data priorities, and a set of strategically
important national datasets will be produced to accompany the Strategic Research Agenda Working
Group recommendations for the November 2009 ATC.
This paper:
        Contributes to the requirements of Transportation Data Action Plan’s Action items 1 and 2;
        Prepares the groundwork for undertaking Actions 3, 4, 5 and 6; and
        Proposes the way forward for undertaking Action 7.
The paper also addresses ATC’s direction to develop a common definition for minimum metadata
standards covering transportation data.
The paper does not cover all of the data activities being undertaken by the Strategic Research and
Technology Working Group

3.       Background

3.1      ATC Recommendations

At its meeting of 29 February 2008, The Australian Transport Council (ATC) agreed to accept a new
National Transport Policy Framework (NTPF).

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ATC SR&T WG: Visibility of Strategically Important Transportation Data

The Strategic Research and Technology (SR&T) Working Group, chaired by the Tasmanian
Government has the objective:
           “To present a viable model for the advancement of strategic research and
           technology that integrates modes, jurisdictions and technologies to support the
           operation of a single marketplace for transportation.”
Data was identified by the ATC as an issue to be addressed by the SR&T Working Group. The
research undertaken by the SR&T Working Group confirmed that there was no recorded agreement
on what constitutes nationally important transportation data and there was little systematic
coordination. It found that developing a case and strategy for integrating and improving the quality
of transport data was essential and there was a need to develop:
          The quality requirements of national transportation data;
          A governance model for transportation data, within the broader SR&T governance; and
          Data visibility models.
At its meeting of the 7th November 2008, the ATC endorsed the SR&T Working Group’s
recommendations. The recommendations relevant to transportation data were:
        2. ATC AGREES to jurisdictions adopting the ABS Data Quality Framework as the common
           data framework for all strategically important national transportation data.
        3. ATC DIRECTS the Strategic Research and Technology Working Group to develop a
           common definition of the minimum metadata standards for strategically important
           national transportation data for adoption by transportation agencies.
        4. ATC AGREES with the Action Plan for improving transportation data and DIRECTS the
           Strategic Research and Technology Working Group to initiate its implementation.

3.2     Transportation Data Action Plan

A paper supporting the recommendations listed the Transportation Data Action Plan:
        Action 1     Identify strategically important national transportation data.
        Action 2     Identify data gaps and coordinate data collections and other approaches to
                     filling these gaps.
        Action 3     Define classification systems, collection methodologies and standards to be
                     used for strategically important national transportation datasets.
        Action 4     Establish minimum accuracy criteria for strategically important national
                     transportation data.
        Action 5     Establish minimum data currency criteria for strategically important national
                     transportation data.
        Action 6     Improve the institutional environment for managing strategically important
                     national transportation data.
        Action 7     Provide access to strategically important national transportation data via a web-
                     based data gateway.

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ATC SR&T WG: Visibility of Strategically Important Transportation Data

3.3          Process

The process undertaken included:
     (i)         Developing a definition for transportation data of strategic and national importance;
     (ii)        Consultation with transportation data users from a broad spectrum of transportation
                 agencies via interviews and local workshops;
     (iii)       Documentation of the information collected by common themes and preliminary
                 identification of data gaps as per the table in section 5 of this report;
     (iv)        Conduct of a national workshop with broad representation from all sectors to ensure
                   Possible oversights in the initial consultation were overcome;
                   Perspectives from the many important stakeholders were brought to light; and
                   Biases and errors in the documentation, which may reflect the position of asset
                     owners and regulators as compared to the views of users, were addressed.

4.           Nationally important data collections and data needs

4.1          Clusters of Data Needs

In analysing nationally important data needs and collections, data was grouped into six clusters:
            Transportation and the economy;
            Transportation operations and performance – people and freight movement;
            Transportation demand;
            Transportation infrastructure;
            Transportation safety and externalities; and
            Transportation and land use planning.
These clusters proved useful in consultation and during the workshop. While a need may be primary
to a particular cluster, any one need may have some requirements in several clusters. To avoid
duplication and confusion, data needs are generally listed only under their primary cluster.

4.2          Data Needs, Data Collections and Data Gaps

The list of data needs, data collections and data gaps in Attachment 1 are the combined outcome of
the series of stakeholder consultations and the February data workshop. Development of the
strategic research and technology agenda may uncover further data needs and these will need to be
The list will be finalised and forwarded for endorsement to the November 2009 ATC. Compilation of
this list contributes to the delivery of Action items 1 and 2 of the Data Action Plan.

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ATC SR&T WG: Visibility of Strategically Important Transportation Data

In the longer term, the emergence of new policy needs may result in new data needs. Periodic
review of the data requirements will need to be undertaken.
Attachment 1 lists the data needs, data collections serving them and data gaps.

5.       Data Visibility Priorities
5.1      Need for Data Visibility

Knowledge of the existence of data is a widely recognized issue for transportation data users and
this is particularly true for some jurisdictional data. There are many reasons including:
        The size of transport agencies and their governance arrangements;
        The production and use of data by academic and commercial organisations;
        The quality of statistical data management practices varying within agencies;
        Lack of recognition of the value of data holdings to potential users outside of the immediate
         business area; and
        Suitability of the form or medium through which the information can be accessed.
Identifying and obtaining information about potentially rich and relevant data sources can be time
consuming and once found other aspects of accessibility often emerge as barriers to obtaining the

There is no single up-to-date national source of information about transportation data available in

The Data Action Plan’s action 7 is to “Provide access to strategically important national data via a
web-based data gateway.” The Transportation Data Report which supplied supporting information
to the November 2008 ATC data recommendations gives background and considers options.

Previous attempts to establish data gateways or data portals have been unsuccessful in part due to
the proposals threatening the ownership of datasets. Success requires a step-wise approach that co-
operatively engages data owners.

The first step to having a web-based data gateway for strategically important national transport data
is to provide visibility to the most valuable available transportation metadata.

In this context, visibility means:
        Being web-based and publicly available;
        Having the features of a data directory;
        Having metadata with the minimum level of description of the data necessary to understand
         what the data represents.; and
        Including contact details of whom to contact and information on how to obtain the data.
The task of developing a system and metadata to populate it for all of the datasets identified in
Attachment 1 is not insignificant . A proof of the concept as a working system is required before a
full system should be developed. For this reason criteria were developed to assist in the selection of
data sets that had priority and would be the first to be recorded.

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       ATC SR&T WG: Visibility of Strategically Important Transportation Data

       5.2     Metadata Content

       The minimum metadata required to make Australian transportation data more visible will likely
              Name of survey/collection;
              Data owner/custodian;
              Collection purpose;
              Scope and coverage;
              Description of the dataset;
              Data frequency and currency;
              Access arrangements; and
              Contact details.

       5.3     Criteria for Data Visibility Priorities

       The criteria for choosing priority datasets for visibility:
              Likely to be of high importance for the NTPF;
              Already existing;
              Have identifiable owner(s);
              Have data owner (s) likely to be willing to make the minimal level of metadata visible on a
               website; and
              Have metadata likely to be available (even if the metadata might not yet be described in a
               user-friendly form).

       5.4     Priority Datasets for Visibility

       The following table lists the datasets identified as being of priority for data visibility.

                                     Priority Datasets for Visibility
Dataset                             Source                     Description
      National and State           ABS                        Systematic summary of national and state economic
       Accounts                                                activity that has direct application to economic theory
                                                               and transport economics.
      International exports        Customs                    International import and export freight task by State,
       and imports                  ABS                        commodities, countries.
      Survey of Motor Vehicle      ABS                        Comparable national and state statistics on passenger
       Usage (SMVU)                                            vehicle, motor cycle, truck and bus use for characteristics
                                                               such as distance travelled, tonne-kilometres and fuel

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    ATC SR&T WG: Visibility of Strategically Important Transportation Data

   Jurisdictional road         Jurisdictions             Locational and/or road segment vehicle count data for
    count data                                            major roads and highways.
   Jurisdictional Weight-In-   Jurisdictions             Locational detail of road traffic at points on major
    Motion (WIM)data                                      highways, in particular, mass carried.
   Passenger movements         BITRE                     Consistent and comprehensive data on regional, national
    by air                                                and international passenger movements.
   Household travel            Jurisdictions             Information about urban transport movements, including
    surveys                                               behavioural and demographic attributes.
   Population Census           ABS                       The most comprehensive small area information on
                                                          demographics, households and vehicle ownership,
                                                          including Journey to Work information.
   Motor vehicle census        ABS                       Comprehensive data on jurisdictional vehicle registrations
                                                          specifying the motor vehicle fleet.
   New motor vehicle sales FCAI                          Comprehensive data on additions to the motor vehicle
                            ABS                           fleet.
   Geospatial reference    PSMA                          Geospatial frameworks and data to enable locational
    data                                                  analysis of: transport and other infrastructure;
                                                          populations; industrial locations; town planning;
                                                          topography; and physical features.
   Fuels consumed              Department of             Overview of transport fuels including petrol, diesel and
                                Resources, Energy and     liquefied petroleum gas - Australian Petroleum Statistics
   Greenhouse gas              Department of             Measures of greenhouse gas externalities of transport
    generated                   Climate Change /
   Greenhouse gas              Department of             Projections of greenhouse gas externalities of transport
    projections                 Climate Change /
   Road safety data            Jurisdictions, Monash     Comprehensive road death, casualty and accident data
                                University Accident
                                Research Centre
                                (MUARC) and Road
                                Safety Council
   Rail safety                 Jurisdictions             Rail Safety Occurrence Data: rail safety data reported by
                                                          accredited railways based on jurisdictional legislation or
                                                          published guidelines
   Air safety                  Australian Transport      Aviation Statistics Report: data on civil aviation accidents,
                                Safety Bureau (ATSB)      incidents and safety deficiencies
   Road freight projections    BITRE                     Projections of the national road freight task
   Network corridor            BITRE                     Projections of National network corridor traffic
   Rail freight task           ARA / BITRE               Rail freight task
   Seaport freight             Ports Australia / BITRE   Trade statistics for Australian ports
   Air freight                 BITRE                     Interstate and overseas air freight
   Overseas arrivals and       ABS                       Consistent and comprehensive data on international
    departures                                            passenger movements by jurisdiction.
   Jurisdictional road         Jurisdictions             Condition data for major road assets
    condition data

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ATC SR&T WG: Visibility of Strategically Important Transportation Data

5.5     Further Work
Between May and November, the SR&T WG will:
       Identify strategic nationally important transportation data sets
       Finalise minimum metadata standards for national important transportation data;
       Develop minimum metadata for the data visibility priority data sets; and
       Establish protocols for running the website and ensuring cooperation and commitment of
        data owners, for example, ensuring data ownership and control are not infringed.
A paper outlining the minimum metadata standards will be produced for the owners of the priority
datasets for visibility and critical stakeholders.
The lessons learnt from the pilot will inform recommendations to the November 2009 ATC meeting
for a functional website and the steps that need to be taken to achieve it.
The long-term vision is for a few clicks of a mouse to give access to jurisdictionally agreed data vital
for evidence based policy development and monitoring by the Commonwealth, States and
Establishment of the website will facilitate important outcomes of the Data Action Plan:
       Facilitation of shared objectives
       Reduction of duplication of data collection
       Reduction of conflicting policy advice
       Development of opportunities for transport providers to collaborate on research
       Development of commercial opportunities for data analysis
As well as data Visibility, there will be other recommendations to the November ATC about the
Transportation Data Action Plan, for example, filling data gaps, improving data quality and ensuring
effective data governance beyond 2009.

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ATC SR&T WG: Visibility of Strategically Important Transportation Data

Attachment 1: Data Needs, Data Collections Serving Them and Data Gaps
Transportation and the Economy
      Data Need          Description                        Existing Collections                 Data Gaps                             Issues/Comments
1.   Define and              National Accounts chain     ABS Australian National        State level data unavailable -
     contextualise           volume measures of the      Accounts (ABS cat. no          modelled solution possible and
     contribution of the     transport and storage       5206.0)                        may need extra data
     Transport and           industry by
     Storage Industry to     state/territory
     the economy
2.   Define and              Transport Satellite         Apelbaum Consulting‟s          Data and modelling gap that      Apelbaum report not based on National Accounts
     contextualise           National Account by         Contribution of transport      needs links to the System of     and has limited metadata.
     contribution of all     state/territory             and logistics to the economy   National Accounts
                                                                                                                         Latest input data from ABS in 1983-84.
     transport activity to                               – Dispelling the myths
     the economy                                                                                                         Resources are required for scoping and
                                                                                                                         ABN data on motor registry would enable linking
                                                                                                                         with road based industry data.
3.   Define the structure    Structural data on                                         Data gap requiring conduct of    ABS Transport Industry Survey last undertaken
     and economics of the    Transport Industry by                                      a National Transport Industry    since 1983-84 and out of date.
     Transport and           mode and by                                                Survey
                                                                                                                         Australian Taxation Office data is a potential
     Logistics Industry      state/territory
                                                                                                                         source of information, although confidentiality
     and understand cost
                                                                                                                         may restrict use.
     productivity and
     value added of

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ATC SR&T WG: Visibility of Strategically Important Transportation Data
          Data Need                Description              Existing Collections                     Data Gaps                             Issues/Comments
4.   Define employment        Employment numbers          ABS Labour Force, Australia        Employment of staff             There is existing information requiring further
     size and composition     by age, sex by sector of    (ABS cat. no 6291.0)              primarily engaged in             analysis and this may reveal further gaps.
     of Transport and         the transport, storage                                        transport activity outside the
                                                          Population Census                                                  Specific needs include:
     Logistics activity       and logistics industry,                                       Transport and Logistics
                              wages/ relative wages       Department of Education,          Industry –data gap                   Mode employment profile, including size
                              by state/territory          Employment and Workforce                                                and composition (variability of gender, age
                                                                                            Employee education, training
                                                          Relations‟ Industry                                                     cultural diversity);
                                                                                            and skills – data gap
                                                                                             Education availability              Geographic distribution;
                                                          Australian Skills Council‟s
                                                          environmental scan                                                     Employee education, training and skirls –
                                                                                                                                  data gap;
                                                          Australian Logistics Council
                                                          “Who moves Australia”                                                  Education availability;
                                                                                                                                 Wages; and
                                                                                                                                 Identified shortages (inc projections)
                                                                                                                             Workforce Planning and Skills Working Group
                                                                                                                             may identify further data needs.
5.   Define the change in     Price indexes for           ABS Consumer Price Index         Fare regulator data issues:       Implicit price deflators from the national accounts
     price of transport for   components of costs of      (ABS cat. no. 6401.0)                                              could be used for non-private travel
                                                                                               Difficult to identify all
     private travel           private travel/ transport
                                                          Data from fare regulators, for        sources
                              by state/territory
                                                          example, the NSW
                                                          Independent Pricing and              Sometimes difficult to
                                                          Regulation Tribunal (IPART)           access
                                                                                               Different jurisdictional
                                                                                                laws and regulations
                                                                                                result in different
                                                                                                definitions and reduce
                                                                                                national comparability
6.   Effect of subsidies      Effect of subsidies on      Combination of Government        Gap requiring analytical and/or
     on real cost changes     real cost changes in        Finance Statistics and price     modelling solution that may
     in public transport      public transport by         indices and jurisdictional       have further data requirements
                              state/territory             data on public transport costs

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ATC SR&T WG: Visibility of Strategically Important Transportation Data
          Data Need                Description               Existing Collections                  Data Gaps                              Issues/Comments
7.   Define economic          Input-output (I/O)           ABS Australian National        The most recent Australian       This need requires modelling rather than data
     impacts of               economic models by           Accounts Input-Output (I-O)    level input-output model for     solutions, however, analysis may show more data
     inefficiencies,          state/territory              Tables (ABS cat. no. 5209.0)   2001-02 is becoming dated        is required to improve models to an acceptable
     externalities and                                                                    and few State models exist       level of reliability, e.g. conduct of a National
                              Computable General           Monash University Centre of
     shocks to                                                                                                             Transport Industry Survey.
                              Equilibrium (CGE)            Policy Studies (COPS) CGE      Available CGE models and
     transportation and
                              Model for transportation     model                          purpose built economic models Quality of data in each cell of CGE tables may not
     externalities at
                              by state/territory                                          have varying reliability for   be consistent. Currency may also be variable.
     Australian and                                        Other purpose built
                                                                                          Australia and less reliability
     State/Territory levels                                economic models                                               Need good metadata on CGE models and I/O
                                                                                          for states and territories
                                                                                                                         tables and models.
                                                                                          Gap requiring modelling
                                                                                                                         Need environmental accounts for transportation to
                                                                                          solution that may have further
                                                                                                                         better assess externalities.
                                                                                          data requirements
8.   Define household         Household expenditure        ABS Household Expenditure                                       Household Expenditure Survey is conducted
     financial input into     on vehicles, registration,   Survey (ABS cat. No.                                            every 5 years but may not be frequent enough
     transportation           insurance, repairs,          5635.0)                                                         with a carbon emissions reduction scheme.
                              transport services by
                                                                                                                           NATSEM have synthetically modelled data
                                                                                                                           available for regions and collector districts.
9.   Define international     Tonnage, value,              Merchandise Trade (ABS cat     Availability of container        Publishing of Customs container data would
     imports and exports      commodity type,              No. 5439.0 & 5368.0)           commodity details – data gap     overcome the container data gap.
                              container type,
                                                           Customs data (published        Manifests often report Cargo
                              state/territory of
                                                           through ABS)                   as “general cargo” rather than
                                                                                          as a particular commodity –
                              country of                   Maritrade
                                                                                          data gap
                              supply chain description                                    Transhipments through other
                                                                                          State‟s port‟s can cause
                                                                                          misreporting of true
                                                                                          origin/destination – data gap
10. Define State              State contribution of                                       Available import and export      Many states have exports and imports that are
    contribution of           exports to Australian                                       data by State of entry/exit      recorded as having been landed in other States and
    exports to Australian     exports                                                     rather than by State of          therefore counted as being an export or import of
    exports                                                                               production or consumption –      the other State.
                                                                                          data gap.

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ATC SR&T WG: Visibility of Strategically Important Transportation Data
         Data Need                Description                Existing Collections                     Data Gaps                          Issues/Comments
11. Define interstate        Tonnage and value by                                         Data gap.
    freight task             commodity of interstate
                             imports and exports
12. Understanding total      Expenditure (capital,         Government Finance (ABS        Inconsistencies in how           Need to consider investment in infrastructure and
    cost and source of       operating and                 Cat No 5512.0)                 jurisdictions classify           non-infrastructure solutions.
    government funding       maintenance) by type by                                      expenditure reduce national
                                                           Engineering Construction                                        Detailed data required for ex-post project
    for different aspects    state/territory by level of                                  comparability – data issue
                                                           Activity (ABS Cat No                                            evaluation and analysis of wider economic
    of transport, both       government
                                                           8762.0)                        Public/ private partnerships     benefits of projects.
    infrastructure and
                                                                                          result in some expenditure not
    service delivery                                       Jurisdictional Budget Papers                                    Sources of funding should include user charges.
                                                                                          being included in Government
                                                           Austroads performance          Finance Statistics – data gap
                                                           Indicators – Return on
                                                                                          Need location split by road
                                                           Construction Expenditure
                                                                                          type or urban/rural – data gap
                                                           and Achievement index
13.    Understanding           Expenditure (both            Engineering Construction      Limited service information
      private investment       capital and operating)       Activity (ABS Cat No          available – data gap
      in transport             by type by                   8762.0)
      infrastructure and       state/territory
                                                            S&P availability of toll
      associated services
                                                            road assessments
14. Understanding the        Understanding the                                            Data and analytical gap          There is probably a research requirement rather
    economic impacts of      economic impacts of                                                                           than a data requirement.
    congestion               congestion
                                                                                                                           BTCE (1996), Traffic congestion and road user
                                                                                                                           charges in Australian capital cities, (Report 92)
                                                                                                                           and BITRE (2007), Estimating urban traffic and
                                                                                                                           congestion cost trends for Australian cities
                                                                                                                           (Working Paper 71), provide estimates of the
                                                                                                                           travel delay and urban emissions cost impacts of
                                                                                                                           congestion in Australian capital cities.

                                                                                                                                                                         Page 14
ATC SR&T WG: Visibility of Strategically Important Transportation Data
         Data Need                Description               Existing Collections            Data Gaps                            Issues/Comments
15. Defining modal           Understanding                                         There are some performance     Many studies of segments of transport
    productivity             transportation and                                    indicators e.g. BITRE rail     productivity have been undertaken but have used
                             modal productivity and                                performance indicators         different techniques, levels of thoroughness and
                             how it has changed                                    produced in association with   measures. There are few generally accepted
                             through time                                          Australasian Railway           authoritative studies.
                                                                                                                  Productivity measurement would be facilitated by
                                                                                   Data and analytical gap        a Transport Industry Survey.
                                                                                                                  Productivity is defined as “…a measure of the
                                                                                                                  rate at which outputs of goods and services are
                                                                                                                  produced per unit of input (labour, capital, raw
                                                                                                                  materials, etc). It is calculated as the ratio of the
                                                                                                                  quantity of outputs produced to some measure of
                                                                                                                  the quantity of inputs used.” (Productivity
                                                                                                                  Commission, 2008).
                                                                                                                  NTC‟ s Freight Rail Productivity Review Draft
                                                                                                                  Position Paper.

                                                                                                                                                                   Page 15
ATC SR&T WG: Visibility of Strategically Important Transportation Data
Transportation Operations and Performance – People and Freight Movements
        Need            Description       Existing Collections        Data Gaps                                                          Issues/Comments
16. Understanding travel     Travel times and delays     Jurisdictional road count data   Many existing collections only   Commercial confidentiality an issue for Rail and
    times and other          for passenger and freight                                    provide data for parts of the    buses operators.
                                                         Level of Service studies
    measures of              movements by mode,                                           need or provide proxy
                                                                                                                           Lack of national systems for data collections.
    congestion               e.g., delay times in        Toll road data                   measurements– data and
                             loading and unloading                                        modelling gap                    Could be difficult to address across the board but
                                                         Jurisdictional Household
                             and time taken for                                                                            there is scope to include additional questions on
                                                         Travel Surveys                   Many studies give a local view
                             distance travelled                                                                            time of travel and delays times in loading via road
                                                         Austroads National               while an urban-wide view is
                                                                                                                           usage surveys and from port authorities.
                                                         Performance Indicators –         also required
                                                                                                                           Stevedore companies may have data on terminal
                                                         Travel speeds and occupancy
                                                                                                                           There is increasing potential to use GPS data such
                                                         Some speed data is available
                                                                                                                           as that collected by Transport Certification
                                                         via commercial datasets
                                                                                                                           Australia (TCA).
                                                         maintained by transport
                                                         operators and map data                                            Need data to identify the relationship between:
                                                         providers such as Sensis,                                           Location (geospatial data need);
                                                         Nacteq and Sentinel.                                                Mode;
                                                         Qld has some data on travel                                         Volume;
                                                         times including vehicle                                             Speed;
                                                                                                                             Travel time;
                                                         Rail reliability reported in                                        Capacity;
                                                         some instances                                                      Vehicle utilisation;
                                                         SA Safetycam                                                        Dedicated laneways; and
                                                         NSW RTA undertakes travel                                           Variance (e.g. peak hour data is more
                                                         time surveys and locational                                           important than mean data).
                                                         travel speeds
                                                                                                                           Data needs are being considered by the Urban
                                                         Some freight travel times are                                     congestion Working Group.
                                                         currently available from
                                                         Intelematics Australia
                                                         (owned by RACV) and
                                                         available under the SUNA
                                                         traffic brand.

                                                                                                                                                                            Page 16
ATC SR&T WG: Visibility of Strategically Important Transportation Data
            Need                  Description              Existing Collections              Data Gaps                                   Issues/Comments
17. Define use of major      Road count by type of       Jurisdictional road count   WIM sites are limited in             Data is not consistently available across
    highways                 vehicle                     datasets                    number and distribution – data       jurisdictions.
                             Weigh in Motion (WIM)
                             sites                                                   Many road counts are based on
                                                                                     relatively short time duration
                                                                                     samples – data reliability issue
                                                                                     Because many types of road
                                                                                     counters are used, the
                                                                                     information collected can vary
                                                                                     between sites – data
                                                                                     comparability issue
18. Define vehicle travel    Vehicle kilometres of       BITRE estimates             None of the listed data sources      Inconsistency in the definition of vehicle types.
    in capital cities        travel, origin and                                      address the total data need for
                                                         Household Travel Surveys                                         Possibility of using IAP using GPS for heavy
                             destination by purpose                                  all capital cities and all regions
                                                                                                                          vehicle movements but will not have complete
                             and vehicle type as well    Road freight movement       – modelling and data gap
                             as commodities being        models used by some
                                                                                     Data on movements of light
                             moved by freight            jurisdictions                                                    There is increasing potential to use GPS data such
                                                                                     commercial vehicles - data gap
                             vehicles                                                                                     as that collected by Transport Certification
                                                         ABS Survey of Motor
                                                                                                                          Australia (TCA) for freight.
                             Origin, destination,        Vehicle Usage (SMVU)
                             commodity and route.        (ABS cat no. 8208.0)
                                                         Apelbaum Consulting
19. Define use of road       By vehicle type: vehicle    ABS Survey of Motor         Survey of Motor Vehicle Use      Urban and rural (or finer) is required but not
    network                  kilometres travelled,       Vehicle Usage (SMVU)        data is required annually – data likely from listed data sources.
                             business and private use    (ABS cat no. 8208.0)        gap
                                                                                                                      2008 and 2009 SMVU were not be conducted,
                             of vehicles, average
                                                         Jurisdictions Household     SMVU Standard errors can         future frequency still not determined.
                             vehicle kilometres
                                                         Travel Surveys              limit reliability for many
                             travelled, freight tonne                                                                 Inclusion of odometer readings at registration and
                                                                                     purposes – data reliability
                             kilometres, laden and       Road freight movement                                        registration renewal would remove some reliance
                             unladen freight             models                                                       on SMVU.
                             kilometres of travel                                                                         There is increasing potential to use GPS data such
                                                                                                                          as that collected by Transport Certification
                                                                                                                          Australia (TCA) for freight.

                                                                                                                                                                         Page 17
ATC SR&T WG: Visibility of Strategically Important Transportation Data
            Need                  Description              Existing Collections                   Data Gaps                               Issues/Comments
20. Projected use of road    Projections of road         BITRE national network         National network corridor          Projections undertaken by some jurisdictions or
    network                  network by passengers       corridor traffic projections   projections produced as part of    for selected road studies.
                             and freight                                                specific BITRE project.
                                                         BITRE national-level road                                         Apelbaum Consulting provides some projections
                                                                                        (Methodology is applicable to
                                                         use projections produced                                          but not for all roads.
                                                                                        wider non-urban road
                                                         regularly as part of
                                                                                        network.)                          Base data required from a Freight Movements
                                                         greenhouse gas emission
                                                         Jurisdictional projections
21. Projected freight task   Projections of the freight BITRE national-level modal      A consistent set of projections    Most projections are limited to the whole of
                             task growth                freight task projections        for Australia and all              Australia or particular jurisdictions or particular
                                                        updated regularly               jurisdictions is not available –   modes.
                                                                                        modelling gap.
                                                         Jurisdictional freight                                            There are discrepancies between BITERE data
                                                         projections                    BITRE has produced                 and other sources.
                                                         Apelbaum consulting
                                                                                        projections from time-to-time.
22. Projected use of         Projections of major        BITRE national network         Projections limited to national    BITRE Projections limited only by project scope.
    major interstate road    highway links by            corridor traffic projections   road network and to selected       The Methodology is applicable to all non-urban
    links                    passengers and freight                                     road studies – modelling gap       roads.
23. Modelling of and         Use and projections of      Models developed / in          Modelling limited by available     National Modelling Group formed lead by
    projected use of key     major urban road links      development for Melbourne,     data                               Victorian Department of Transport.
    road links in major      by passengers and           Sydney, Brisbane and
                                                                                        Models used are still being        Light commercial vehicle use may to some degree
    urban areas              freight                     Adelaide and Perth, ACT
                                                                                        refined                            be relieved by inclusion of ABN and odometer
                                                                                                                           readings on the motor vehicle registries.
                                                                                        Light commercial vehicle use
                                                                                        is a data gap
24. Understand the           Motor vehicle and trailer ABS Motor Vehicle Census         Vehicles and trailers by           Fleet distribution by industry is a gap, the value of
    distribution of          registrations by type of   (ABS cat no. 9309.0)            industry is a data gap             existing data would be enhanced by including
    Australia‟s motor        vehicle, age and                                                                              ABN with registration, it will also help quantify
    vehicle and trailer      industry for jurisdictions                                                                    private versus business use vehicles.
                                                                                                                           Use existing registration data to separate trailer
                                                                                                                           type, axles and prime mover ratings.
                                                                                                                           Variable quality, needs auditing, consider ABS.

                                                                                                                                                                           Page 18
ATC SR&T WG: Visibility of Strategically Important Transportation Data
            Need                  Description              Existing Collections                    Data Gaps                               Issues/Comments
25. Define sales of new      Motor vehicle sales by      ABS Sales of New Motor          Categories not aligned with the    Definition of a „Bus‟ is an issue.
    motor vehicles           type, make and fuel         Vehicles (ABS cat. no.          Motor Vehicle Census, data
                                                                                                                            Inclusion of ABN in registry information would
                                                         9314.0)                         would be enhanced by
                                                                                                                            give split between business and private sales.
                                                                                         harmonising collections.-
                                                         FCAI data set
                                                                                         definitional issue
26. Define passenger use     Commuter and long           ARA Australian Rail
    of rail network and      distance use and time-of    industry Report
    rail links               –day patronage of key
                                                         Household travel surveys
                                                         Jurisdictional and private
                                                         service provider data
27. Projected use of rail    Projected use of rail       BITRE national-level rail       Projections on passenger rail      Unconstrained models are used.
    transport by             transport by passengers     passenger travel projections    use not available for all states
                                                                                                                            Models are project specific and often
    passengers                                                                           – modelling gap
                                                         Models developed / in                                              incompatible.
                                                         development for Melbourne,
                                                         Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide,
                                                         Perth, ACT
28. Define freight task of   Origin and destination      ARA Australian Rail             Little rail link data available    BITRE modelling limited by available data.
    rail network and rail    of rail freight and         industry Report                 and, where produced, is
                                                                                                                            BITRE data only for inter-capital links.
    links                    Tonnage of                                                  limited by confidentiality –
                                                         BITRE Australian rail freight
                             commodities on key rail                                     data gap                           Access to historical data is limited.
                                                         performance indicators –
                                                         interstate rail freight         Insufficient commodity data
                                                                                         available – data gap
                                                         Rail authority/operator
                                                         annual reports
                                                         Barrier counts
29. Projected use of rail    Projected use of rail       Jurisdictional models           Projections for each
    freight transport        freight transport                                           jurisdiction not available –
                                                         BITRE national network
                                                                                         modelling gap
                                                         projections for inter-capital
                                                         BITRE national-level rail
                                                         freight projections

                                                                                                                                                                         Page 19
ATC SR&T WG: Visibility of Strategically Important Transportation Data
            Need                  Description              Existing Collections                Data Gaps                             Issues/Comments
30. Define use of            Shipping fleet (capacity,   Lloyd‟s Marine Information
    shipping vessels         flag, tonnage), number      Unit
                             of port calls
31. Define coastal           Mass, pack type and         BITRE Domestic Sea Freight
    (domestic) shipping -    commodities
32. Define international     Mass and pack type,         International trade:         Details of container content –   Regional source of freight not captured or not
    shipping - freight       commodity, shipment              ABS                    data gap                         specified.
                             type for containers              Customs                                                 Tightening up on accuracy of Customs manifests
                             versus non-containers
                                                              Maritrade                                               required.
                                                         BITRE annual Australian
                                                         Sea Freight publication
33. Define seaport           Mass of commodities         Port authorities and some                                     Commercial datasets available at a cost.
    throughput               and pack type               jurisdictions
                                                         BITRE Waterline annual
                                                         Australian sea freight
34. Projected use of sea     Freight tonnage           BITRE capital city container   Projection on the freight task
    freight transport        projections for major sea port projections – provides    by port not available -
                             ports                     capital city specific port     modelling gap
                                                       freight throughput
                                                       projections and aggregate
                                                       throughput projections for
                                                       bulk freight ports.

                                                                                                                                                                    Page 20
ATC SR&T WG: Visibility of Strategically Important Transportation Data
            Need                  Description              Existing Collections                   Data Gaps                                Issues/Comments
35. Define air freight       Interstate and overseas     International trade:           Overseas freight movements         Not all data is publically available due to
    task                     movements by                     ABS                      are available by airport but not   confidentiality.
                             commodity by value and           Customs                  interstate movements – data
                                                                                                                           Need to separate freight carried by passenger and
                             tonnage, airport use                                       gap
                                                              Maritrade                                                   freight aircraft.
                                                                                        Commodity information poor -
                                                         Modelled data by Apelbaum                                         Interstate transhipments are coded as originating
                                                                                        data gap
                                                         Consulting                                                        from airport of departure rather than ultimate
                                                                                        Confidentiality issues due to      origin and destination.
                                                         BITRE Aviation Statistics      dominance by a few main air
                                                         include freight carried in     freight providers – data gap
                                                         holds of scheduled passenger
36. Define how air           Air freight price index     BITRE Air freight index
    freight prices change
37. Define domestic air      Interstate passenger        BITRE Aviation Statistics      BITRE Aviation Statistics data     BITRE Report 115
    passenger task           movements, seat                                            covers all regular scheduled
                                                         Apelbaum Consulting                                               Airport passenger domestic and international split
                             availability, flights,                                     passenger services.
                                                                                                                           also required.
                             airport use
                                                                                        Confidentiality restrictions
                                                                                                                           Data currently covers inter-city journey pairs
                             Intrastate movements                                       preclude publication of data
                                                                                                                           rather than ultimate origin and destination
                                                                                        for single-carrier routes.
38. Define international     Overseas passenger          BITRE Aviation Statistics                                         BITRE Report 115
    air passenger freight    movements, seat
    task                     occupancy, origin and
                             destination of
                             individuals (Country or
                             Australian State)for
                             each international
                             airport, flights, airport
39. Define aircraft fleet    Numbers of registered       CASA Civil Aircraft                                               Currency an issue.
                             aircraft                    Register.
                                                         Standard economic values
                                                         links to a wide range of
                                                         Aircraft fleet data

                                                                                                                                                                            Page 21
ATC SR&T WG: Visibility of Strategically Important Transportation Data
            Need                  Description              Existing Collections                  Data Gaps                             Issues/Comments
40. Projected use of air     Passenger numbers           BITRE national level            Modelling gap                     BITRE Report 115
    transport                using air transport and     domestic and international
                             origin-destination pairs    aviation projections
                             for major airports.         (produced for long-term
                                                         greenhouse emissions
                                                         BITRE long-term projected
                                                         air passenger movements
                                                         through major airports.
41. Define integrated        Freight Task by mode        ABS Freight Movements           ABS FMS survey out of date
    national freight         and commodity, also         Survey (FMS)                    and has limited scope – does
    movement for all         State and interstate/                                       not measure the whole freight
                                                         BITRE Freight Measurement
    modes                    intrastate and intra-                                       task. It requires updating and
                                                         and Modelling in Australia
                             urban movements                                             expanding to include whole
                                                                                         freight task – data gap
                                                                                         BITRE modelling limited by
                                                                                         available input data
42. Define passenger         Passenger kilometres for    BITRE estimates                 Reliability dependent on data     Regional cities often not modelled.
    travel                   each mode                                                   used in model to produce
                                                         Household travel surveys
                                                                                         estimates - data issue
43. Understand public        Capacity by mode,           Jurisdictional data sources     Inconsistent use of definitions   Desirable to understand average public transport
    transport capacity       patronage and peak use                                      reduces comparability – data      trip lengths, number of regular and new clientele.
                                                         Patronage information by
    and usage                                                                            issue
                                                         service providers
44. Define major city        Passenger kilometres        BITRE estimates                                                   Reliability dependent on data used in model to
    passenger tasks          within capital cities and                                                                     produce estimates.
                                                         State/Territory household
                             between capital city
                                                         travel surveys
                                                         Tourism Research
                                                         Australia‟s National and
                                                         International Visitor Surveys
45. Define pipeline and      Commodity tonnage and       Apelbaum consulting
    conveyer task            distance

                                                                                                                                                                         Page 22
ATC SR&T WG: Visibility of Strategically Important Transportation Data
Transportation Demand
        Need                      Description              Existing Collections                 Data Gaps                             Issues/Comments
46. Defining the physical    Industry by commodity       Jurisdictional industry,       System-wide data is a gap for    Frequent issues with comparability between
    inputs and outputs of    by volume by                locational and other traffic   most states                      jurisdictional surveys and national surveys.
    industries (including    geographic area of          generator surveys                                               Both urban and long-distance data is required.
                                                                                        Some state surveys have been
    service industries)      production and use          (Tasmanian and New
                                                                                        conducted but usually limited    The core data requirement is:
    causing the need for                                 Zealand Freight Demand
                                                                                        in scope, content and data             What commodities go from where
    freight movement                                     Surveys)
                                                                                        availability – data gap                   (industry, geocode);
    and how transport
                                                         ABS Manufacturing Census /                                            To where (industry, geocode);
    services this need                                                                  ABS industry census are:
                                                         surveys (ABS Cat no 8221.0,
                                                                                        periodically available at the          With what mass; and
                                                                                        state level but often have:            Using which links, modes and intermodal
                                                         ABS Mining Census (ABS
                                                                                           little data for smaller               facilities.
                                                         Cat no 8402.0)
                                                                                            areas;                       Other desirable data requirements include:
                                                         ABS Agricultural Census/
                                                                                           problems with currency;          For road, type of vehicle and trailer and
                                                         surveys (ABS Cat no 7121.0)
                                                                                            and                                 number of trips;
                                                         ABS Retail Census (ABS Cat                                          Value of the commodity;
                                                         No 8618.0)                        Poor links between               The pack type used;
                                                         Various ABS surveys of             industries and consequent        Whether the load is dangerous;
                                                         service Industries.                transport task.
                                                                                                                             Seasonality of movement;
                                                                                        ABS industry surveys are             Vehicle utilisation;
                                                                                        usually more timely but              For urban freight, time of day and days of
                                                                                        limited in:                             week of movement;
                                                                                           Detail,                          Employment of origin and destination
                                                                                                                                industry; and
                                                                                           Sometimes do not have
                                                                                            state/ territory data; and       Expected changes in commodity
                                                                                                                                movement requirements.
                                                                                           Do not have small area
                                                                                                                         There is increasing potential to use GPS data such
                                                                                            data                         as that collected by Transport Certification
                                                                                                                         Australia (TCA).
                                                                                                                         Future possibilities from technological innovation
                                                                                                                         include the use of vehicle-to infrastructure and
                                                                                                                         infrastructure to vehicle communication systems.

                                                                                                                                                                      Page 23
ATC SR&T WG: Visibility of Strategically Important Transportation Data
            Need                   Description              Existing Collections                   Data Gaps                               Issues/Comments
47. Define use of             Commodities and          Apelbaum consulting
    pipelines and             tonnage on pipelines and
    conveyor belts            conveyor belts that
                              substitute for road and
                              rail transport
48. Define price              How freight demand           Some study specific surveys    Studies use inconsistent           There is no agreed study or methodology
    elasticities of freight   changes with changes         undertaken by jurisdictions    theoretical frameworks and         generally agreed to by all jurisdictions as being
    movement                  in:                                                         often look at limited factors in   definitive.
                                                                                          elasticities – analysis and
                                  Price (including                                                                          Need data about underlying factors in choice and
                                                                                          modelling gap that will need
                                   fuels and                                                                                 their interrelationship.
                                                                                          new data
                                  Service
                                   (including mode
                                   availability, service
                                   finance and
49. Define change in          Level of activity of the     ABS Economy Wide               Only deal with transport as a
    economic activity         economic sectors at          Surveys (ABS cat. no.          primary activity –data gap
                              regional level               1350.0)
                                                                                          Generally, the smallest
                                                           ABS Australian National        geography available is the
                                                           Accounts (ABS cat. no          State/Territory level – data gap
                                                           State and Territory Treasury
                                                           budget papers

                                                                                                                                                                            Page 24
ATC SR&T WG: Visibility of Strategically Important Transportation Data
            Need                  Description              Existing Collections                  Data Gaps                              Issues/Comments
50. Project change in        Projected level of          State and Territory Treasury   Generally a research and
    economic activity        activity of economic        budget papers                  analysis gap for industry
                             sectors for regions                                        information that may need new
                                                         Access Economics
                                                                                        Inconsistent basis for
                                                                                        projections between
                                                                                        jurisdictions – modelling issue
                                                                                        Only deal with transport as a
                                                                                        primary activity – modelling
                                                                                        Generally, the smallest
                                                                                        geography available is the
                                                                                        State/Territory level –
                                                                                        modelling gap
51. Define demand for        Origin / destination,       State and Territory            HTS standard errors very high     HTS are costly to run and require a large sampling
    urban passenger          purpose, time of day,       Household Travel Surveys       due to low sampling fractions     fraction before standard errors are reduced to
    movements                linking of journey legs,    (HTS)                          – data issue                      acceptable levels.
                             modes used
                                                                                        Differences in HTS data items     New or enhanced methods required for business
                                                                                        and data collection methods       use of passenger vehicles e.g. taxis, consultants,
                                                                                        between states/territories. –     salespeople, professionals, public servants,
                                                                                        data issue                        welfare.
                                                                                        HTS often do not include
                                                                                        business use of passenger
                                                                                        vehicles – data gap
                                                                                        Data for use of bicycles and
                                                                                        pedestrian transport – data gap
52. Define Journey to        Household origin,           ABS Population Census‟         Population Census only            JTW relates households and destinations.
    Work                     destination workplace       Journey to Work (JTW)          undertaken every five years
                                                                                                                          Modelling can impute most likely routes taken.
                             and route taken
                                                                                        No information on route taken
                                                                                        – data and modelling gap

                                                                                                                                                                         Page 25
ATC SR&T WG: Visibility of Strategically Important Transportation Data
            Need                  Description              Existing Collections                 Data Gaps                Issues/Comments
53. Projections of           Small area employment       Second Commonwealth           Inter-generational report has
    distribution of          projections                 Treasury Inter-Generational   limited information
    employment                                           Report
                                                                                       No small area projections
                                                                                       Data and modelling gap
54. Define journey to                                                                  Limited information from
    education                                                                          Household Travel Surveys
                                                                                       subject to high standard errors
                                                                                       - data gap

                                                                                                                                           Page 26
ATC SR&T WG: Visibility of Strategically Important Transportation Data
            Need                  Description              Existing Collections                   Data Gaps                              Issues/Comments
55. Define the cost,         How passenger demand         State Household Travel         Only some required data           While a number of studies have been undertaken,
    behavioural and          changes with changes         Surveys (HTS)                  supplied by Household Travel      there are issues with quality and lack of
    sociological             in:                                                         Surveys and specific project      knowledge about availability.
                                                          Some local governments and
    influences and                                                                       work – data gap
                                Price (including         regional authorities have                                        Overarching document is dated: ATC National
    factors in urban
                                 fuels and toll roads);   undertaken surveys and focus   Differences in data items and     Guidelines for National Transport System
    personal travel
                                                          groups                         data collection methods           Management.
    choice and define the       Subsidies;                                              between jurisdictions data
    elasticities of urban                                 ABS Time Use Survey                                              Generally, new survey work or innovative
    passenger transport         Infrastructure and       State/territory and provider
                                                                                                                           methods required to fulfil needs.
                                 services;                                               Many HTS collect suitable
                                                          data on passenger transport                                      Desirable input is extent to which households
                                                          prices                                                           relocate in response to changes in workplace
                                Barriers to use
                                                                                         Elasticities from University of   location.
                                 (including service       Environmental Issues:
                                                                                         Sydney (not publicly
                                 availability and         People’s Views and                                               ABS publication to be released in May 2009 for
                                                          Practices, March 2006 (ABS                                       Vic and NSW: Workplace Mobility and
                                                          Cat no. 4602.0)                Results of many surveys are       Implications for Travel Survey.
                                Demographics;                                           not easily available – data
                                                          Public transport and auto                                        Critical questions are about activities, attitudes
                                Purpose of journey;      industry surveys                                                 and behaviours e.g. why:
                                                                                         Data, modelling and analysis
                                                          Elasticities from University                                         People travel by public transport;
                                Household income                                        gaps
                                                          of Sydney (not publicly
                                 and wealth; and          available)                                                           Buy particular models of vehicles and when;
                                Economic
                                 environment; and                                                                              Choose to walk and cycle.
                                Including                                                                                 Data value maximised by linking all modes used
                                 substitution between                                                                      in a journey.
                                 modes and with                                                                            There is some price data available from regulators
                                 transport                                                                                 e.g. Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal
                                 alternatives.                                                                             of NSW.

56. Define value of          Determine the true value     A number of studies            Conflicting findings of value     Theoretical frameworks used and quality of data
    travel time              of travel time               undertaken by States,          raise doubts about values         need review.
                                                          territories and universities   currently used – framework,
                                                                                         modelling and analysis issue

                                                                                                                                                                           Page 27
ATC SR&T WG: Visibility of Strategically Important Transportation Data
            Need                  Description              Existing Collections                   Data Gaps                              Issues/Comments
57. Define long distance     Interstate and main city    Limited data available from     Data gap for much of required      There may be some information available from
    passenger movement       pair journey data by        Tourism Australia‟s National    information                        passenger service providers e.g. Countrylink.
                             mode                        Visitor Survey
58. Define tourism           Domestic and                Tourism Australia‟s National    Data gaps exist in some States     HTS excludes tourists (except as part of
    demand for transport     international tourist use   Visitor Survey, International   and Territories                    household travel).
                             of transport services and   Visitor Survey and Regional
                                                                                         Surveys often small in sample      Tourism satellite accounts have some information
                             their travel patterns       Profiles
                                                                                         size and limited geographic        about tourism and transport.
                                                         State and Territory Tourism     detail – data issue
                                                                                         Often limited information
                                                                                         about transport use – data gap
                                                                                         Inconsistent definitions used
                                                                                         between State/territories – data
59. Project tourist          Projections of future       Tourism Australia forecasts     Basis and quality of
    demand                   tourist demand and                                          projections vary between
                                                         State and Territory tourism
                             travel patterns                                             jurisdictions – modelling issue

                                                                                                                                                                       Page 28
ATC SR&T WG: Visibility of Strategically Important Transportation Data
Transportation Infrastructure
        Need              Description                      Existing Collections                 Data Gaps                               Issues/Comments
60. Define the road          Length by road type by      PSMA and jurisdiction         Inconsistent definitions of        Quality data available for National network.
    network and active       State/territory, local      geospatial data               roads between states,
                                                                                                                          Active transport networks need to be understood
    transport network        government area and                                       territories and local
                                                         Jurisdictional road                                              in context of other transport infrastructure and
    e.g. cycleway            urban/rural                                               government – classification
                                                         infrastructure information                                       services.
                             Road location,              management systems
                                                                                                                          Commonwealth Grants Commission requires
                             carriageway                                               Data availability and quality
                                                         Some local government                                            national comparability of road network data.
                             configuration, seal type,                                 varies considerably,
                                                         infrastructure information
                             seal width,                                               particularly for local             Need for a consistent list of assets belonging to
                                                         management systems
                                                                                       government owned, forestry         categories with agreed definitions.
                             Constraints on use,
                                                                                       and private roads – data issues
                             HML availability
                                                                                       Availability of cycleway
                                                                                       information variable – data
                                                                                       availability issue
61. Define road              Link based road             Jurisdictional road           Inconsistencies between            Austroads has recommended definitions and
    condition and            condition and capacity      information management        jurisdictions:                     standards.
    capacity                 data                        systems
                                                                                           Consistency of
                                                         Some local government              definitions used
                                                         infrastructure information
                                                         management systems                Completeness of
                                                         Studies of Level of Service        condition measures
                                                         (LOS)                             Currency and latency
                                                                                           Level of detail
                                                                                           Alignment of road
                                                                                            attribute data with spatial
                                                                                            road data
                                                                                       Data gaps and issues

                                                                                                                                                                         Page 29
ATC SR&T WG: Visibility of Strategically Important Transportation Data
            Need                    Description             Existing Collections                   Data Gaps                               Issues/Comments
62. Define value of            List of road assets and     Jurisdictional asset           Consistent treatment, rate of       Need consistent definitions of:
    assets (road, rail, sea,   associated infrastructure   valuations                     depreciation, different
                                                                                                                                  Historic and replacement costs;
    airport and container      and value                                                  accounting treatment across
    terminal                                                                              jurisdictions – data definition         Assumptions about asset lives; and
    infrastructure)                                                                       issue
                                                                                                                                  Proposed and committed capital investments
                                                                                                                                   including timing and discount rate
63. Define the change in       Construction inputs         ABS Producer Price Indexes     Information is required by
    price of inputs into       price indexes               (ABS Cat. no. 6427.0)          mode of investment - data gap
                                                           BITRE Road Maintenance
    construction activity
                                                           and Construction Input Price
    by mode
64. Project change in          Projections of              Some States/territories        Projection models are
    price of inputs into       construction input price    undertake these projections    inconsistent –modelling
    infrastructure             indexes                     for budget development         consistency issue
    construction activity                                  purposes
65. Define rail                Rail condition data         Some information for           Jurisdictional data usually
    infrastructure                                         jurisdictionally owned         poorly accessible – data
    condition and                                          railways                       availability issue
                                                                                          Private railway data usually
                                                                                          confidential – data gap
                                                                                          The data items collected vary –
                                                                                          data classification issue
                                                                                          Data quality varies – data
                                                                                          quality issue
                                                                                          Need for performance data
                                                                                          e.g. capacity, travel times, load
                                                                                          limits – data gap
66. Define sea port            Sea port condition data     Ports Australia (formerly                                          Information about the port location, capacity, and
    infrastructure and         for key sea ports           AAPMA)                                                             traffic volumes are well covered.
                                                           Annual reports

                                                                                                                                                                            Page 30
ATC SR&T WG: Visibility of Strategically Important Transportation Data
            Need                  Description              Existing Collections             Data Gaps                              Issues/Comments
67. Define airport           Airport infrastructure      Civil Aviation Safety                                       Information about airstrips is less available.
    infrastructure and       and condition               Authority(CASA) data for
    condition                                            airports
68. Define key pipelines     Condition and               Some geospatial data       Possible gap requiring research Investigation required as to availability and
    and conveyor belts       geospatial data             available                                                  consistency of existing information, particularly
                             information for                                                                        condition.
                             pipelines and conveyor
                             belts that substitute for
                             road and rail transport

                                                                                                                                                                      Page 31
ATC SR&T WG: Visibility of Strategically Important Transportation Data
Transportation Externalities and Energy
        Need              Description                      Existing Collections               Data Gaps                               Issues/Comments
69. Define fuels and         Total fuel consumed by      ABS Survey of Motor         2007-08 SMVU will not be
    energy consumed by       type for modes and          Vehicle Usage (SMVU)        conducted – data gap
    transport activity       broad location (urban       (ABS cat no. 8208.0)
                                                                                     Standard errors for SMVU
                                                         Jurisdictional estimates    limits reliability for some uses
                             For road, average rate of                               – data quality issue
                                                         Apelbaum Consulting
                             fuel consumption by
                                                                                     Consistency of definitions
                             vehicle type, age,          BITRE national level
                                                                                     used across data sources – data
                             emission characteristics    transport energy use and
                                                                                     classification issue
                                                         greenhouse emissions
                                                         projections.                SMVU locational information
                                                                                     available for jurisdictions but
                                                                                     subject to high standard errors
                                                                                     – data quality issue
70. Emissions generated      Greenhouse gas              BITRE national level        BITRE produce national             Many players in this space (DCC, Treasuries,
    by transport activity    emissions, methane          transport energy use and    estimates only, jurisdictions      states, private sector BITRE) result in, potential
                             emissions and nitrous       greenhouse production       and Apelbaum produce               for difficulty in resolving coherence issues.
                             oxide emissions by          reports                     estimates below the national
                                                                                                                        Differentiate between electric and diesel trains.
                             mode of transport                                       level and there are
                                                         Apelbaum Consulting
                                                                                     comparability problems – data
                             For road, vehicle –
                                                         Jurisdictional estimates    issues
                             emission characteristics
                                                                                     Better quality data required for
                                                                                     emissions other than CO2 data
                                                                                     - quality issue
                                                                                     Limited data available for local
                                                                                     emissions – data gap
71. Define fuels and         Total fuel consumed by      Apelbaum Consulting
    energy consumed by       type and average rate of
    pipeline transport       fuel consumption by
                             pipeline transport
72. Define transport fuel    Petroleum production,       DITR Australian Petroleum   Bio-fuels – data gap
    production               and imports and exports     Statistics
                                                                                     Data on cost to produce fuel –
                             by fuel type
                                                                                     data gap

                                                                                                                                                                       Page 32
ATC SR&T WG: Visibility of Strategically Important Transportation Data
            Need                  Description              Existing Collections                   Data Gaps                             Issues/Comments
73. Define economic          Understand and track                                        Data and analytical gap          Transport Satellite Account would provide
    impact of Emissions      economic impacts of                                                                          essential input into this modelling.
    Trading                  changes in potential
                                                                                                                          Modelling (e.g. GE modelling) may overcome the
                             emission reduction
                             policy alternatives
74. Understanding level                                  Jurisdictional environmental    (Further investigation           Many needs are local in nature and beyond the
    of particulates and                                  authorities have considerable   required)                        scope of national importance but national
    other pollutants                                     data                                                             integration of data will assist comparability to
                                                                                                                          identify hot-spots at a national level.
75. Understand other         Understand other            Jurisdictional environmental    Problems include inconsistent:   National guidelines on noise need to be updated.
    environmental            environmental impacts       authorities have considerable
                                                                                             Frameworks                  Many needs are local in nature and beyond the
    impacts                  e.g. noise pollution,       data
                                                                                                                          scope of national importance but national
                             endangered species                                              Data definitions            integration of data will assist comparability to
                                                                                             Completeness of data        identify hot-spots at a national level and may be
                                                                                                                          of use to infrastructure Australia.
                                                                                             Currency
76. Understanding                                                                        Framework required               May require locational measures e.g. congestion.
    positive impacts of
                                                                                         Analytical Gap                   Reaching agreement on definition of positive
                                                                                                                          externality e.g. improving access for
77. Projections of           Projected CO2, CO2      BITRE greenhouse gas                Projections have consistency
    transportation           equivalent, methane and emissions reports                   issue modelling issue
    greenhouse gas           other emissions by mode
                                                     Jurisdictional greenhouse gas
    emission                 and type of vehicle
                                                     emission reports
                                                         Apelbaum Consulting

                                                                                                                                                                         Page 33
ATC SR&T WG: Visibility of Strategically Important Transportation Data
            Need                  Description              Existing Collections                    Data Gaps                             Issues/Comments
78. Define road safety       Fatality accidents,         Australian Transport Safety      Inconsistency in the              Coherence issues and definitions vary.
                             fatalities, death rates,    Bureau (ATSB)                    application of classifications,
                                                                                                                            Police Crash Report Forms not standardised.
                             injury rates by severity,                                    particularly as crash severity
                                                         Australian Institute of Health
                             type of vehicle, crash                                       decreases; work is required to    Geo-location data is inconsistently collected
                                                         and Welfare hospital
                             causes                                                       harmonise series between          between jurisdictions (where accidents occur and
                                                         inpatient data
                                                                                          jurisdictions – data issues and   high risk areas).
                             cost of accidents –
                                                         National Coronial Database       potential gaps
                             persons and vehicles,                                                                          Considerable progress underway in improving and
                             congestion costs            Jurisdictional road safety,                                        analysing data by ATSB and Monash University.
                             associated with road        police and health databases
                                                                                                                            Particular data needs include:
                             accidents                   and performance indicators
                                                                                                                                Road use behaviours (speed and speed
                             Hot spot identification     Austroads Performance
                                                         Indicators                                                              compliance, alcohol and drug use, seatbelt
                                                                                                                                 use, purpose of trip, passengers;
                                                         Insurance companies for
                                                                                                                                 demographics, pedestrian behaviours);
                                                         property-only damage
                                                                                                                                Road type ((including surface, conditions,
                                                                                                                                 location, gradient, curves, roadside objects);
                                                                                                                                Vehicles types (including use and safety
                                                                                                                                Hospital morbidity and long term
                                                                                                                                 consequences; and
                                                                                                                                Infringement history.
                                                                                                                            Security Working Group may identify further data
79. Heavy vehicle            Data on heavy vehicle       Jurisdictional heavy vehicle     National exchange of data for     Interstate data exchange poorly organised and no
    enforcement data         infringements, warnings     enforcement systems              managing warnings and             agreed system for managing formal warnings.
                             and penalties                                                penalties – data management
                                                                                                                            Issue being addressed by NTC National Heavy
                                                                                          and access issue
                                                                                                                            Vehicle Enforcement Data Exchange Project
                                                                                                                            “Develop a national strategy for improving road
                                                                                                                            transport compliance and enforcement data
                                                                                                                            sharing arrangements between agencies and
                                                                                                                            jurisdictions, in order to deliver improved heavy
                                                                                                                            vehicle enforcement and road safety outcomes.”
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ATC SR&T WG: Visibility of Strategically Important Transportation Data
            Need                  Description               Existing Collections                 Data Gaps                              Issues/Comments
80. Define rail safety       Fatality accidents,           Jurisdictional rail safety   Inconsistent data on level         The NTC has produced the National Strategy for
                             fatalities, death rates,      incident systems             crossings collected by             Rail Safety Data 2008-2010. Strategic themes are
                             injury rates by severity                                   jurisdictions (e.g. number of      “Better focused national data”, Better quality
                                                           ALCAM model
                                                                                        near misses, minor and major       data” and “Better consistency and comparability.”
                             Better risk profile of the
                                                                                        collisions and so on)
                             rail operation                                                                                These actions are currently being addressed by
                                                                                        Currently there is a lack of       three working groups.
                             Rail safety occurrences
                                                                                        comparability on level
                             are reported using a                                                                          The NTP Safety and Security Working Group
                                                                                        crossing data across
                             standard national                                                                             may identify further data needs once the actions of
                                                                                        jurisdictions. However, at the
                             approach. Occurrence                                                                          NDS have been addressed.
                                                                                        jurisdictional level, data is
                             notifications are based
                                                                                        collected using the definitions
                             on the Guidelines for the
                                                                                        in the OC-G1
                             Top Event Classification
                             of Notifiable                                              Inconsistent use of geo-spatial
                             Occurrences (OC-G1).                                       data – data classification issue
                             A number of areas are
                                                                                        In relation to level crossings,
                             reported at a national
                                                                                        geo-spatial data is collected by
                                                                                        some, if not all jurisdictions
                               a. Fatalities (and rates)                                that can be aligned with road
                               b. Serious injuries (and                                 safety data.
                               c. Level crossing
                               d. Derailments
                               e. Line collisions
                               f. Signals passed at
                               g. Loading
                             Track and civil

                                                                                                                                                                        Page 35
ATC SR&T WG: Visibility of Strategically Important Transportation Data
            Need                  Description              Existing Collections        Data Gaps                Issues/Comments
81. Define marine safety     Fatality accidents,         Australian Transport Safety               Different issues for recreational and smaller boat
    and security             fatalities, death rates,    Bureau                                    activity versus business (big end of town).
                             injury rates by severity
                                                         National Maritime Safety                  Smaller end is not well regulated or understood.
                             and location
                                                                                                   Need to consult with the Australian Maritime
                             How many navigational
                             aids are there, how
                             many licences and what
                             restrictions to they have

                                                                                                                                                  Page 36
ATC SR&T WG: Visibility of Strategically Important Transportation Data
Transportation and Land Use Planning
        Need            Description                        Existing Collections                   Data Gaps                               Issues/Comments
82. Define population        Population location and     ABS Population Census           Population Census only
    distribution             demographics,                                               undertaken every 5 years –
                                                         ABS Population estimates
                             household income,                                           data gap
                                                                                         Inter-censal resident
                             characteristics to small
                                                                                         population estimates only
                             area level.
                                                                                         partly fills the gap – modelling
83. Project population       Population projections      ABS Population Projections      Most States do not undertake
    changes                                              (ABS cat. no. 3222.0)           small area population
                                                                                         projections and some
                                                         Some States produce
                                                                                         projections are limited in
                                                         population projections at a
                                                                                         geographic distribution –
                                                         small area level
                                                                                         modelling gap
                                                                                         Inconsistent methodologies
                                                                                         used between States
84. Defining transport       Understanding numbers,      ABS Socio-Economic              Data and analytical gap            A particular issue is access to health facilities.
    needs of                 locations, transportation   Indexes for Areas (SEIFA)
                                                                                         Available data sources only        Combining Centreline data with population
    disadvantaged            needs and situations of
                                                         ABS Population Census           partly fulfil need and are not     census has potential to part fill the gap.
    populations (social      those who are:
                                                                                         integrated – data issues
    inclusion)                                           Centreline                                                         Geospatial data is important.
                                Disabled and with
                                 other physical health   Brotherhood of St Laurence
                                 issues;                 Jag Dodson – Griffith
                                Elderly (including
                                 retirement villages)    State Infrastructure Planning
                                                         Systems (SIPS) Tasmania,
                                With mental health      NSW
                                 issues,                 Jurisdictional DDA
                                Remote (including       compliance data
                                 communities); and
                                In poverty

                                                                                                                                                                             Page 37
ATC SR&T WG: Visibility of Strategically Important Transportation Data
            Need                  Description              Existing Collections                     Data Gaps                             Issues/Comments
85. Understand spatial       Geospatial data ,           ANZLIC based data and                                              This need overlaps with many other transportation
    distribution             including topographic       information such as that                                           data needs with a geospatial data requirement.
                             information, planning       available through PSMA and
                                                                                                                            Classification of land use varies across Australia
                             zones, population,          jurisdictional mapping
                                                                                                                            leading to issues with comparability.
                             infrastructure,             agencies
                             manufacturing, mining,                                                                         Need agreement on basic definitions e.g. Urban
                             agricultural, forestry,                                                                        and rural; local as opposed to arterial road.
                             energy generation,                                                                             There are differences in data attributes, collection
                             utilities service                                                                              methodologies and standards.
                             enterprise locations,
                             endangered and                                                                                 Land Use and Public Transport Accessibility
                             threatened species,                                                                            Index (Griffith University).
                             climatic features,
                             heritage , aboriginal
86. Define public            Service frequency and       State and Territory public        Data availability, quality and   Network information needs to be compatible with
    transport routes and     route information           transport information             definitions issues               information on population industry location, land
    service networks                                     systems                                                            planning and development .
                                                         Private service provider
87. Optimise public          Digitalised public          State, territory and provider     Data analysis gap                Value maximised when harmonised with
    transport networks       transport networks with     bus, rail, light rail and ferry                                    information for demand for public transport.
                             service provision           routes

                                                                                                                                                                           Page 38
ATC SR&T WG: Visibility of Strategically Important Transportation Data
            Need                  Description              Existing Collections                  Data Gaps                            Issues/Comments
88. Define community         Public perception of        ABS Environmental Issues:       Needs are only partly covered   Data required improving transparency of
    attitudes to             externality impacts by      People‟s Views and Practices    – data gap                      environmental impacts of transport use.
    transportation           mode                        (ABS Cat no 4602.0, March
                                                                                                                         Many transport externality issues are local in
                                  Safety                                                                                nature and beyond the scope of national
                                                         Austroads‟ Survey of                                            importance but national integration of data will
                                  Noise                 community attitudes to heavy                                    assist comparability to identify hot-spots at a
                                  Emissions             vehicle movements in urban                                      national level.
                                                         and rural areas.
                                  Environment           Austroads Performance
                                  Road rage             Indictors – User Satisfaction

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