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					 Adventures In The Beetroot                     Max Tundra
              Field                                  Mele
     Agaskodo Teliverek                          Metronomy
          Alphabeat                    Mickey Moonlight (Ed Banger)

                                                                                     S               T         A       R       T
An Experiment On The Bird In                  Minotaur Shock
         The Airpump                              Monotonix

                                                                                     t          h          e       B       u   s
            Anthallo                           Mount Kimbie
       Armchair Disco                              Mr. Oizo
          Aeroplane                             MSTRKRFT
          Autokratz                   Mumdance (Mad Decent)Munch
          Basketball                                Munch
        Bonde Do Role                       My Tiger My Timing
          Bo Ningen                              Nightmoves
           Casper C                                No Kids
           Casiokids                               No.Lay
        Collison Films                               Noob
       Crystal Fighters                 Nostalgia 77 (Tru Thoughts)
          DaM FunK                                Papercuts
 Dave Beer (Back To Basics)                       Pase Rock
       Dj Q & McBones                        Phantom Paradise
        Duke Dumont                                Playdoe
          Dutty Girl                                Poirier
         Ebony Bones                               Ponytail
  Electricity In Our Homes                      Portmanteau
             Errors                            Post War Years
    Everything Everything                         Primary 1
              Evils                           Punks Jump Up
Ezra Bang & The Hot Machine                 Rose Elinor Dougall
         Fenech Soler                              Qemists
         Filthy Dukes                         Rainbow Arabia
         Flying Lotus                  Rosie Oddie & The Odd Squad
         Futureboogie                             Samiyam
        Gaslamp Killer                  Secret Garden Soundsystem
        Ghettospheric                          Simone White
         Gideon Conn                     Small Saul & Slutcrusher
             Gomez                                Solid Gold
          Gold Panda                           South Central
         Greg Wilson                            Squeaky Hill
             Grum                                  Stereo 8
       Guilty Pleasures                          Steve Redux
         Hafdis Hudd                              Still Flyin
       Hatcham Social                           Super Tennis
       Hot Chip Dj set                              Switch
       Indian Jewellry                            Tapedeck
         In Flagranti                       Televised Crimewave
            Invasion                             The Apples
          Jesse Rose                            The Big Pink
   Joe Gideon & The Shark                         The Blast
           Juke 2000                             Thee Vicars
           Jumeaux                                The Sticks
        Kap Bambino                   The Phenomenal Handclap Band
          Kid Carpet                         The Rumblestrips
       Koko Von Napoo                           The Toy Band
         L R Rockets                   Tim & Sam’s Tim & Sam Band
          Ladyhawke                             Tronik Youth
       Leafcutter John                          Video Nasties
        Lupine Lounge                          We Have Band
         Man Like Me                             Wild Palms
           Man Man                             Your Twenties
  Marina & The Diamonds

              7 - 9 Baldwin Street BS1 1RU | 0117 930 4370 | | facebook

                           Opening Times
Sun: 11am - 1.30am | Mon - Wed: 10am - 1.30am | Thurs - Sat: 10am - 3am

                                                                            7 - 9 BaLdwIn st BrIstoL Bs1
                                                                                    start tHe Bus
                                                                              10pm - 3am - £3/2 entry
                                                                                   saturday 5 June
                                                                          suBstatIc - ep LauncH
                                                                                Juke 2000 presents
                                               Thursday 3rd June                                           Thursday 10th June                                             Friday 18th June

                                               Bottle Rocket                                               Crazylegs X Brick Bandits End                                  Becks: Music Inspires Art
                                               Feat. Squeaky Hill                                          Of Term Party                                                  Three Trapped Tigers - Live
                                               9pm - 3am / Free Entry                                      DJ Sega (Mad Decent /                                          Teeth - Live
                                                                                                           Philadelphia, USA)                                             Lone Wolf - Live

                                               The mighty Bottle Rocket returns to Start The Bus.
                                               Equipment will be provided for you to make you very
                                               own blue peter favourite. Squeaky Hill will be providing    DJ Tameil (Unruly Recs / New                                   Little Boots - Dj Set
                                               a rocket related soundtrack to guide you through the        Jersey, USA)                                                   9pm – 3am / Free Entry
                                                                                                           Smallsaul                                                      Part 2 of our free weekender. Sees a collection of up
                                                                                                                                                                          and coming live acts being joined by Little Boots on
                                               Friday 4th June                                             (Monkey!Knife!Fight!)                                          the decks and a very special act still hidden behind the

                                               EARLY SHOW                                                  Rory Power (Audio Discharge)                                   curtain. Watch this space.

                                               Extra Life - Live                                           DJ Shandy (Crazylegs)                                          Saturday 19th June
                                               Local Support                                               Spooks & Shaun Phillips
                                                                                                           (Crazylegs)                                                    Tigersushi Tour: We Are X Tour
                                               8pm - 10pm / Free Entry
                                                                                                           10pm – 3am / £3 Donations                                      Joakim
 Dj Cheeba                                     This New York group is fronted by guitarist / vocalist
 Thursday 17th June                            Charlie Looker, who spent six years in ZS, has played       Here’s one opportunity we couldn’t pass up. Flying in
                                               with Mick Barr, was a one-time member of Dirty              all the way from United States of America, representing        Tigersushi All-stars
                                               Projectors. In Extra Life, he taps into a mesmerizing       Diplo’s Mad Decent imprint, we’re so proud to present
                                                                                                                                                                          10pm – 3am / Free Entry
                                               form of avant-rock raga, repeating words, and shifting      Bristol debuts for two of the rowdiest DJs on the planet.

                                               into a windswept, entrancing post-punk throat singing.      Expect the loudest, rawest Baltimore club music right          Joakim runs the Tigersushi label, releases a broad
                                               The sounds are fleshed out with drums, bass, saxophone,     on your doorstep as we bring the block party to Bristol.       spectrum of music including Maurice Fulton, E.S.G, Poni
                                               keyboard, violin.... and then followed by                   Things are going to get out of hand.                           Hoax and Metro Area. As a remixer, he’s recut tunes from
                                                                                                                                                                          Tiga, Air and Antena’s ‘Camino Del Sol’. Finally, he also
                                               Club Cosmique                                               Friday 11th June                                               has a live band, Joakim and the Ectoplasmic Band, on

                                                                                                                                                                          which he plays machines, keyboards, guitars and sings.
                                               The Swiss (Modular) - Live
                                                                                                           Secret Wars                                                    Fingers in many pies then.
                                               Jumeaux - Live
                                                                                                           Bristol Vs Malmo
                                               Pardon My French Djs                                        10pm – 3am / £3 / 2
                                                                                                                                                                          Sunday 20th June
                                               10pm – 3am / £3 / 2
                                                                                                           The live art battle that is Secret Wars takes the fight to     Start the Jumble Sale
                                               The Swiss have recently signed to the brilliant Modular     Europe. Your very own Bristol team will be playing their       1pm – 5pm / Free Entry
                                               Records. They’re a legit live disco band whose existence    home matches at Start The Bus so come and support your
                                               is based entirely on flavour and good times. Fans include                                                                  Why buy new when you can recycle old fashion? Feel
                                                                                                           home team as they compete against visiting crews from
                                               Annie Mac, Aeroplane and Fake Blood. “Bubble Bath by                                                                       free to come down and pitch a stall with whatever you
                                                                                                           abroad. Bristol’s finest graffiti artists battling to a back
                                               The Swiss. That is all...” - Erol Alkan                                                                                    deem worthy trading for beer money- we suggest retro
                                                                                                           drop of Funk and Hip Hop from our top Secret Wars DJs          clothes, plants, classic vinyl and all that good stuff.
 Telephoned                                                                                                and a chance for you to participate in the crowd vote.         There’ll be DJs playing hung over music and trying to
 Thursday 24th June                                                                                                                                                       keep it together. Also look out for other fun and games.
                                               Saturday 5th June                                           Saturday 12th June                                             Mark it in you diaries to miss disappointment. Bunting

                                               Juke 2000 Presents                                          Club Cosmique                                                  ahoy! It is free to pitch for a spot please email us on :
                                               Tomorrows showcase:                                         DJ Falcon (Roulete / Daft
                                               Nightbus - Live                                             Crew)                                                          Thursday 24th June
                                               Substatic - Live                                            Saul B2B Dj Shandy                                             start the bus presents
                                               Kinema - Live                                               Okay Deejay                                                    Telephoned (Fools Gold) - Live
                                               Juke Residents                                              Pardon My French DJs                                           The Other Tribe - Live
                                               10pm – 3am / £3 / 2
                                               Tonight’s live showcase brings three great Electro
                                               pop dance floor happy acts. Headlining the show we
                                               have Nighbus a new project by Start the Bus Favorite
                                               Kennedy. They’re a trancey disco number band. They’re
                                               a slightly odd but rather moreish post-Calvin Harris
                                                                                                           10pm – 3am / £4 / 3 / 2

                                                                                                           DJ Falcon got together with the founding member of Daft
                                                                                                           Punk, Thomas Bangalter and started the legendary french
                                                                                                           house duo called Together. A member of Daft Crew, DJ
                                                                                                           Falcon can usually be found travelling around with the
                                                                                                           Ed Banger crew and in the studio with Daft Punk.
                                                                                                                                                                          More TBC
                                                                                                                                                                          9pm – 3am / Free Entry
                                                                                                                                                                          Telephoned was born one night in Brooklyn when DJ
                                                                                                                                                                          producer Sammy Bananas (Fool’s Gold) and singer /
                                                                                                                                                                          party starter Maggie Horn (Good Peoples) decided to
                                               answer to Alphabeat.                                                                                                       record their own version of T-Pain’s “Can’t Believe It.”
 Joakim                                                                                                    Sunday 13th June
                                                                                                                                                                          Their track was neither remix nor cover - instead, the
 Saturday 19th June                                                                                                                                                       duo fashioned a postmodern take on both, warping the
                                               Sunday 6th of June                                                                                                         original beat into a hypnotic club track and bringing out
                                                                                                           Hot Soup: Arts + Crafts

                                                                                                                                                                          the dreamy qualities only hinted at in Pain’s auto-tuned
                                               The Not SO Supermarket +                                    2pm – 6pm / Free Entry                                         melodies.
                                               BINGO                                                       Start The Bus’ new monthly, Sunday afternoon
                                               Feat. Motel Girls                                           happenings made by Hotsoup (hotsouphouse.blogspot.             Friday 25th June
                                                                                                           com). Come and enjoy a delicious roast dinner to some
                                               1pm – 5pm / Free Entry
                                                                                                           chillin’ tunes and when your belly is full, fight off the      start the bus presents
                                               Dearly Beloved... The Motel GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS
                                               DJ’s Offer up a healing Sunday Service for you sinners:
                                                                                                           afternoon nap by getting crafty at our sock monster            Jinx - Live
                                                                                                           workshop, with live illustration inspiration throughout.
                                               Exorcise that hangover demon, and be cured upon the         Bring the most garish odd sock you can find* Free              Local Suport tbc
                                               sounds of 80s 90s and 00’s Rock, Cheese and Indie!          (small donation maybe needed for workshop materials,           10pm – 3am / £3 / 2
                                               ALLELUIA!!! Plus they shall be offering up thier sacred     not much, only 50p or somethin’)                               Now in a new dynamic and polished unit, Bristol band,
                                               Motel Goodie bags to the first 20 worshippers.
                                                                                                                                                                          The Jinx, are making waves with their catchy tunes and
                                                                                                           Thursday 17th June
                                               Sunday Club                                                                                                                solid grooves. This current energetic, toe-tapping sound
                                                                                                                                                                          is fresh and lively with a certain something that makes
                                                                                                           BECKS: Music Inspires Art

                                               Lulu and The Lampshades - Live                                                                                             you wanna get down and get carnal!
                                               Local Support - Live                                        DJ Cheeba (AV Set)
                                               Sunday Club Djs                                             Rudi Zygadlo - Live                                            Saturday 26th June
                                               7pm – 1am / Free entry                                      Hot Club De Paris - Live                                       A Local Night For Local People
                                               Lulu and the Lampshades draw on a host of influences        Boys And Dance                                                 Feat. Local People!!!

                                               to produce something that is passionately ramshackle,
                                               upbeat and folksy at times, mournful at others,             Squeaky Hill Interactive Art                                   10pm – 3am / Free Entry
                                               percussive, and harmonic. Now living in London Lulu         Puff Daddys Musical Blingo                                     More info to follow, but, expect some of Bristols Best
                                               will be returning to her hometown!                                                                                         DJs playing lovely pieces of music covered in a layer
                                                                                                           8pm – 3am / Free Entry
                                                                                                                                                                          of summer sweat. Yummy! Non locals welcome! £2 All
                                                                                                           Start The Bus are delighted to announce an exciting            night
                                               Tuesday 8th June
                                                                                                           partnership with Beck’s Beer. Named ‘Music Inspires
                                               The Last Train Track :                                      Art’, the project aims to ally forward-thinking bands and
                                                                                                           DJs with a whole host of artists, who will be providing
                                               Black Atlantic - Live                                       specially commissioned visuals for the nights. Running
 THree trapped tigers                          Fitness Club Fiasco - Live                                  from Thursday 17th-Sunday 20th June, all events will
 Friday 18th June                                                                                          be completely free to enter, on a first come, first served
                                               8pm – midnight / Free Entry
                                               The Black Atlantic is an acoustic indie pop band
                                               from Groningen, the Netherlands. Their music is an
                                               introspective and intimate affair of melancholy, folk
                                               influenced acoustic pop. Perfect for fans of: Bon Iver,
                                               Fleet Foxes, Sigúr Ros, Patrick Watson. Local support

                                               comes from two great Bristol acts FCF and Hunting Bear.

 Dj Falcon
 Saturday 12th June

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