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                                      Tourism Industry Planning Council
                                             Member Directory

AAA Michigan                                                 possible we all work together to ensure Michigans
                                                             Tourism industry is well represented.
Ron Garbinski                                                Expectations: A clear road map for tourism in
Publisher & Editor-in-Chief of AAA Living Magazine           Michigan. A plan for the next 20 years.
1 Auto Club Drive
Dearborn, MI 48126                                           Battle Creek / Calhoun County Visitor &
PH: 313-336-1506                                             Convention Bureau
FX: 313-336-1344
Email:                           Dwight D. Butt
Web:                                             Executive Director
                                                             77 E Michigan Ave, Suite 100
Background                                                   Battle Creek, MI 49017
Organization: The Auto Club group is the AAA                 PH: 269-962-2240
membership organization serving eight midwest                FX: 269-962-6917
states.AAA Living circulates 2.5 million magazines six       Email:
times per year in those states.                              Web:
Role: Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of AAA Living
Magazines                                                    Background
Why Plan?                                                    Organization: The Battle Creek CVB represents all
Expectations: Better cooperation and tourism                 tourist and hospitality interests in Calhoun County
promotion.                                                   Michigan.
                                                             Role: Executive Director reporting to a Board of
Ann Arbor Area CVB                                           Directors
                                                             Why Plan? We just finished a similar strategic plan
Mary Kerr                                                    for tourism in Calhoun County, and feel the State of
President & CEO                                              Michigan should go through a similar process. The
120 W. Huron Street                                          resulting strategic plan will help direct resources
Ann Arbor, MI 48104                                          correctly while helping us to avoid misguided efforts.
PH: 800-888-9487                                             Expectations: We would like to see a strategic plan
FX: 734-995-7283                                             that not only points the state in the correct direction of
Email:                                    how to focus resources and efforts, but assign time-
Web:                                        lines and responsibilities for the expected
Organization: N/A                                            Bavarian Inn Restaurant and Lodge
Role: N/A
Why Plan? N/A                                                Judy Zehnder Keller
Expectations: N/A                                            President/Owner
                                                             One Covered Bridge Lane
                                                             Frankenmuth, MI 48734
Association of RV Parks & Campgrounds of                     PH: 989-652-7200
Michigan                                                     FX: 989-652-3509
Wayne Purchase                                               Web:
Executive Director
325 N. Mt. Tom Rd. Suite B                                   Background
Mio, MI 48647                                                Organization: 1200 seat restaurant and 360 room
PH: 989-826-5255                                             Hotel & Conference Resort with multiple meeting
FX: 989-826-1906                                             rooms.
Email:                              Role: President/Owner
Web:                                 Why Plan? We have been in the tourism business
                                                             since1927. I’m a third generation Zehnder and the
Background                                                   4th is now in management.
Organization: Lead in the development of the RV              Expectations: To help regain Michigan's prominence
Park & Campground industry through Education,                as one of the top tourism destinations.
Communication & Representation.
Role: Chief Administrative Officer Responsible to the
Board of Directors.
Why Plan? Our industry is just a small part of
Tourism in Michigan and it is important that when ever
                                                                                                    Directory 6.21.2006
Bay Area CVB
                                                               Blue Water Area CVB
Shirley Roberts
Executive Director                                             Marci Fogal
901 W. Saginaw Street                                          President
Bay City, MI 48708                                             520 Thomas Edison Parkway
PH: 989-893-1222                                               Port Huron, MI 48060
FX: 989-893-7016                                               PH: 810-987-8687
Email:                                   FX: 810-987-1441
Web:                                     Email:
Organization: Represents the majority of the lodging           Background
properties within Bay County through marketing and             Organization: N/A
advertising functions and has played an active role in         Role: N/A
developing new tourist products in the community.              Why Plan? N/A
Role: Executive Director                                       Expectations: N/A
Why Plan? Tourism is becoming a more important
part of Bay City's overall economy just as it is for the       Booth Newspapers of Michigan
State of Michigan.
Expectations: Realistic and effective programs to              Dan Sippel
support the development of destination attractions             Travel Advertising Manager
along with realistic "partnership" marketing                   PO Box 2168
opportunities and a Stronger Michigan brand.                   Grand Rapids, MI 49501
                                                               PH: 616-222-5841
Baymont Inns and Suites                                        FX: 616-222-5225
Dan Trotochaud                                                 Web:
109 S. Nicolet PO Box 860                                      Background
Mackinaw City, Mi 49701                                        Organization: Publisher of eight seven day
PH: 231-436-7737                                               newspapers in Michigan delivered to 1.4 million adults
FX: 231-436-5427                                               on Sundays.
Email:                                 Role: Advetising Manager
Web:                                   Why Plan? Company is committed to understanding
                                                               the issues and challenges of the Travel and
Background                                                     Hospitality industry. Intimate knowlege of the issues
Organization: Mid-price hotel without food and                 helps us to better advise and execute marketing and
beverage.                                                      editorial that is meaningful to the industry.
Role: Owner/General Manager                                    Expectations: Priorities, mission, objectives and
Why Plan? Hotel industry will be important in any              strategies for the industry to use as an map for short
tourism plan.                                                  and long term industry vitality.
Expectations: A comprehensive blueprint for tourism
that can be embraced and followed by the industry.             Central Michigan University

Benzie County Area CVB                                         Patty Janes
                                                               Associate Professor
Carol Davidson                                                 Finch 105
Executive Director                                             Mt. Pleasant, MI 48859
PO Box 204                                                     PH: 989-774-7311
Benzonia, MI 49616                                             FX: 989-774-2161
PH: 231-882-5801                                               Email:
FX: 231-882-9249                                               Web:
Web:                                       Background
                                                               Organization: CMU serves Michigan and the larger
Background                                                     community as a doctoral/research-intensive public
Organization: We are a destination marketing                   university focused on excellent teaching and student-
organization promoting Benzie County and the                   focused learning with more than 200 programs at all
Northwest region of the state.                                 levels serving nearly 28,000 students.
Role: Chairperson of the marketing committee and               Role: My role as a faculty member is to teach, advise
vice-president of the Board of Directors.                      students, and conduct research in the area of tourism
Why Plan? There is a great need to increase and                and commercial recreation and provide service to the
enhance the marketing of the state to attract visitors.        profession, university and community.
Expectations: A comprehensive marketing plan that              Why Plan? This initiative is critical to developing
would bring visitors from other states to Michigan             Michigan’s tourism industry and we would of course
AND the a plan for the creation of a revenue stream            want to support that effort as well as lend any
for marketing in the next five years.                          assistance we could.
                                                                                                   Directory 6.21.2006
Expectations: A more unified, focused effort that            Role: President and owner and is actively involved in
would enhance the tourism industry within Michigan.          the operation of all Dean entities.
                                                             Why Plan? Important to work on behalf of and
Circle Michigan                                              together with industry leaders to further the goals and
                                                             importance of the travel industry in Michigan – a truly
Richard F. Hert                                              important economic resource.
Executive Director                                           Expectations: To better the communication between
3665 28th Street SE Suite B                                  industry leaders and most importantly the direct
Grand Rapids, MI 49512                                       tourist/service providers to help define the future
PH: 616-734-0348                                             goals of tourism in our GREAT State of Michigan.
FX: 616-954-3926
Email:                               Flint Area Convention & Visitors Bureau
                                                             Jerry Preston
Background                                                   President
Organization: N/A                                            316 Water Street
Role: N/A                                                    Flint, MI 48503
Why Plan? N/A                                                PH: 810-232-7747
Expectations: N/A                                            FX: 810-232-1515
Crystal Mountain Resort                                      Web:

Christina MacInnes                                           Background
Sr. Vice President                                           Organization: The Flint Area Convention & Visitors
12500 Crystal Mountain Drive                                 Bureau is the destination marketing organization for
Thompsonville, MI 49683                                      Genesee County, MI.
PH: 231-378-2000 x2501                                       Role: President/CEO
FX: 231-378-4594                                             Why Plan? With the loss of manufacturing jobs, we
Email:                         need to capitalize on our natural and man made
Web:                                 resources to encourage visitors to enjoy our state.
                                                             Expectations: We would like to see a similar funding
Background                                                   plan developed for Michigan as was developed for
Organization: 1500 acre four season recreational             Illinois travel promotion.
community with skiing, golf, outdoor water park,
meeting & conference facilities and real estate              Grand Rapids Press
development. Also home to Michigan Legacy Art
Park.                                                        John Thornquist
Role: Senior Vice President of Crystal Enterprises,          Research Manager
Inc. and President of the resort's development               155 Michigan NW
company, Crystal Properties, Inc.                            Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Why Plan? To capitalize on Michigan's natural and            PH: 616-222-5840
cultural assets, we need to be united both in                FX: 616-222-5276
communicating our strengths and delivering on our            Email:
promises. A strategic plan for the industry can be our       Web:
blueprint to achieve this-- now and in the future.
Expectations: A plan that defines the linkages               Background
between the myriad of entities that comprise our             Organization: Newspaper
industry, so that the whole is greater than the sum of       Role: Research, new product/media research and
its parts.                                                   development
                                                             Why Plan? Primarily to support a major state industry
Dean Transportation, Inc./Dean Trailways of                  that's important to our communities and includes a
Michigan                                                     number of advertising clients.
                                                             Expectations: A realistic, market-driven plan with
Kellie Dean                                                  clear standards of progress, supported by research
President                                                    and market testing where appropriate.
4812 Aurelius Road
Lansing, MI 48910                                            Grand Rapids/ Kent County CVB
PH: 517-319-3300
FX: 517-319-8384                                             Steve Wilson
Email:                                 President
Web:                                   171 Monroe Ave NW, Suite 700
                                                             Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Background                                                   PH: 800-678-9859
Organization: Operates 900 vehicles and 1000                 FX: 616-459-7291
employees at 10 offices throughout Michigan. Dean            Email:
Trailways is a nationwide full service motor coach           Web:
                                                                                                  Directory 6.21.2006
Organization: N/A                                             regions can use to develop/expand recreational
Role: N/A                                                     partnerships.
Why Plan? N/A                                                 Expectations: A unified team establishing a clear
Expectations: N/A                                             direction with acceptance by, and the support of, the
                                                              statewide industry and the state government.
Great Lakes Crossing (Taubman Centers, Inc)
                                                              Kalamazoo County Convention & Visitors Bureau
Melissa Morang
Marketing & Sponsorship Director                              Mary Ridderman
4000 Baldwin Rd                                               Director of Sales
Auburn Hills, MI 48326                                        346 W. Michigan Avenue
PH: 248-454-5010                                              Kalamazoo, MI 49007
FX: 248-333-7819                                              PH: 269-382-7001
Email:                                    FX: 269-343-0430
Web:                           Email:
Organization: Retail shopping center                          Background
Role: Oversee marketing, events and sponsorship               Organization: KCCVB is a division of the Kalamazoo
sales for the center.                                         Regional Chamber of Commerce, strives to increase
Why Plan? To be a part of this effort, GLC is a tourist       revenues for Kalamazoo County and positively impact
destination place for Michigan.                               the economy of Kalamazoo County by marketing the
Expectations: Bring back tourism to Michigan.                 community as a popular meeting and tourism
Greater Lansing CVB                                           Role: Strengthen our relationship with hospitality
                                                              partners, community and government leaders and
Lee Hladki                                                    promote all hospitality-oriented businesses in
President                                                     Kalamazoo County.
1223 Turner St., Suite 200                                    Why Plan? Collaborative efforts on a local, regional
Lansing, MI 48906                                             and state level to obtain investment dollars.
PH: 517-377-1404                                              Expectations: To see more invested in tourism from
FX: 517-487-5151                                              a state and federal level but we we need a cause and
Email:                                    substantial research to back up our interests.
                                                              Kewadin Casinos
Organization: Destination Marketing Organization              Carol Eavou
Role: President/CEO                                           VP of Hotel Operations
Why Plan? Critical to economic development for the            2186 Shunk Rd.
State and local community.                                    Sault Ste. Marie, MI 49783
Expectations: Strategic vision that is a catalyst for         PH: 906-632-0530
growth in the tourism industry.                               FX: 906-635-4946
Island Resort and Casino                                      Web:

David Feathers                                                Background
Public Relations Manager                                      Organization: Kewadin Casinos is owned and
W399 Hwy 2& 41                                                operated by the Sault Ste Marie Tribe of Chippewa
Harris, MI 49845                                              Indians which owns a total of 6 casinos including
PH: 906-466-2941                                              Greektown Casino in Detroit.
FX: 906-466-2052                                              Role: I work with the executive management team for
Email:                             Kewadin.
Web:                                     Why Plan? It is important to be a part of this project
                                                              because tourism is one of the major economic drivers
Background                                                    in our areas.
Organization: 13 west of Escanaba, the Island                 Expectations: I hope we are able to develop a plan
Resort & Casino has complete Las Vegas-style                  that will allow for a well defined image for ALL of
gaming,a tropical island theme and amenities,                 Michigan, a plan to communicate that image, and
currently undergoing a major expansion that will be           define opportunties and strategies for regional and
presented in early summer 2007.                               local communities to build their own tourism strategies
Role: Publicizing and representing organization               on.
locally and regionally to the many publics we serve.
Includes establishing and maintaining ties with
organizations, businesses and media to ensure
positive community perception and credibility.
Why Plan? Gaming is a major part of Michigan's
recreational destination industry. Casinos and
casino/resorts are one of the strongest draws that
                                                                                                   Directory 6.21.2006
Lake Michigan Carferry                                         Why Plan? Mackinac State Historic Parks seeks to
                                                               work with its Michigan travel industry partners to
Don Clingan                                                    enhance our State's travel industry products and
Vice President                                                 services.
Box 708                                                        Expectations: Expand the travel industry's ability to
Ludington, MI 49431                                            properly showcase the state's unique attributes to
PH: 231-843-1904                                               vacation enthusiasts throughout North America.
FX: 231-843-4558
Email:                                     Meredith Corp./Midwest Living
                                                               Jim Fry
Background                                                     Sales Representative
Organization: Lake Michigan Carferry operates a                701 Cumberland Dr.
cross lake service between Ludington, MI and                   Eaton Rapids, MI 48827
Manitowoc WI.                                                  PH: 517-663-6989
Role: Vice President and co-owner of the company. I            FX: 517-663-8384
oversee the marketing and shore operations.                    Email:
Why Plan? The Michigan tourism industry is in need             Web:
of a plan for the future that incorporates thinking from
a broad cross section of industry leaders.                     Background
Expectations: I hope this process will help to unite           Organization: Meredith publishes Midwest Living
the industry in planning for our future, and elevate the       which has a readership of approx. 4-million readers. It
status of tourism as an important component of                 also prepares and publishes 850,000 copies of
Michigan's economy.                                            Michigan's Official State Travel Guide: Michigan
                                                               Travel Ideas.
Livingston County CVB                                          Role: I am the advertising sales rep for both
                                                               publications, in addition to publishing the Lansing
Barbara Barden                                                 edition of TRAVELHOST, an in-room (hotel)
Executive Director                                             magazine for visitors to the Lansing area.
123 E Washington                                               Why Plan? As Michigan's tourism industry grows, so
Howell, MI 48843                                               follows the potential growth of our advertising
PH: 517-548-1795                                               revenues.
FX: 517-546-4115                                               Expectations: Development of a win-win promotional
Email:                                       strategy for Michigan's total tourism industry which will
Web:                                             move us from dead last in hotel occupancy and bring
                                                               us to a competitive level of promotional spending for
Background                                                     the State.
Organization: Destination Marketing Organization for
Livingston County                                              Michigan Assoc. of Recreational Vehicles &
Role: Overall Management                                       Campgrounds
Why Plan? The tourism industry is in crisis and the
state does not allow the input key industry                    Bill Sheffer
stakeholders as part of the process in determining             Director
how they market the state and to whom.                         2222 Association Drive
Expectations: To be a part of the process regarding            Okemos, MI 48864
industry input and provide notice of programs well in          PH: 517-349-8881
advance to foster financial partnerships.                      FX: 517-349-3543
Mackinac State Historic Parks                                  Web:

Gregory J. Hokans                                              Background
Chief of Development and Marketing                             Organization: A not-for-profit industry trade
207 West Sinclair Street, P. O. Box 873                        association established to promote and protect the
Mackinaw City, MI 49701                                        RV and Campground industry. We are register
PH: 231-436-4100                                               lobbyists who monitor laws, rules and regulations set
FX: 231-436-4210                                               forth by State and local governing bodies that directly
Email:                                    and indirectly aff
Web:                                     Role: Show manager of six consumer shows
                                                               featuring recreation vehicles, campground displays,
Background                                                     parts and accessory information and
Organization: Mackinac State Historic Parks is a               insurance/financial information.
family of seven living history parks in Michigan's             Why Plan? The RV and campground business is
Straits of Mackinac region.                                    directly connected to tourism through the use of RVs
Role: Leads a team of professionals in special project         as family recreation and campgrounds as clean and
management, fund development, public relations,                safe places to enjoy the many natural resources and
marketing, guest services and group tour, wholesale            tourist attractions across the state.
publication and retail stores sales.                           Expectations: To see each segment of the tourism
                                                               industry be treated in an equal manner with regards to
                                                                                                     Directory 6.21.2006
promotion, visibility and long term viability of their       Web:
place in the future of tourism.
Michigan Association of Fairs and Exhibitions                Organization: MBIA is a non-profit trade association
                                                             representing the recreational boating industry
EJ Brown                                                     statewide.
Executive Director                                           Role: Serves as the chief staff officer of the
124 W Allegan St Suite 1100                                  association and manager of association boat shows.
Lansing, MI 48933                                            Why Plan? Recreational boating is a significant
PH: 517-371-2000                                             economic contributor ($3.9 billion) to the state's
FX: 989-659-2911                                             economy. Boating, fishing and other water-based
Email:                                     recreation are major attractions that stimulate tourism
Web:                                   and travel in Michigan.
                                                             Expectations: Our industry would like a strategy
Background                                                   highlighting Michigan's tourism strengths, that
Organization: Michigan Association of Fairs &                develops stronger legislative support and a renewed
Exhibitions (MAFE) promote the development of                priority by state government in emphasizing tourism’s
agriculture and related industries, coordinate the           tremendous growth potential for job creation.
objectives of fairs and exhibitions across the state,
inform and educate its members through meetings              Michigan Chamber of Commerce
and an annual convention
Role: Act as liaison with governmental agencies,             Rich Studley
legislators, lobbyists and related organizations.            Executive Vice President
Publish a quarterly newsletter; plan, promote and            600 S Walnut Street
coordinate annual convention, board meetings and six         Lansing, MI 48933
zone meetings (spring & fall) across the state.              PH: 517-371-7659
Promote the                                                  FX: 517-371-7224
Why Plan? We feel we were one of the first to                Email:
promote tourism in the state for both agriculture and        Web:
leisure entertainment. Our organization was actually
founded in 1885 and we have local fairs dating as            Background
early as 1857 in Michigan.                                   Organization: Statewide business organization
Expectations: N/A                                            representing over 6,800 employers, trade
                                                             associations and local chambers of commerce.
Michigan Association of Convention and Visitor               Role: xecutive Vice President and Chief Lobbyist
Bureaus                                                      Why Plan? Promoting travel and tourism is very
                                                             important to the Michigan chamber and our state’s
Marci Cisneros                                               economic development.
Vice President                                               Expectations: A closer working relationship between
1 South Harbor Drive                                         MSU, the business community, and a series of policy
Grand Haven, MI 49417                                        recommendations or action steps to promote travel
PH: 616-842-4499                                             and tourism that would receive a broad base of
FX: 616-842-0379                                             support.
Web:                                   Michigan Charter Boat Association

Background                                                   Frank English
Organization: An organization of Convention &                Past President - Board Member
Visitor Bureau CEO's whose mission is to serve as            8322 Third Street Box 24
the advocate for its members through education and           Onekama, MI 49875
communication, while representing their legislative          PH: 231-889-5936
interests                                                    FX: N/A
Role: Vice President                                         Email:
Why Plan? As an association of industry leaders-our          Web:
input is vital.
Expectations: To see a comprehensive plan of                 Background
attack, with action buttons and legitimate industry          Organization: The MCBA is comprised of
data that will support our efforts.                          professional charter captains and mates engaged in
                                                             charter fishing, sight-seeing excursions, and sailing
Michigan Boating Industries Association                      charters in Michigan .We are the single largest and
                                                             most influencial charter associations in the United
Van W. Snider, Jr., CAE                                      States.
President                                                    Role: I served as president of Michigan Charter Boat
32398 Five Mile Road                                         Association and Director of Central Lake Michigan
Livonia, MI 48154                                            before that for many years.
PH: 734-261-0123                                             Why Plan? Since the majority of our charters are
FX: 734-261-0880                                             made up of tourists from all parts of the country, we
                                                                                                  Directory 6.21.2006
know the importance of how our business affects the          Background
economy of Michigan.                                         Organization: Government agency whose mission is
Expectations: It is vital to Michigan to have a strong       to grow Michigan by promoting economic and
tourist industry centered around the Great Lakes.            workforce development, stimulating job creation and
                                                             enhancing the quality of life in Michigan.
Michigan Department of Agriculture                           Role: Executive Assistant to the Acting Director.
                                                             Department deals with regulatory and workforce
Jeanne Lipe                                                  issues.
Program Manager - Ag Tourism/Economic                        Why Plan? Tourism is a major workforce component
Development                                                  in Michigan
525 West Allegan Street, P.O. Box 30017                      Expectations: We are most interested in the scope
Lansing, MI 48909                                            and direction of the discussions.
PH: 517-373-9790
FX: 517-335-0628                                             Michigan Department of Natural Resources
Web:                                    Pat Stewart
                                                             Chief Communications Officer
Background                                                   Box 30028
Organization: N/A                                            Lansing, MI 48909
Role: N/A                                                    PH: 517-241-3100
Why Plan? N/A                                                FX: 517-335-4242
Expectations: N/A                                            Email:
Michigan Department of History, Arts & Libraries
Bill Anderson                                                Organization: DNR is committed to the conservation,
Director                                                     protection, management use and enjoyment of the
702 West Kalamazoo                                           state's natural resources for current and future
Lansing, MI 48909                                            generations.
PH: 517-373-2486                                             Role: Oversee communications, public relations, and
FX: 517-241-2930                                             media relations for the DNR.
Email:                                Why Plan? As the state's "natural" heritage and
Web:                                    legacy, natural resources are a huge component of
                                                             Michigan's tourism industry.
Background                                                   Expectations: To strengthen existing and build new
Organization: Agency whose mission is to enrich              partnerships toward the common goal of making
quality of life for Michigan residents by providing          Michigan a destination state.
access to information, preserving and promotiong
Michigan's heritage and fostering cultural creativity.       Michigan Department Of Transportation
Role: Director of the Department/Member of the
Governor's Cabinet                                           Frank E. Kelley
Why Plan? We have launched a cultural economic               Transportation Commission Advisor
development strategy for Michigan. Cultural                  425 W. Ottawa Street
economic development is the top priority for our             Lansing, MI 48933
department. The cultural sector has a very significant       PH: 517-373-2110
role to play in the new economy. Cultural tourism            FX: 517-335-4822
represents an und                                            Email:
Expectations: A comprehensive and integrated plan            Web:
to capitalize on the greater contribution that tourism
can have in helping grow Michigan's economy. A               Background
plan for which the industry feels ownership. A plan          Organization: MDOT is a government agency that
that builds capacity and engagement throughout the           oversees all transportation venues (road, bridge, air,
state and st                                                 rail, bus).
                                                             Role: State Transportation Commission Advisor
Michigan Department of Labor and Economic                    Why Plan? Tourism is a very important industry to
Growth                                                       this State's economy.
                                                             Expectations: Increased tourism in Michigan.
Marty Gibbs
Executive Assistant                                          Michigan Department of Treasury - Bureau of Tax
P.O. Box 30004                                               and Economic Policy
Lansing, MI 48909
PH: 517-241-1873                                             Scott Darragh
FX: 517-373-7407                                             Economist
Email:                                  430 W. Allegan
Web:                                    Lansing, MI 48922
                                                             PH: 517-373-2697
                                                             FX: 517-335-3298
                                                                                                  Directory 6.21.2006
Web:                               communications, legislative advocacy, industry
Background                                                   Why Plan? We have a responsibility to promote
Organization: State agency responsible for the               improvements in profitability for the owners and
collection of most of Michigan's taxes serves as the         operators of golf courses in the State.
primary advisor to the Governor on tax and fiscal            Expectations: Like to see a collaborative effort in the
policy issues.                                               State to improve all tourism marketing and a
Role: Provides revenue impact analysis for sales,            recognition of the importance of the industry to the
use, and tobacco taxes and is is responsible for             economic future of Michigan.
estimating the impact of changes in federal tax law on
Michigan tax revenues.                                       Michigan Grape and Wine Industry Council
Why Plan? The Department of Treasury is always
interested in ways to exploit Michigan's comparative         Linda Jones
advantage to further economic development and                Executive Director
enhance the economic well-being of Michigan                  525 W. Allegan St., P.O. Box 30017
residents.                                                   Lansing, MI 48909
Expectations: A successful expansion of tourism              PH: 517-373-9789
would help Michigan take full advantage of the vast          FX: 517-335-0628
scenic beauty and recreational opportunities our State       Email:
offers while invigorating Michigan's economy for both        Web:
our workers and businesses.
Michigan Festivals & Events Association                      Organization: Established within the Michigan
                                                             Department of Agriculture to provide for research,
Sue Bila                                                     education and the promotion of the Michigan wine
Executive Director                                           grape and wine industry, stimulating value-added,
144 S. Saginaw, P.O. Box 22                                  sustainable agriculture.
Chesaning, MI 48616                                          Role: Senior staff person at the Michigan Department
PH: 989-845-3053                                             of Agriculture with responsibility to administer the
FX: 989-845-5074                                             programs of the Council.
Email:                                         Why Plan? The wine industry is an important
Web:                                      contributor to both the agricultural and tourism
                                                             economies of Michigan thus we feel it is important
Background                                                   that the Council participate in the development of the
Organization: A statewide organization dedicated to          strategic plan for tourism.
promoting interests of festivals, events, attractions,       Expectations: Any time members of an industry
suppliers, and related tourism businesses by                 come together to grapple with emerging issues and
developing educational programs, services, and               take a look at the "big picture", new opportunities are
networking opportunities that contribute to business         identified that would not otherwise be brought to light.
success.                                                     These can develop into partnership opportunities.
Role: Oversee membership, training, and resources
to make MFEA a valuable development tool for                 Michigan Historical Museum
Michigan communities and their four seasons of
celebrations.                                                Chris Dancisak
Why Plan? To have a voice in the success of                  Manager - Community Relations
Michigan's tourism industry.                                 702 W. Kalamazoo
Expectations: To identify and develop the role of            Lansing, MI 48909
festivals and special events within the Michigan's           PH: 517-373-1668
Tourism Strategic Plan.                                      FX: 517-241-4738
Michigan Golf Course Owners Association                      Web:

Kate Moore                                                   Background
Executive Director                                           Organization: The Michigan Historical Museum
603 S Washington Suite 303                                   manages a sytem of 12 museums and historic sites
Lansing, MI 48933                                            across Michigan, with its flagship museum located in
PH: 517-482-4312                                             downtown Lansing.
FX: 517-267-8984                                             Role: Management of community relations,
Email:                                      fundraising and public relations activities.
Web:                                           Why Plan? It is critical that all elements of Michigan’s
                                                             travel industry work together in order to expand the
Background                                                   economic impact of tourism and create new job
Organization: A nonprofit Association whose mission          opportunities.
is to promote and preserve the best interest of the          Expectations: It is our hope that Michigan’s cultural
Michigan golf industry.                                      tourism segment will be further integrated into the
Role: Oversee and/or execute meeting planning,               travel industry.
educational programs, print and internet

                                                                                                   Directory 6.21.2006
Michigan Hotel, Motel & Resort Association                   Michigan Museums Association

Steve Yencich                                                Teresa Goforth
President/CEO                                                Executive Director
3815 W. St. Joseph Suite A200                                PO Box 10067
Lansing, MI 48917                                            Lansing, MI 48901
PH: 517-267-8989                                             PH: 517-482-4055
FX: 517-267-8990                                             FX: 517-482-7997
Email:                             Email:
Web:                                  Web:

Organization: Leadership that represents, promotes           Background
and educates Michigan’s lodging industry.                    Organization: Dedicated to the support and
Role: Staff director – President/CEO -- Lobbyist             education of museums of all types and sizes in the
Why Plan? To maintain industry unity & cohesion that         state and rovides programs and services to museum
MHMRA has helped facilitate over the past several            community and advocates on its behalf.
Expectations: continued and increased industry unity         Role: Responsible for development and
& cohesion.                                                  administration of services and programs and for
                                                             advocacy on behalf of Michigan museums.
Michigan Lake to Lake Bed & Breakfast                        Why Plan? Museums are a key component to
Association                                                  Michigan tourism.
                                                             Expectations: A very comprehensive tourism plan
Angela Carrier                                               that strongly incorporates arts and culture in
Executive Director                                           Michigan.
P O Box 863
Harrison, MI 48625                                           Michigan Recreation & Park Association
PH: 989-539-7935
FX: N/A                                                      Mike J. Maisner
Email:                                  Executive Director
Web:                                      2465 Woodlake Circle, Suite 180
                                                             Okemos, MI 48864
Background                                                   PH: 517-485-9888
Organization: Michigan Lake to Lake Bed &                    FX: (517) 485-7932
Breakfast Association is a trade association that            Email:
represents the finest inspected Inns and Bed &               Web:
Breakfasts in the state of Michigan. The organization
represents over 200 members found in 140 cities all          Background
across Michigan.                                             Organization: N/A
Role: N/A                                                    Role: N/A
Why Plan? N/A                                                Why Plan? N/A
Expectations: N/A                                            Expectations: N/A

Michigan Licensed Beverage Association
                                                             Michigan Restaurant Association
Cathy Pavick
Executive Director                                           Andy Deloney
920 North Fairview                                           Director of Public Affairs
Lansing, MI 48912                                            225 W. Washtenaw
PH: 517-374-9611                                             Lansing, MI 48933
FX: 517-374-1165                                             PH: 517-482-5244
Email:                                      FX: 517-482-7663
Web:                                            Email:
Organization: Statewide association that represents          Background
business owners who have a liquor and/or beer/wine           Organization: The Michigan Restaurant Association
license.                                                     represents more than 4,500 Michigan foodservice
Role: Oversee day-to-day operations.                         establishments.
Why Plan? We need local, state, national and                 Role: Director of the organization’s efforts in the area
international tourists to keep our members in business       of government affairs, political affairs and public
and we need to be proactive in ensuring Michigan is a        communications.
key destination.                                             Why Plan? While it does not generate the kinds of
Expectations: Expand and promote tourism in                  headlines as manufacturing, the future of this state is
Michigan.                                                    as much, if not more, dependent on the health of the
                                                             hospitality and tourism industries.

                                                                                                   Directory 6.21.2006
Expectations: While increased utilization of this               Michigan Snowmobile Association
industry by Michiganders and visitors is, of course,
the ultimate goal, achieving an enhanced stature for            William Manson
the industry and sense of importance in the eyes of             Executive Director
the state’s citizens is critical.                               4336 Plainfield NE, Suite F
                                                                Grand Rapids, MI 49525
Michigan Retailers Association                                  PH: 616-301-2743
                                                                FX: 616-363-0661
Eric Rule                                                       Email:
Director of Government Affairs                                  Web:
603 S. Washington Ave.
Lansing, MI 48933                                               Background
PH: 800-366-3699                                                Organization: Michigan Snowmobile Association
FX: 517-372-1303                                                represents the recreational snowmobile users in the
Email:                                     state. We act as their representatives when dealing
Web:                                          with the legislature, Department of Natural
                                                                Resources, National Forest Service and other
Background                                                      organizations.
Organization: The Michigan Retailers Association is             Role: I am the only full time employee of the
a trade association representing the interests of               association, I work for the officers and report to the
retailers doing business in MI.                                 board of directors of the association.
Role: Oversee the legislative advocacy efforts on               Why Plan? Considering that snowmobiling is the
behalf of the association and its members.                      number two tourism revenue generator in the state
Why Plan? Tourism and retail go hand in hand and                and the largest source of winter tourism revenue in
for both to thrive, we need to pay more attention to            Michigan we feel that it's important to be involved in
developing a long-range plan to show Michigan as a              the planning process.
more attractive place to visit.                                 Expectations: MSA would like to see the industry
Expectations: That the various groups associated                partners understand how our program works and the
with this process will be able to begin to take steps to        benefits they can gain from partnerships with our
provide Michigan's tourism and retail industries with           clubs and grant sponsors.
long-term sustainability and growth opportunities.
                                                                Michigan Snowsport Industries Association
Michigan Sea Grant
                                                                Mickey MacWilliams
Brandon Schroeder                                               Executive Director
District Sea Grant Extension Educator                           7164 Deer Lake Court
P.O. Box 599                                                    Clarkston, MI 48346
Tawas City, MI 48764                                            PH: 248-620-4448
PH: 989-984-1056                                                FX: 248-620-9238
FX: 989-984-1109                                                Email:
Email:                                         Web:
Background                                                      Organization: MSIA is the voice of the snowsports
Organization: Michigan Sea Grant supports                       industry in Michigan - primarily skiing and
research, outreach and education to enhance the                 snowboarding.
sustainable use of Great Lakes resources to benefit             Role: Executive Director and my role is to head the
the economy, the environment, and quality of life.              day-to-day operations of the association and run the
Role: Works with coastal communities and                        programs as determined by the MSIA Board of
businesses in northeast Michigan to apply science-              Directors.
based knowledge to address Great Lakes and                      Why Plan? In order to successfully promote
northern Lake Huron issues, including coastal access            Michigan's winter activities I feel that we need to
and Great Lakes-related tourism.                                realize this and develop a plan accordingly.
Why Plan? Michigan Sea Grant promotes                           Expectations: I believe this will be a learning process
sustainable use of Great Lakes resources, looking to            for all of us. My hope is that we can work together to
balance sustainable natural resources/ecological                begin developing a cohesive travel marketing plan.
processes and healthy coastal communities and
economies. It is our hope to make appropriate                   Michigan Soft Drink Association
connections with this project.
Expectations: This statewide strategic planning                 William E. Lobenherz
process might serve to provide appropriate linkages             President
and planning that capitalizes on and adds value to the          124 W. Allegan, Suite 634
types of existing research, networks, and planning              Lansing, MI 48933
initiatives within a statewide strategic development            PH: 517-371-4499
and market                                                      FX: 517-371-1113
                                                                Web: N/A

                                                                                                     Directory 6.21.2006
Background                                                      National City, MI 48748
Organization: Trade organization representing soft              PH: 989-469-4544
drink bottlers and distributors who have a                      FX: 989-469-4232
manufacturing plant in Michigan.                                Email:
Role: President                                                 Web:
Why Plan? The MSDA considers tourism to be a very
important component of the economic foundation of               Background
our state and its quality of life.                              Organization: N/A
Expectations: N/A                                               Role: N/A
                                                                Why Plan? N/A
Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance                          Expectations: N/A

Nancy Krupiarz                                                  MotorCities National Heritage Area
Executive Director
410 S. Cedar, Suite A                                           Brenda G. Plakmeyer
Lansing, MI 48912                                               Interpretation & Tourism Manager
PH: 517-485-6022                                                200 Renaissance Center, Suite 3148
FX: 517-485-9181                                                Detroit, MI 48243
Email:                                 PH: 313-259-3425
Web:                                     FX: 313-259-5254
Organization: MTGA is a statewide nonprofit                     Web:
organization which provides technical assistance and
public information about the conversion of abandoned            Background
rail corridors and other linear corridors into multi-use        Organization: A non-profit organization engaged in
trails.                                                         preserving, interpretating and educating visitors about
Role: To provide the technical assistance and                   our region's significant contribution to the quality of life
influence public policy towards the development of a            through our unique automotive heritage. We are one
statewide system of interconnected trails. I also work          of 27 heritage areas designated by Congress.
on developing programs which encourage the use of               Role: Directing programs through our quarterly
trails and facilitate the building of trail connections.        newsletter, our summer tourism materials, working
Why Plan? This effort is very important for                     with our various committees to promote our unique
networking and brainstorming ideas that will connect            story and to help administer our grant program.
trail entities with various tourism representatives that        Why Plan? It is important for MotorCities to
can ultimately lead to a more enriched and trail-user           participate in efforts such as this to increase our
friendly experience.                                            knowledge of, and to promote cooperation among, the
Expectations: To see some new collaborative                     various tourism organizations.
promotion programs and new innovative ideas for                 Expectations: To create an alliance to integrate all of
connecting trail users with tourism accommodations.             Michigan's tourism efforts thereby increasing visitation
                                                                to our wonderful state.
Michigan's Adventure Amusement Park (Cedar
Fair L.P.)                                                      MotorCity Casino

Camille Jourden-Mark                                            Jacci G. Woods
VP General Manager                                              Director of Public Relations and Community Affairs
4750 Whitehall Road                                             2901 Grand River
Muskegon, MI 49445                                              Detroit, MI 48201
PH: 231-766-3377                                                PH: 313-237-6714
FX: 231-766-3228                                                FX: 313-961-0966
Email:                                  Email:
Web:                                        Web:

Background                                                      Background
Organization: Michigan's largest amusement park                 Organization: 70,000 square foot gaming property
and waterpark offer over 60 rides and attractions.              with entertainment and restaurants located at Grand
Role: General Manager                                           River Ave. and the Lodge Freeway.
Why Plan? The continued growth of tourism to                    Role: Interfacing with our internal and external
Michigan is very important to our future and I believe          customers; in addition to coordinating our community
that the Marketing efforts of Michigan's Adventure will         outreach programs/initiatives.
continue to play a key role in Michigan tourism.                Why Plan? In order for our State to be effectively
Expectations: N/A                                               marketed, it will take a concerted effort from
                                                                companies, agencies and organizations with varying
Michigan's Sunrise Side Travel Association                      focuses, but a common objective.
                                                                Expectations: The creation of an effective marketing
Tom Ferguson                                                    plan and related tools for promoting tourism in the
Executive Director                                              State of Michigan.
1361 Fletcher Street
                                                                                                        Directory 6.21.2006
Mount Pleasant Area CVB                                         Organization: N/A
                                                                Role: N/A
Mary Carroll                                                    Why Plan? N/A
Executive Director                                              Expectations: N/A
114 E Broadway
Mount Pleasant, MI 48858                                        National Park Service, Sleeping Bear Dunes NL
PH: 989-772-4433
FX: 989-772-2909                                                Lisa Myers
Email:                                Chief of Interpretation
Web:                                   9922 Front Street
                                                                Empire, MI 49630
Background                                                      PH: 231-326-5135 x300
Organization: The Destination Marketing                         FX: 231-326-5382
Organization for the Isabella County Area. Promoting            Email:
all areas tourism related.                                      Web:
Role: Overseeing all areas including marketing,
management, board relations, human recourses and                Background
sales.                                                          Organization: N/A
Why Plan? We feel the time is right for this study to           Role: N/A
take place, actually well overdue. We believe a                 Why Plan? N/A
strong cross section of members from all areas of               Expectations: N/A
tourism in the state is necessary to complete this
project.                                                        Naturally, West Central Michigan
Expectations: Our hope is that the end result will be
not only a plan of action for the good of the entire            Dave Yarnell
state, but that it MUST be a workable plan for                  Executive Director - Manistee Area Chamber of
immediate future and long range plans that can move             Commerce
us forward for many years to come.                              11 Cypress Street
                                                                Manistee, MI 49660
MSU Extension                                                   PH: 231-723-2575
                                                                FX: 231-723-1515
Scott Loveridge                                                 Email:
State Leader - Community Development Programs                   Web: N/A
11 Agriculture Hall
East Lansing, MI 48824                                          Background
PH: 517-432-9969                                                Organization: Naturally, West Central Michigan has
FX: N/A                                                         been in existence for about three years. We have
Email:                                         been working with the MSU CARRS - Tourism
Web:                                     Research Center to work together to regionally
                                                                promote tourism for the counties of Lake, Manistee,
Background                                                      Mason, Newaygo, and Oceana.
Organization: A major outreach program at MSU is                Role: I am one of the Manistee County
MSU Extension, which provides a network of county               representatives on this organization.
offices throughout the state. These offices tailor their        Why Plan? We believe there is more strength if we
non-credit educational programs to local needs,                 work together on a regional approach. We also see
"bringing knowledge to life".                                   the importance of developing a strategic tourism plan
Role: Provide overall leadership for MSU Extension              for the State of Michigan.
programs in the area of community development, and              Expectations: We believe that it will be a good
conduct research on regional economics, especially              outcome if we can help making Michigan even more
regional economic development policy.                           of a tourism destination for people from around the
Why Plan? The tourism sector is an important                    country than we are today.
dimension of the state economy in terms of the jobs
snd income and creating the image of our state as a             Northeast Michigan Council Of Governments
wonderful place to live.
Expectations: A stronger state economy.                         Richard C. Bayus
                                                                Economic & Community Development Specialist
Muskegon CVB                                                    121 E. Mitchell Street
                                                                Gaylord, MI 49734
Sam Wendling                                                    PH: 989-732-3551 x11
Director                                                        FX: 989-732-5578
610 W. Western Ave.                                             Email:
Muskegon, MI 49440                                              Web:
PH: 231-724-3100
FX: 231-724-1398                                                Background
Email:                             Organization: NEMCOG supports and encourages
Web:                                      intergovernmental cooperation and coordination
                                                                amongst its members in order to enhance and
                                                                                                    Directory 6.21.2006
maintain the quality of life for the eight-county             Email:
Northeast Region of Michigan                                  Web:
Role: Assist communities within our region in
receiving federal and state grants for vital local            Background
projects and services.                                        Organization: N/A
Why Plan? A plan makes our job easier in of helping           Role: N/A
our communities with their needs and could create a           Why Plan? N/A
better economy for the region and the State.                  Expectations: N/A
Expectations: A document that will assist in the
redevelopment of areas due to new tourism monies
and create a better plan (starting point) for those           Sheraton Lansing Hotel
working with those communities that follow.
                                                              Cindy Bowen
Petoskey - Harbor Springs - Boyne Country CVB                 General Manager
                                                              925 So. Creyts Road
Peter Fitzsimons                                              Lansing, MI 48917
Executive Director                                            PH: 517-323-7100
401 East Mitchell Street                                      FX: 517-323-2180
Petoskey, MI 49770                                            Email:
PH: 800-845-2828                                              Web:
FX: 231-348-1810
Email:                                 Background
Web:                                     Organization: The Sheraton Lansing Hotel has 212
                                                              guest rooms, over 14,000 square feet of meeting
Background                                                    space with award winning service and recognized as
Organization: A regional DMO communicating to the             a top performer in the Starwood brand family..
leisure and group markets using both advertising and          Role: Responsibility and oversight of the entire
public relations to express the quality of the outdoor        organization.
recreational opportunities, environment, history and          Why Plan? You are either part of the problem or part
heritage of the two-county area.                              of the solution...we want to contribute to solutions to
Role: Executive Director for the past 20 years                moving our industry forward.
Why Plan? If you're not part of the process then              Expectations: At the very least an outcome would be
you're part of the problem.                                   that doing something is better than doing nothing. We
Expectations: An empowered organization to the                want the tourism industry to lead a turn around for
connect the components of our industry under one              Michigan even if it is in turning around the attitude
umbrella to effectively communicate among                     from negative to positive.
themselves, to elected officials and, with a
coordinated Michigan brand, to a national audience.
                                                              Small Business Association of Michigan
Saginaw County CVB
                                                              Barry Cargill
Annette Rummel                                                Vice President, Government Relations
President/CEO                                                 222 N. Washington Square, Suite 100
515 North Washington Avenue                                   Lansing, MI 48933
Saginaw, MI 48607                                             PH: 517-482-8788
PH: 800-444-9979                                              FX: 517 482-4205
FX: 989-752-6642                                              Email:
Email:                             Web:
Background                                                    Organization: State based trade association
Organization: Destination Marketing Organization              representing over 5,000 small businesses in
Role: CEO                                                     Michigan.
Why Plan? To provide grassroots input into the                Role: Manage the government relations department.
development of a sustainable tourism plan.                    Includes lobbying for small business issues at all
Expectations: A sustainable tourism plan supported            levels of government.
by the Michigan tourism industry and understood by            Why Plan? Tourism is important to Michigan's
our State Legislature with a clear directive for our          economic future and small business plays an
State Tourism Office.                                         important role in Michigan tourism.
                                                              Expectations: A comprehensive tourism plan for
Shepler's Mackinac Island Ferry                               Michigan including appropriate benchmarks to
                                                              compare tourism progress in Michigan, the nation and
Bill Shepler                                                  region. In addition, identify public policy impediments
President                                                     to tourism success.
556 E. Central
Mackinaw City, MI 49701
PH: 800-828-6157
FX: 231-436-7521
                                                                                                   Directory 6.21.2006
Southwestern Michigan Tourist Council                           responsibilities include fundraising, external and
                                                                government relations.
Millicent Huminsky                                              Why Plan? The Henry Ford is a state leader in
Executive Director                                              cultural tourism. Its success is largely dependent on
2300 Pipestone Road                                             the health, vitality, and growth of Michigan's tourism
Benton Harbor, MI 49022                                         industry.
PH: 269-925-6301                                                Expectations: A cogent, realistic and pragmatic
FX: 269-925-7540                                                strategy for sustaining and growing Michigan's
Email:                                 tourism industry and more fully leveraging its
Web:                                        economic and community development potential.

Background                                                      The School of Hospitality Business(MSU)
Organization: N/A
Role: N/A                                                       Ron Cichy
Why Plan? N/A                                                   Director & Professor
Expectations: N/A                                               231 Eppley Center
                                                                East Lansing, MI 48824
Stevens Advertising                                             PH: 517-355-5080
                                                                FX: 517-432-1170
Allen Crater                                                    Email:
President                                                       Web:
1200 East Paris SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49546                                          Background
PH: 616-942-2801                                                Organization: Founded in 1927 and is the leading
FX: 616-942-2804                                                hospitality business school in the world. The school
Email:                                     has more than 9000 alumni worldwide and 725
Web: N/A                                                        students from 28 states and over 20 countries.
                                                                Role: To drive the school's teaching, research, and
Background                                                      service missions.
Organization: Stevens Advertising is a full-service             Why Plan? Hospitality and tourism have the
advertising agency that has several clients in the              opportunity to lead the economic recovery of the state
travel and tourism industry including: Crystal                  of Michigan if resources can be applied to these
Mountain Resort, Mission Point Resort, Staffford's              essential industries.
Bay View Inn and Perry Hotel, and Shepler's                     Expectations: A commitment from all stakeholders to
Mackinac Island Ferry.                                          building the economic impact of hospitality and
Role: President of Stevens Advertising, acting as               tourism.
CEO and heading up the strategy and account
service side of our business. My partner, Mike Muller,          Tourism Industry Coalition Of Michigan
heads up the creative side of our business.
Why Plan? Due to the nature of our clientele and our            Steve Yencich
sincere belief that Michigan is truly one of the most           President
beautiful, diverse and robust destinations in the entire        3815 W. St. Joseph, Suite A200
country, we are eager to see progress made in                   Lansing, MI 48917
promoting Michigan as a primary tourism destination.            PH: 517-267-8989
Expectations: We would like to see a cohesive, data-            FX: 517-267-8990
driven (research), actionable plan that can be                  Email:
embraced and enacted by the entire industry and                 Web:
supported both publicly and privately.
The Henry Ford                                                  Organization: To promote Michigan’s Travel &
                                                                Tourism industry as a vital component of economic
George A. Moroz                                                 development and quality of life through governmental
Special Assistant to the President                              advocacy, public relations, and other promotional and
20900 Oakwood Blvd.                                             educational efforts.
Dearborn, MI 48124                                              Role: Volunteer president
PH: 313-982-6113                                                Why Plan? To maintain industry unity and cohesion
FX: 313-982-6246                                                that TICOM has facilitated over the past several
Email:                                 years.
Web:                                       Expectations: Continued and increased industry
Organization: The Henry Ford, Michigan's leading                Traverse City CVB
cultural tourism draw, is a five-venue multi-day
destination site aiming to become America's greatest            Brad Van Dommelen
history attraction.                                             President
Role: Special Assistant to the President and Director           101 W. Grandview Pkwy.
for Institutional Advancement. Primary                          Traverse City, MI 49684
                                                                PH: 800-940-1120
                                                                                                     Directory 6.21.2006
FX: 231-947-2621                                             Which attracts approximately millions of visitors a
Email:                               year to Michigan for nature based tourism.
Web:                                  Expectations: To better serve the people and caring
                                                             for the land through administration of National Forest
Background                                                   System lands and management of natural resources
Organization: Destination marketing organization             within the principle of multiple use and sustained
Role: President                                              yield.
Why Plan? To have a voice in the process
Expectations: An actionable plan                             West Michigan Tourist Association

Upper Peninsula Travel & Recreation Association              Richard F. Hert
                                                             Executive Director
Tom Nemacheck                                                3665 28th St. SE Suite B
Executive Director                                           Grand Rapids, MI 49301
PO Box 400                                                   PH: 616-245-2217 x.102
Iron Mountain, MI 49801                                      FX: 616-954-3926
PH: 906-774-5480                                             Email:
FX: 906-774-5190                                             Web:
Web:                                        Background
                                                             Organization: N/A
Background                                                   Role: N/A
Organization: Regional tourism association for               Why Plan? N/A
Michigan's Upper Peninsula.                                  Expectations: N/A
Role: Executive Director
Why Plan? for regional representation.                       Ypsilanti Area Convention & Visitors Bureau
Expectations: Well funded, well thought out
marketing program for the state of Michigan.                 Debbie Locke-Daniel
                                                             Executive Director
USDA Forest Service                                          106 W. Michigan
                                                             Ypsilanti, MI 48105
Carol Boll                                                   PH: 734-483-4444
Recreation Program Manager                                   FX: 734-483-0400
1755 S. Mitchell St.                                         Email:
Cadillac, MI 49601                                           Web:
PH: 231-775-5023 x8756
FX: 231-775-5551                                             Background
Email:                                      Organization: A 501c6 convention bureau that is
Web:                                       solely funded by a hotel tax of 2% with oversight by
                                                             the County Commissioners.
Background                                                   Role: Responsible for oversight of staff, design &
Organization: An agency of the U.S. Department of            implementation of annual Marketing Plan. Also,
Agriculture. manages public lands in national forests        liaison to all tourism partners, tourism organizations
and grasslands.The Eastern Region contains 20                and community partners.
states, in Michigan are the Huron-Manistee, Ottawa,          Why Plan? Would like to be a part of a united voice in
and Hiawatha National Forests.                               Lansing.
Role: Recreation Program Manager of the Huron-               Expectations: A stronger united voice for tourism, a
Manistee National Forests.                                   five year marketing plan and a new idea(s)for
Why Plan? he USDA Forest Service manges                      alternate funding for Travel Michigan.
approximately 2.9 million acres of land in Michigan.

                                                                                                  Directory 6.21.2006
                                  Plan Development Coordination Team

                                          Michigan State University

Barb Fails                              Lori Langone                             Chris Peterson
Assistant Director                      Research Specialist                      Director/Professor
82 Agriculture Hall                     172 Natural Resources                    83 Agriculture Hall
East Lansing, MI 48824                  East Lansing, MI 48824                   East Lansing, MI 48824
PH: 517-432-3287                        PH: 517-432-0292                         PH: 517-355-1813
FX:                                     FX: 517-432-2296                         FX:
Email:                    Email:                   Email:
Web:           Web:           Web:

Don Holecek                             Ed Mahoney                               Gary Warnell
Director/Professor                      Professor                                Project Specialist
172 Natural Resources                   139 Natural Resources                    172 Natural Resources
East Lansing, MI 48824                  East Lansing, MI 48824                   East Lansing, MI 48824
PH: 517-353-0793                        PH: 517-432-0270                         PH: 517-432-0293
FX: 517-432-2296                        FX:                                      FX: 517-432-2296
Email:                 Email:                  Email:
Web:          Web:                   Web:

Bill Knudson                            Sarah Nichols                            Scott Witter
Product Marketing Economist             Assistant Professor                      Department Chair/Professor
Room 84 Agriculture Hall                331 B Natural Resources                  133 Natural Resources
East Lansing, MI 48824                  East Lansing, MI 48824                   East Lansing, MI 48824
PH: (517) 355-2176                      PH: 517-432-0319                         PH: 517-432-0263
FX:                                     FX: 517-432-3597                         FX: 517-353-8994
Email:                 Email:            Email:
Web:           Web:                   Web:

                                             Travel Michigan - MEDC

Dave Lorenz                                                  Dave Smyth
Managing Director                                            Research Specialist
300 N. Washington Sq.                                        300 N. Washington Sq.
Lansing, MI 48913                                            Lansing, MI 48913
PH: 517-335-0007                                             PH: 517-335-5801
Email:                                  FX: 517-241-8797
Web:                              Email:
Dave Morris
Director of Strategic Research                               George Zimmermann
300 N. Washington Sq.                                        Vice President
Lansing, MI 48913                                            300 N. Washington Sq.
PH: 517-373-0673                                             Lansing, MI 48913
FX: 517-241-8797                                             PH: 517-335-1879
Email:                                 FX: 517-373-0059
Web:                              Email:
                                                             Web: www.travelmichig

                                                                                                 Directory 6.21.2006

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