The disclosure agreement Exclusions what can not be Android App Developers secrecy

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					The disclosure agreement Exclusions: what can not be Android App Developers secrecy

For anyone who has or is hiring Android application developers, providing a confidentiality
agreement or NDA is essential for protecting your idea of the application and other
intellectual property theft. However, a confidentiality agreement can not protect everything. In
fact, most if not all confidentiality agreements have a section that details the information that
is excluded from the agreement.

A typical non-disclosure agreement has five or six "carve-outs" - trade secrets and other
confidential information not covered by the agreement. Technically, any information can be
excluded from the CND, though the following information is what is generally accepted to be

• publicly available information-the information that has already been made public before the
agreement with or without intention. The information made public is usually automatically cut
the NDA, so even if the information is classified as confidential briefings, if it was made
public, then the application developers to Android are no longer bound to secrecy.

• The known information - information that, while the developer or other party receives the
agreement, known as power or the will to be carved out of the NDA. Therefore, any
confidential information that the developer already knows before receiving the NDA will be

• Information received from other people - information that the developer has received, in
good faith from a third party who has legal possession of that information and the right to
disclose it. To help you understand better, let's say you and a developer to enter into a
non-disclosure agreement and provide the developer information confidential in accordance
with that agreement. However, further purchases of software developer which contains the
same information that they agreed to keep private. In such cases, the developers of Android
applications are no longer required to maintain the information secret.

• Information shared with others - who have shared information with others on a
non-confidential basis prior to the agreement. So if you get confidential information from
developers who have already shared with others so no, that information will be carved the

• Independently developed information - the information given to developers of Android
applications in the agreement and the developers are affiliated to discover the same
information independently (ie without prior knowledge of the information disclosed) that the
information is no longer considered confidential in accordance with the agreement and
therefore excluded.

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