; Winston Salem_ NC Citizen's Police Review Board
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Winston Salem_ NC Citizen's Police Review Board


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									             Citizen Police Review Board
                  Winston Salem, NC

Dan Dwight                                 May 15, 2008
                            Dan Dwight

•   1979 Syracuse University Graduate – BS Electrical Engineering
•   15 years with IBM Corporation in Upstate NY
•   13 years with Tyco Electronics in Winston Salem / Greensboro NC
•   1976-1994 Volunteer Firefighter / EMT-III-CC
•   Town of Union EMS
    – Chief Officer 1990-1991 & 1993-1994
    – Board of Directors (Treasurer) 1992
•   1994-2001 Winston Salem Optimist Club Youth Soccer Coach
•   2000-2005 Board of Directors-North Forsyth HS Band Booster Club
•   2001 Winston Salem Citizen’s Police Academy Graduate
•   2002 Law Enforcement Ethics and Integrity Training (U of TN)
•   2004-Present Citizen Police Review Board (Currently Vice Chair)
•   2007 City of Winston Salem University Graduate
                       Winston Salem Facts
• Cities of Winston and Salem joined together in 1913

• Winston Salem has a Council / Manager form of Government

• Mayor / 8 Council Members / Full Time Paid City Manager

• Currently 27 Boards and Commissions
• 132 Square Miles   Population 227,800     White / Non-White Ratio 60 / 40

• City Budget of $389 M    2843 Employees       Tax Rate of $0.49 per $100 Accessed

• Police Budget of $55 M   505 Sworn Officers    150 Non-Sworn

• Police Demographics: M / F – 87 / 13%     White / Non-White – 83 / 17%

• WSPD is 1 of 600 Nationally Accredited Law Enforcement Agencies

• Winston Salem is home to 5 Universities and Colleges
Winston Salem has a Council / Manager
         form of Government.

      Who is at the top of the
      Organizational Chart?
     Citizen Police Review Board

The Citizen Police Review Board serves as
 an advisory board to the City Manager and
 Public Safety Committee. The Board
 reviews appeals from citizens regarding
 unresolved complaints against Police
 Department employees and conducts
 appeal hearings which include receiving
 and evaluating testimony, and issuing
 findings of facts to the City Manager.
     Citizen Police Review Board

• Members are recommended by the Mayor
  and appointed by City Council
• Serve 3 year terms – maximum of 2 terms
• Number of Members – 11 (Currently at 10)
  – Current Demographics are:
    WF-1, BF-2, WM-5, BM-2
• 7 members must be present to vote
      Citizen Police Review Board

• Complaints can be filed at:
   – City Secretary’s Office
   – Human Relations Department
   – Professional Standards Division of WSPD
• Initial Investigation by Professional Standards
• The Chief, consistent with state law, will notify
  the complainant of the investigative results
  including disciplinary action(s) taken if any.
      Citizen Police Review Board

• The notification will state the complainant’s right
  to appeal the decision to the CPRB.
• If the complainant files an appeal, the CPRB
  must meet within 30 days, review the facts and
  decide on whether or not to hold a hearing.
• Hearings will be held in private with the
  complainant and all witnesses as well as the
  Police Dept employee and his or her witnesses.
      Citizen Police Review Board

• At the conclusion of the hearing, the CPRB will
  consider all of the information received and
  prepare a report on its findings. This report will
  be submitted to the City Manager for his or her’s

• The City Manager will advise the complainant in
  writing of his or her’s resolution to the complaint.
     Citizen Police Review Board

• 2007 Data
  – 37 Citizen Complaints Filed
  – 5 Appeals Filed
  – 106 Departmental Complaints Filed
    (These are employee to employee or supervisor to
    employee complaints. The CPRB does not act on
    these, but does review the data quarterly.)
Police Dept Core Values

                                + Openness
                                + Integrity
                                + Accountability
                                + Teamwork
                                + Respect for All Citizens
                                + Continuous Learning and

The CPRB is there to help close issues that
citizen’s feel have not been satisfactory
answered by the Police Dept. Closing of
these issues makes for a better community!

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