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					Communication, Language and            Mathematical Development      Knowledge & Understanding of
          Literacy                                                             the World
     Do you know the                Can you read and write             Who were the Saxons and
       features of                    numbers with up to 7 digits?         the Vikings?
       traditional tales,           Can you round and partition         Why did the Saxons and
       myths and legends?             these numbers?                       Vikings leave their
     To orally tell a              Can you recognize digit value         homelands and settle in
       traditional story?             for decimal numbers with up          Britain?
     Can you read and                to 2 decimal places?               Where did the Saxons and
       write traditional            Can you explain and continue          Vikings come from?
       tales, fables, myths           number sequences?                  What have we found out
       and legends?                 Do you know multiplication            from the Saxon burial
     Can you explore                 facts up to 10 x 10?                 site at Sutton Hoo?
       Viking stories of            Can you derive division facts       How did the Vikings
       myths and folklore?            from multiplication facts?           travel to Britain?
                                    Can you identify fractions of       What did they do for
                                      shapes and recognize                 Britain?
                                      equivalent fractions?              Why did the Vikings raid
                                    Can you read and write                the monasteries?
                                      decimals using tenths and          How do we know the
                                      hundredths?                          Saxons and Vikings came
                                    Can you solve word problems?          to Britain?
     Creative Development          Personal Social & Emotional           Physical Development
    What did a Viking            How can each pupil develop good                   Gymnastics
     longship look like?           relationships between their             Can you create a
     Design your own.              peers?                                   selection and variety of
    Pottery – study Saxon        How can we respect the                   balances?
     and Viking artefacts          differences between people?             Can you perform a
     that have been found by                                                variety of rolls and use
     archaeologists. Create                                                 apparatus correctly?
     pottery based on                                                      Can you perform a
     primary sources.                                                       sequence of gymnastic
                                                         movements?                 T
t this half term topic we will be trying to answer the following key questions.
            History                        Science                       Geography
         Explore the life of a    Explore balanced and             Use maps and atlases
         Saxon and a Viking?       unbalanced forces                 to find where the
         Research a Saxon and     To understand the force of        Saxons and Vikings
          a Viking settlement?      friction                          originated from and
         Find out how the         To understand the forces of       how they travelled to
          Vikings and Saxons        air resistance                    Britain
          live?                    To investigate water             Look at places where
                                    upthrust- how did the             Saxons and Vikings
                                    Viking longboats float?           settled in Britain
                                   To carry out scientific          Which countries did
             I.C.T.                                                    Art, Design &
                                                                      the Saxons and Vikings
                                                                      trade with
     Produce a PowerPoint                                           Design your own Viking
      presentations about the                                         long boat?
      life of Saxons and                                             Design and make Saxon
      Vikings.                                                        and Viking pottery
     To produce fact files
      about Saxons and
     To develop word-
      processing skills.

              P.E.                        Music                          P.S.H.C.E.
     Gymnastics                   Violin tuition                   Relationships with
                                   Singing tuition                   others
                                   Explore the instruments          Team building
                                     played by                        activities
                                       the Saxons and                Explore differences –
                                  Vikings play?                       everyone is special
       What could parents, carers and families do to help?

           Ask children what they have been learning in school.

            Take them to places which are linked to the topic
            they are studying.

Do further research on the aspects that particularly interest
your child at libraries or on the internet.

                 Encourage reading and writing at home using the
                 as a stimulus.

   Work with your child on creative activities linked to the topic
   such as painting, drawing and making models.

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