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									Android Application Developer Tips: Do's and Don'ts in Making Applications for Android

Android Application Developer Tips: Do's and Don'ts in Making Applications for Android

• Keep in mind the user in the design of your application. More than one Android application
developer has made the mistake of developing an application based solely on what they
believe they must work and not think about how people will actually use in real life. And the
funny thing is, it's not so difficult to know what it feels like the end user. You can conduct
surveys for example, do some beta testing of your application or assessing a blog review of
the application.

• Do not incorporate scalability and integration into their application. Extensibility should
always be considered in designing your application, especially if you are making the first
version. Unfortunately, this is often overlooked by many mobile applications today are
developed in a short period of time to take advantage of a current need or trend. But no
expandability, this could lead to a lot of re-configuration once a new version or release

• Do not stick with only one screen size. The Android platform can be found in different types
of mobile devices, so that by designing your application around a screen size not suitable
scale in other screen sizes. So be sure to reflect on how your application will be as it grows
or shrinks in different Android devices.

• Do not design around a specific form factor. An Android application developer to design an
application that is specific to a touch screen device, for example, have a difficult time
integrating Android phones that use navigation controls instead of a touch screen. Visualize
how your application will work across different Android devices and make sure to leave room
for other form factors.

• Do not do too much. Forget trying to make your application does it all. Instead, focus on
specific applications and match intuitive user interface. There are plenty of success stories in
the Android developer community in the implementation of applications with a limited
approach. And they succeed because they are good at doing one thing.

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