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					                                       The Benefits of
                                       International Investing
                                       The Shrinking Planet
                                       In some ways, the world seems to be getting smaller. With the lowering of trade and political
                                       barriers, and the remarkable technical developments of recent years, it’s easier than ever to do
                                       business anywhere on the planet, at any time. Look at how this transformation has impacted our
                                       everyday lives. Many Americans work at multinational corporations, take international vacations,
                                       talk on cell phones with friends in faraway lands, wear clothes made overseas or drive foreign
                                       cars. While we have grown accustomed to many aspects of globalization, there’s one area many
                                       Americans still steer clear of – investing internationally. According to the Profit Sharing/401(k)
                                       Council of America, the average individual investor places less than 3% of his or her portfolio in
                                       foreign equities. That allocation can keep investors from benefiting from the world-class

“ Investors who                        opportunities that international investing offers.

                                       Opportunities Overseas
                                                                                                         Total World Stock Market
shortchange their                      Investors who shortchange their international                            As of December 31, 2005
                                       exposure miss out on the majority of worldwide
  international                        equity investments. As the pie chart shows,
                                       more than half of the world’s stock market                                   U.S. U.S.
exposure miss out                      capitalization lies outside of the U.S. By
                                       shunning these international equities, investors
on the majority of                     are missing out on the potential gains of many
                                       outstanding opportunities.
worldwide equity                       Why Invest Internationally?
                                                                                                     Source: Morgan Stanley Capital International, (MSCI) Inc.

                                       Experts often point to asset allocation as one hallmark of successful investing. Spreading your
   investments.           ”            investments among various asset classes – such as stocks, bonds and money market securities –
                                       can help lower the overall volatility in a portfolio and potentially boost returns. You can also go
                                       one step further and diversify the “mix within the mix.” For example, within the equity allocation
                                       of a portfolio, adding an international fund alongside a group of domestic funds can help
                                       smooth out returns. That’s because historically, stock markets in the U.S. and abroad have not
                                       performed in lockstep. Therefore, by holding a diversified portfolio that includes both domestic
                                       and international funds, disappointing performance in one market may be counterbalanced by
                                       strong performance in another. The chart below shows that the annual returns of domestic and
                                       international markets have sometimes differed sharply over the past 10 years.
                                                                                U.S and The World
                                                                         Annual Performance 1996 to 2005
compliments of:                                                                                                                 39%
                                                     33%                       27%
                                                                29%                                                        29%
                                30%                                          21%
                                         23%                      20%                                                                       20%
                                20%                                                                                                                   14%
                                10%          6%                                                                                                     5%
                                                         2%                              -9%        -12%        -22%
                                -10%             ■ U.S. Stocks
                                                 ■ Foreign Stocks                          -14%
                                -20%                                                                    -16%
                                        1996          1997        1998        1999        2000 2001   2002   2003                         2004        2005

                                       Note: U.S. stocks are represented by the S&P 500 Index. Foreign stocks are represented by the Morgan Stanley Capital
                                       International Europe Australasia and Far East Index (MSCI-EAFE). The results shown above do not represent the performance
                                       of any First Investors fund. They do not take into account fees and expenses associated with the purchase of mutual fund
                                       shares. Individuals cannot invest directly in an index. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.
                  Member SIPC
World-Class Performance
Although world markets are cyclical and past                                                    Cumulative Performance
                                                                                       For The Five-Year Period Ended April 30, 2006
performance cannot predict future returns, the
recent performance of foreign stock markets has
been impressive. In 2005, foreign stocks outpaced                                                                    Foreign Stocks 66%
their U.S. counterparts for a fourth consecutive
year. And, as the chart shows, for the five-year
period ended April 30, 2006, the cumulative                     U.S. Stocks 23%
return for international stocks was nearly three
times the return for U.S. equities.
                                                            0%          10%            20%            30%            40%           50%            60%            70%          80%
Explore Emerging Markets                                    Note: U.S. stocks are represented by the S&P 500 Index. Foreign stocks are represented by the Morgan Stanley Capital
By expanding one’s investment horizons to include           International Europe Australasia and Far East Index (MSCI-EAFE). The results shown above do not represent the performance
                                                            of any First Investors fund. They do not take into account fees and expenses associated with the purchase of mutual fund
foreign markets that are considered developing or           shares. Individuals cannot invest directly in an index. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.
emerging (such as Brazil, India or Taiwan), an
investor can also discover attractive companies that     Special Risks                                                    Neither First Investors nor its representatives offer
have not yet been fully valued by the market. These      While investing in non-U.S. funds can offer benefits,            tax, legal or estate-planning services. Clients should
opportunities can add significant upside potential.      it also entails special risks. It’s important to consider        contact their personal tax and legal advisers for
However, risks may be heightened when investing          these risks when deciding how to allocate your                   any advice about these matters.
in emerging markets, which may be less stable            portfolio between domestic and international                     First Investors offers brokerage services. It is not an
than developed markets.                                  investments. In addition to general market risks,                investment adviser. Although First Investors does offer
                                                         investments in foreign securities involve certain                investment advice to its clients, such advice is solely
Familiar Names                                           considerations not typically associated with U.S.
Foreign investing may seem, well, foreign to many                                                                         incidental to its recommendations to clients of specific
                                                         securities. Those risks include fluctuations in foreign          securities in its capacity as a broker-dealer. We do not
Americans. However, many non-U.S. companies              currency and the potential impact of political,
make very familiar products. In fact, some firms,                                                                         receive any compensation for our advice other than
                                                         economic and social developments in foreign                      the commissions we earn on the sale of mutual funds
like Bayer (Germany), seem as American as baseball       countries. In addition, in comparison to U.S.
and apple pie. Car manufacturers like Toyota                                                                              and other securities. There are differences between
                                                         markets, foreign securities markets are generally                broker-dealers and investment advisers, and as a
(Japan) and Volvo (Sweden), produce some of              less liquid, less regulated and have less uniformity
the most popular models in America. U.S. cell                                                                             consequence, the customer’s rights and the firm’s
                                                         of accounting standards and less publicly available              duties and obligations to the customer, including the
phone customers are familiar with Nokia (Finland),       information on companies. Because of the higher
“gamers” know Sony (Japan), beer drinkers                                                                                 scope of the firm’s fiduciary obligations, may differ.
                                                         level of risk, successful international investing
appreciate Heineken (the Netherlands) and athletes       generally requires a long-term commitment. Your                  For more information about First Investors
are comfortable with Adidas (Germany).                   representative can help you determine if                         products, you may obtain a free prospectus
(Please note: The securities of these companies          international funds are right for you.                           by contacting your registered representative,
may or may not be in a First Investors fund.)                                                                             writing to the address below, calling
                                                         Talk To Your Representative                                      (800) 423-4026, or visiting our website at
International Funds & Global Funds                       For information on international investing, contact     You should consider
International investing can be very complex for          your First Investors representative today. He or she             the Fund’s investment objectives, risks,
individuals. An effective way for individual investors   can act as your personal “travel agent” of sorts,                charges and expenses carefully before
to participate in the global marketplace is through      helping you understand the benefits and risks of                 investing. The prospectus contains this and
mutual funds. There are many subgroups of mutual         international investing. Your representative can                 other information, and should be read
funds that invest in the stocks of companies based       analyze your current portfolio, help you pinpoint                carefully before you invest or send money.
outside of the U.S., but they all fall into two broad    your goals, gauge your risk tolerance and help you               An investment in a product is not a bank
categories – international funds and global funds.       determine if international diversification is right              deposit and is not insured or guaranteed by
In general, global funds invest in foreign stocks and    for you. He or she can discuss what products may                 the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
U.S. stocks. While international funds may also invest   be suitable for your unique needs and make specific              (FDIC) or any other government agency.
in foreign and U.S. stocks, the vast majority (and       investment recommendations.
sometimes all) of their assets are in foreign stocks.

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