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Investing Rreal Estate Opportunities


This is an example of investing real estate opportunities. This document is useful for conducting investing real estate opportunities.

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                                                   Robert R. Tweed: President
                                                Tweed Financial Services, Inc.
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Investing in Real Estate on a Value Basis
By Robert R. Tweed
Tweed Financial Services, Inc.

   Investing by and large comes down to three broad approaches – growth,
value and trend. Growth investing is based on expectations for the future.
Value investing looks at present realities. Trend investing relies less on an
analysis of growth or value standards and more on the current market trend
of an investment class or sector.

   At Tweed Financial, our goal is to identify value investing opportunities
that meet our clients’ investment criteria. These are investments where cash
flow and tax benefits justify the value of the underlying investment rather
than projected future growth. By focusing on current value, investors strive
to avoid overpaying for assets and reduce risk. In our opinion, commercial
real estate currently represents an attractive value investment.

   The surge in real estate values over the past seven years has impacted
primarily residential markets. Commercial property values have been much
slower to increase. As a result, most new development has been in
residential markets.
Investing in Real Estate on a Value Basis
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                           Residential Appreciation Vs. Commercial Values














                                    S&P GRA Composite Commercial Real Estate Index
                                    S&P Case Shiller Nat'l Home Price Index

The S&P/Case-Shiller® Home Price Index is designed to measure the growth in value of residential
real estate in various regions across the U.S.
The S&P/GRA Commercial Real Estate Index (SPCREX™) is designed to be a reliable and consistent
benchmark for commercial real estate prices in the U.S.
Source: Standard and Poor’s Alternative Indices,

    Commercial vacancies have declined nationwide over the past three years
due to limited new construction and business growth. This, we believe, has
given property owners the leeway to increase rental rates, adding to the
attractiveness of many commercial properties. Commercial real estate loan
defaults are at the lowest levels in history, a further sign of the health of the

    Commercial real estate opportunities also allow investors to narrowly
target investments by use and geographic region. For example, an investor
Investing in Real Estate on a Value Basis
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might choose to invest in retail complexes or medical facilities in the fastest
growing metropolitan areas, or a specific size of office buildings.

   While investors have the option of purchasing individual commercial
properties directly, achieving a diversified portfolio of commercial properties
can lower the risks associate with a single property, such as the local
economy, natural disasters and even structural obsolescence.

   Among the types of investments that facilitate diversified ownership of
commercial real estate are public and private equity Real Estate Investment
Trusts (REITs), mutual funds, Tenants-In-Common properties that allow
investors to use 1031 exchanges to avoid losing portfolio value to taxes
when they sell investment real estate, and more. The growth of the 1031
TIC market in particular has given clients new ways to diversify their real
estate portfolios into office buildings, hotels, apartments, industrial
properties, retail facilities and oil and gas properties.

   1031 exchanges must be equal to or greater in value than that of the
relinquished property. You also need to be aware that 1031 exchanges are
subject to the various restrictions set forth in Section 1031 of the Internal
Revenue Code. Consult with your tax advisor for actual tax consequences.

   A good investment in commercial real estate should offer investors a
means to minimize the impact of taxes, meet income requirements, optimize
future investment value, and match investments with the client’s long-term

   We welcome your questions with regards to current market values and
opportunities where we see potential for solid returns to investors.
Remember, all investing carries risks and there is always the potential to
lose money as well as experience gains. When using 1031 exchanges and
investing in real estate make certain you have the right advice.
Investing in Real Estate on a Value Basis
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Investments in real estate may not be appropriate for all investors, may
have limited transferability and may lack liquidity. Real estate values may
fluctuate based on economic and environmental factors. An investor should
consider carefully the investment objectives, risks, and charges and
expenses of the investment company offering variable annuities and read
the contract prospectus and the underlying fund prospectus for this and
other information before investing. Because TIC and oil and gas interests are
sold as securities, they are available only to accredited investors. For an
individual, this means at least a $1 million net worth or yearly income of at
least $200,000. TICs are subject to upfront fees and expenses that may
impact investor returns and outweigh the tax benefits.

Robert “Rusty” Tweed is president of Tweed Financial Services, Inc. an
independent, comprehensive financial planning and investment management
firm. Tweed has educated thousands of investors on real estate investment
and estate and trust issues through his popular seminar series since 1997.
A Certified Estate Advisor, he is a member of the Tenants-in-Common
Association and the National Association of Financial and Estate Planners.

Tweed Financial Services offices are located at 2060 Huntington Drive, Suite
1, San Marino, CA 91108 and 9595 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 900, Beverly Hills,
CA 90212. 626-588-1520.

   Securities Offered Through CapWest Securities, Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC/MSRB.
        Tweed Financial Services, Inc. and CapWest Securities, Inc. are non-affiliated.

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