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									Android Application Developer Tips: How to make an application with a small budget

There are many obstacles that prevent people with great ideas of the application for Android,
but only a handful is as daunting as the high cost of application development. According to a
recent survey, mobile application development can cost on average about $ 3,000 to $
8,000, while more complex applications may be priced up to $ 150,000. This cost does not
include fees Android application development, which is usually around $ 100 to $ 150 per
hour of work. And because making an application usually takes an average of three months,
the cost of hiring a developer can only be amazing.

If you have a lot of money in the bank, the cost of developing an application that can be a big
problem for you. But if you're like many who are just starting in the industry of mobile
applications, you can not have a big budget. You may not even have half the budget needed
to make an application. However, most of the time only half is all that is necessary at this
time, so do not worry too much. In fact, one can consider their lack of financial resources as
an asset.

If you want to bring your application to life in a very limited budget, you need to think how a
professional Android application developer to think. And how experienced developers
manage applications with a small budget is the description of the project requirements,
identifying the most important and focus on that for now. We recommend this strategy, even
if you have an adequate budget for the project, how to improve efficiency, making it less
unless it is absolutely necessary to advance the project.

Another way to manage application developers to develop an application despite a small
budget is so open source application. If you are unfamiliar with this medium, which basically
is that the application will get a GNU Public License. You will maintain the copyright for its
implementation, but anybody can purchase a copy of your application and use for free.

Contact open source developers if you want to join your team to develop an application with
a GNU public license. In this way, it will be easier to find an Android application developer will
volunteer to work in your application that can be customized later. And, as it only goes to pay
for customization, you will be able to save money at rates of urbanization.

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