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									                    Corinthian Yacht Club of Tacoma
                   5624 Marine View Drive, Tacoma WA 98422

Volume 9 Issue 9         November 2009                  http://www.cyct.com

                        October 24th Salmon Bake

             Hosts: Chuck & Pam Mahlum, Marianne & Jim Price
Page 2                                                                         November 2009

  2009 CYCT Officers & Board Members
                                                         Editors Comments
                                                  Really enjoyed the Salmon Bake cruise. Loved the
Commodore: Tom O’Hara                             Indian theme! Salmon was smoked to perfection
Vice Commodore: Dan Walker                        and the pulled pork that was cooked in the Indian
Rear Commodore: Steve Hucke                       smoker was delicious! All of the time that went into
Recording Secretary: Debbie McAdams               this cruise that made it so much fun was very much
Treasurer: Christine Nelson                       appreciated. Thank you Pam & Chuck Mahlum and
                                                  Jim & Marianne Price for all your efforts!

Membership Chair: Gary Ballentine                 Becky Flannigan, SV Kokomo
Fleet Captain-Cruising: Jim Price                 flan4824@hotmail.com
Fleet Captain - Racing: Steve Ryan
Past Commodore: Jim Merritt


Club Merchandise: Shar Thompson
Mainsheet Editor: Becky Flannigan
Sunshine: Vaneva O’Hara                                   Happy Birthday To You!
Tyee Liaison: Jo Seward
Web Site: Forrest German                          Arlene Harris                     November       11
Social: Karen Walker                              Dan Haugness                      November       11
Education: Fred Ahrens
                                                  Vaneva O’Hara                     November       12
Long Range Planning:                              Barbara Buck                      November       12
                                                  Jeff Kellar                       November       16
REPRESENTATIVES                                   Dave Stromquest                   November       20
                                                  Roger Anderson                    November       23
PHRF Handicapper: Pat Nelson                      Vicki Houston                     November       23
PHRF Director: Billy Carter
PIYA Representative: Billy Carter
Juniors Program: Brian White                        From your CYCT friends!
 General Meetings:                                   Performance Yacht Hull Service
 7:00 pm - 2nd Monday of the month
 Sept. - November @ Johnny’s of Fife Restaurant
 November - Aug @ CYCT deck at Tyee Marina II
                                                     Fast comes standard, so does peace of mind.
 Board Meeting:                                                   David Morey
 7:00 pm - Last Monday of the month
 At Johnny’s of Fife Restaurant                                  Home: 253-891-7109
                                                                  Cell: 253-948-8360
 Page 3                                                                                 November 2009

                       Commodore’s Comments
                         Sorry we missed the Salmon cruise, I heard it was outstanding and that Billy
                         was duly congratulated on his birthday by way of a poem. I also heard there
                         was a Gene Brown and Sam & Barb Throm sighting, sure wish we would have
                         been there to see them. The only thing missing was Greg & Vicki Houston, I
                         sure do miss those guys. Maybe we’ll see them at the next cruise.

                         As you all know, our next general meeting is the big kahuna of all meetings. On
                         November 9th at Johnny’s in Fife we will elect our next slate of officers for 2010,
                         and nominations will be taken for our Perpetual Trophies. The format will be a
                         bit different but the time remains the same, 7 PM. Hope to see you all there.

Speaking of Perpetual Trophies, please bring yours to the Nov meeting as we want to get them properly
ready for next years winners. I am actually only missing 2 and you know who you are…..You really don’t
want a visit from me, do you?

Last but not least, upcoming events include the Clam-a-lot cruise on the weekend of Nov 13, the
Christmas/White Elephant party 12/18, and the Commodore’s Ball 1/30/10. Hopefully there will also be
an announcement regarding a Christmas ship cruise and a New Years cruise. We’ll see!

See you at the General Meeting,

Tom O’Hara
S/V Sound Spirit

 w . t rs ol l .o /
w w auew rdcc m
 Page 4                                                                                             November 2009

                            Vice Commodore’s Comments
                                Our next meeting will be held on the 9th of Nov. at Johnny’s. This is probably the
                                most important meeting of the year as this is when we elect our 2010 slate of
                                Officers and Committee Members. These are the individuals who will shoulder the
                                responsibility of implementing the wishes of and carrying out the business for our
                                club membership for the coming year. I encourage all members to attend and let
                                their voices be heard.

                                In compliance with Article VIII of the Corinthian Yacht Club of Tacoma Bylaws the
                                Nominating Committee presented the following recommendations for the 2010
                                term in this letter that has been sent out to all voting members.

   Dear CYCT Members:

   We are pleased to present the 2010 slate of Officers, Committee Members and Representatives. We
   ask you to attend our November 9th General Meeting where we will be voting to approve these
   members for these positions. The floor will be open for other nominations if you so desire.

                                                 2010 Board Committee Members

   Commodore: Dan Walker                                      Mainsheet: Jim Muri
   Vice Commodore: Steve Hucke                                Membership: Gary and Joy Ballentine
   Rear Commodore: Cheryl White                               Club Merchandise: Jen Ihlen
   Treasurer: Christine Nelson                                PHRF Director: Billy Carter
   Secretary: Debbie McAdams                                  PHRF Handicapper: Pat Nelson
   Racing Chair: Steve Ryan                                   NW Boating Council: open
   Cruising Chair: Penny Shen                                 PIYA Director: Billy Carter
   Social Chair: Dave & Beverly Artis                         Historian: Terry Anderson
   Education: Chuck Welter                                    Long Range Planning: Eric Nelson
   Sunshine: Vaneva O’Hara                                    Juniors Program: Brian White

                                                              Presented to you by your CYCT Nominating Committee:
Dan Walker                                                    Dan Walker, Billy Carter, Micke Hucke, Terry Anderson, Pat
R/R Inmates                                                   Nelson, Eric Nelson and Becky Flannigan

  L E I F H A G E N                       Over 30 years experience


                                   Leif Hagen
 Standing Rigging & Lifelines      Owner
 Architectural Cable Railings
 Furling Systems                   206.272.0565
 Rigging Surveys                   yachtsystems@centurytel.net
 Marine Electrical Systems
                                   8244 SW Hawthorne LN, Vashon, WA 98070
 Page 5                                                                                November 2009

                                      Rear Commodore
                       Sometimes you just don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. That’s what I experienced
                       this last month when the Isabella came out of the water for some work on the keel and
                       bottom, including her new bottom paint. I got so used to going down to the docks just
                       to check on her and spent a fair amount of weekend time racing or sprucing her up.
                       When she was gone, I felt the hole in the water and later in the pocketbook. The good
                       news is that she is back in the water at her usual slip and we are looking forward to
                       some fall and winter racing with a smoother bottom. The moral to the story is to really
                       enjoy your boat and not take her for granted.

                              As the season changes we are about to undergo some personnel changes in
                       the club as well. It’s been almost a year since I agreed to run for the Rear Commodore
position without really knowing all that I would get to do in this new role. I’d like to thank the people who
accepted nominations and will be joining us in a more active role within the club next year. You never know
the rewards that you will get until you take the plunge and step up to serve. Looking back, I would put the
Opening Day experience at the top of my list for things that I had not done, and would not have done, before
I became an officer. I am looking forward to many good boating days ahead with CYCT and the Isabella.

Steve Hucke
SV Isabella
                                                   Commodore’s Ball
                                                   January 30, 2010
                                             Welcome our new Commodore
                                                        Dan Walker
                                                 at the BPIC
                                 6:30-7:30 Cocktails (BYOB)
                                 7:30-8:30 NY Caterining (Prime Rib & Salmon)
                                 8:30-11:30 Way Back Machine Band
                                 Dress Attire: Formal to Semi Formal
                              Watch for your invitation in the mail in December!

              Patrick T. Nelson, CIC, LUTCF
              Insurance and Financial Services Agent

              21400 International Blvd., Ste 202
              Seattle, WA 98198
              Business (206) 878-7800
              Fax (206) 870-6446

              Registered Representative
              Farmers Financial Solutions, LLC
              2423 Galena Ave., Simi Valley, CA 93065
              Phone (805) 306-3400
 Page 6                                                                              November 2009

                                          Race Report

                                                       The winds have finally picked up, as evidenced by
                                                       our exciting Command Point Race on October 10th!
                                                       Battling gusty winds and heavy rains, eleven boats
                                                       tacked downwind up Colvos passage to the turning
                                                       mark at Command Point (north of Olalla), where they
                                                       rounded for the beat back to the finish line at Browns
                                                       Pt. Class A had an exciting competition, with
                                                       Kahuna, Gardyloo changing the lead several times.
                                                       However, Intuition
                                                       was nipping at their
                                                       heels all the way
                                                       around the course,
                                                       and at the finish,
                                                       Ron Holbrook on
                                                       Intuition corrected
out over the first two finishers to win the class!
Congratulations Ron!

Class B was just as exciting, with Radiant and French Kiss trading tacks
up and down the channel. Working the currents and wind shifts enabled
Pat Nelson’s French Kiss to stay close to the faster Radiant, so that at
the finish, French Kiss corrected out to first place! Congratulations Pat!
CYCT Windseeker races continued as well, with the Great Pumpkin race
on Saturday October 24th. Eight boats had a great no-rain day racing
across Commencement Bay.
Make sure to check out our photo’s of all these races at http://
Our next racing opportunity is the Pt. Defiance race on Oct 31, and then
the Browns Point race on Nov 7th! I will see you out there! Carve the
Steve Ryan
Race Chair CYCT
206-794-1428, or Stephen.D.Ryan@boeing.com
 Page 7                                                                                   November 2009

Tacoma Area Racers,

It has come to my attention that there is a conflict in the CYCT calendar, where the upcoming Browns Point
Race scheduled for November 7 conflicts with the Nov 7 Gig Harbor Lemans Race. Therefore, to allow all
club members and other races in the area to
participate in both, we the CYCT Race
Committee will change the date of the Browns Point
race from Nov 7 to Nov 14. The starting time will
remain unchanged, per the race instructions.                                  One of our members is
                                                                              suffering from CABIN
Make sure to put it on your calendars!                                        FEVER! Gen Hovey had
                                                                              surgery in early October and
Additionally, remember that the CYCT Point Defiance                           had been instructed to take it
Race will be held as scheduled this Saturday, October          easy for the next 6 weeks – it’s been a little
31, off of the Browns Point starting area. Come on             over 2 weeks now so she still has a way to
out and have some great fall sailing!                          go. Hang in there Gen! Jack, take her out!

Carve the waves!                                                 No other news to report.

Steve Ryan                                                       Sincerely,
SV: Desperado                                                    Vaneva O’Hara
206-794-1428                                                     SV Sound Spirit
                                                                 206-604-9222 cell

                                                             Windseekers 35th Anniversary Shirts are available!
                                                                   If you ordered one, it is ready for pick-up
                                                                             at the General Meeting
                                                             If you can’t remember if you ordered one, see Shar.
                                                                             The shirts cost $26.00
  Sailboats from 10’ to 50’ compete for fun and sportsman-

                                                                       Cosmetic & Family Dentistry

                                                                Southcenter Professional Plaza
                                                                411 Strander Blvd., Suite 205
                                                                Seattle, WA 98188
                                                                206.575.1173     www.bencadds.com
 Page 8                                                                                      November 2009

                                          Cruise Report
The 2009 Salmon Cruise

The 2009 Salmon Cruise was hosted by Chuck and Pam Mahlum, and Marianne and Jim Price. Pam
pulled out the stops and decorated the tables with a Washington State Native American theme. A challeng-
ing word puzzle started the festivities and the Cruiser who identified all the words in the shortest time was
declared the winner. The winners were Becky and Denny Flannigan, and they were awarded a cookbook
and a cedar plank. The next contest was a bow and arrow competition, and the winner was Gene Brown,
who won a thrilling three round shoot off. He received a Pacific Northwest Indian blanket for the effort.
When the tribal candidates came in for dinner they drew tribal logo chips to determine which tribe they
would belong to. The process for selecting a chief followed with the successful winner of several rounds of
Indian Poker becoming the chief. After a dinner of salmon and pulled pork, the completion continued with a
salmon triva game, a tribal whopper telling contest, and concluding with a tribal dance contest. Prizes
included chocolate covered whoppers, fire water, the coveted Jimmy Bucks and the final prize was kept by
the Tribal Council because they were “Indian Givers.”

The next morning the cruise concluded with the traditional egg and breakfast potluck putting the 2009
Salmon Cruise in the history books.
                                                                      Final Cruise of the Year
Jim Price                                                  The Price’s will be hosting a fairwell cruise at Delin Docks
                                                           Marina on New Years Eve@ 6pm. As the last cruise as
                                                           the club’s Cruise Captains, we are going to pull out the
                                                           stops and make it a memorable occasion. We have re-
                                                           served the community room at Delin and I plan to talk
                                                           with the Dockmaster about reserving some dock space
            Hylebos Marina                                 if you would like to come by boat. Since many of the
            Moorage . Storage . Haulouts                   membership is already located on the Foss Waterway
                                                           so I could envision people coming by land yacht and
                                                           docking your vehicles on D Street in front of the facility.
                                                           If you would like to participate please send me an
                                                           email so I can plan the food and other festivities.
                                           RON OLINE
   1940 Marine View Dr.                        President
    Tacoma, WA 98422                     (253) 272-6623    Marianne and Jim Price

                               Greg Fuller
                             General Foreman
   Residential Commercial Industrial
                   Lic. # FULLEEI027BK
  37107 12th Ave. S.               Fax: (253) 661-6956
  Federal Way, WA 98003         Office: (253) 661-7181      Capt. Richard J. Myers     (253) 973-0370
  www.fullerelec.com           Cellular: (206) 423-8393      http://www.banditocharters.com/bandito/
Page 9                                                                 November 2009

                         Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Hear Ye!
All Honorable Citizens of the Land of C.Y.C.T. are hereby requested
to attend the Court of:

                         On November 14th & 15th in the
                          Faire Village of Gig Harbor.
All citizens are invited: from the most Noble and Royal of our citizens, to Court
Jesters, wandering minstrels, bards, Knights in shining armor and damsels in distress,
peasants, Wizards and other magical types, crones, beggars, dragons, unicorns and
other mythical beasts, Village Idiots, and time travelers from the 21st century.

The event is two-fold.

A new King and Queen of Clam-a-Lot shall be crowned before the Eve is over. (Time
travelers in future century dress will not be eligible to be crowned.) Be prepared to
announce your name, title and kingdom at the feast.

Also, we shall be searching for the best Royal Chefs in the land. A Culinary Feast will
decide the winners of three categories: Best Clam Appetizer, Best Clam Entrée, and
Best Clam Chowder. Ye may enter as many categories as ye wish.

Travel to the Faire Village of Gig Harbor for a Magical Weekend at Clam-a-Lot. Make
reservations at Arabella’s Inn at 253-851-1793.

Your Hosts,
Baroness Judy the Bewildered from the Kingdom of Starlight, and
Roger, the Duke of DeNile from the Kingdom of Starlight.

(Disclaimer: Due to new smoking laws all fire breathing dragons will be required to
extinguish their flame before entering any building or vessel. No smoking within 25 feet of
any entry.)
Page 10   November 2009
Page 11   November 2009
 Page 12                                                                            November 2009

                                 Education Report
During the last year I found a few very interesting websites you may wish to check out:

a) www.mahina.com
This side offers a lot of information and also activities provided by John & Amanda Neal from Friday

b) www.marinesource.com
An excellent U,S, based information source for finding the right pre-owned sailboat. Thousands of boats
to choose from - mostly within the U.S. but also outside the U.S.

c) www.apolloduck.com
This is a U.K. based website and offers thousands of sailboats world-wide. You can search by brand and/
or country.

Fred Ahrens
S/V Mazu
                                           Windseeker Race
                                            September 26th
Page 13                   November 2009

          Command Point
           October 17th
Page 14                   November 2009

          Command Point
           October 17th
Page 15                   November 2009

          Command Point
           October 17th
Page 16                   November 2009

          Command Point
           October 17th
Page 17                   November 2009

          Command Point
           October 17th
Page 18                        November 2009

          Salmon Bake Cruise
             October 23-25
Page 19                        November 2009

          Salmon Bake Cruise
             October 23-25
Page 20                        November 2009

          Salmon Bake Cruise
             October 23-25
Page 21                        November 2009

          Salmon Bake Cruise
             October 23-25
Page 22                        November 2009

          Salmon Bake Cruise
             October 23-25
Page 23                        November 2009

          Salmon Bake Cruise
             October 23-25
Page 21                                                                                November 2009

                        General Meeting Minutes
                           October 12, 2009
The meeting was called to order on October 12, 2009 at 1900 by Our Commodore, Tom O’Hara. The
minutes from the September General Meeting were approved as published in the Mainsheet.
VICE COMMODORE: Dan Walker has a nominating committee put together and are meeting primarily
by email so far. There are 9 opportunities to step up and help out your club! The main positions that need
filled are Cruising, Treasurer and Mainsheet. We need volunteers to say yes to keep this fantastic club
moving forward. Christine Nelson volunteered to be treasurer one more term. We still need Cruising
Chairs and Mainsheet. Spots that have a volunteer are: Historian- Terry Anderson, Apparel- Jen Ihlen, The
Slate of Officers will be presented in a letter before the next General Meeting and voted on at the next
General Meeting. Cheryl White is a candidate for Rear Commodore.
TREASURER: Christine Nelson had no report.
SECRETARY: Debbie McAdams thanked Connie Merritt for taking September Board Meeting Minutes
while she was out of town.
RACING: Steve Tyan reported 9 boats competed in the Ken Raab Memorial Single handed Race.
Results are in the Mainsheet. The Command Point Race is this weekend, a mid-distance race. Oct 31 is
the Point Defiance Race, another in the Point Series, each of which is also a stand alone race. 5 CYCT
boats have been invited to participate in Grand Prix, a big honor.
CRUISING: Ron Costi reported for Jim Price- the Salmon Bake Cruise is coming up, get your boat size
information to Jim Price. We take over Quartermaster Yacht Club member’s slips when they go on their
cruise, so plan to anchor if you arrive early on Friday, then move to a slip on Saturday. Potluck dish
categories are assigned by initials of your last names.
MEMBERSHIP: Gary and Joy Ballentine had no report.
APPAREL: Shar Thompson has the pre-ordered 35th Anniversary Tee shirts, windshirts and much more.
See her at the break.
EDUCATION: Fred Ahrens thanked everyone who came to the last workshop at his home. And thanked
Pat Nelson for being the speaker.
JUNIORS: Brian White emailed asking for help moving the lasers for the winter, but there will be a date
change to sometime in early November. There have been some issues with where the float will end up,
but Ron Holbrook is in talks with Craig Perry at Delin Docks and Tom Cashman at the Foss Waterway
Seaport to make sure it has a home.
MAINSHEET: No report.
SOCIAL: Dan Walker reported for Karen- We have a place for the Christmas Party, Totem Yacht Club.
Cheryl White will head this. It will be Friday December 18. Watch for more information the Mainsheet.
Don’t forget to collect small toys, and other goodies to put in stuff bags for kids!
SUNSHINE: Vaneva O’Hara reported there is only good news this month! Dan and Karen Walker are
celebrating the birth of their first grandchild, a granddaughter. Keep Vaneva posted on anyone who
needs a card.
WEBMASTER: No report.
Page 22                                                                               November 2009

                          General Meeting Minutes
                             October 12, 2009
COMMODORE: Tom O’Hara reminded everyone to please return the perpetual trophies for engraving
with the names of the new recipients. We will be voting on the new recipients at the November General
Meeting. The Chase boat is going to be pulled out of the water this weekend for some maintenance, then
splashed again before the next race. Sherry, the Tyee Manager is still getting phone calls about
reciprocals and she wants to be kept out of it. Dick and Jo Seward are stepping up to help with that and
the new language should be on the website now. The chain of command is to first contact the Rear
Commodore, then the Vice Commodore, then the Commodore for the information.
October birthdays were announced.
(Prizes again were from the “Kill it and Grill it Store”)
A wind-up LED flashlight was won by Shar Thompson.
An expandable cooler was won by Forrest German.
A fold-out cutting board was won by Paul Twibell.
A bottle of Chardonnay was won by Roger Anderson.
A bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon was won by Steve Wagner
Pat Nelson was our speaker for tonight, speaking about racing rules. Great information for non-racers,
The meeting was adjourned at 2025.

Respectfully submitted,

Debbie McAdams
Recording Secretary
Red Splash
       November 2009
    Sunday       Monday     Tuesday   Wednesday      Thursday       Friday   Saturday

1            2              3         4              5              6          7

                                                                             LeMans Race

                                                                             Grand Prix (SYC)

8            9              10        11             12             13         14

             6 pm Dinner              Veterans Day                           Harbor Series #4
             7 pm Meeting                                                    Browns Point
             @ Johnnys
                                                                             Clam Chowder

15           16             17        18             19             20         21

                                                                             Windseekers #2
                                                                             Turkey Bowl

22           23             24        25             26             27         28


29           30

             7 pm Board
       December 2009
    Sunday       Monday   Tuesday   Wednesday   Thursday       Friday         Saturday

                          1         2           3               4              5
                                                                              Winter Vashon

6            7            8         9           10              11             12

                                                                              Winter Vashon

13           14           15        16          17              18             19

                                                              6 pm            Windseekers
                                                              Totem YC        Frosty Race
                                                              Holiday Party
                                                              and Meeting

20           21           22        23          24              25             26
             First day
             of winter                                        Christmas

27           28           29        30          31
                                                6 pm New
             7 pm Board                         Years Eve
             Meeting                            Party @
                                                Delin Docks

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