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SharePoint User Group Report


									MOSPUG 2009 Report for ITAB
About Us...

The Missouri SharePoint User Group (MOSPUG) provides a forum for Missouri government
SharePoint Administrators, Developers, and other SharePoint team members to discuss Microsoft
SharePoint technologies.

Our goal is to serve our business users as well as our project teams by improving collaboration and
communication about SharePoint technologies.


MOSPUG’s meets most months and our meetings consist of three or four main agenda items.

The first is an update from each participant about the SharePoint related activities within the agency
they serve. This usually includes the overall status of their efforts as well as any specific
accomplishments or challenges that have occurred. Specific issues often include a brief discussion
or are picked up in the later open discussion.

Second, there is a report on progress and activities related to the Shared SharePoint Infrastructure
(SSPI). This is delivered by members of the SSPI Operations Team and the SSPI Governance

We often have a scheduled presentation that usually lasts about an hour. Presenters have included
vendors speaking on general topics we’ve requested. We’ve had several excellent and inspiring
presentations by participating state agency staff, who told about their sites and activities. We’ve had
two presentations on Elecronic Records given by Secretary of State staff. One valuable
presentation was by the SharePoint administrator for the University of Missouri system.

Open discussion is the last agenda item. Sometimes this is brief and at other times a topic may
generate a lot of comments. Quite a bit of helpful information is shared at this time.

Our attendance has included over 60 individuals, with an average attendance of about 18.

Gary Lyndaker, ITSD-Central, has served as Chair since the group began meeting informally and
through their formalization and recognition by ITAB. Toni Kueffer, ITSD-DHSS, has served as Vice
Chair. The election of a new Chair is scheduled for the October 20th meeting.

Meetings are scheduled for the third Tuesday of every month, from 9am – 11:30am, in Room 510 of
the Truman building.

We maintain a SharePoint web site for MOSPUG at: . This site is intended
to be viewable by all authenticated state employees.

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