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									What to consider when looking for Android Application Developers

How well an application for Android takes place will depend largely on the person who did it,
so if you have this great idea, but do not have the skills and know-how in building one, it's
best to leave the Android development a professional developer's application. The hiring of
Android application developers is a must for people with ideas great application, but is not
able to bring to life. And with the growing popularity of the Android platform, you will not have
trouble finding a developer who is willing to work in your application. However, not all
developers that there really can offer, so you better be very careful when choosing one for
your application project.

In reviewing potential developers of Android applications, be sure to take into consideration
the following:

• Experience - although they tend to ask for an above average rate of developers, hiring
experienced developers of Android applications is often worth the extra cost. Not only can
you expect to get a quality product from an experienced developer, but also on time and
within specified budget. So be sure to ask for a portfolio of developers and find the story of
his work in manufacturing applications. At least, consider developers who have already
completed the development of one or more applications, and applications that frees the best.
You should also look at the type of applications the developer has worked. If your application
is to contain lots of graphics, for example, look to developers with a history of application
development-intensive graphics.

• Ability - specifically, you need to look Android application developer who are experts in
Java, Eclipse IDE for Java and SQL. Java is necessary to use the Android Software
Development Kit (SDK), which in turn is necessary in creating Android applications. A
developer who also knows how to use the Eclipse plug-in Java will have a less tedious time
architecture of the application coding, while knowledge of SQL is the key to stable
applications. Developers also know how Android uses XML XML can also solve problems
related to development also.

• Location. Where does the developer can not be a significant factor compared with skill and
experience, given the fact that now you can see, speak and do business with others via the
Internet. But if you prefer to have face to face with his staff on a regular basis, the choice of
Android application developers who live near you might be a better option.

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