GILBERT SANCHEZ by panniuniu


									                          GILBERT SANCHEZ
                                    DISTRICT CLERK
                             EL PASO COUNTY COURTHOUSE, ROOM 103
                                     500 E. SAN ANTONIO ST.
                                      EL PASO, TEXAS 79901
                                        PH (915) 546-2021
                                       FAX (915) 546-8139

DATE:           January 22, 2008
TO:             Delia Briones, County Clerk
FROM:           Gilbert Sanchez, District Clerk
RE:             REGULAR AGENDA - Approve and authorize the request for the following.

Please place the following item on the agenda:

       Approve and authorize the County Auditor to create a separate sub-object for fuel
       allowance allocate $2,500.00 to it for the District Clerk’s daily runs to the Jail
       Annex. Now that the Sheriff’s civil section has been moved to the jail annex we will
       be delivering service citations and warrants on a daily basis as was the normal
       process before the civil section was re-located.


Gilbert Sanchez

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