Laptop Procedures

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					Mr. Britt, 8th Grade Math Resource Teacher     Creekland Middle School      Your Name: _____________________________

Procedures                                   Class Period: ______________                         Date: ____________

                                             Laptop Procedures
                  Read & Follow each of these Directions EVERY TIME you use the laptops.

          Laptops are easily damaged; so, we must be VERY CAREFUL whenever we use them.

1. Students will go to the Mobile Lab row-by-row and wait their turn.

2. Students will have a laptop assigned to them and will use that same laptop each time.

3. Students will make sure that their assigned laptop is in the cart (and not out for repair); then
   they will sign out that laptop on the Sign-Out / Sign-In Form for that day.

4. Students will use both hands to carry their laptop to their seat and will make sure that it rests
   securely on their desk in no danger of falling.

5. Students will always exercise caution while using their laptop and will alert Mr. Britt immediately
   of any damage to their laptop. They will be especially careful not to loosen, remove, or
   otherwise damage any of the keys on the keyboard.

6. Students will use their laptop to access only school-approved resources and applications; they
   will abide by all of the Cherokee County School District’s “acceptable use policy” regarding
   internet use; and they will limit their web-browsing to appropriate websites.

7. When finished working, students will make sure that their assigned laptop is placed back onto
   the cart, in the correct slot, and plugged back in (so that the battery will re-charge). Then they
   will sign in that laptop on the Sign-Out / Sign-In Form for that day.

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