Fall Anatomy Lab Schedule.docx by panniuniu


									Fall 2010 Anatomy Lab Schedule

Week              Tuesday Lab         Thursday Lab          Palpation/        Tuesday     Thursday
                                                            Osteology/        Residents   Residents
                                                            Surface           1:30        1:30
                                                            Anatomy           3:00        3:00

August 23         NONE                3:00 Orientation      NONE
August 30         Back                Lateral Triangle of   Spine and Back    E.D/ S.K.   D.M./ S.K.
                                      the Neck                                E.D./ D.M   D.M./S.K.
September 6       Pectoral Region/    Axilla and Brachial   Shoulder and      D.W/ D.M    D.M/S.K
                  Breast              Plexus                Arm               D.M./S.K.   D.W/D.M
September 13      AC, SC, GH, Elbow   Anterior Forearm,     Forearm and       E.D/ D.W    D.M/ S.K
                  Jts, Arm            Palmar Hand,          Hand              D.M/S.K     D.W/ D.M
                                      Wrist Jt
September 20      Dorsal Forearm      LAB PRACTICAL #1      NONE
                  and Hand
September 27      Thoracic Wall and   Middle            Thorax                D.W/D.M     S.K/ D.M
                  Lungs               Mediastinum                             E.D/ S.K    D.M/ D.W
October 4         Posterior/          Anterior          NONE
                  Superior            Abdominal Wall/
                  Mediastinum         Male Reproductive
October 11        Abdominal Viscera   LAB PRACTICAL #2 NONE
October 18        FALL BREAK
October 25        Posterior           NONE                  NONE
                  Abdominal Wall
November 1        Anterior/ Medial    Gluteal Region,       Gluteal Region,   D.W/ S.K    D.M/ S.K
                  Thigh               Posterior Thigh,      Thigh, Pelvis     E.D/ D.M    E.D/ D.M
November 8        Posterior Leg,      Anterolateral Leg,    Knee and Leg      E.D/ S.K    D.M/ S.K
                  Popliteal Fossa     Dorsum of Foot                          D.M/ D.W    D.M/ D.W
November 15       Knee and Ankle      Plantar Foot          Foot and Ankle    D.M/ S.K    D.M/ S.K
                                                                              D.W/ E.D    D.W/ D.M
November 22       LAB PRACTICAL #3    NONE                  NONE

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