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									       AP Chemistry
Information Packet 2011-2012

          Mr. Levasseur
            Room 114S
Welcome to Advanced Placement Chemistry, a course designed for students
having a focus in science and planning to take the AP Chemistry Exam. This
course moves at a fast pace in order to master a wide variety of principles
and concepts.

A variety of learning opportunities are available in this course, including
lectures, labs, demonstrations, practice problems (class work and
homework), and group work. In this course, each student is expected to be
self-motivated and to dedicate ample time (45-60 min per day) outside of
class to be highly successful. Students are expected to inform the teacher
regarding materials they find confusing, when a specific concept is unclear,
or if they begin to fall behind. Working diligently together with the teacher,
students should achieve a significant learning experience!

Due to the accelerated nature of the course, and pace of instruction, students
are presumed to have sufficient entry knowledge of general chemistry from
their first-year course. In other words, students should be comfortable
performing all the calculations performed in their previous chemistry course
and are responsible for the material they learned in the course. However,
students who feel they may exhibit a weakness in these areas should schedule
time with a classmate or request extra help from the teacher as soon as
possible. I strongly encourage groups of 3-4 students to form study groups
and to meet weekly to ensure complete understanding of the material.

Laboratory experiments provide students with the opportunity to observe
chemical reactions, manipulate equipment, collect real data, make
inferences, draw conclusions, and compare results with other students. All
students are expected to take part in the laboratory exercises and to follow
strict safety rules and instructions in order to ensure safe laboratory
experience for all students and faculty.

Safe laboratory practices MUST be observed at all times. ANY violation of
lab safety and general horseplay are not permitted. Violation of lab safety or
acts of horseplay will result in the following consequences: the student(s)
committing the violation/horseplay will immediately be dismissed from the
lab, a grade of zero may be assigned to the activity, and class room detention
will be issued, along with notification of parents/guardians.

I reserve the right to make any changes in the contents of this packet and/or
in the course itself. Modifications could occur at anytime and under any

You must bring the following to class everyday:
  1. This information packet
  2. Homework notebook (composition style)
  3. Reactions notebook (composition style) – bring to class on Mondays
     and as required throughout the course
  4. 3-ring binder/notebook for class notes and Warm-Ups
  5. Lab notebook (I will provide you with one)
  6. No. 2 pencil
  7. Black or blue pen
  8. Scientific calculator
  9. Chemistry text

Both you and your parents/guardians should read the contents of this packet.
If there are any questions, concerns or comments, please direct them to Mr.
Levasseur (levasseurc@doversherborn.org).

The last document in this packet is a student contract. Both you and your
parents/guardian are asked to sign the document. Do not remove the
student contract from the Information Packet until after it has been signed.

                             Course Goals
    To prepare you for the AP Chemistry Exam.
    To work independently and cooperatively in carrying out team lab
     activities in which each member of the team plays a unique role in the
    To improve your critical thinking and problem solving skills.

                    Success in AP Chemistry
    Have a positive attitude and show good self-direction.
    Report to class on time and prepared to learn.
    Bring your completed homework to class everyday.
    Work well independently without supervision, and function well in a
     group setting.
    Have exceptional attendance and be willing to use personal time to
     complete course work.
    Establish a study group and meet weekly to go over new material so
     that everyone in the group has a solid understanding.
    Come to class with any and all questions, do not be afraid to ask.

Unit Tests – 40%
Labs – 25%
Quizzes – 20%
Homework/Class work - 15%

                              Extra Help
Students sometimes struggle with new and often abstract concepts that are
used to describe the molecular world. Furthermore, the use of symbols,
formulas, and equations to represent the behavior of the molecular world
creates further difficulty. Students can only successfully learn as they
individually commit the time and effort necessary to acquire the basic
knowledge and understanding of chemistry. Only then will they be able to
develop the higher thinking and reasoning skills that are necessary to
adequately analyze, apply learned concepts and evaluate problems in
chemistry. Any student experiencing difficulty in chemistry should
immediately schedule time for extra help with the teacher.

I am available for extra help every Monday and Wednesday after school, and
every day before school by appointment.

Students will always enter the classroom quietly, prepared to begin work
immediately. Each day the student will begin work on the warm-up activity
provided, while the teacher attends to other duties. Warm-up activities may
vary from day to day. Test or quiz questions may first appear as warm-up
items so a prudent student would copy the question as well as the solution in
their homework notebook. On occasion a warm-up assignment maybe
graded as a quiz.

Homework provides an essential opportunity for continual practice in
problem solving. Homework also provides a time for a reflection upon all
materials being studied and allows each student to prepare questions on
material not fully understood. All chemistry assignments must display the
respective problems along with completely written solutions, in a clear and
organized fashion in the homework notebook. Each new assignment shall
begin on a new page with a heading in the upper right-hand corner,
recording the:
                                                           Assignment No.
                                                           Problem #’s

 Homework is to be recorded in the homework notebook on a daily basis.
 Homework must show all necessary steps or written answers in complete
  sentences to receive full credit.
 Homework must include units with all numerical answers to receive full
 If students have questions about any part of the assignment, at a
  minimum they must have recorded the given information and show some
  initial steps in solving the problem. They need to express a need for
  assistance as soon as the classroom warm-up activity is completed.
 Homework notebooks may be collected on a random schedule for review
  and grading. These random collections will count as homework grades.
 Chapter homework assignments are provided at the start of the year.
  Students are expected to complete assigned homework on a consecutive
  basis each day, until all assignments are completed for the chapter being

 Students are responsible for completing homework, whether in school or
  ill, because they have access to all assignments on the first day of school.

                          Meeting Deadlines
If you are scheduled to perform an evaluation and/or to pass in an
assignment, you must make every attempt to do so on time. You must
follow the guidelines below:

When an assignment is due:
  1. If you are absent, you must see me on the next school day to pass in
     the assignment and/or make arrangements to take an evaluation on the
     day that you return.

   2. If you are tardy or late for school, you must see me as soon as you
      come to school to pass in the assignment and/or to make
      arrangements to take an evaluation on that day.

   3. If you are not prepared to take an evaluation or to pass in an
      assignment, you must see me at the earliest possible time on the day
      the assignment is due or on the day that the evaluation is to be given.
      (The start of class is not a good time and will not be accepted.)

All assignment should be passed in on time. Any late homework
assignments will be accepted up to one day late for half-credit (Note: This
does not include lab reports, review sheets or projects). As you can see it is
imperative that you do your work and have it in class when I ask for it (“it’s
in my locker” is not an excuse).

An evaluation can only be made up if the above holds true and if the student
has a note from the office verifying the absence. In this case the assignment
must be made up within five school days, outside of class. There will be no
exceptions. Failure to comply will result in a zero. This is a privilege and is
the responsibility of the student. Therefore, the student must initiate the

The above guidelines are subject to teacher discretion.

                         Substitute Teachers
As your assigned teacher, it is imperative that I make you aware of my
thoughts about substitute teachers.

If a substitute takes my place, I do not expect and will not tolerate any form
of negative behavior from any students in the class. In the presence of the
substitute teacher you must be courteous, helpful, cooperative, and attentive.
You must conduct yourself according to my guideline set in class. When I
am absent, I expect your classroom behavior to exceed that when I am

If your name is given to me by a substitute teacher in any negative way, you
can expect me to investigate the matter in a rapid and thorough manner. The
consequences will be severe.

You must understand that a substitute teacher often walks into a classroom
unprepared to teach the subject matter. As a student, understand that I will
not let any negative incident go unpunished.

Thank you for your cooperation with this matter.

Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated in this class. This includes:
   Copying material from any source without proper citation.
   Copying work from another student (on any evaluation, quiz, test, lab,
   Allowing another student to copy your work.
   Using a cell phone during any evaluation will be considered cheating

Violation of the above will result in a grade of a zero on the evaluation or
assignment. Parents will be notified, and the matter may be referred to an
administrator, which could result in punishment up to and including
suspension. Please take this seriously; I will not hesitate to give a zero due
to academic dishonesty!!!

                        Student Contract
You and one of your parents or guardians must sign this contract.

Contents of Contract
  1. I have read and understand the information presented in
     the AP Chemistry Information Package.

  2. I have every intention of meeting all the requirements of
     this course and to be a positive influence in the course.

  3. I will make every attempt to follow all directives and to do
     my best to make the learning environment a safe place to

  4. I acknowledge that I presented the AP Chemistry
     Information Package to my parents/guardian.

As a member of this class, I intend to be a positive learner and to
manifest this attitude by my words and actions.

Parent/Guardian Signature

Signature: ___________________________            Date: ___________

Student Signature

Signature: ___________________________            Date: ___________


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