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					                                                   ASI Budgeted Group

                                                       Budget Year

                                               Budget Request Form
                                              Mid-Year Budget Request
                                              Annual Budget Request
                                              Reline Request
                                              Budget Plan
           Budget Line Item               Current Budget Requested/Relined               CHAIR

 1   ASI Allocation                                    -                -
 2   Carryover                                         -                -
 3                                                     -                -                  Name
 4                                                     -                -
     Total Income                                      -                -
 5                                                                             Phone Number/E-mail Address
 7                                                                                         Date
 8                                                                            ADVISOR or AUTHORIZED
 9                                                                                   OFFICER
12                                                                                         Name
15                                                                                       Signature
17                                                                             Phone Number/E-mail Address
19                                                                                         Date
20                                                                           TREASURER OR AUTHORIZED
21                                                                                   OFFICER
24                                                                                         Name
           Total Expense                               -                -
           Total Request                               -                -
                                                                               FOR OFFICE USE ONLY
Associated Students, Incorporated
California State Polytechnic University
3801 West Temple Ave Building 35                                                      Total Approved
Pomona, CA 91768
(909) 869-3638
                                                                                    ASI Treasurer Initial
Note: If requesting budget reline, total request should be $0.00
                                                                                                     Rev 2/06
                  Line Item Explanation

Income Line 1
Allocation                                                 Total

                                                       $               -

Income Line 2
Carryover                                                  Total

                                                       $           -

Income Line 3
0                                                          Total

                                                       $           -

Income Line 4
0                                                          Total

                                                       $           -

                                          Total Income $           -

Expense Line 5
0                                                          Total

                                                       $           -

Expense Line 6
0                                                          Total

                                                       $           -

Expense Line 7
0                                                          Total

                                                       $           -

Expense Line 8
0                                                          Total

                                                       $           -

Expense Line 9
0                                                          Total

                                                       $           -

Expense Line 10
0                                                          Total

                                                       $           -
                  Line Item Explanation
Expense Line 11
0                                             Total

                                          $           -

Expense Line 12
0                                             Total

                                          $           -

Expense Line 13
0                                             Total

                                          $           -

Expense Line 14
0                                             Total

                                          $           -

Expense Line 15
0                                             Total

                                          $           -

Expense Line 16
0                                             Total

                                          $           -

Expense Line 17
0                                             Total

                                          $           -

Expense Line 18
0                                             Total

                                          $           -

Expense Line 19
0                                             Total

                                          $           -

Expense Line 20
0                                             Total

                                          $           -

Expense Line 21
0                                             Total

                  Line Item Explanation
                                                        $           -

Expense Line 22
0                                                           Total

                                                        $           -

Expense Line 23
0                                                           Total

                                                        $           -

Expense Line 24
0                                                           Total

                                                        $           -

Expense Line 25
0                                                           Total

                                                        $           -

                                          Total Expense $           -

ASI Budgeted Group:

Budget Year:


1. What is the purpose of your organization?

2. If you are a council, provide information on which clubs receive funding for the previous and current year, the amount funded and the
purpose of the funding

3. Approximately how many students are served by your organization?

4. Provide a list of officers, coordinators and advisors for your organization, as appropriate

5. Describe your prior and current year events, attendance and outcome

6. Did you receive funds or plan to seek additional funding from the ASI Budget Committee or the IRA Fee Committee during the last fiscal

7. Describe attempts or receipts to generate funds from other sources

8. What are your organization’s goals for current year?
ASI Annual Budgeting Process

Section I: Introduction

ASI budgeted groups that are required to submit a budget in the annual budgeting process, are responsible for the preparation and
presentation of their annual budget requests for the following year to ASI. If an ASI budgeted group does not submit an annu al budget
request for the following year; they may not receive all of the remaining 30% of the organizations current ASI allocation.

The annual budget request packet shall be provided by the ASI Treasurer, a completed annual budget request shall include:

1) An Annual Budget Request Form - this is a two-column worksheet that shall include:
• Current Budget
• Amount requested/relined
2) A Line Item Explanation - a mathematically detailed description explaining how the total amount requested for the next year w as derived.
3) Responses to a Questionnaire - this will be provided in the packet and shall be answered in full on a separate sheet of pape r

Section II: Process

1) The ASI Treasurer shall send a memorandum to all annually budgeted groups notifying them of the Annual Budget Workshop.

2) Groups prepare annual budget requests and submit to the ASI Student Government Office no later than date set by the ASI Se nate.
Annual budget requests shall be date stamped upon receipt in the ASI Student Government Office. Line item justification shal l include
enough detail to reasonably inform what the activity involves i.e.; line item: 'conference' should detail information about t he specific
conferences including how the students of Cal Poly Pomona will benefit from the organizations attendance.

3) An Annual Budget Request binder shall be compiled after all the requests are submitted and will be distributed to the memb ers of the ASI
Cabinet and ASI Senate.

4) The Academic Councils, Diversity Groups and At-Large Councils shall not submit budget requests during the ASI Annual Budgetin g
process. These groups shall be allocated funds equivalent to the funds generated by the ASI Treasurer using the formula in S B02-03:02.
These groups will submit a budget in the fall quarter using the funds allocated during the previous year’s allocations.

5) Budget Presentations – In the winter quarter, each group, that is required to submit a budget in the annual budgeting process , has the
opportunity to present the proposed budget to members of the ASI Senate. Each group shall have twenty (20) minutes - thirteen (13) for a
general presentation and seven (7) for questions and answers

6) Groups that fail to either submit an Annual Budget request by the deadline or fail to appear at their designated presentat ion time forfeit
their rights to the 30% remaining of the current year's allocations.

7) ASI Fixed Costs shall receive first consideration during the annual budgeting process. Fixed costs are those to be determi ned by the ASI
Treasurer and Executive Director and approved by the ASI Senate including but not limited to funding for ASI reserves, salari es, contracts
and normal business operating costs.

8) To encourage fundraising for annually budgeted groups, ASI will not repossess funds from these organizations at the end of the year.

9) The ASI President shall submit a comprehensive budget recommendation(s) to the ASI Senate in the winter quarter which outl ines the
Administration’s policy and funding priorities and the economic outlook for the coming fiscal year. The budget will be compi led by the ASI
Treasurer from input by various ASI executive agencies, and in consultation with the ASI Executive Director/designee.

10) Senate Deliberations – In the spring quarter the ASI Senate shall begin consideration of the annual budget for the next fisc al year based
on the authorized and allowable levels of spending in the committee authorization resolutions.

11) Approval of Budget – The ASI budget and Bronco Student Center budget requires a two-thirds (2/3) approval vote by the seated Senate
to be valid for proposed submission to the University Chief Fiscal Officer. Through a two -thirds (2/3) approval vote by the seated Senate, a
Senator can make an amendment to the recommended budget.

12) The Senate-recommended budget is submitted to the Committee. Any changes may be passed by a two -thirds (2/3) vote.

13) ASI Presidential Consideration - The ASI President has the right to veto any portion of the Senate approved budget. Senate may
override a veto by a two-thirds (2/3) vote.

14) The budget is then forwarded to the Vice President for Administrative Affairs and to the University President for final a pproval.

15) Upon approval, a memorandum shall be sent to all budget groups by the ASI Treasurer informing them of the amounts approve d.

Budget Relines:

A budget reline is required at the start of the fiscal year if the approved budget is different from the amount requested dur ing annual
budgeting. After the original reline is submitted, subsequent relines will be discouraged unless there is a major increase i n income or a
program change.

On the Budget Reline, total income will equal total expenses, thus the total request will be zero.

Once the ASI Treasurer approves the reline, it is forwarded to Business Services for posting. The reline should be in effect within 24 working
Associated Students Incorporated
Cal Poly Pomona

2005-2006 ASI Annual Budget

1. The financial guidelines and stipulations listed below are intended to enable ASI to comply with audit standards and foste r good business
practices to protect the financial and legal interests of the organization. These financial guidelines and stipulations are applicable to all ASI
funded groups, programs, events and activities.

2. The release of the approved ASI Annual Budget funds will be done in a two-step approach, in anticipation of any unplanned changes in
enrollment. Upon final approval of the ASI Annual Budget, seventy per cent (70%) will be released to ASI annually funded grou ps. The
release of the thirty per cent (30%) balance will be contingent on actual enrollment through Winter Quarter, as recommended b y the ASI
Treasurer. The ASI Senate shall take action on any recommendation to release less than 30% of the annual budget allocations.

3. All ASI annually budgeted groups which receive less funding, compared to what they requested, shall submit relined budgets to the ASI
Treasurer. The ASI Treasurer shall review and approve these, subject to compliance with ASI policies and all applicable regul ations.

4. All groups that receive ASI funds for any event or activity must state so and include the prescribed version of the ASI lo go on all publicity
materials such as flyers, ads, brochures, posters, newsletters, etc. (Please contact the ASI Graphic Arts Studio at the Bronc o Student Center.)

5. Groups that have budgets amounting to less that $20,000 may not expend more than 120% or $300, in excess of each line item in their
budgets, whichever is less. Groups that have budgets over $20,000 may not expend more than 110% or $2,000 in excess of each l ine item
in their budgets, whichever is less. Relined budgets are not necessary if the groups meet these conditions.

6. ASI funds shall not be used to provide or stipend any person for their assistance and/or instruction connected with a clas s.

7. ASI funds shall not be used to provide honorarium, stipends, or speaker’s fees to any current Cal Poly Pomona faculty or s taff member as
well as auxiliary employees.

8. ASI funds shall be used to provide refreshments to council or board members for recruitment, orientation, training and rec ognition
purposes only and not at regularly scheduled business meetings.

9. No ASI funds may be spent on alcohol.

10. No ASI funds shall be used to support or to oppose any candidate for public office, whether partisan or not, or to suppor t any issue
before the voters of the state or any subdivision thereof or any city, municipality or local government entity of any kind, a s may be permitted
by Section 89300 of the Education Code (Section 42403 of Title V). The only exceptions are authorized governmental affairs re presentatives.
(Education Code Section 89300).

11. No ASI funds shall be used to support or oppose religious activities/issues.

12. No ASI funds shall be used to fund scholarships, with the exception of Athletics and ASI Government. (Senate Bills 92 -93:04 & 97-

13. A minimum of seventy-five (75) percent of each council’s ASI annual budget allocation shall be allocated to all clubs within each
representative council. This shall be accomplished through the submission of a completed Disbursement Request to ASI Business Services.
Each council is highly encouraged to complete the 75% club allocation process by the last business day in February to allow t he clubs
enough time to utilize the funds within the year.

14. Councils which have not met the 75% club allocation requirement are required to submit a written explanatory memo to the ASI
Treasurer, with a carbon copy to ASI Business Services, on or before June 30. Councils are also encouraged to consult with th e ASI
Treasurer. Any remaining club allocation funds for the councils as of June 30 shall be transferred to the New Programs and Au gmentation
Account (60% of funds) and ASI Prior Years III Reserve Account (40% of funds).

15. All council approved budget allocations shall be reviewed by the ASI Executive Director for exposure to high -risk liability. Should a high
risk factor be determined, the allocations of funds shall be delayed until the situation is resolved by the ASI Executive Dir ector with the ASI
Attorney General and/or the ASI President.

16. Annually budgeted groups are prohibited from engaging in harassment or promoting discrimination. Any such activity shall lead to their
funds being frozen or retained by ASI. The ASI Attorney General may temporarily freeze the group’s funds.

17. ASI funds shall not be used for hazing or hazing related activities (Education Code Section 32050 -32051). Hazing includes any activity
that causes, or is likely to cause, bodily danger, physical, and/or mental harm.

18. The amount of the general salary increase to ASI employees shall be approved by the Personnel Review Committee, ASI Senat e and the
University President/designee.

19. ASI’s Federal Employer Identification Number will be made available only to ASI budgeted groups as determined by ASI. (Se nate Bill 92-

20. ASI groups participating in recreational sports, intramurals, and close contact competition/activities, except for Athlet ics, shall be required
to submit a list of participants and completed/signed liability release agreements by all participants (Senate Bill 92 -93:06).

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