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					                              PhD Progress Report
(The purpose of this form is to help both you and the Fletcher staff involved with PhD students
keep track of your academic progress, your scholarly work, and any extenuating circumstances
which affect them. Fletcher Financial Aid awards will be based on need, merit and adequate
yearly progress. Note that financial aid to cover the enrollment fee will only be awarded for up to
five years post coursework. Please fill out and return to Jenifer Burckett-Picker, PhD Program
Director, by Dec. 1st of each year if you are in the post coursework phase.)

Name: ________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________

Email: _________________________________ Phone: ____________________________

Please check the PhD phase you were/are in this year as of Jan. 1st and Dec. 31st
Coursework                                                 ___           ____
Comprehensive exams                                        ___          _____
Dissertation proposal                                      ____         _____
Dissertation                                               ____         _____

Please describe your progress (Dissertation Proposal defended, research conducted, data
analyzed, number of dissertation chapters sent to your committee chair, etc.) in the PhD
Program since January (use other side also). List any presentations /publications, service to
PhD community, and any other circumstances that have affected your progress. Then have
your PhD adviser sign below adding any appropriate comments. Return form to Jenifer
Burckett-Picker in Cabot 403 BY DECEMBER 1st. THANKS!

Your signature______________________________________              date _______
Your adviser’s signature ____________________________             date_______
Adviser’s name printed _____________________________