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					        International Workshop on Standards and Quality ( SIRIM )

Course Name         : International Workshop on Standards and Quality

Course Duration     : 31/5/2010 - 4/6/2010

Closing Date        : 23/4/2010

Coordinator         : Ms. Zurina Mohd. Bistari
                        SIRIM Berhad 1, Persiaran Dato' Menteri Section 2, P.O. Box
Address             :
                        7035 40911 Shah Alam Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
Phone Number        : (6) 03-5544 6352/6346

Fax Number          : (6) 03-5544 6334

Email               :

Objectives          : i.To provide an overview to senior officers and policy makers
                      from government bodies and standards institutions from
                      developing countries on the importance of standardization and
                      quality activities in facilitating international trade and promotion
                      of national growth in the era of globalization.

                        ii.To enable International participants to share information and
                        network with Malaysian counterparts on areas related to
                        standards and quality, thereby helping to contribute towards
                        global economic integration.

Contents            : To achieve the objectives of the workshop mentioned above,
                      the following topics are included:

                        i.Standardisation and WTO Inquiry Point:
                        *Requirements to Participate in the Global Trading System
                        *National and International Standardisation
                        *WTO Inquiry Point
                        ii.Measurement Standards and Legal Metrology
                        *National Measurement Standards
                        *Legal Metrology System
                        iii.Quality Certification Systems:
                        *Product Certification
                        *Quality Management System Certification
                        ivAccreditation Systems
                        v.Testing - the need of credible quality systems in
                        Management of Laboratories
                        vi.Inspection Services for Market Penetration

Methodology         : i.Presentation of Papers
                      ii.Q&A/ Discussions
                      iii.Attachment in specific areas of standards, quality assurance
                      and metrology
                      iv.Industry visits

Qualification       : Senior officers and policy makers from government bodies and
                      standards institutions from the developing countries.

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