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Chairman and President -David Kerr

Vice President- Tim Hesford ( arrived late)

Secretary -Nozomi Fukazawa

Peer Support- Jamie Pettigrew

Insurance/ Rostering -Peter Barry

Medical - Adam Middleton

Local -George Tullis

General Secretary Melanie Bell – taking minutes

President Kerr began the meeting stating the last meeting with the
Company at KA House. on 23, August 2011, had gone well. We must be
sure to let the Pilots know about the progress the Committee has made and
remind the Flight Attendants to do the same. We were able to get
improvements in some of the overnight allowances effective 07 September.
Dave also had a luncheon with the Doctor’s Union and agreed to share
information and contacts where appropriate.

Peter Barry stated there is a need to digitize all our correspondence and
records and make them available to all.

George Tullis agreed said the Company often refers to old documents that
we no longer have.

It was generally agreed we need to update our record keeping and become
more organized.
Regarding Insurance, The scheme offered by the Company is not
sufficient. Peter Barry will liaise with an Insurance Representative to talk
about tailor making a package suitable for Pilots and Flight Attendants and
their families to top up their coverage. Hopefully within the next couple of
weeks we can have something on the Forum and begin discussions.

Willie Lam was not present but posed the question through Noz Fukazawa
about more flexibility on the Provident Fund. Apparently Cathay Pilots can
make changes at anytime whereas Dragon Air Pilots are only allowed to
make changes once every 6 months. Noz will provide feedback.

Regarding Medical Insurance

Adam Middleton explained doctors should be seen in the Clinics and not in
their private offices and that Pilots should make use of the number on the
back of the card.- BUPA is too expensive it was said. He will work on a
pamphlet ( adding a disclaimer) about how to navigate the system and
avoid unnecessary medical costs.

Peer Support

Jamie Pettigrew said the Peer Support is up and ready to go. Mike
McKinley is onboard . However Alwin Fernandes is still being unco-
operative and not copying in some of upper management on some

Personnel Files

 Tim Hesford and Jamie P also spoke about discussions with Peter Healey
to make D&G more transparent. It was noted that Peter Healey has placed
things in files without any notice.

Dave Kerr stated the DPA position is that if the Company puts something in
the file the person involved should be informed and have an opportunity to
see it. Tim Hesford and Jamie Pettigrew will meet with the Company again
in October and will put forth our concerns.
It was also decided to give new pilots the opportunity to join the DPA within
the first 6 months of hiring, thus waiving the 1% joining fee.

It was decided that general mail will go to : office@dpa.hk and not to an
individual in the DPA office. This will make it easier for all documents to be
maintained in the same place.

Dave Kerr put forth the idea of Linda Cheung coming to help out in the
office one day per week. He stated Linda has a long history with the DPA
and knows where everything is. Also, Melanie will be spending one day
per week in the AOA office and this would ensure continuous coverage
when she is away.

It was decided that this would be brought up again at the next Committee

Melanie Bell asked all Committee members to let the Treasurer or
General Secretary know in advance if they are aware of incoming legal

Committee Member Captain Luke Smith tendered his resignation through
Vice President Tim Hesford. His resignation has been accepted and
Melanie was asked to seek guidance from the RTU about whether or not
there is anything else we need to do to formalize his resignation.

It was agreed we will put a notice on the Forum to see how much interest
there is in starting a DPA soccer tea

Item 1

RRO – Discussion /sanction on policy for subs reduction for members on
RRO. List of officers on RRO scheme was presented

Reducing membership fees would barely cover the costs of insurance
premiums. The members would also enjoy the benefits and fruits of any
agreements even on the months they were not working.. There were more
against than in favor. A final decision will be made after studying the rule
book more.

Item 2

List of members no longer in good standing as a result of not paying their
dues was presented.

Discussion: Will these members officially lose their membership in good
standing as of 6, September 2011 ? Will they be accepted back into the
Association after they pay their dues?

Passed : Yes. They will become active members at the next Committee
meeting if they pay their dues in the meantime.

Item 3

Linda received 2 quotes for more disk space on the website. It was decided
to pay 2500HK per year for an additional 6GB of space and a one time fee
on 500 HK for a simple test input that would allow members to upload to
their forum from their iphones and ipads..

Passed: Unanimous

Item 4

AGM Rule Changes

Linda has been in touch with the Trade Union Department concerning Rule
Changes… One rule 2.1 was ok’d by the TU , the rest were not. The TU
suggested since we are planning more changes that we wait before
submitting other changes because some rules we are proposing may be in
conflict with others.
Passed: Adopt TU’s recommendation
Item 5

Policy Manual

Resolutions from AGM meetings from 2004-2011 were presented

Resolutions from EGM meetings from 2003-20011 were presented

Resolutions from 1991- from files of former President Alfonso were

We will use HKALPA rule book as a guide line for expenses

It was decided Noz would take the lead on this with support from Melanie.

Noz will give a progress report at the next Committee Meeting

Passed : Continue to update rule book as planned

Item 6

Lanyard/tie pin and clip quotes attached

Most Committee members did not like the sample shown in the picture that
was presented. George has agreed to follow up with more suitable designs
.It was generally agreed the lanyard should be bolder in color and thicker.

Simon is taking care of the pins.

Committee Approval for more pins: Unanimous

Item 7

Proposal to begin auto payments for HSBC account holders.

The Committee is not opposed to the idea. However they want to see the
proposal in writing. The 1 dollar per account transaction fee quoted did not
seem credible to some members.. Melanie will follow up and get HSBC to
commit in writing.
Item 8

HSBC direct service email amendment

Changed from linda@netvigator.com to dpaoffice@dpa.hk

Passed Unanimous

Item 9

Open and interest bearing account at ANZ bank

Peter Barry has offered the Association the benefits of his good standing
with ANZ Bank. Having said this, the Association’s account and Peter
Barry’s are completely separate and one has no link with the other. The
proposal is to place 1 million dollars in a 3mos. interest bearing account
and 4 million in a 6 mos interest bearing account. The Association should
earn about 60.000HK per year.

Passed: 6 in favor, 1 Abstention

Item 10


Lee Cheuk Yan and other representatives from HKCTU will come to the
DPA office on Monday to discuss membership. Tim , Noz and Dave will
attend the meeting. It was noted that in order to join HKCTU, we will have
to propose it at the next General Meeting.

Both Noz and Dave stated joining the CTU could be beneficial to the DPA
because of its access to governmental agencies and the press.

Passed: We should meet with HKCTU representatives in our office on
Monday 05, September 2011 and generally proceed towards becoming
part of HKCTU

Item 11
The AOA has offered us the use of their electronic voting and balloting
system and we may try it on a one time basis to see if we like it.

They have offered the use of their staff and office space to the DPA. They
have space and facilities for us and it is a good idea to maintain a close
relationship with them. Dave stated he was really interested in their crisis
procedures and thought it would be beneficial for us to know as much as
possible about what they have to offer. Peter Barry said we don’t know
what our relationship with them might be in the future but it was generally
accepted that it could be a good idea to work closely with them for the time

It was decided that Melanie Bell would spend I day per week working in the
AOA office.

Passed Unanimous

Item 12

It was decided to provide a 1000.00 petty cash fund for the office. All
monies spent will require receipts.

Passed Unanimousl


In the future agenda items should be put forth 3 months in advance for
comments and placed on the website 30 days before the meeting for
discussion on the Forum. The proposed Item will them be sent to the RTU
for approval and then go to the AGM for a vote.

Passed - Unanimous

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