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					Bio-medical technology:
Prepared for chaos

              Seed Forum Nordic: Business is a blast
              Micro technology: Time to think small?
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    By establishing likely scenarios for the                             How to attract the necessary capital                                 During the next 5-10 years, the
    technology, applications and markets,                                to make your business venture a                                      world around us will change
    the project prepares for the future                                  successs, is a familiar challenge for                                dramatically. Millions of small
    and enhances Nordic innovative                                       many business start-ups. The Seed                                    sensors - microsystems - will be
    capabilities in the bio-medical area...                              Forum Nordic might be the answer...                                  integrated in all kinds of products,
                                                                                                                                              and be able to communicate with
                                                                                                                                              each other, and us, directly or

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    Bio-medical foresight

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    Editor-in-Chief: Kjetil Storvik Editor: Gaute Rossnes Graphic Design/Layout: Blanke Ark Cover photo: Scanpix
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    Nordic Innovation Centre Stensberggata 25, NO-0170 Oslo, phone: (+47) 47 61 44 00, fax: (+47) 22 56 55 65,,
                                                                                              LETTER FROM THE EDITOR

An innovative knowledge challenge!

Innovations take place in more ways             best can handle user-driven innovation
than one. In the past, innovation was           in a systematic manner. User-driven                                     
typically linked to traditional R&D and         innovation is a vague and vast area,
innovations of a technical-scientific nature.   making it a great task to develop effective
More recently, however market-driven            measures. It is much easier to invest in
innovations has received increasing             more focussed and scientific areas such
attention, also including innovations of        as for example nanotechnology.
a non-technical nature.
                                                Nordic Innovation Centre has a
The Nordic Council of Ministers for             broad perspective on innovation. We
Trade and Industry determined in                have among other things launched
September this year to continue the             six projects in the area of Creative
overall framework for industrial policy         Industries, involving research for
in the Nordic region – The Nordic               example in design, computer games
collaboration programme on industrial           and adventure tourism. This broad
development 2006-200. Innovation               perspective in innovation is also taken
is also placed high on the agenda for           into consideration in our current call for
the current Danish presidency in the            Expression of interests on Innovative
Nordic Council of Ministers as well as          Buildings – Room for humans, as well
in EU, through the Lisbon process.              as in upcoming calls in Functional
                                                Foods, The Nordic Region as an Inner
Market- or customer-driven compa-               Market and Micro and Nanotechnology.
nies compete not only on the product
itself, but also on concepts related to         I will therefore take this opportunity to
feelings, product experiences, service,         welcome old and new clients of ours
and add-on features. They also com-             to submit your expression of interest.
pete on design, brand and identity.             I am certain that we at the Nordic
Organisational structures, price, sales         Innovation Centre have an interesting
and marketing channels are also                 and fruitful future ahead of us.
important parts of the business
strategy. Innovations in any of these
areas may give a competitive edge in
the marketplace.

The challenge that Nordic politicians
and national innovation systems now             Kjetil Storvik
faces is how to formulate initiatives to        Managing Director/Editor-in-Chief
develop knowledge on how companies              Nordic Innovation Centre

 Call for expression of interest
                                                            Room for humans!

 Innovative Buildings –

 Room for humans
 The Nordic Innovation Centre hereby calls for
 proposals for project applications/expressions
 of interest, to strengthen the development of the
 Nordic building and building component industry.
 Projects to be funded by the Nordic Innovation
 Centre must combine new human needs for
 functions and experiences in buildings with the
 technical development of the product.

 For more information, contact:
 Mads Peter Schreiber
 Nordic Innovation Centre

 Upcoming calls for proposals later this year

 Bigger home market –                                           A Nordic home market with well-educated, informed
                                                                consumers will secure quality and give competitive
 Increased global competitiveness                               advantages.

 Despite manifest rules, Nordic Innovation Centre               For more information, contact:
                                                                Sigridur Thormodsdottir
 recurringly light on areas with unsatisfying terms of
                                                                Nordic Innovation Centre
 competitiveness, e.g. the construction, ICT and      
 commodity sectors. Misuse of market power especially
 restrains the marketing of products for smaller actors,
 which in turn has a negative effect on the innovation
 capabilities. To enhance the terms of competitiveness
                                                                Nordic MINT –
 across the borders, it is important to unveil the misuse       MIcro- and NanoTechnology
 of competitive power in business life.

 For more information, contact:                                 Within the field of micro- and nanotechnology, develop-
 Mads Peter Schreiber
                                                                ment is quick and expectations on future benefits are
 Nordic Innovation Centre                               growing even faster. The Nordic countries possess
                                                                great know-how on already applicable inventions, e.g.
                                                                micro-sensor and advanced and intelligent materials
                                                                technology. However, possible application areas can be
 Funky Food –                                                   extended widely over disciplines, research projects and
                                                                business units through sharing of knowledge and best
 Functional Food in Focus                                       practices.

 One of the largest and most important industries in            To secure participation of the Nordic countries in safety
 the Nordic countries today is food production. The             issues and pre-normative work, the focus of Nordic MINT
 market for functional food is now considered to be one         aims at promoting interaction and platform-building
 of the most dynamic and growing segment of the food            between the Nordic industries and scientific communities
 industry.                                                      within micro- and nanotechnology.

 The Nordic food industry has a great potential to become       For more information, contact:
                                                                Nina Etelä
 a remarkable player in the functional food market
                                                                Nordic Innovation Centre
 by combining competence, experience and technical    
 expertise with available R&D in the Nordic countries.



                                              Towards safe food in Europe

                                              SAFEFOODERA, the ERA-net led by the Nordic
                                              Innovation Centre, has decided to go forward
SAFEFOODERA – an important contrtibutor for   with the plan of a European call for proposals
              safe food for the consumers.
                                              next year. At a meeting in Norway September
                                              -2 to discuss the topic, 9 countries and 22
                                              organisations participated.

                                              “If we are to make a difference for European
                                              consumers, we have to do more than chart the
                                              current use of resources,” says project manager
                                              Oddur Mar Gunnarsson. “We can now use the
                                              knowledge that we have acquired in the present
                                              phase to the benefit of the consumers,” he
                                              continues. Next year, the participants will make
                                              a European call on a number of topics within
                                              Food Safety. “It is only then that we will truly be
                                              able to see if the project is succeeding,” says

                                              Geoffrey Podger, Director of European Food
                                              Safety Authority (EFSA), was also present
                                              at the meeting. He stated that he considers
                                              SAFEFOODERA to be an important contributor
                                              in the work for safe food for the consumers.
                                              Podger said: “The more parties that cooperate,
                                              the better chance we stand to succeed in our
                                              common, ultimate goal: Safer food for the

                                              For more information, contact:
                                              Oddur Már Gunnarsson
Fast newcoming technology:
Musikk bransje
Bio-medical foresight

                         Text: Tonje Berg-Dawson › Photo: Scanpix and Photodisc
”In a crisis situation everything is in a turmoilturmoil… We have has a a duty to do its
        our utmost to alleviate any effects of such exposure to our human resources”
                                                                Åke Sellström, FOI-Swedish Defence Research Agency

          The near future will bring    ”By establishing likely scenarios for the   have a bio-medical sensor implanted,         
                                        technology, applications and markets,       and go about life as usual. An alarm
    bio-medical sensors that can be     the project prepares for the future and     can be set to be triggered the second
                                        enhances Nordic innovative capabili-        irregularities are registered. Many
adapted to the unique genetic make      ties in the area”, says Ingrid Svagård at   elderly will have the option of living in
                                        SINTEF, the foresight projects’ manager.    their own home much longer, instead
        up of each individual. These    The other participants in the project are   of having to move to an institution in
                                        The Sensor Technology Center, VTT,          order to have their health monitored
       sensors can be set to trigger    S-Sence, FOI and MedCoast Scandinavia.      properly. Within emergency medicine,
                                                                                    measuring the body signs of chronically
  alarms when irregular values are      Valuable lifesaver                          ill patients can save lives.
                                        By using micro- and nano-technology
   registered, monitor the presence     it will be possible to design small,        Bio-medical sensors present brand
                                        smart, robust and cost effective            new medical possibilities, and in a few
     of toxic agents in the blood, or   sensors with a wide functionality.          years it will be the reality we live in.
                                        Bio-medical sensors can monitor             These sensors will play an important
  enable drug delivery directly into    blood sugar levels in diabetic patients,    role in health care, and the industry
                                        or the hearth rhythm in heart patients.     has only begun to scratch the surface
the bloodstream. But these are only     The global bio-medical sensor market        of this opportunity. Chips implanted
                                        is estimated to US$ 2, billion, with a     in the body will function as a constant
 some of the possibilities. Different   yearly growth rate presumed to be          onboard doctor, detecting diseases
                                        – 0%. ”We believe that this study will     early on. Early detection using bio-
    scenarios are being analysed in     make Nordic businesses better prepared      sensors enables patients to read and
                                        for the future, and more capable of         monitor the health status; this will
  FOBIS, a Nordic Innovation Centre     competing in the market place for bio-      shorten hospital stays and contribute
                                        medical sensors”, Svagård continues.        to a better life quality. It will be like
project that studies the implications                                               having the doctor present, 24/7.
                                        Embedded monitoring
    of biomedical sensors in Nordic     The real difference from today is that
                                        medical sensors can be implanted into
          health care, and industry,    the patient’s body, saving them from
                                        being hooked up to external sensors.
             10-15 years from now.      A patient that needs supervision, can

                                                                                     Ingrid Svagård


Prepared for chaos

Future bio-medical applications can                 may no longer be working. Factories           countries. The biosensors will be
enable safeguarding the health of people            and mines may have been bombed.               equally useful in situations resulting
sent in to help in natural disaster areas, by       The streets look like garbage heaps.          from natural disasters, or terrorist
having access to sensors that can register          Aid workers, soldiers, and police             attacks.
the level of chemical content in hazardous          experience rising stress levels, and
environments. The Nordic countries have             are often exposed to diseases rarely to       Long perspective
espoused a policy of international peace-           be found in the Nordic countries”, says       ”In two or three years we will be
keeping operations for military and civilian        Åke Sellström, director of the Swedish        able to measure damage caused by
personnel. This leads to an increased               Ministry of Defense’s research institute      pesticides. Once we have this prototype,
risk of exposure to nuclear, biological and         (FOI). They participate in the foresight      we can add to the list at an ever-
chemical warfare agents - and to other              study in order to prepare for potential       quickening speed”, says Sellström.
hazardous substances not normally found             chaos.                                        The research must be viewed in a
in the environment.                                                                               20-year perspective. One team of
                                                    ”The cocktail of harmful influences           scientists develops surfaces that
As a result, both civilian populations and          people are exposed to would be illegal        can measure exposure to harmful
military often suffer from perplexing ill-          if it were given to laboratory rats.          substances. Another team examines
nesses. This became clear to the                    We have a duty to do our utmost to            types of symptoms resulting from
general public after the first Gulf war,            alleviate any effects of such exposure”, he   various types of exposure. The results
when American soldiers returned suf-                continues. The quantities of cadmium,         are combined in a biosensor – a device
fering from headaches, eczema, mem-                 uranium, insecticide and poisonous            that can either be used to measure
ory loss and other symptoms. ”In a                  substances in hazardous environments          exposure in retrospect, or potentially
crisis situation everything is in turmoil.          often exceed the threshold values             be implanted to correct the damage
The electricity and sanitary systems                outlined in the laws of the Nordic            as it is being done.

        The biosensors will be equally useful in
    situations resulting from natural disasters,
                             or terrorist attacks

 Åke Sellström


                                                              Sverre Jarild


Biotechnology – an important Nordic
                                      ScanBalt Forum 2005
        business and research area
                                      This year, MedCoast Scandinavia – a network organi-
                                      sation promoting the bio-medical sector in the Oslo/
                                      Gothenburg/Copenhagen region - is host to a number
                                      of conferences and workshops, some of which involves
                                      projects related to the Nordic Innovation Centre. The
                                      largest of these activities is “ScanBalt Forum 200”,
                                      a conference held in cooperation with Baltic network
                                      ScanBalt, and which takes place in Oslo, November
                                      -4. Among other upcoming events, MedCoast
                                      Scandinavia offers a Neuroscience Symposium, a
                                      workshop related to Regenerative medicine (EU-funded
                                      project “Remedy”), and a workshop hosting FOBIS
                                      (a Biomedical Sensor Foresight study funded by Nordic
                                      Innovation Centre).

                                      The ScanBalt Forum 200 conference program can be
                                      downloaded at

                                      For more information, contact:
                                      Jens O. Gran
                                      MedCoast Scandinavia
Seed Forum Nordic:
Business is a blast

                     Text: Tonje Berg-Dawson › Photo: Scanpix and White shark
                                    ”I found the pitch training very useful, very compact,
                      and containing lots of vital information. For us, it was just perfect.”
                                                                                                 Robert Rhodin, White shark

How to attract the necessary capital      ”We generally see that there are four      The Seed Forum process is based on           9
                                          things new businesses lack. They don’t     four pillars; nomination, selection,
   to make your business venture a        have well thought through exit-strate-     training and the investor matchmaking
                                          gies, they underestimate their need for    event. The process is carried out on
successs, is a familiar challenge for     capital, they need to have a more con-     a regional, national and international
                                          scious approach to their main budget       level, in the respective participating
many business start-ups. The Seed         figures, and they need to understand       countries. The nomination acts as a
                                          how investors think.” The words belong     security valve, no business can nominate
Forum Nordic might be the answer.         to Steinar Hoel Korsmo, project manager    themselves. In the pitch-training
                                          for Seed Forum Nordic. He is also          seminars they learn how to make
      This Nordic Innovation Centre       chairman of The Seed Forum Norway          successful presentations in such
                                          Foundation, and the CEO of Seed            different markets as London, Moscow
  project has three goals: showcase       Forum International.                       or New York. All participating companies
                                                                                     have to prepare a 0-seconds power
   the vast investment opportunities      Closing the gap                            pitch to act as a teaser for potential
                                          The project was started in response        investors, and a more in-depth 8-minute
 available for international investors,   to an expressed need for assistance in     pitch. Once you have a chance to talk to
                                          attaining capital and networks abroad,     the investors, the last thing you want is
   create opportunities for emerging      in the gloom of the world of post dot-     to go mute.
                                          com. It is a meeting place for investors
        companies, and facilitate real    and companies, and is being staged         This tool for bringing together new
                                          this autumn in Oslo, Reykavik, London,     companies and investors, means that
            investment opportunities.     Moscow, New York, – and for the            today Nordic innovators have a place
                                          first time in Stockholm. Participating     to get help preparing their business, in
                                          countries are all the Nordic countries,    search of international investors. This
                                          plus Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and        generator of seed capital is a Nordic
                                          Russia. The participating companies        project, now being exported worldwide.
                                          have gone from  in the spring events,    Goes to show that with the right support,
                                          to 7 in autumn, this year alone.          the sky is the limit.
                                          Business is a blast, in other words.

                                             To participate as a start-up company
                                             in the project Seed Forum Nordic, you
                                             have to be nominated by a registered
                                             and approved nominator. You can also
                                             participate as an investor on one of
                                             their venues. To find out more about
                                             the project, visit:

                                                     Steinar Hoel Korsmo

Seed Forum Nordic/White shark:

Get ready for another Viking raid...

Film producer Robert Rhodin, and                      ”We have a company in China that           ”Just learning how to pitch the project
his company White Shark AB, wants                     builds the D-models, and an artist        in different cultural settings, is crucial.
to produce one of the most expensive                  in Poland that makes all the concept       In London, for instance, you can spend
Swedish films ever, and he wants to                   sketches for the characters in the film.   half an hour chitchatting about every-
do it in D animation. Currently he is                A guy in USA that previously worked        thing, but the project. In New York, the
looking for investors to fund the budget              for Dreamworks, have built some            investors come straight at you, asking
for the production of Astrid Silverlock,              soldiers for us, and we have just hired    direct questions about the project. You
– he needs about  million Euros.                     an Englishman to design the gods. He       need to prepare for that, if you don’t, it
Thanks to participation in the project                used to work at the Harry Potter-films.    is easy to make mistakes.”
Seed Forum Nordic, he might be well                   Outsourcing work brings down the
on his way. In spring he participated in              costs involved”, Rhodin explains.          ”Ideally we are looking for only two
the pitch-training process, and in May                                                           investors, plus a distributor investor.
and June he was out talking to potential              The best D-animators are to be found      We’ll see how the talks develop”, says
investors in Oslo, London, Moscow                     abroad, and this way of organising         Rhodin. By participating in Seed Forum
and New York. The dialogue with the                   the production means White Shark           Nordic, White Shark’s chances at
investors continues.                                  can hire experts on specific effects.      securing international investors greatly
                                                      Certain things, like animating facial      improved. The world better get ready
White Shark’s vision is to be one of                  expressions, hair and clothes, are         for yet another Viking raid, this time in
the worlds leading producers in the                   particularly challenging.                  the form of Astrid Silverlock.
entertainment industry. Currently
under development is Astrid Silverlock,               How to talk to investors
a D-animated motion picture about                    ”We were very grateful to be nominat-
the Vikings, with planned theatrical                  ed, and selected, to the Seed Forum. I
release in 2006/2007. So far Robert                   found the pitch training very useful,
Rhodin has invested  million (Swedish                very compact, and containing lots of
kr.) of his own money.                                vital information”, says Robert Rhodin.

           Astrid Silverlook – White shark’s new 3D production

Robert Rhodin        

MONTIE workshop:

Technological advances for
controlling indoor environment                                                                                             

Nordic Innovation Centre-sponsored MONTIE
(Multisensors and Other New Technology for
Improved indoor Environment in buildings) is
keeping busy this autumn. Among recently              Sensors – a way of getting a better indoor climate

completed events is a workshop at the Clima
200 conference in Switzerland, October 9-2,
presenting MONTIE’s ideas and ambitions, with
the goal of initiating discussions about the future
needs for development work and information

November 24-2, an international workshop
regarding “Technological advances for controlling
indoor environment” will take place in
Copenhagen. The workshop will focus mainly on:

• IAQ, sensors and measurements, wireless com-
  munication and other new technology
• Intelligent HVAC installations and installation             On the move:
  technology, including the use of sensors and
  coupling with security aspects                              Nordic Innovation Centre
• New business opportunities and challenges                   has a new address
• Innovative solutions

In addition to these discussion points, there will            The Nordic Innovation Centre has moved into new
be presentations by invited speakers on technology-           offices. We will share our new “home” with Nordic
driven issues, as well as a small exhibition and              Research Board and Nordic Energy Research. We
poster session and ample opportunities for net-               look forward to this new setting as it will make
working. The audience is expected to be a blend               collaboration between the organisations easier.
of representatives from industrial organisations,
research institutes and academia, primarily from              New address:
the Nordic area.
                                                              Nordic Innovation Centre
For further details and to download a workshop                Stensberggata 2
programme, visit                   N-070 Oslo

For more information, contact:                                We keep our mobile numbers and e-mail addresses.
Andy Drysdale
                                                              Our new reception number is (+47) 476 4 400.
Danish Technological Institute
Micro technology:
Time to think small!

                       Text: Tonje Berg-Dawson › Photo: ABB
                                    “The challenge is to get the message across to small and
                                   medium-sized companies, especially those with little prior
                                                   experience with practical micro systems.”
                                                                                                               Dag Ausen, SINTEF

   During the next 5-10 years, the     The key enabling technology is MEMS,            systems. “We are getting close to our         
                                       or Micro Electro Mechanical Systems.            initial goal of 20 participating companies.
      world around us will change      MEMS are the microscopic structures             Maybe the greatest challenge to
                                       integrated onto silicon that combine            overcome is the conservatism in
    dramatically. Millions of small    mechanical, optical and fluidic                 established companies, they have
                                       elements with electronics. They are             to change their way of thinking”,
  sensors - microsystems - will be     complex machines that enable chips to           Ausen says. When products are
                                       become intelligent, and interactive.            integrated with the new technology,
integrated in all kinds of products,                                                   new possibilities present themselves.
                                       There is a large potential for synergy,         Almost any company can renew their
 and be able to communicate with       when easy access is established                 product portfolio using miniaturized
                                       between research centres, technology            high-end systems, by making use
    each other, and us, directly or    suppliers and companies across the              of existing micro system networks.
                                       borders of the Nordic countries. “In all        However, there is a price tag involved. “As
     indirectly. The project MINUT     the Nordic countries, large investments         with all new technology, a degree of
                                       have been made in laboratories for              financial risk is involved. Implementing
  focuses on micro technology for      microsystems technologies during the            already developed micro sensors are
                                       last  years. It is a joint Nordic challenge    cheaper than custom design.”
 industrial business development.      to take advantage of these investments”,
                                       says Dag Ausen, at SINTEF ICT. He               Competitive edge
    The aim is to stimulate Nordic     is also the project leader of MINUT             By coordinating the knowledge, and
                                       (Microsystems for industrial Nordic             utilizing the resources that exist in the
companies to turn this new reality,    economic growth), which consists of             Nordic countries, Nordic businesses
                                       four leading Nordic institutes working          can be reinforced, and maintain the
into successful business ventures.     together, namely SINTEF, Imego, Delta           competitive edge. By fusing existing
                                       and VTT.                                        products with already developed micro
                                                                                       sensors, new products can see the
                                       Get the message                                 light of day. Micro technology offers a
                                       The challenge is to get the message             brave new world for those looking for
                                       across to small and medium-sized                a better, cheaper and smarter way of
                                       companies, especially those with little         making products. Does anyone need a
                                       prior experience with practical micro           smart little sensor to embed?

                                       The project MINUT focuses on micro technology     Contact:
                                       for industrial business development.              Dag Ausen


Robot’s new arm

Being a Norwegian company that             “Our challenge, and interest in joining     Brekken is positive about the initial
export robots to Japan, ABB as              the MINUT-project, was with flow and       test results. “Integrating a micro sen-
Robotics are quite extraordinary. Based pressure sensors for robotics”,                sor in the robot means that we can
in Norway, they are the worlds leading      Ole Kristian Brekken says. “These          reduce the weight of the robot’s arms.
manufacturer of painting robots for the components are normally mounted on             This makes the robot faster, and more
car industry. This summer they have         the robot’s arms. These we wanted          accurate. The whole robot can be
conducted a feasibility study on the        to improve.” Brekken is head of the        scaled down.”
use of micro sensors in their robots,       department for development at ABB as
through their participation in the          Robotics.                                 “The cooperation with MINUT has been
MINUT-project. Celebrating their 40th                                                  excellent all the way. This meant we
anniversary this year, they keep up         Size matters                               could focus on development. By solving
their lead in the technological forefront. “MINUT put us in contact with the           robotic tasks more cost efficient, we
                                            Norwegian company MEMSCAP. They            can potentially position ourselves
The ABB painting robot is primarily         had developed a micro sensor for use       better, and maybe take some more
used in industries with high quality        in autopilots in airplanes. We made        market shares”, says Brekken. Their
demands. Typical use is the application of  a few adjustments, and tested the          Norwegian contact SINTEF carried out
two-component paint, and clear-coat,        concept in the feasibilities studies, the  an extensive pre-study, outlined
on automobile bodies. This requires a       results were promising”, says Brekken. possibilities and solutions for the robot
fast and accurate robot motion, and         This is still an ongoing project, more     system, and accommodated an easy
accurate control of the robot’s spraying work needs to be done before any              trial of the technology involved.
fan, both concerning its shape, amount predictions can be made about the
of paint and accuracy in switching the      possible potential in the market.          Now ABB as Robotics need to work out
spraying fan “on” and “off”.                Another issue is official approvals and    a business case, and see if the project
                                            bureaucracy; to introduce a new robot      will be developed further. The next big
                                            in a highly flammable industry             thing might be a MEMS-robot. Coming
                                            environment is not done in a day. But      to the car driving past you.

                                                                            ABB, leading manufacturer
                                                                            of painting robots

                                                                                        Ole Kristian Brekken


                                                                                   Healthier food outside the home

                                                                           Healthcat (Foresight):

                                                                           Healthy catering                                   
                                                                           “We eat more and more food outside of
                                                                           the home, and we eat more often food
                                                                           in public institutions. In order to secure
                                                                           that the food we eat outside of the home
                                                                           has a healthier and more sustainable
                                                                           profile, institutional households and
                                                                           catering businesses must show that
                                                                           their focus is on these issues,” says
                                                                           Åshild Longva, senior consultant at
                                                                           Matforsk, a Norwegian Food Research
                                                                           Institute, and project manager of the
Peripheral Localities and Innovation Policies (PLIP):                      Nordic network Healthcat.

Optimizing conditions for innovation                                       Healthcat’s aim is to contribute to an
through transferring good practices                                        increased focus on the food service
                                                                           sector in the Nordic countries as an
                                                                           important arena for healthier and
In the Nordic countries, a substantial part of industrial and economic     sounder food habits among consumers,
activity is still located outside the larger towns and far away from       with the primary and stated goal to be
major cities and the capital region, and there is a considerable need      in the forefront of the coming develop-
for models in local innovation policy targeted to these areas.             ments in the European Union in the
                                                                           field. The network includes 4 participants
In order to some extent meet these needs, the PLIP (Peripheral             and has just had its first meeting in
Localities and Innovation Policies) project has been developed. PLIP       Norway, September .
is a follow-up project of the previous Innovation Systems and the
Periphery (ISP) project, which identified a number of examples of          Ms. Longva is certain of the network’s
“good innovation practices” in industries in the periphery regions         important role in today’s society, and
of five Nordic countries. The PLIP project is now transferring those       stresses that one especially important
identified practices to the new contexts.                                  aim of the network is to transfer
                                                                           experiences already made in the public
The stated goals of the PLIP project are to support local actors in        sector to the private food service sector.
their efforts to learn from experiences in other Nordic regions, to        The goal is to facilitate an exchange of
test a method of action research in learning from good practices, as       best practices and to translate shared
well as to examine the differences and similarities of local and           knowledge into recommendations for
national innovation policies between the Nordic countries from the         public policy and business promotion
point of view of peripheral areas.                                         strategies for the future.

For more information, contact:                                             For more information, contact:
Seija Virkkala                                                             Åshild Longva
Chydenius Institute - Kokkola University Consortium                        Matforsk                                      
Brain business
An increased turnover of 240 million Swedish
kronor was the combined result of
23 companies that participated in The
Knowledge Foundation’s first expert
competency program, TeknIQ. The programs
goal was to make technical companies
discover the business opportunities that exist
when adding intelligence into
their products. › Source:

                                                      Simply the best
                                                      The Academy of Finland and the National
                                                      Technology Agency Tekes are launching a
                                                      new funding programme with a view to attracting
                                                      top foreign researchers to Finland. The idea is
                                                      to recruit high-level international researchers
                                                      for a fixed period who are committed to closely
                                                      integrating themselves into the Finnish research
                                                      community. › Source:

   Finland tops again

   Once again Finland tops the rankings
   in the World Economic Forum’s Global
   Competitiveness Report. The USA was ranked
   second and Sweden third, both countries
   retaining the positions they held last year. All
   the Nordic countries were ranked among the
   ten most competitive economies. According
   to Augusto Lopez-Claros, the WEF’s Chief
   Economist and Director in charge of the
   Global Competitiveness Programme, this is
   because the macroeconomic environments
   of the Nordic countries are healthy and their
   public institutions operate efficiently and
   transparently. › Sources: and
                                                                Optimistic Greenland
                                                                Economic indicators for 1st half of 2005
                                                                shows continued economic growth for
                                                                Greenland. Positive trends include
                                                                increased tax payments and progress in
                                                                private consumption. In addition, less
                                                                people are unemployed, the deficit on the
                                                                trade balance is reduced and inflation
                                                                remains low. › Source:
                                               NORDIC NEWS & VIEWS

       Danish energy pills
       Danish scientists have invented a pill that binds large volumes of hydrogen, making it possi-
       ble to transport and store hydrogen in a safe manner. Hydrogen is an excellent and extremely
       environmentally friendly source of energy. This might be the key to use hydrogen as fuel for
       cars and could make mankind independent from fossil fuels. › Source:

Neighbour collaboration
On Friday 2 September 2005, the Faroese Prime
Minister Jóannes Eidesgaard and the Icelandic

                                                                                                             3 › 2005
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Davið Oddsson signed a
new framework agreement that replaces the former
                                                                    Sunny houses
bilateral trade agreement, thereby extending the
scope of cooperation between the two countries to the               Solar heating does not work
                                                                    well in northern regions.
free movement of all goods, services, capital and persons.
                                                                    However, new technology
›   Source:                                         may change this. Solarnor has
                                                                    patented a new type of solar

& views
                                                                    captors. New and better materials
                                                                    and a modern design is the key
                                                                    to their solution. › Source:

             Treasure island
             Bornholm is first out in a series of Danish growth forums. These
                                                                                                              Enhancing innovation capabilities

             shall strengthen the regional conditions for development and
             growth, creating local solutions for global challenges. On September
             27, Danish Minister of Finance, Trade and Industry Bendt Bendtsen
             opened Bornholms’ temporary growth forum. “This will be a good
             foundation for a long term strategy for growth and employment on
             the island”, he says. › Source:
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                                                                       New address
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Gain access to the latest knowledge                                    Norge - Norway

on Food Safety in Europe!                                              We keep our mobile numbers and e-mail addresses.
                                                                       Our new reception number is (+47) 476 14 400.
“Food Safety in a European perspective“
7-8 December in Ski (Oslo), Norway
We hereby invite you to take an active part in a two-day
seminar with presentations and discussions on Food Safety
in Europe and the Nordic region.

The overall purpose of this seminar is to further strengthen
the position of the Nordic food industry in a European con-
text by developing new knowledge and thereby support the
industry in its efforts to provide safe products of high quality.

For further details and to download the programme, visit:

Invitation – Nordic conference
”Dialogue and cooperation between research
and business in the Nordic countries”
Bojesen på Axelborg, Copenhagen, November 30th-1th.                 Nordic Innovation Centre
The Nordic Council of Ministers in cooperation with                 The Nordic Innovation Centre initiates and finances
Nordic Innovation Centre invites you to participate in              activities that enhance innovation collaboration and
a conference where the objective is to focus on the need            develop and maintain a smoothly functioning market in
and possibilities for better dialogue between research              the Nordic region.
institutes and commercial companies.
                                                                    The Centre works primarily with small and medium-
Key-note speakers will concentrate on :                             sized companies (SMEs) in the Nordic countries. Other
                                                                    important partners are those most closely involved with
• How knowledge is being produced                                   innovation and market surveillance, such as industrial
• How the cooperation between R&D and businesses                    organisations and interest groups, research institutions
  has changed                                                       and public authorities.
• Barriers to cooperation
• How the globalization can be an advantage for                     The Nordic Innovation Centre is an institution under the
  the Nordic countries                                              Nordic Council of Ministers. Its secretariat is in Oslo.

For further details, visit:                For more information:

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