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  2008-2009 Middle school handbook

              Jennifer Isenhour, Middle School Director
                 Keith James, High School Director

Marvin Ridge Middle School     2831 Crane Road            Waxhaw, NC 28173

       Phone: (704) 290-1510   Email:

                                            Class Materials
Welcome to the Marvin Ridge Band
Program! Our goal at Marvin Ridge is        Sixth Grade
to create strong, independent, well-
disciplined band members in an              Ed Sueta Band Method Book 1
environment that is both enjoyable and      1” BLACK three-ring binder
educationally sound. This handbook          Plastic Sheet Protectors
reviews the policies of our program and     Pencil in class EVERY DAY
our expectations of the students.
Participants in the band program are        Seventh Grade
expected to know and abide by the
material in this handbook. Therefore, it    Ed Sueta Band Method Book 2
is important that both students and         1” BLACK three-ring binder
parents or guardians read the handbook      Plastic Sheet Protectors
in its entirety. Once this is done, both    Pencil in class EVERY DAY
parents and students are asked to sign a
“statement of responsibility”               Eighth Grade
acknowledging that they have read, and
are familiar with, the policies and the     Essential Technique 2000
expectations of the program. Please         1” BLACK three-ring binder
refer back to this handbook during the      Plastic sheet protectors
school year if you have questions or        Pencil in class EVERY DAY
forget any of the procedures.
                                            Jazz Band
                                            Standard of Excellence-
The students, directors, parents and               Jazz Ensemble Method
administration of the Marvin Ridge
Band Program believe the study of           Although not required, we strongly
instrumental music to be a vital part of    recommend the purchase of a
our curriculum. It is a necessary part of   metronome and tuner to aid in your
daily life we must offer our students if    students practice and musical
they are to receive a well-balanced         development.
education. Our program is designed to
help students gain a feeling of             At various times during the school year,
accomplishment and satisfaction through     sheet music will be issued to each
personal effort, experience a spirit of     student. If a student is absent, he or she
cooperation through group participation,    is responsible for obtaining a copy of the
and provide an outlet for emotional         music from Mrs. Isenhour or the band
release and an opportunity for creative     librarian before the next rehearsal. Sheet
expression.                                 music should be placed in the plastic
                                            sheet protector before being placed into
                                            the student’s binder. A fee of twenty-
                                            five cents will be assessed for any music
                                            that must be replaced.
Music materials and supplies may be             No gum, candy, food or drinks are
purchased at the following stores:               allowed in the rehearsal room, during
                                                 rehearsal or during performances.
Music & Arts Center (at the Arboretum)
      704.341.0000                              Do not play your instrument unless
                                                 you are under direction.
Howren Music Company (On Hwy 51)
      704.541.1798                              Stay off any and all equipment that is
                                                 not assigned to you.
Private Lessons
                                                Raise your hand to speak or to ask to
As one might expect, private lessons on          leave your seat.
a musical instrument are the best way to
improve performance skills. The one-            Students are to use the restroom
on-one approach allows the student to            either before or after class.
benefit from the individual attention as
opposed to a teacher monitoring a class         Neither the band director, the school,
of over 60 students. A recent survey of          nor the booster club are responsible
one All-State Band revealed that 80%             for the safekeeping of any instrument
of those students in the band studied            left overnight in the band room.
privately. Simply put, private lessons           Instruments are to be taken home at
work! At Marvin Ridge, we encourage              the conclusion of the school day.
parents to consider private lessons for
their child. A list of suggested
instructors is posted on our website or
                                               Consequences for Inappropriate
may be obtained from the band room.            Behavior
Please contact Mrs. Isenhour to add
other instructors to the list.                 1. Verbal warning from teacher.
                                               2. Asked to pack up, complete alternate
Rules and Regulations
As in all groups, the Marvin Ridge             4. Lunch Detention/Parent Contact
Middle School Band must operate under
                                               5. Office Referral
a certain number of rules and regulations
in order to ensure the successful              6. Removal from Band Program
completion of its goals. Even though
some of these may vary from activity to
activity, it is important that each rule and   Special Supplies
regulation be understood and followed
by all band members.                           Brass students are expected to have
                                               valve oil and slide grease in their case at
 Be quiet in your chair with your             all times. Reed players should have a
  materials and your instrument in the         reed guard with at least three good reeds.
  ready position when the director steps       Clarinets must use either Mitchell Lurie
  on the podium.                               or Vandoren reeds. Saxes must use
                                               either Hemke or Vandoren reeds. All
players are expected to have proper        absolutely unavoidable, notify Mrs.
equipment to clean their instrument.       Isenhour immediately.
Supplies can be purchased through the
band boosters before the school day        Excused absences, which are granted at
begins or at any local music store.        the discretion of the director, will not
Equipment will be checked periodically     affect the students grade or standing in
as part of the classroom grade.            the ensemble. Excused absences are:

Instrument Storage                          Sickness
                                            Death in the family
Each instrument should be taken home        Doctor’s appointment (excused only
from school each day. Students may           with a doctor’s note)
neatly put their instrument in to           On occasion, conflicts with other
instrument storage area in the band room     school activities, (based on proper
immediately before school begins each        notification and attempts to resolve
day. All cases must be clearly labeled       the conflict).
with the band student’s name, address,
and phone number on the outside. Non-      Concert Attire
labled instruments are not allowed in
the storage room at any time! This is      Each student will dress in concert attire
for your own protection!                   for each performance. Students not in
                                           full concert attire will not be allowed
Rehearsals and Concerts                    to perform.
Outside of School Time
                                           6th Grade:
Rehearsals before and/or afterschool are    MRMS Band Tee
essential in preparing for a concert.       School code khaki pants/shorts
These rehearsals will be limited to very
few, and due to this each student’s        7th Grade:
presence is vital. A student’s grade, in    White, tucked-in shirt with a collar.
part, is determined by attendance at        Boys should have black dress pants,
concerts and rehearsals. The following        black socks and black shoes.
policy is non-negotiable, so please note    Girls should have either black dress
very carefully: Should a serious              pants or a black knee-length or
rehearsal conflict arise, written notice      longer skirt with black shoes.
must be submitted by the parent at least
48 hours in advance of the rehearsal.      8th Grade:
In the event of an emergency written        Marvin Ridge Bands Polo Shirt
notice should be given 24 hours later or    Black pants or skirt (must be knee-
when the student returns to school. For       length or longer)
band performances, an excused               Black dress shoes and socks/hosiery
absence will only be granted in
emergency situations. Failure to           NO DENIM, T-SHIRTS OR
arrange transportation, or athletic        SNEAKERS ARE ALLOWED!!
practices, tryouts or events will not be
excuse. When a serious conflict is
Grading System
                                             Practice Records               30%
Each 6 weeks grade will be determined
by the student’s performance in three        Each student is to turn in a signed
different areas.                             practice record on the first school day of
                                             each week accounting for the minutes
Classroom Grade               20%            practiced in the week prior. A point is
                                             given for each minute practiced during
Grading in this area will be based upon      the week. Instruments are to be
the day to day preparation and adherence     practiced at home a minimum of 100
to the class rules by each student.          minutes per week. Missed practice
Violations of classroom rules results in a   records cannot be made up without
deduction from the classroom grade           making special arrangements with the
(examples include: gum, candy food,          director. Late practice records are
lack of supplies, forgetting an instrument   accepted at reduced credit (10 points per
or folder, disrespect for equipment,         day late).
excessive talking, intentional improper
playing, not following directions, etc.).    Event Descriptions
Tests and Performances        50%            Middle School Night: October 19th
                                             The 8th Grade Band will perform pep
 Playing Tests- Playing test will be        music in the stands with the MRHS
  held during class at the rate of about     Marching Band at the last home high
  one per three week period and will be      school football game of the season.
  graded on a point system. Any
  student who wishes to improve a            Pops Concert/Awards Ceremony:
  grade on a playing test may do so          This is an end-of-year social event for
  only if the student arranges a time        the MRMS Bands at which a fun outside
  with the director outside of class to      concert, refreshments and award
  retake the test.                           ceremony will take place.

 Written Tests – Written tests will be      All-County Band: Students from each
  given periodically and will                UCPS Middle School can audition.
  concentrate mainly on the theory,          Selected students participate in a clinic
  history and concepts of music.             on Friday and concert on Saturday.

 Performances – The band is a               All-District Band: Students from South
  performing ensemble to which every         Central NC audition for this prestigious
  student must contribute. Each student      Honor Band. Students participate in a
  is expected to attend all performances     Friday clinic and concert on Saturday.
  of the band (minimum 2 per year).
  The dates of these events will be          All-State Band: The top students from
  given far in advance to each student       each District Band audition for the NC
  to allow for schedule planning.            All-State Band. This is the highest
  Please see the section on Rehearsals       individual honor available to a band
  and Concerts for more information.         student in North Carolina.
                                                To provide students with more
Concert Festival: This event is the              individualized instruction by having
culmination of our year’s preparation. It        instrument specific teachers conduct
is an adjudicated contest to evaluate our        sectionals.
performance as a musical ensemble, and
is normally held in March.                      To allow students enriching
                                                 performance opportunities and
Solo and Ensemble: This event is a               experiences above and beyond the
performance opportunity for individuals          school concerts.
and small groups, usually held in May.
                                               Fundraising participation by all band
Turning in Money                               families is critical to the mission of the
                                               band program. Fundraisers will be
All money paid must be in a sealed             limited one in the fall and one in the
envelope, and all checks should be made        spring semester.
payable to “Marvin Ridge Band
Boosters.” The student should put his or       Marvin Ridge Band Boosters
her name on the envelope, in ink, along
with the amount enclosed and what the          The Marvin Ridge Band Boosters is an
payment is for, (i.e. fundraiser, all-state,   organization of parents and friends of the
lost music, band fees, etc.) There is a        Marvin Ridge Band who are dedicated to
locked payment box located in the band         the success and growth of the Marvin
room where students can place all              Ridge Band Program and its students.
payments.                                      The purpose of the Band Boosters is to
                                               provide financial and physical support to
* Please specifically identify your            the Marvin Ridge Band, its students, and
student and your reason for payment on         the directors.
the memo line of your check.
                                               JoEllen Johnson, President
* Please make all checks payable to            704-843-2373
“Marvin Ridge Band Boosters” unless
otherwise directed.
                                               Janet Cummings, Secretary

Fundraising is an essential part of            Rhona Nadel, Treasurer
running an effective band program, with        704-243-3427
the following goals:                 

 To raise money for the band so that          Laurie Primm- President-Elect
  we may continue to provide the     
  program with the equipment and
  instruments that are needed for full
                                               Denise Wahlers - Assistant Treasurer
  instrumentation.                             704-843-2236

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