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									Shipping Terms
Featheredfriendsaviary has been shipping baby birds throughout the United States for the last 5 years.
We are experienced in the requirements and considerations necessary to make your baby's trip home as
comfortable and stress free as possible We place the welfare and safety of our babies above all other
considerations. We carefully monitor weather conditions at all points of travel and will only ship if we
deem it safe to do so. We use direct flights whenever possible and do extensive research to ascertain the
best possible route. We know the best crates to use for the various species we breed. Crates are
equipped with a built in perch and are reusable for trips to the vet or future traveling. We know how to
provide enough food and moisture during transit and carefully mark the crates with "Live Animal" stickers,
the shipper's and consignee's contact information as well as the destination airport code.
Birds are shipped counter to counter priority air service out of Will Rogers Airport to most major airports
within the US. This service provides that the birds are the last on and first off the plane and are hand
carried. The birds fly in the pressurized, climate controlled cargo section of the plane.
Shipping charges include counter to counter shipping and crate. They are as follows:

Continental $85
Delta       $100
Flight times are mutually agreed upon by both FFA and the buyer. The buyer is supplied with the airline,
flight number(s), reference #s and flight arrival time prior to departure. Buyers will receive a confirmation
call or email on the day of shipment. A return call or email to FFA letting us know that the bird(s) arrived
safely is greatly appreciated. .

Reusable shipping container is charged of $25 to $45 depend on the size.

All together that is a gas fee of $25, a shipping crate fee of $25, and the shipping, making Delta $150.00,
and Continental $135.00.

We guarantee safe and healthy arrival on all of our shipments. We WILL NOT SHIP if we feel that
weather conditions are hazardous for the bird.

Terms and Conditions:

    Some of the babies are sold while young and still hand feeding, therefore, a 50% NON-
    REFUNDABLE deposit is required to hold a baby until it is ready to be shipped/picked up. All deposits
    are applied to the final payment..

    Final payment, including shipping charges, are due 10 business days before shipping date. Failure to
    tender final payment or accept delivery at the agreed upon time result in cancellation of your order
    and forfeiture of your deposit unless other arrangements are made.

    DNA sexing is also available at an additional cost of $25. We do DNA sexing only upon the request.


     We guarantee that there are no symptoms of disease or parasites at the time of sales/shipping and
    that our birds are completely healthy. This means that our birds are free of viral infections, pathogenic
    bacterial infections, fungal infections and congenital defects.
Buyer is encouraged to have the bird(s) examined by a licensed avian veteran of his/her choice within 3
days from the time of delivery to verify the health of the bird(s). If, during this period, the bird(s) are found
to have a condition which seriously affects their health or well-being as determined by the examining
veterinarian, once the bird(s) have been returned, to either refund to buyer the full purchase price or
replace said bird(s) with bird(s) of the same species, sex (if known) and approximate age. This guarantee
is void if leg band(s) have been removed.
In the event fails to have the bird(s) examined by a veterinarian within stated 3 day period after delivery,
then buyer understands and agrees that the sale is one of "as is" condition.
The above guarantee does not apply to birds which are on 3 feedings only. Hand feeding babies will only
be sold to those experienced in the care and rearing of baby birds and are sold "as is".
Please contact us by phone or email to reserve your baby and confirm availability. We accept certified
checks and money orders made payable to Stacie Henson and credit card payments made through
PayPal. With a 3.5% fee with PayPal & Credit Cards.

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