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									     FEBRUARY 26, 2008 ~ VOLUME 12, NUMBER 28

     The Cardinal chatter
                                      Cunningham Creek Elementary
                              1205 Roberts Road, St. Johns, FL 32259      904-819-7860
                     Mrs. Elizabeth A. Wierda, Safari Guide     Mr. Kevin Klein, Assistant Guide

Dear Cunningham Creek Stakeholders,                     j|xÜwtËá jxx~Äç jÉÜwáAAA
We are two weeks away from the 3rd-5th grade FCAT and I am looking forward to the opportunity that our children have to
shine. Our teachers have prepared them well and I believe that the most important thing that we have done as a learning
community is to instill the love of reading! Reading stamina is critical for testing success and for life! I hope that you take
time as a family each night to turn off the television and relax and read together. It’s MY favorite part of the day in my

I am so very proud to announce that Cunningham’s very own first grade learning leader, Amanda Underwood, has been se-
lected as the District “Elementary Rookie Teacher of the Year”! It was an honor and a thrill to celebrate with Amanda,
her teacher peers and parents last week at the World Golf Village Renaissance Center and in front of hundreds of people.
Amanda is so deserving of this honor. She is bright, talented, innovative, risk taking and so very loving with her children. She
researches best practice consistently and shares her expertise with others. She communicates like a pro and is a model of life
long learning for all of us. Congratulations, Amanda! We are all so proud of you and the passion and enthusiasm for teaching
that you model!

This week I would like to officially thank all of our Cunningham Creek Volunteers. This is Volunteer Recognition Week and
although a simple thank you could never be enough, I do want all of our volunteers to know how much we appreciate your
time and dedication to our school. Each hour that you spend here matters so much. It takes all of us to meet the needs of
our eight hundred children. I look forward to a more formal celebration at the end of the school year but please know that
you are loved!

Friday morning I will be honoring our third through fifth grade children who have exemplified with excellence the pillar of
Caring for February. These special children will be given awards and kudos at our monthly Character Counts Ceremony
that begins in our cafeteria promptly at 9:00 a.m.

Speaking of our cafeteria, we are having great success with our Friday luncheons. They are so popular that children are
bringing six to seven friends up on the stage with them when their parents come to eat with them. Due to space constraints,
I am asking each parent who dines with us to limit their child’s guests to two friends only. This will be difficult at first be-
cause the children are so excited, but I do need to put some guidelines on the process. Thanks to all who are joining us on
Fridays for this special treat! Your children love to have you join them for lunch.

Congratulations to all of our boys and girls involved in the CCE “Odyssey of the Mind” project. These amazing youngsters
have worked hard with their parent sponsors to think creatively, to embrace innovations and to showcase their talents to the
community. Congratulations to all!

Finally, I want to let you in on a little CCE secret. Our staff has a renewed passion and commitment for health and many of
our staff members have joined a walking club and weight loss programs to keep their energy high and their own stamina as it
should be. Cunningham continues to be a high energy learning organization and it takes healthy, focused educators to make
this place run like a well-oiled machine. Thanks to all of our staff who are recommitting to fitness and health! I hope that we
can all become healthy role models for each other and for our children. I am surely inspired!

Have a wonderful week. Please take our SAC Parent Survey if you haven’t done so as this is our last week to get your feed-
back. Feel free to stop in and volunteer in our school. Our Mentoring Matters Program continues on March 4th at 12:30
and we would love to have you join us on that day. Give me a call if mentoring is something that you would like to embrace.
One hour here could be an hour of power that makes a difference for a child.

Have a great week!   With enthusiasm,
Betsy Wierda, Learning Leader                                      VISIT OUR WEBSITE AT
                                                                         FOR THE LATEST INFORMATION
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     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                       MR. KLEIN’S LINES ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                 During the FCAT parent training night session we had I mentioned that 60% of questions on the FCAT
                 reading assessment are above the grade level comprehension level. With this information we must re-
                 member that we need to continue to challenge students to think at a higher level. Thus, simple questions
                 that require a student to simply recall information should be avoided and replaced with questions that are
                 open-ended and require them to explain their reasoning for their answer.
                 Further, the students must provide details to support their thoughts.

I am continuing in the series of sample questions that can be asked at home. These questions will demand that children
think at a higher level of complexity. The goal is that simple one word statements are avoided by asking for reasons and jus-
tifications in responses. The topic this week can be asked while your child is reading a story.

        If you were able to change the ending in the story what would you do?
        How does the main character change throughout the story?
        What would you have done if you had to solve the problem the main character had?
        Why do you think the main character acted that way?

Thanks again to all our parents for being so involved in their child’s education.
                                                                            Kevin Klein, Assistant Principal

         Everyone is
          invited!!!                         NATURE                                    "Countdown to
                                                                                             Family fun
                                            By Cameron Fontaine
                                        Yellow flowers grow in the light,
                                             While tiny trees shiver
                                                  In the night.

                                         Squirrels climb up and down,
                                          And they make no sound.
  Orff Ensemble and                         Birds sing their songs,          Until jumpies, a ROCK
                                               As I walk along.
    Recorder Club                                                            WALL, music, train
    Final Concert                         I see the sun coming then          rides, clowns, baskets
                                         The blue birds stop humming.
                                                                             & tons of FUN!
      Tuesday night
       March 4th
   7:00 pm—7:30 pm
                                         CCE’s long-awaited Mentoring Program is off the ground! Come and join us and give
    CCE Cafetorium                                     one Hour of Power a week to work with a special child.
                                                      Free fingerprinting for new mentors by Kessler Mentoring
                                                                  12:30-1:30, March 4th, 2008
      Featuring 100                                               Cunningham Creek Elementary
    talented CCE 4th                        Pre-registered mentors will meet their mentees and all attendees will enjoy an
    and 5th graders!                                             informational overview and some treats.
                                               Classroom teachers will be available to discuss their selected students.
                                              Rituals and routines will be discussed with Mrs. Wierda and Mrs. Musseau.
                                                       Call Kristine Musseau at 819-7861 for more information!
     Page 3                                           FEBRUARY 26, 2008 ~ VOLUME 12, NUMBER 28

           LAST CALL                                                     Head Start Registration
                                                      SJCSD Head Start, a free preschool program for income eligible fami-
                     for all                           lies, is now accepting applications for the 2008-2009 school year. Eli-
                                                           gible children must be 3 or 4 years old before September 1, 2008.
    FIFTH GRADERS                                     Children in the Head Start program receive: school readiness activities,
                                                      dental services, health & developmental screenings, disability services,
                                                         nutritious meals & snacks and family support services. Applications
         Talent Showcase                                   with required documents (child’s birth certificate, proof of family in-
                                                         come, & proof of residence) will be accepted at the Head Start office
           Applications are                           from March 4st through May 28th on Tuesdays from 7am – noon and on
                                                        Wednesdays from noon to 6pm. Applications are available at the fol-
                                                          lowing locations: Head Start office, Worksource, WIC office, Crook-
          Due Wednesday                                    shank Elementary and The Webster School. Please call the Head
                                                                      Start office at 829-1040 for more information.
             February 27th
    check with your teacher for extra applications

                February                                             February 25 - 29
            By Natalie Liptak                                     Appreciating Volunteers
                                                              FEBRUARY IS VOLUNTEER MONTH
 The world is covered with a blanket of ice,                      CCE HAS SOME OF THE WORLD'S BEST
            Shivering from its cold,                                             VOLUNTEERS!
         But a blanket of silence too,                             WE THANK EVERY VOLUNTEER FOR
     Covers the world tight all through.                                THEIR COMMITMENT TO OUR
          The world has yet to hear,                                      TEACHERS & STUDENTS.
         The twittering of a bluebird,                                Volunteer: Vol-un-teer: a person who
       Excited that Spring has come.                                voluntarily undertakes a service or duty.
        It has yet to feel the sunlight,                                      (Webster's Dictionary)
            Playfully darting about.                          CCE Volunteer: a person who loves to help others
                                                               and is committed to communicating, caring and
      It has yet to see the first buds of
                                                                 achieving excellence for lifelong learning.
                the apple tree,
            A pleasant sight to see,                                           WE LOVE YOU!
               The world has yet
                To come alive.

PACE NEWS This amazing website by Lesley Kay Sword offers a world of information. Here is a sam-
pling of her links: Gifted Children Gifted Adults Emotional Intensity Perfectionism Moral Awareness Visual/Spatial Learners
Excitabilities Introversion Underachievement

The SJCSD deadline for private psychological evaluations for qualification to attend the PACE program for the 08-09 school
year is March 7th.

Need a referral to a private psychologist experienced with gifted children? Please email

The GAC meeting is Wednesday, March 26th, 3PM at CCE. All parents are encouraged to attend.

Please visit
THE CARDINAL CHATTER                                                           Page 4


     MULTIPLICATION CLUB                Have You Heard About Our Great Baskets?

           Elma Medic                 To help raise money at CCE, each class chooses a
          Nicole Noack              theme and asks parents in the class to donate either
          Maelee Seres
         Courtney Kemp
                                  items or money to put together their basket. PTO then
                                  sells tickets in the weeks before the Friday Family Fun
        FCAT EXPLORER             Night,
                                  Night so everyone who buys a ticket has the opportu-
                                       nity to win a fantastic basket. Be on the lookout
      Gabi Madrid (5th math)                      for a letter from one of your
    Kenzie Albertson (5th math)    class parents so you can be a part of this fun & great
      Tyler Gallitz (5th math)
     Bethany Lewis (5th math)
                                     fundraiser. Your donation helps fund PTO events &
       Zoe Beach (5th math)                      initiatives throughout the year.
      Madison Proefrock (4th)
        Gardner Cook (4th)
      Jarred Davenport (4th)                Parents:
                                   Basket Parents If you signed up at the beginning of
       Jacob Lovelace (4th)         the year to help organize your classes basket for the
      Jonathan Mayland (4th)
        Ryan Nugent (4th)
                                     Spring Fling, you should have received an email last
        Sean Whyard (4th)         week. If you didn't get the email, please contact PTO at
        Lexi Peterson (4th) so we can add you to the list.
       Jared Silverberg (4th)      Email is the quickest way for us to get out information
       Elijah Pedriani (4th)       to everyone. Be sure you or your teacher has signed
        Bert Maxwell (4th)         up for a theme for your basket and have fun. We have
        Alexis Carter (4th)           such amazingly creative families at CCE & we can't
      Lukas Burchianti (4th)
                                   wait to see what you come up with this year! Contact
         Terah Biers (4th)
       Nicole Leonard (3rd)
                                       Melissa Nelson at 230-2434 with any questions.
           Harry Polk (3rd)
        Lauren Vogel (3rd)
       Aleeze Hossain (3rd)                                          Meeting:
                                           Next PTO Executive Board Meeting:
        Hailey Morais (3rd)                Monday, March 3rd, 8:30 - 9:30 a.m.
      Christian Martinez (3rd)
     Sonya Calderwood (3rd)
        Katie Scruggs (3rd)
        Avery Young (3rd)
Page 5                                     FEBRUARY 26, 2008 ~ VOLUME 12, NUMBER 28

  Cub Scout Corner
  February is always an exciting month in Cub Scouts. It began with Road Clean Up along Roberts Rd.
  and was followed with an event-filled trip to NASA. Our scouts met with astronauts, experienced a
  shuttle launch, watched an IMAX movie, toured NASA and participated in a friendly competition
  building trusses for the space station. There were approximately 26 teams and one of ours came in
  5thplace! On Valentine’s Day, they handed out flowers …and lots of hugs… to the residents of
  Westminster Woods.

     Finally, it was with a mixture of smiles and tears we watched as many of our cub scouts became Boy
  Scouts. Thursday night at our annual Blue & Gold Banquet we celebrated the success of our Webelo
  II’s in Den 4 , Brandon Aviles, Nathan Juang, Christian Link, John Newsom, Bryce Nielsen, Ryan Mincey,
  Landon Tice and Mason Whittaker. We are so proud of their many accomplishments. John, Bryce,
  Christian, Landon, Brandon, and Nathan also earned their Arrow of Light. This is the highest honor a
  Cub Scout can achieve.

       “We’re Listening” is a feature on the Cunningham Creek
       Home Page sponsored by the sac team. we ask our web
       visitors a question to obtain your feedback. The follow-
       ing question received 192 responses. Questions change pe-
       riodically.   It’s interesting to see how the responses
       turned out. We invite you to participate in our web polls!
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                                   SCHOOL DISTRICT NEWS
                     Transfer Requests Timeline ~ March 1 – July 1, 2008

The out of zone hardship transfer policy and the transfer request form for the 2008-09 school year will be on the
school district website beginning March 1, 2008. The deadline for out of zone transfer requests is July 1,
2008. This deadline will be strictly enforced. Only students new to the district may apply for a waiver after that
date. Specific questions regarding transfers will be answered by the Department for Student Services personnel at
819-7598 or 7897.

              The CCE PTO proudly presents this year’s carnival as “Friday Family Fun Night”. This year,
 we decided to give our Sunday afternoons a break and try a Friday afternoon. Friday, April 4th from 4:30 – 8:00,
 we will gather at the school for an afternoon of great food, entertainment, activities for the kids, and family fun. We
 have added some new activities such as a rock climbing wall, train rides, exciting new jumpies, and a free toddler
 area for kids 3 and under! Of course we will also have the exciting gift basket raffle, great food by Moe’s and the
 BTHS boosters, entertainment by Mimi the Clown and the Clown Kids, and live music by the Hipp Street Band.

 I know that we all look forward to getting together with friends and neighbors at this exciting annual event. Please
 plan on bringing a blanket and lawn chair (no pets please) and make yourselves comfortable. We hope to make it a
 great afternoon for the entire family.

 Tickets for the rides and basket raffle will go on sale March 4th (see the Tuesday folder that day for details). All pre-
 sale armband and raffle ticket orders will be entered into a drawing for PREMIUM parking the day of the event. Unlim-
 ited Ride Wristbands will be $12 presale or $15 at the gate. Raffle Tickets will be $1 each, 12 for $10, or 25 for $20.
 The last day to order presale tickets will be April 2nd.

 Volunteers are crucial to making this event a success for our school. To volunteer for this event please call Laura
 Jones at 230-4866 or e-mail her at We will keep the volunteer shifts short so that you
 can spend time with your families during the carnival.

‘Foster Their Future, and Let Them Make History’ —-
                                Become a St. Johns County Foster Parent

Answers to frequently asked questions:
• The training and licensing are free to the applicant(s).
• The homes are for St. Johns County’s children only.
• The licensed Foster Parent(s) choose the age/sex of the children to be placed in their home.
• Fostering can lead to Adoption.
• Foster Parents are not required to take a child; placements are a mutual decision.
• Foster Children’s medical and mental health needs are covered under Medicaid.
• There is 24 hour support available to Foster Parents.
• Families receive between $429 and $515 a month for ‘reimbursement of expenses’ in caring for a child.
• Children in care range from infants to young adults up to age 18.
• St. Johns County has a special need for Foster Parents to care for teenagers and sibling
                            Please contact me with any further questions,
                            Richard Zicht, call: 904-209-6130, Foster Care Recruitment Specialist
    Page 7                                            FEBRUARY 26, 2008 ~ VOLUME 12, NUMBER 28
ART Corner
                                                                             CCE/SAC Parent Climate Survey is
Crime Stoppers Poster Contest Deadline                                                  ONLINE!
This Week                                                                  We’re Listening! Your feedback is important
Many students have already turned in en-                                                     to us!
tries for this contest, but for those who still
                                                          Our survey can be done quickly by going to our school website at
want to enter, please get your artwork to
                                                  and clicking on the SURVEY LINK.
me, Mrs. McLeod, by Thursday, February                                   The DEADLINE IS MARCH 3RD.
28th. The theme is "Break the Silence-Stop                       Thank you for taking the time to share your input!
the Violence" and is open for all students k-
12. If you have misplaced your entry form,
let me know, I have more.                                COMMUNITY nEWS
An Art Contest for our Visionary                         2008 Julington Creek Baseball Carnival-Saturday,
Students                                                 March 8th @ Mills Field on Racetrack Rd from 9am-
Design a Google Doodle and have your art-                7pm. Please join us to celebrate opening day with
work viewed by millions on the google                    appearances by Radio Disney and Southpaw from
homepage (plus win a college scholarship,                the Jacksonville Suns. Also, there will be rides and
computers for our school and other cool                  games from Parties-N-Motion. Get wristbands for
stuff). Google is looking for artwork using              unlimited rides for only $10 and games are 50 cents.
the Google logo, showing a "What if...?"
scenario. For example, "What if you could
design the transportation of the future?",
"What if you could design a toy of the fu-
ture?", or "What if you could invent your own                        DIRTY CAR? SUPPORT THE Bartram
holiday or celebration?" Check out
                                                                             Trail High School BAND! for official
rules and details. We will also be discussing                       Visit Carbux Car Wash at 11150 San Jose
this contest during art classes. I will be              Blvd., Mandarin (Next to Kan Ki Japanese Restaurant).
handing out a parent consent form to stu-               Select “FUNdraising Code” key on the touch screen
dents who are interested in the contest,                and enter code 7399 (which is good for a $10.00 car
along with an entry form, but these may also
                                                        wash) There are no additional fees. Simply enter the
be downloaded from the above website.
Students will have until April to submit their          wash code 7399 every time you visit Carbux Car Wash
entries to me, Mrs. McLeod. Look for more               in the month of March. The band will receive $4 out
information regarding this contest in the up-           of every $10 plus 100% of additional donations.
coming Cardinal Chatters. This is an excit-             Thank you for your support.
ing opportunity for our school, happy doo-
dling!      Artfully yours, Mrs. McLeod

       7th Annual Greater Julington Track Meet
It is time again for the track meet at Bartram Trail High School. The meet will be held on Friday March 28th starting at
4:00pm. We will have a team again this year so there will be no charge. I would love to have a large turn out and hopefully
even have a few practices after school. The events are: weight throw, long jump, 50m dash, 100m dash, 4x100, and 400m.
The ages range from Pre-k-5th (for our team). I will place the entry forms and sign up sheet in the front office and a
downloadable version on the CCE PE website. Please call Coach Mickley for any info.

       Help the St. Johns County Education Foundation every time you do an online search by using
     Add it to your toolbar!
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                               What’s Up Until the Next Chatter??
 Wednesday               Thursday                Friday                   Monday                     Tuesday
   FEBRUARY 27            FEBRUARY 28           FEBRUARY 29                 MARCH 3                    MARCH 4
   Resource Day 6         Resource Day 7        Resource Day 1            Resource Day 2             Resource Day 3
    Early Release
                      2ND GRADE FIELD TRIP   CHARACTER COUNTS                                       Orff/Recorder Club
 MUSIC ASSEMBLIES      TO THEATREWORKS       CELEBRATION 9:00 AM                                      Final Concert
    8:30 PK-2ND                                                                                      7:00 PM at CCE
   9:15 3RD-5TH         NO ORFF PRACTICE

Important Dates                                        LCN Summer Camp For Preschoolers!
                                                              We need your input!
Wednesday, February 27
Orff Ensemble & Recorder Club perform        We will have a Summer Camp opportunity available for two, three,
for the students 8:30 am/9:15 am             four and five year olds at the Little Cardinal’s Nest Preschool at
                                             CCE. This new program would be available for school district employ-
Friday, February 29                          ees as well as community children. This program will only be available
Character Counts Celebration for 3rd -
                                             if there is enough interest (minimum of 18 kids, maximum of 23 kids),
5th honorees “Caring” 9:00 am
                                             so let us know if you are interested today! Contact the CCE office at
Tuesday, March 4                             819-7860.
Hour of Power Mentoring Meeting
12:30—1:30 pm
Orff and Recorder Club Concert 7 PM            The monthly lunch calendar will return in the Tuesday folders
                                                  next month! You can find it on our school home page.
Sunday, March 9
Daylight Saving Time Begins
Clocks go forward one hour at 2:00 am                                     Don’t forget!!!
Monday, March 10                                                          DAYLIGHT SAVING
SAC Meeting—Open to all 3:00 pm                                           TIME BEGINS SUNDAY,
                                                                          MARCH 9TH.
Tuesday, March 11—20
FCAT for grades 3-5
                                                                          WE “LOSE” AN HOUR!
Tuesday, March 18                                                         SET CLOCKS AHEAD!
Cardinal Chorus begins for 4th/5th

Friday, March 21
No School—Good Friday
                                                           ALLERGY ALERT
Thursday, March 27
                                                We have a staff member with a severe seafood
K-2 Field Day—we need parent
                                                allergy. Please do not bring any seafood (fish or
                                                 shellfish) into the building. Thank you for your
                                                             cooperation in this matter.
Friday, March 28
3-5 Field Day—we need parent

Friday, April 4th
PTO Spring Fling

April 21-25

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