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									                        CONSUMER PRICE INDEX (CPI) AND INFLATION RATE (IR)

 Agency Responsible                 National Statistics Office (NSO)
 Frequency                          Monthly
 Disaggregation                     Geographic Area: National/Regional/Provincial
                                     Commodity Group: Major/Minor
 Availability                       National/Regional from 1972; with Base Year 1994
 Dissemination                      National: Five (5) days after reference month
                                     Regional/Provincial: 5 - 7 days after reference month

 Other Information                  Data derived from survey of retail prices of goods and services by NSO and
                                     Bureau of Agricultural Statistics (BAS); indices derived using Laspeyre’s
                                     Data available from 1957 to 1965; base year is 1957.
                                        1965 - 1972; base year is 1965
                                        1973 - 1978; base year is 1972
                                        1979 - 1988; base year is 1978
                                        1989 - 1994; base year is 1988
                                        1995 - 2000; base year is 1994
                                        2001 to present; base year is 2000

 Definition of Terms

    Base Period                     period of time chosen as reference on which index number was computed.
    Base Price                      price of a unit of a commodity at some period of time chosen as reference, on
                                     which index number was computed.
    Consumer Price                  price at which a specified group of consumers buy a commodity for
    Consumer Price Index            statistical measure of the average changes in prices of a “fixed basket” of
                                     goods and services, usually purchased on small quantities for consumption by
                                     an average household. Also known by its acronym CPI.
    Inflation Rate                  growth rate in the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

                                                             CPI (Current Year)
                                        Inflation Rate =    --------------------------- - 1 x 100
                                                             CPI (Previous Year)

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