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									Strategic Plan for Community Foundation of Tompkins County - Annual Update – DRAFT                                July 27, 2009
                    VISION                            Key Result Areas                                                                                                                   2.   Make 1-3
                                                                                                                                                                                              ve grants
To be recognized as the premier                                                       Objectives                                                                                              over the next
philanthropic partner meeting broad                                                                                                      Activities                                           two years.
community needs.                                                                                                 1.  Continue Board Special Initiative solicitations.                    3.   Develop
                                                                            Secure operating support for the    2.  Develop a plan to build on current outreach and Board                    outreach
                                                                             Foundation.                             involvement resulting from Board Special Initiative.                     plans for
                 MISSION                                                                                         3. Emphasize the Legacy Society to a variety of community
To encourage and develop sustainable              DEVELOPMENT               Increase the number & diversity                                                                                  engaging
                                                                                                                     advisors to help realize an increased number of bequests and             younger
philanthropy for a broad range of community                                  of engaged philanthropists.             build a network of advocates for the Community Foundation.               people and
efforts by:                                                                 Develop more, larger, and more      4. Expand the Permanent Endowment as opportunities arise:                    individuals
      Encouraging the growth of a                                           permanent funds.                        .Emphasize Endowment for operations- Develop plan for other              from various
         permanent charitable endowment                                                                              endowment opportunities-Evaluate possibility & timing of                 minority
                                                                                                                     securing development counsel to secure future support.
      Making strategic grants as                                                                                                                                                             communities
                                                                          Increase public awareness of the      5. Continue implementation of CEO and Board systematic donor                 as volunteers
         community investments                                                                                       prospecting, with goal of completing at least 10 new “major
                                                                           Community Foundation                                                                                               and
      Providing donors with vehicles to                                                                             asks” per quarter.
                                                                          Continue to emphasize our mission                                                                                  prospective
         make giving easy and effective                                                                          6. Continue program of two general asks each year in addition to             board
                                                                           & distinguish the Community
      Serving as a catalyst and convener                                  Foundation from other
                                                                                                                     this years’ Special Initiative to solicit person by person.              members.
                                                                                                                 7. Seek out informed leadership willing to do and knowledgeable         4.   Develop
                                                                           “community” grant-making entities         about the development work that is required in order to build
                   VALUES                         COMMUNICATIONS                                                                                                                              criteria for
                                                                          Engage board members and                  priority field of interest funds.                                        involvement
         Innovative models of service and                                 volunteers from diverse community     8. Utilize targeted knowledge-based donor solicitations for needs            in
          proven practices                                                 groups                                    identified through grants processes, strategic partnerships              community
         Involved and informed donors who                                Continue to focus on working with         and/or in response to critical community needs.                          issues.
          are empowered to take bold,                                      and providing knowledge and           9. Continue to ensure that grants awarded are congruent with
          effective and efficient philanthropic                            information to,financial advisors &       strategic objectives.
          actions                                                          estate planning professionals who     10. Identify specific constituencies that present clear opportunities
         Community leadership,                                                                                      to develop relationships, grow understanding of the foundation,
                                                                           can assist in sharing our message.
                                                                                                                     and increase donors.
          organizational accountability,
          continuously improving systems,
                                                                                                                 1.   Develop and standardize a comprehensive media plan with
          and sound public policy                                         Become the “go-to” place to                consistency of message
         Openness, transparency, and                                      organize discussions/responses to     2.   Continue to strengthen robustness of Foundation events
          accessibility                                                    key community issues.                      calendar – Continue Listening Learning Partnership strategies,
         Reasonable risk and conflict on the                             Increase brokering between donors          Follow path of discussion with Legacy Foundation – Use CFTC
          path to greater service and better                               and community needs.                       10th anniversary as opportunity to bring in new audiences.
          interventions                                                   Become the “go-to” place to           3.   In partnership especially with the development committee,
         Principled leadership, inclusion,                                organize discussions/responses to          conduct at least 2 “continuing education” events per year for
          diversity                                                                                                   estate planning professionals, accountants, life insurance
                                                                           key community issues. Increase
                                                  STRATEGIC                                                           agents, financial advisers.
                                                                           brokering between donors and          4.   In partnership especially with the development committee,
                                                                           community needs.                           develop “planned giving” materials and program for donor
                                                                          Continue to share information on           recognition (need to “brand” our Legacy Society)
                                                                           community needs with donors.
                                                                                                                 1.   Continue to foster strategic collaborations – Sharing grant info
                                                                                                                      with TCGF & Legacy Foundation.
CFTC Strategic Plan Update
Draft 1 July 27,
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Strategic Plan for Community Foundation of Tompkins County - Annual Update – DRAFT                                                                   July 27, 2009

                                                                                                            Timeline & Indicators

      April 2008
           Standardize branding and acknowledgement/crediting language in all grant making and communications(already done by staff)
      June 2008
           Continuing Legal Education seminar delivered.
           Administrative Task Force formed.
           Ad hoc communications group initiates positioning statement.
           Annual appeal for operating support mailing complete.
           First draft spending policy complete; board review initiated.
      July 2008
           By-laws revisions and Board member service agreement adopted.
           Strategic plan adopted.
      August 2008
           Develop on-line feedback survey for past grantees for process improvement.
      September 2008
           Foundation web site revised to reflect: quarterly review of unsolicited grants; FAQ page for prospective grantees and Howland Foundation requests. Grants committee standardizes attribution language and all grant
              documentation. Grants committee recommends granting plan including presentation recurring themes, $ amount requested for grants, and priority areas to BoD.
           Dialogue begins with potential community partners re: grant writing training.
           Administrative Task force reports to Board and recommendations adopted.
           BoD adds 3 new Directors including at least one individual from an underrepresented community group.
           Develop and standardize a comprehensive media plan with consistency of message (PR/Marketing committee)
      October 2008
           Spending policy adopted.
           Endowment policy drafts circulated to committees and Board.
      November 2008
           Board HR committee strategic direction; conducts annual review of all Foundation position job descriptions.
           Event #2 for Professional Advisors held
      December 2008
           HR Committee conducts CEO performance review and BoD insures CEO goals in line with Foundation strategic direction.
           Foundation friend raising “open house” for donors, grantees, board members & professional advisors.
           Committee chairs present summary review progress on Strategic Plan objectives to BoD.
           Update web site for ease of use by donors, board members etc. with regard to attractiveness, important links, etc. (PR/Marketing and staff)
           Develop “planned giving” materials and program for donor recognition (need to “brand” our Legacy Society) (PR/Marketing)
      January 2009
           Ad hoc communications group presents Communications Plan to BoD.
           BoD reviews, discusses and amends SP as needed.
           BoD adopts Communications Plan.
           Develop 1-2 additional opportunities per year for gatherings that bring board/staff/donors/volunteers together and introduce new audiences to the work of the foundation (Development Committee)
      February 2009
           Grants committee develops strategy for Howland process 2009, including better publicity to relevant Broome county non-profi
CFTC Strategic Plan Update
Draft 1 July 27,
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Strategic Plan for Community Foundation of Tompkins County - Annual Update – DRAFT   July 27, 2009

CFTC Strategic Plan Update
Draft 1 July 27,
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Strategic Plan for Community Foundation of Tompkins County - Annual Update – DRAFT                                                    July 27, 2009

Summary of Changes:

The Key Result Areas were re-ordered to identify DEVELOPMENT as the organization’s, Board and Staff, primary task for the duration of the plan.

Substantive changes were made to the list of activities in Development. Most followed directly from the on-going work of the development committee & reflect work described in the meeting minutes of 6/15/09.
Some further amendments were made during the review by the sub-committee working on the SP Update.

Activities that have been accomplished as written have been removed from the document. Several are listed below.

         Standardize branding and acknowledgement/ crediting language in all grantmaking and
         Implement spending/disbursement & other policies that will maintain Community Foundation long
          term strength and viability

The activity related to updating the Web Site was removed in recognition of our current lack of
resources for the project.
     Update web site for ease of use by donors, board members etc. with regard to attractiveness, important
        links, etc

The activities listed for Key Result Area Strategic Partnering have been reworded and condensed.

The sub-committee did not attempt to revise Page 2: Timeline and Indicators

The sub-committee did not attempt to assign responsibility or deadlines for any activity.

The sub-committee recognizes that there is a substantive amount of overlap among the Key Result
areas and will need to rely on staff, Board leadership and committee chairs to ensure that coordination
takes place.

The sub-committee did not address the Key Result area of Organizational Efficiency at this time.

CFTC Strategic Plan Update
Draft 1 July 27,
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