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Guard your laptop!


									Western News at The University of Western Ontario

Guard your laptop!
Jim Anderson
December 10, 2002
Campus Police are warning people to take extra precautions in the wake of a recent
rash of laptop computer thefts. "This past week there has been an increase in laptop
thefts on campus, " says Constable Wendy McGowan, Community Services Officer
for University Police at Western. "This time of year we generally see an increase in
thefts and we want our community members to be aware of this in order to take the
necessary steps to ensure valuable property is kept secured. We also encourage our
community members to immediately report to the University Police any suspicious
individuals in campus buildings." Since Nov. 28, police have investigated several
thefts and break-ins in various locales around campus. Police offer these tips to keep
your property secure: · Never leave your laptop unattended; · When notin use, keep
your laptop in a concealed location; · If you are on the ground floor, make sure you
lock windows and close your blinds when you leave; · Conduct regular backups and
store data separately; · Record serial number, make and model and store separately.
Engravers are available at the University Police Office in Stevenson- Lawson Building.
If the laptop is University property, engrave our Operation Provident number (which
is assigned to our university) - 0P5067001. If the laptop is personal property, engrave
your driver's licence. "Engraved or permanently marked property is less attractive to
thieves," says McGowan, " and the chance of returning recovered stolen property to the
rightful owner also increases." Contact ITS Hardware Services or the Computer Store
for additional security options such as cable locks, tracking software, or alarm systems.
If your laptop is stolen, report it o police, also notify ITS Hardware Services and your
laptop manufacturer to flag your computer as stolen.

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