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                           How To—Most Commonly Asked Questions

How to get a SharePoint site setup at Chiles High:

Contact David Schubert through email and request a SharePoint website. Please include what this site is going
to be used for (which classes?)

How to change the number of Calendar Items that appear on the front page?

    1.   sign in
    2.   click the dropdown next to the word Calendar (or whatever your calendar is named) on the main page
    3.   choose "Modify Shared Web Part"
    4.   click on "Edit the current view"
    5.   scroll down and expand "Item Limit"
    6.   change the number ...
    7.   click OK

How to place a picture on a Basic Page ?

1) First you have to make the picture the size you will want it on your page ... This can be done with Microsoft
Paint or any picture editing program .
           Then upload the picture to the "Images" folder ...
 2) From the main page, click "Pictures"
3) Click "Images"
4) Click "Add Picture"
5) Browse to the picture on your computer and then click "Save and Close"
6) Click on the picture
7) Right Click on the picture and choose "Copy Shortcut" with your left click
8) Click the "Home" button
9) Go to the document you want to add the picture to and click "Edit Content"
10) Place your cursor where you want the picture and click the picture button (it looks like a mountain with a sun
... it is the 9th image from the left, just above the "U" for underline)
11) In the box that says "Picture Source", right click and choose "paste" ... the URL for the picture should be
pasted in the box
12) Click "OK", the picture should now show up on the page .... if it doesn't, go back to step 7 ...
13) Click "Save"

How to upload an entire folder that has documents in it?

1. Do a right click “copy” of the folder you want to upload.

2. Go to "Shared Documents" on your web page.

3. Select "Explorer View" and paste your folder onto that page.

4. You may get a warning message but I did it anyway and it worked!

This can save lots of time:-)
How to allow anonymous users to answer a survey?
There are ways to allow a survey answers to be anonymous ...however, the answers need to NOT be open
ended as this would allow the person to publish stuff on the web anonymously, which is not good ...the survey
would have to be carefully constructed so as to allow them to answer without compromising the web site.

   1.   Go to the survey in question
   2.   On the left hand side, click on "Modify survey and questions"
   3.   Click on "change permissions for this survey"
   4.   On the left, click on "Change anonymous access"
   5.   Check all the boxes, and click OK

Surveys – student permissions?
click on surveys already have a survey ... is this the one you want them to have access to?
 if yes give them permissions to the survey:
1) click on "modify survey and questions" (in the survey area)
2) click "change permissions for this survey"
3) click "add users"
4) add the account "chs-students" (without the quotes) to the users section
NOTE: add your own group or user instead of the example of chs-students
5) choose "view, insert, edit, delete items"
6) click next
7) click finish
 Now students will be able to answer the survey ... when they are done and click save and close, it will prompt
them for a password (unless they do it from school) .. they need to put the username in as "schools\username"
(without the quotes)

How to have the survey show up on the main page?
1) click on "modify survey and questions" (in the survey area)
2) click "change general settings"
3) choose "yes" under "display this survey on the quick launch bar"
4) click OK

How to post podcasts to your SharePoint page?

The best way is to upload it as you would a document in a document library ...

If you embed it (so that it looks like a player on the screen) then it takes the page much longer to load ... if you
embed 2 or more on a page (as teachers seem to do) then it can sometimes take minutes for the page to load ...

If you just upload it as a document in a document library, then the page loads instantly and the person only has
to wait when they actually click the podcast they want to hear ...

To Delete All Assignments from Assignment Pages

   1.   Go to your home page.
   2.   Click “Lists” in the left column (the bold heading)
   3.   Click “Assignments” in the list that appears
   4.   Click “Edit in Data Sheet” to see all assignments in an Excel-like format
   5.   Click in a cell and press Ctrl+A on the keyboard to select all the rows
   6.   Right-click in a cell in the left-most column and choose “Delete Rows”
   7.   Click “Yes” in the confirmation box that appears

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