precon meeting by qingyunliuliu


									Welcome to the

Pre Event Meeting ….
           Launch Sequence Begun!
First Things First

           Thank You
Now to Business
 • Roster
   Confirm all info is correct (spelling & #’s)
   Confirm how you will get to RBHS on Feb 10
   Confirm parent (if no, emergency contact)

 • Supplies to Michelle Breyer
   Wagons, coolers w/ wheels, EZ Ups
The BIG Day

 • Saturday, February 10
   T-4 days and counting!!

 • Rancho Bernardo High School
   Be there by 6:45am
What’s in Your Kit

  • Driving Directions – Getting There
  • Event Day Checklist
  • Your Schedule
    Team Designation
    Map of RBHS High
  • Science O T-Shirt
  • Viking Hat
Getting There

 • Getting there and Parking
   Allow at least 1 hour to drive, park and
    arrive at Valley Viking Base

 • See Driving Directions and RBHS map
   Note important info from Sci-O
Checking In

 • Official Check-In closes at 7:15
   You MUST be checked in at the
    Valley Viking Base
    no later than 7:00am

What To Wear
 •   Your Science O T-Shirt (proudly!)
 •   Long Sleeve shirt (underneath if desired)
 •   Long pants (required)
 •   Jacket, sweatshirt, sweater
 •   Closed toe shoes (required)
What To Bring
 •   Empty Backpack
 •   Everything we gave tonite
 •   Study materials for your events
 •   Cell phones ok
     But must be silenced during competition, if
      your phone rings, you could be DQ’d
 • Folding Chair
Your Schedule & Team
 • Atlas Viking
 • Delta Viking
 • Titan Viking

 • Confirm your schedule syncs up with your
   map of RBHS room locations

 • Team photo at 1:15pm
What’s an Impound

 •   Mission Possible – machines list
 •   Storm the Castle
 •   Tower
 •   Wheeled Vehicle

 All Devices must be at Impound area by
 Coaches will handle
How to Prepare
 • Study up on your events
 • Get to bed early on the 9th
 • Eat a good high protein breakfast
   Astronauts eat eggs, bacon, toast, OJ

 • Make sure you know how you’re getting
   to RBHS
What to Expect
 • Arrive, park and report in
 • Practice for your 1st event at Base
 • Required and allowed materials will be
   provided to you at Base
 • Adult will escort your group to correct
 • Event Captains will explain rules
 • Return to Base when you are done
Things to Remember
 • Stay Cool
 • Don’t get hung up on a single problem
    Move forward and come back to it later
 • Guess if you absolutely don’t know
 • Just relax and remember what you’ve
  If you’re being sent into an event you didn’t train for, don’t worry,
  we’ll guide you through it
What We’ll Expect from You
 • Be on time….what         • Check in/out at Base
   time??                     at every Event
 • Wear your shirt          • Do not leave Base
 • Bring your                 without checking out
   supplies/information/s   • Cell phone silenced
   chedule                  • Viking hat stays at
 • Do your best, stay         base
   focused & positive       • HAVE FUN!!!
 • Work with your
 • Accept whatever is decided
 • Negative disputes could result in:
   Student DQ in event
   All teams from School DQ in event
   School penalized on place in trophies
   Entire team DQ in all events
   School (all teams) DQ from competition

 • If you’re unhappy, see Robbin Lynn
Our 3 Special Volunteers
  •   Check in at Valley Viking Base 1st
  •   Check in at Registration at 7:30am
  •   Assignments are made by Sci-O
  •   Plan from 7:30am to approx 2:00pm
What about Food, you ask?
  • Muffins, bananas, apples
  • Sandwiches
  • Fruit drinks, water, gatorade
    Arrival till last event

  • After last team’s event, we’ll celebrate
    Cake, cookies, candies, soda pop
Don’t Forget

            February 24 , 11 - 1
        Science-O Picnic & Awards

         Location to be announced
Questions ??
You are now GO for Launch to the
     2007 Science Olympiad

 • Saturday, February 10
   T-4 days and counting!!

 • Rancho Bernardo High School
   Be there by 6:45am

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