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March 16, 2011

English 101 Final Exam

   1. Definitions:

               Topic sentence – A sentence that describes what a short paragraph is about,

                usually in the beginning.

               Thesis sentence – The main idea of an essay or report.

               Paragraph – 5 to 7or more sentences written to describe a topic sentence.

               Plagiarism – The use of someone’s words, work or any information published

                without giving credit.

   2. APA source citations:

      Brinkley, D. (1998). History of the United States. Viking Penguin, NY.

      Weisman, R. (5 October 2008) Anti-terrorism bills raise online privacy issues. Retrieved

                4 January 2009.
     3. Sketch outline:

I.      Thesis – The result is that Australia has one of the highest voter-turnout rates in the

        world, around 90 percent.

            a. Lest we forget, only 51 percent of all voting-age Americans bothered to show up

               in the last presidential elections, which means that while Australia may be a

               forcible democracy, we are barely a participatory one.

            b. Many Americans who have made it their life’s work to champion reckless

               abandon masquerading as liberty.

            c. No facts can convince the rugged individualists hellbent on emphysema or spinal


            d. The argument is that you should be allowed to put your own body in harm’s way

               if you choose.

            e. There’s been a real registration boom recently, with election boards in many

               states being forced to hire additional workers and schedule lots of overtime.

            f. Some credit the work of registration groups like the ones spearheaded by hip-hop

               artists or pro wrestlers; others think voters were galvanized by how tight the 2000

               race turned out to be, reversing the traditional cynicism about the value of a single


            g. There’s no point in continuing to be high and mighty about being the cradle of

               liberty if it’s just empty rhetoric.
4. Article summary

   In the article Freedom’s Just Another Word, Anna Quindlen talks about the country of

Australia’s system to get citizens to vote. Two Americans and two Australians lived in each

other’s country for some time and during the stay in America, they heard about the outcome

of American elections. They suggested their county’s voting system requirements. In

Australia unless you have a good reason not to vote, you will be fined an undisclosed amount

of money. Only half of America voted, showing that our country lacks participation.

   Quindlen suggests that America adapts this system to get more a more accurate outcome

to elections in the future. The outcome of an election is crucial and every vote counts. Studies

show that many Americans who register to vote do not actually vote. Quindlen suggest that

maybe America is not really interested in politics anymore.

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