Operate SINCGARS Single-Channel _SC_

					                           Operate SINCGARS Single-Channel (SC)

Conditions: Given an operational single-channel ground and airborne radio system
(SINCGARS), KYK-13/TSEC with keys or AN/CYZ-10, C-11291 CM, distant station, TM 11-5820-
890-10-8, TM 11-5820-890-10-3, TM 11-5820-890-10-1, ACP 125 US Suppl-1, DA Pam 738-750,
FM 24-19, FM 24-18, and unit signal operation instructions (SOI) or (ANCD) with SOI data

Standards: Conduct a secure communications check in single channel (SC) mode with a distant
station and change the radio functions using the control monitor.

Performance Steps
  1. Perform starting procedures.
  2. Load the traffic encryption key (TEK).
  3. Enter the net.
       a. Use the correct procedures.
       b. Conduct a secure communications check
  4. Prepare the control monitor for operation.
  5. Change the radio functions using the control monitor.
  6. Exit the net.
  7. Perform stopping procedures.

Evaluation Preparation: Setup: Ensure that the radio set is complete and operational with (CM)
installed on the radio.
Brief Soldier: Tell the Soldier all performance measures must be completed correctly within 20
minutes. All performance measures must be done in sequence.

Performance Measures                                                                      GO     NO-GO
  1. Performed starting procedures.                                                      ——       ——
  2. Loaded TEK.                                                                         ——       ——
  3. Entered net.                                                                        ——       ——
       a. Used the correct procedures.
       b. Conducted a secure communications check.
  4. Prepared the control monitor for operation.                                         ——       ——
  5. Changed radio functions using the control monitor.                                  ——       ——
  6. Exited the net.                                                                     ——       ——
  7. Performed stopping procedures.                                                      ——       ——

Evaluation Guidance: : Score the soldier a GO if all PMs are passed. Score the soldier a NO-
GO if any PM is failed. If the soldier fails any PM, show what was done wrong and how to do it
correctly. Have the soldier perform the PMs until they are done correctly.
    Required              Related
    ACP 125 US SUPPL-1
    DA PAM 738-750
    FM 24-18
    FM 24-19
    TM 11-5820-890-10-1
    TM 11-5820-890-10-3
    TM 11-5820-890-10-8

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