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					                                 Thomas Jefferson
                                  School of Law

The Advisor                           April 19

      Do you know how to spell…..?

      So... you think you know how to spell
      caterpillar and cemetery, huh?

      Well… so did several spelling bee contest-
      ants who were eliminated on their first at-
      tempt at their first word. Their names will go
      unmentioned, but they know who they are.

      And so do the 40 something students faculty
      and staff who were at the Women’s Law Asso-
      ciation Annual Spelling Bee held on Thursday,
      April 15th, at Fred’s in Old Town.

      Professors Julie Greenberg and Thom Golden
      were once again, the always professional, bee
      hat-wearing judges.

      1L Elizabeth Knowles went home as this
      year’s spelling bee champion. Last year’s
      champion, Andrea Monk, gave Elizabeth a real
      run for her money coming in at first runner-up,
      while Professor Julie Cromer-Young was sec-
      ond runner-up.

      All of the photos taken at Thursday night’s
      spelling bee can be found on the TJSL Facebook
      page! Become a fan!

      Andrea Monk and Elizabeth Knowles
                                       Panel Discussion:
                                       Sexually Violent Predators

                                       By Jeremy Evans, 2L

                                       The Criminal Law Society of Thomas Jefferson School
                                       of Law (TJSL) held a panel discussion on Sexually Vio-
                                       lent Predators (SVP) and related topics on Friday,
                                       April 16. More than 40 TJSL students filled the
                                       room as panelists Dr. Nikole Nassen, Professor Corey
                                       Yung of John Marshall School of Law, Deputy Public
Professor Corey Yung
                                       Defender Marian Gaston, and Deputy District Attor-
                                       ney Rachel Cano provided the audience with their ex-
                                       pertise on the law, clients, experiences, and words of
                                       wisdom while in practice as attorneys. TJSL Profes-
                                       sor Anders Kaye was the moderator for the panel and
                                       helped tremendously with the organization of it.

                                       The first question asked was "What are SVPs?" Dep-
                                       uty District Attorney Rachel Cano responded that
                                       SVPs are a distinct class of people: usually having
                                       committed sexually violent crimes against more than
                                       one victim, and having a mental disorder and a prior
                                       prison term. When, if at all, SVPs are released they go
Deputy District Attorney Rachel Cano
                                       before a panel of doctors and they decide if the indi-
                                       vidual has been rehabilitated. If not, the SVP is civilly
                                       committed to a mental institution. Dr. Nassen re-
                                       sponded that SVPs count for less than 1% of criminal
                                       offenders (10 in California). Professor Yung added
                                       that there is a definitional problem for SVPs and that
                                       overall existing and new legislation for sexual offend-
                                       ers does not define the crimes clearly.

                                       The panelists were then asked, "Why do sexual offend-
                                       ers commit such crimes?" Dr. Nassen provided sev-
                                       eral reasons: deviant sexual interests, anger towards
Dr. Nikole Nassen                      women, poor social skills, substance abuse, and the
                                       various combinations of such behavior. Dr. Nassen
                                       also discussed the pairing of pleasurable behavior
                                       with criminal acts or "bad" thoughts.

                                       The panelists discussed other topics from sentenc-
                                       ing, existing legislation like the Adam Walsh Act and
                                       Jessica's Law, to proposed legislation like Chelsea's

                                       Deputy Public Defender Marian Gaston
Tasty Taco Tuesday!

By Lydia Rose, 3L
The Family Law Society has made a conscien-
tious effort to host events throughout the
school year aimed at providing a professional
yet relaxed setting in which students can
intermingle with legal professionals to
strengthen their networking skills. Last se-
mester, FLS successfully hosted the Speed
Networking Event with the help of several or-

On April 13, the San Diego tradition of “Taco
Tuesday” was brought to TJSL's campus from
6:30-8:30 p.m. During this time, students
and attorneys joined in a casual, yet profes-
sional setting that allowed students to en-
gage with attorneys over a traditional Taco
Tuesday meal.

There was music, food, drinks, ice breaker
games, and tips on successful networking
given by eight local attorneys. The Family Law
Society looks forward to more promising
events next year. Please join the FLS TWEN
page to stay tuned!

             Congratulations to the new executive board for the Sports Law Society!
                                   President: Jessica Knowles
                                   Vice President: Jeff Moriaty
                                       Secretary: Ed Cheng
                                     Treasurer: Parker Smith

                       Congratulations to the newly elected 2010-2011
                    Asian Pacific American Law Students Association Officers
                                      President: Victor Tsoi
                                   Vice President: Kimberly Bui
                                        Treasure: Mei Owen
                                      Secretary: Wade Tang
                                    Diversity Chair: Alyssa Laib
                                   Social Chair: Howard Marsilio

                 Congratulations to the 2010-2011 Informer Newsletter Staff

                                  Editor-in-Chief: Katie Tooma
                                Managing Editor: Jonathan Cooper
                 Staff Editors: Chase Buzzell (writer), Scott Greenwood (writer)
                                Advertising Director: Lyla Askejian

    Senior Staff Writers: Jenni Leys (Contributing Editor), Ian Van Leer (Contributing Editor),
   Jennifer Goldman, Danielle Mor, Brandi Haefs, Courtney Darnell, Shelby Alberts, Amanda Litt

                      Design Director: Samantha Massau (Editor and Writer)

     Staff Writers: Christine Chau, John Grant McCreary, Hunter Bjorkman, Trisha Bryniczka,
Sarah Stewart-Bussey, John Culver, Allyson Evans, Daniel Hall, Nikolas Antovich, Elizabeth Maughan,
                                     Brian Nam, Sahzad Banth

                                  Objections: Sterling Williams
                                  2L Manifesto: Albie Masland
                         1L Manifesto: TBD (After Fall 2010 Orientation)

                                 THE CC Writer: Martin Stratte
                               SBA Sports Writer: Zenovia Barnes
         Congratulations to the TJSL Student Bar Association's New 2010-2011 Officers

President: Jeremy M. Evans, Vice-President: Katie Tooma, Treasurer: Nancy Astifo, Secretary: Marty
Stratte, Athletic Chair: Raj Matani, Assistant to the Athletic Chair: Brian Hassing, Social Chair:
Ryan Ciriaco

                               Continuing 1L Class Representatives:
                                            David Smith
                                          Steven Noakes
                        Part-time 1L Class Representative: Neda Shoushtari

                               3L Class Representative: Andre Zakari
                                     2L Class Representatives:
                                             Wade Tang
                                          Ashley Whitham
                                             Cory Lacy
                                          Joshua Tallman
                                    Michael Hawkins (Part-Time)

                                      Bar Representatives:
                                      ABA: Jennifer Poplin
                                    SDCBA: Pejman Kharrazian
                                       NCBA: Daniel Klett

                               Fundraising Chair: Vanessa Duisters
                                 Judicial Chair: Vaughn Greenwalt
                         Student Organization Representative: Ian Van Leer
                                 Parliamentarian: Cheri Aegertar
                                Academic Chair: Jonathan Cooper
                            Media Outreach/Web Design: William Sand
                               Public Relations Chair: Eric Shakelian
                            Alumni Relations Director: Elizabeth Ashton
                 Alumni Committee Chairs: Aaron Gorman, Douglas Link, Steven Riley

                       Committee Members (Barrister’s, Social, & Academic):
                           Courtney Darnell – Committee Coordinator
                                      Elizabeth Maughan
                                     Jennifer McCollough
                                          Danielle Mor
                                      Jennifer Goldman
                                           Brian Nam
                                        Jamie Learakos
                              Congratulations to Published J.D. Students!

Several Thomas Jefferson J.D. students were recently published based on work performed through the
International Tax and Financial Services LL.M. program. Please congratulate these students for their
efforts on the publications!

                          Foreign Tax and Trade Briefs (a LexisNexis publication)

                   Dan Passmore (3L): Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand
                       Crystel Galin (3L): Mexico, Cyprus, Spain, Japan, Singapore
                       Whitney Drechsler (3L): Hong Kong, Canada, Saudi Arabia
                   Ho Kon Yoo (3L): Denmark, France, Italy, Turkey, Costa Rica, Korea
                      Emily Cohen (1L): Cayman Islands, Israel, Bahamas, Bermuda

              Anti Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (will be published in the Summer)

 Michael Santos (3L): Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Honduras, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela

                                  Tax Treaties (a LexisNexis publication)

                                   Summer Jobs Available!

  The International Tax and Financial Services LLM Department is hiring Federal Work Study students
  for work on publications. The work would entail researching and editing a range of publications pub-
  lished on Westlaw, Lexis, and Walters Kluwer publications (to name a few!). The subjects to work on
  may include: taxation, money laundering, e-commerce, company law, or trust law.

  Those chosen for the positions will learn new research skills; and, depending on the quality of work
  submitted, may be published! All training will be provided. The hours are flexible, and you are even
  able to work from home once trained! We have something for everyone at all levels, no tax classes
  necessary (though preferred).

  If you are interested in this position, send a resume to TJSL Alum Jason Fiske, Esq., LL.M. ('08) at

                       Student Meets Magic Johnson During Diversity Week at NBC Universal

                       3L Jakgeem Mays recently had the great opportunity to participate in NBC
                       Universal's first ever “Diversity and Inclusion Week” during the week of March
                       15th. As an extern this semester at NBC Universal, Mays was present for a "town
                       hall" meeting that week featuring: Jeff Zucker, President and CEO of NBC Univer-
                       sal; Paula Madison, Executive Vice President of Diversity at NBC Universal; and
                       Earvin "Magic" Johnson, former Los Angeles Lakers point guard and three-time
                       NBA MVP.

                        According to Mays, “Magic spoke at length about the importance of reaching out
                        to your target audience, and having diverse employees in positions of power to
reach out to these audiences. I worked the event, and got to meet and talk to him afterward.”

The externship at NBC Universal is one of several entertainment industry-related externships that Mays
has enjoyed while a student at TJSL. How does he do it? Visit to find out.

                                        Easter Fun Day Success!
                                        The Christian Legal Society sponsored event April 3, had good
                                        food, pin the tail on the bunny, musical chairs, face painting, and
                                        a scavenger hunt with prizes.

                                        Students, faculty & staff and members of the community
                                        brought their children to this fun filled event that served as a
                                        great opportunity to get the word out about The Christian Le-
                                        gal Society's Bible Studies and activities.

                                         The festivities allowed the CLS to reach out to the commu-
                                         nity with a family-friendly event which brought those in atten-
                                         dance together right before celebrating Easter!

                                                Dean Jeff Joseph’s Perspective piece on mediation practices
                                                ran in the Friday 4/9 edition of the Los Angeles Daily Journal.


In Defense of an Evaluative Component
By Jeffrey Joseph
Mediation has become big business. Articles about mediation written by mediators appear in legal news-
papers on almost a weekly basis. A recurring theme stresses the need for a mediator to be "facilitative"
so that the parties arrive at their own settlement. This is appropriate since the essence of mediation is
self-determination of the parties in resolving their dispute.

However, the advocacy of a purely facilitative approach has taken on a near religious fervor, with some
asserting that any "evaluative" component of mediation, other than explaining settlement options, will
result in the mediator not being impartial. I respectfully disagree with this position and suggest that an
evaluative component to mediation is not only useful, but, in many cases, essential to resolving disputes.
In cases in which parties have an ongoing relationship, e.g. family disputes, neighbor disputes and some
business disputes, a "facilitative only" approach is often the best way to achieve long-lasting peace.
However, in litigated cases involving money where the parties may never see each other again, an evalua-
tive component can help the parties assess their risks at trial if they don't resolve their dispute. All of
litigation involves risk management. As an example, from a plaintiff's perspective, no settlement offer by a
defendant can be evaluated properly without considering the range of value of a case minus the probabil-
ity of losing, minus the costs in going to trial (not all of which will necessarily be reimbursed e.g. expert
fees). I refer to this as the Calculus of Risk Management, borrowing from Judge Learned Hand's "Calculus
of Risk."

When dealing with experienced lawyers and adjusters in personal injury cases, I am continuously amazed
at how close they are in assessing the probable "value" range of a case (sometimes referred to as the
value of the case "soaking wet"). Principal components are the injury itself, amount of special damages
and the residual effects of the injury. Another principal component of this evaluation is the credibility and
the likeability of the plaintiff. The great plaintiff's attorney, Mark Robinson Sr., once told me, "The most
important thing about a plaintiff's case is the plaintiff." Similarly, if a defendant is particularly culpable and/
or unlikable, that may affect the probable verdict range. The converse is true, of course.

The probability of winning or losing is somewhat more difficult to determine because juries are unpre-
dictable. But those who say trial is a "crapshoot" are overstating the matter. We can make educated
predictions on what juries will do, or at least be thinking about, on the basis of our collective experience.
For example, a low impact auto accident with little visible property damage is likely to result in a low
verdict. We know this from countless trials of these cases. Any plaintiff's attorney must take this into
account and they do. Statistically, a high percentage of all slip-and-fall and trip-and-fall cases going to trial
result in a defense verdict. Again, experienced attorneys must take this into account and they do.

An experienced mediator can help both sides assess these risks and enlighten lay people, most of whom
have never been in a courtroom and have no way of evaluating their case. It just doesn't follow that helping
people assess the merits of the case destroys neutrality. The mediator has no "ax to grind" for either party.
The mediator is simply assisting the parties in managing risk based on his/her experience in trying and re-
solving lawsuits. I sometimes tell lay people that settlement discussions can resemble the television show,
"Deal or No Deal." Everyone has seen a contestant defiantly slam the box down shouting, "No Deal" simply
to go bust when the next case opens. Trials can be like that.

I agree that an overly evaluative or "directive" approach is not only antithetical to mediation but not
particularly useful. Telling people what to do is unwise for two reasons. First, no one can predict what will
happen in trial with 100 percent accuracy. Every experienced trial lawyer has won cases that should have
been lost and lost cases that should have been won. Second, it's not the mediator's case or their money.
For these reasons, I always stress to the parties that it is their case and their decision. Like a "second opin-
ion" from a doctor, I merely attempt to assist them in their own risk assessment, should they seek this kind
of counsel.

Despite the plethora of articles exulting the "facilitative only" approach in every case, many experienced
mediators employ some form of the style I have outlined. I have heard and resolved hundreds of cases and
continue to do so. If a mediator is resolving cases, the mediator is being successful. One size doesn't fit all
and one mediation style doesn't fit all cases.

Jeffrey Joseph is Associate Dean and General Counsel at Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego. He has served on the
San Diego Superior Court Mediation panel since 1994 and the Arbitration panel since 1983. He has extensive experience as a
trial lawyer with Caltrans trying personal injury, eminent domain, contract, employment and environmental cases and ran the
San Diego Caltrans Legal Office for numerous years. His opinions are solely his own. He may be reached at

                                   San Diego's Original Fine Art Festival returns to Little Italy on April 24 &
                                   25 from 11 a.m. - 6 p.m., bringing more than 300 visual artists from all
                                   over the US and Mexico to show and sell their work. You will find the 26th
                                   Annual Mission Federal ArtWalk a feast for both the eyes and the ears,
                                   with 37 music and dance performances at 6 performance stage areas.

  TJSL is a sponsor and will have a booth there both days providing information on our “Lawyers for the
  Arts” Program and our Transactional Clinic which will open in our new Downtown campus!

 The festival's popular KidsWalk area offers 17 different interactive art experiences from a drum circle, to
 drawing and painting, to a circus school. KidsWalk takes place at the east end of Date Street near Union.

 Come to Little Italy and spend the weekend surrounded by art of all kinds. Admission is free! Plan to dine
 in this hip historic neighborhood and enjoy all that Little Italy's annual rite of Spring has to offer.

 Parking is available at numerous lots throughout the area, see a map of the available lots here. Or, take
 the MTS Trolley for a hassle-free transportation. The blue line's "County Center/Little Italy" goes right to
 the heart of the venue.

 For information, please visit www.missionfederalartwalk.orgor call (619) 615-1090.
                           The Environmental Law Society Presents:

                       Monday, April 19, 7:30 – 9 p.m.
                       MOVIE NIGHT: FOOD INC.
                       Location: CYB 100
                       The U.S. food supply is now controlled by a few corporations that put profit
                       ahead of health, work safety, the American farmer, and our own environment.
                       *Appetizers and Beverages will be Served*

Tuesday April 20, 10 a.m.-4 p.m.
are Sponsoring a CONDOM and INFORMATION Tabling Event in the COURTYARD.

Wednesday April 21, 11 – 12:45 p.m.
Location: CYB 200
Marco Gonzalez (Coast Law Group LLP)
Pamela Epstein (Sierra Club Att. & Intern Coordinator)
Wayne Rosenbaum (Partner at Foley & Lardner LLP & Professor of Law TJSL)
(Potential Speaker) Devon Muto (SD County Project Manager)

                               Saturday April 24, 11 a.m.
                               11th ANNUAL TJSL STUDENT/ALUMNI BEACH CLEAN-UP
                               Beach Clean-Up in Ocean Beach followed by a Networking Mixer with
                               Students, Alumni, Professors and Friends. EVENT INCLUDES: free
                               limited edition T-Shirt, and admission to a Networking Event held at
                               a house on Sunset Cliffs (Overlooks the Ocean) where Food, an Assort-
                               ment of Beverages, and a Jacuzzi awaits you.

  *Email: or for more information*

April 21, 11 a.m. - 12:45 p.m.
ELS Panel on the Effects of the San Diego Board of Supervisor’s General Plan Update
Location: CYB 200
       The Environmental Law Society is hosting a panel regarding the San Diego County's Board of
Supervisor's General Plan Update. The panel will consist of four members of the San Diego legal, legislative
and academic community who will share their views on the San Diego County's Board of Supervisor's
General Plan Update. The panelists will discuss what the General Plan Update is as well as the impact
the recent update will have on San Diego residents and the surrounding environment. Each panelist will be
allotted fifteen minutes to put forward their comments and there will be time for questions from the audi-
ence at the end. Members of this panel include Marco Gonzalez, Pamela Epstein, and Professor Wayne
        Marco Gonzalez is a cofounder of the Coast Law Group, LLP as well as a prominent environmental-
ist in San Diego County. Previously, Mr. Gonzalez has worked with San Diego Baykeeper and was the Chair-
man and Legal Counsel for the San Diego Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation.
       Pamela Epstein is an attorney working with the Sierra Club. She is also the intern coordinator for
the San Diego area.
       Professor Wayne Rosenbaum is a partner at Foley & Lardner, LLP as well as a professor of law at
TJSL, specializing in Water Law and Land Use Planning.
        Professor Kass has kindly offered to moderate the discussion. Professor Kass is the faculty
advisor for the Thomas Jefferson Environmental Law Society and on the Editorial Board of NATURAL
RESOURCES & ENVIRONMENT, the ABA environmental law journal. She has also served as a Vice-Chair
of the Endangered Species Committee of the ABA Section of Environment, Energy, and Natural
       Lunch will be served so come by, grab some food and meet talk with members of the San Diego
environmental law community.
       For more information on the San Diego County’s Board of Supervisor’s General Plan Update:

                  April 21, 4 p.m. – 6 p.m.
                  Phi Alpha Delta Presents: Vincent Bartolotta, A Presentation on Closing
                  Argument Tips and Techniques
                  Location: LLB 300
                  Vincent Bartolotta is one of San Diego's finest trial attorneys. In this brief presenta-
                  tion, Mr. Bartolotta will talk about different tips and techniques used in closing argu-
                  ments through his experiences as a trial attorney for the past 30 years. For anyone
                  interested in Trial Advocacy, this is a must attend. Any questions or concerns please
                  contact Brett Goda at

Wednesday, April 23, 10-11 a.m.
Native American Law Students Association General Meeting
Location: CYB Conference Room
All students are welcome to attend.

Friday, April 23, 7 p.m.
The last day for the "Sick of the Homeless? So are They!" Clothing drive. All clothing is welcome, but
business attire is preferred. Clothing bins are located in the student lounge.

Friday, April 23, 3:30 - 5 p.m.
RSVP by Thursday, April 22
TJSL's American Constitution Society Presents a Panel Discussion: The Recent Supreme Court Deci-
sion in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, regarding the deregulation of corporate spend-
ing in Federal elections.
Location: LLB 300
Professor Bryan Wildenthal, Thomas Jefferson School of Law
Pamela Wilson, Attorney at Wertz McDade Wallace Moot & Brower; David Blair-Loy, Legal Director
of the ACLU of San Diego & Imperial Counties; Gil Cabrera, Attorney & former chair of the San Diego
Ethics Commission.

 The discussion will include; a general overview of campaign finance rules and reform; an analysis of
the Court’s rationale in this case; practical implications and potential effects of the decision on
future elections; and any proposed responses to this decision including any possible legislative or
executive reactions. The discussion will be closed with an audience Q & A session. To RSVP or for
more information, please contact Jason Kaplan at or Hannah Bingham at by April 22nd. Food and drinks will be provided.

April 27, 10 a.m.- Noon
Jewish Student Union Meeting & Elections
Location: CYB Conference Room
Next years events will be discussed as well as voting for the Fall 2010 - Spring 2011 executive
board positions. Bagels & refreshments will be provided! Please contact Hallie Tremaine at
tremaihl@tjsl.eduif you have any questions.

                         This Week’s Specials
                                        Hours of Operation:
                                 Monday-Thursday 7:30 a.m. – 7 p.m.
                                     Friday 7:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Daily soups - Spicy Chicken Tortilla & Vegetarian Black Bean
Soup of the Week - Corn & Bacon Chowder

Black Bean Enchiladas with chipotle sour cream, cotija cheese and Spanish rice $6.99

Monday: Roast Beef Pannini with caramelized onions and cheddar cheese served with French fries

Tuesday: Pesto Chicken Sandwich on ciabatta with roasted peppers, feta, lettuce & tomato served with
         pasta salad $6.99

Wednesday: Bacon Cheeseburger served with French fries $6.99

Thursday: Cajun Jambalaya with Andouille sausage & chicken $6.99

Friday: Shrimp Cobb Salad with gorgonzola, bacon, egg, tomato avocado and ranch dressing $6.99

                               FACULTY UPDATES
                              Week ending April 16, 2010

                Susan Bisom-Rapp

Upcoming        Rethinking the Promotion of Safe Work for Vulnerable Workers in a Post-
Presentation:   Recessionary Word, Health and Safety and Vulnerable Workers in a Changing
                World of Work, Middlesex University School of Business, London, United Kingdom,
                June 8, 2010

Presentation:   Decent Work in a Post-Recessionary World: Reconceptualizing Flexibility, Employ-
                ment Protection, and the Regulatory Tools Used to Achieve Those Goals, Rethinking
                Corporate Governance: From Shareholder Value to Stakeholder Value, Marco Biagi
                Foundation, University of Modena, Modena, Italy, March 19, 2010

Presentation:   Learning From Troubled Times: Pursuing Equality Outside an Anti-Discrimination
                Law Frame By Rethinking the Promotion of Safe Work During the Bush Administra-
                tion, Annual Jack Pemberton Lecture on Workplace Justice, University of San Fran-
                cisco School of Law, Keynote delivered at the James R. Browning Courthouse,
                United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, San Francisco, CA, March 4,

                Marjorie Cohn
Radio:          Retirement of and replacement for Justice Stevens, Uprising, KPFK, Los Angeles,
                CA, April 13, 2010

Radio:          Retirement of Justice Stevens, Thom Hartmann Show, National, April 12, 2010

Radio:          Retirement of Justice Stevens; FebruaryKilling of Pregnant Women & Cover-Up by
                US military in Khataba, Afghanistan; US Apache Helicopter Firing/Killing Civilians
                in Iraq in 2007 (Wikileaks), TalkBack!, WBAI, New York, NY, April 12, 2010

Presentation:   Rules of Disengagement: The Politics and Honor of Military Dissent, Environmental
                Politics class, UCSD, La Jolla, April 12, 2010

Presentation:   Torture and Accountability in the United States, American Constitution Society
                University of Florida Law School, Gainesville, FL, April 9, 2010

                                     April / May
     Sun                Mon             Tue                Wed                 Thu                  Fri              Sat
18                 19              20                 21                 22                    23               24
                                                                         EARTH DAY
6 p.m.                             10 a.m.-4 p.m.                        In 1970 the
                                                      11 a.m. - 12:45
Asian Pacific                      The ENVIRON-                          First Earth                            11 a.m.
American Law
                   7:30 – 9 p.m.
                                   MENTAL LAW                            Day was                                11th AN-
Student                            SOCIETY & LAW      ELS Panel on the   observed in the
                   MOVIE NIGHT:                       Effects of the                                            NUAL TJSL
Association                        STUDENTS FOR                          U.S.
Celebrates their   FOOD INC.       REPRODUCTIVE       San Diego Board                                           STUDENT/
2009-2010          Location: CYB   JUSTICE            of Supervisor’s                                           ALUMNI
year!                              are Sponsoring a   General Plan Up-   11 a.m. & 3p.m.                        BEACH
                   100                                                   & 6 pm. Presenta-
Location: China                    CONDOM and         date Location:                           10-11 a.m.       CLEAN-UP
Max, 4698                          INFORMATION                           tion by Hadas         Native Ameri-
                                                      CYB 200
Convoy Street,                     Tabling Event in                      Livnat, Circulation   can Law Stu-
San Diego, CA                      the COURT-                            Librarian"The         dents Associa-
                                   YARD.                                 Conscious             tion Meeting
                                                                         Consumer: Health      CYB Conference
                                                                         and Ecological        Room
                                                                         Issues in Con-
                                                                         sumer Products"
                                                                         computer lab.

25                 26              27                 28                 29                    30               May 01

                                   10 a.m.-
                                   Jewish Stu-
                                   dent Union
                                   Meeting &
                                   Location: CYB


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